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52. Setting Up Your Sola Systems with Ashley White and Steven Wren

Sola Stories

As a salon owner, you wear so many hats. Systems help you create more efficiency in your business so you can spend more time doing the things you love most. On this episode (originally recorded as a webinar), Faces of Sola Ashley White and Steven Wren share how they lean into the tools created by Sola to set themselves up for success and, if you're not already leaning into any of these tools, how you can get started.  One of the Sola tools we cover is Sola Pro - a Sola-exclusive app to help you stay educated and inspired in the palm of your hand. Using Sola Pro (which recently got a total makeover), you can quickly and easily update your free Sola webpage. Tune in to hear Sola’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jennie Wolff, explain how to take advantage of your Sola webpage to significantly grow your clientele.  Ashley also speaks about SolaGenius and how she leans into features like the color-coded calendar and text and email marketing to save hours each week and keep her books full.  Sola has you covered from online booking to streamlining your backbar ordering with our new online distributor, BeautyHive, which offers perks like free next-day delivery and rewards points. At Sola, whether you want to increase your revenue, become an educator or spend more time with your family, we’ve got your back with tools and systems to help you succeed.  In This Episode [00:39] Welcome to the show, Steven and Ashley!  [01:02] Steven shares a quick background. [01:10] Ashley shares a little about herself. [04:18] Ashley believes that really good booking software was most important when she first started her studio. [04:54] Steven agrees that the online booking system is key. [06:41] Ashley has added new systems over the last six years. [07:32] Steven maximizes his time management with systems. [09:14] Steven discusses his web presence and where he can be found. [09:42] Ashley says that she gets the most traffic off her Sola webpage. [11:00] When was the last time you Googled yourself? [13:53] Jennie talks about setting up your free Sola webpage. [15:44] Steven shares why he believes websites are so important. [18:09] Steven believes that with Sola, there is so much great cross-promotion from non-competing businesses. [19:03] Steven and Ashley share where they promote their webpages. [21:45] There are over 500 on-demand educational videos, almost 100 different special offers from brands in the industry on the Sola Pro app. [23:22] Ashley talks about SolaGenius. [27:34] Ashley discusses the calendar on SolaGenius. [29:47] Listen as Ashley talks about the Book Now feature. [32:25] Switching to SolaGenius using the White Glove Service takes the stress out of changing platforms. [35:13] Steven has over 500 clients on his books. [35:56] SolaGenius sends you a message once a client checks out to ask if you want to add notes on the client. [38:18] Steven speaks about how he keeps his backbar and retail stocked. [39:53] Ashley likes to have her products ordered and delivered. [40:39] Jennie discusses BeautyHive with their real-time inventory. [42:05] Ashley speaks about her first shopping experience using BeautyHive. [45:59] Steven shares how he stays up on his education while running his barbershop. [48:35] Jennie speaks about the new Sola Sessions virtual experience. [49:09] How do you track what you need to order for your retail bar? [50:50] “How did you find Sola?” [52:54] Thank you so much for being on the show! Stay Connected Sola Salon Studios Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram Connect with Steven @mrwrencuts Ashely White @ashleywhitestudio


24 Mar 2021

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CM Club Podcast Ep 20-03: Interview with Ashley White of Babson College

Wentworth CM Club Podcast

Today we talk with Ashley White, Campus and Facilities Planner at Babson College. She graduated from Wentworth in 2012 with her Bachelor of Science in Facility Management. At Wentworth she had three co-ops, was a member of SAFM (Student Association of Facilities Managers), and an active member in the IFMA Boston Chapter. Thank you so much Ashley for coming on the show! Listen wherever you get your podcasts- anchor.fm/witcmclub (link in bio) The CM Club is always looking for guests to have on the show. If you are interested in coming on the show, please email us cmclub@wit.edu If you are interested in purchasing a 30 or 60 second ad to be broadcast during our show, please email cmclub@wit.edu with your name, contact information, and a description of what you would like to promote.


7 Oct 2020

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School Teacher Turned HUGE Successful BUSINESS OWNER with Ashley White - Ep. 37

Living on Purpose with Jenny Dean

Ashley White is the owner and the founder of The Polkadot Alley. She started the business in early 2007 and it has continued to grow and expand year to year. The store-front in Lubbock, Texas opened in March of 2014. If you are ever in the area you just have to stop by, it even has a playroom for your kids to chill while you shop! She has delegated as much as her Type A personality allows, but she still selects every item we sell as well as handling most of the marketing and business details.  She has a Marketing degree from Texas Tech University but is originally from DFW and makes trips to the big city as much as her schedule allows! She has 3 children that have grown up at "Mommy's store" and wouldn't change a thing! This business was her first baby and will always be treated as such, she loves her always-growing PDA family!  Connect with Jenny on Instagram @jennydeanfitness Episode resources: Learn more about Ashley's work at www.thepolkadotalley.com Connect with her on Facebook www.fb.com/thepolkadotalley Join her VIP group www.fb.com/groups/pdavip


4 Sep 2020

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#291 What Happens If You Can’t Pay Bail? Ft. Ashley White

The Betches Sup Podcast

Today on the Sup podcast, we talked to Ashley White, a bail disruptor with The Bail Project. Ashley describes what a “bail disruptor” does and how local bail funds work to combat mass incarceration. She explains how cash bail contributes to systemic inequality and the biggest barriers to eliminating it. Advocating for reform in her home community of Baton Rouge, Ashely explains why local bail funds and community ties are so important in minimizing incarceration. Finally, she explains how simple services -- like offering rides to court dates -- can take people off the path to incarceration, and how you can make an immediate impact in your community.Thanks to our sponsors: Feals: Become a member today by going to Feals.com/sup and you’ll get 50% off your first order with free shipping Skillshare: Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of inspiring classes for creative and curious people. Explore your creativity and get 2 free months of Premium Membership at Skillshare.com/SUP


17 Jul 2020

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Behind the Music | David Ashley White

With One Accord

Arts and culture expert St. John Flynn talks with David Ashley White, a longtime collaborator with the Houston Chamber Choir and an extraordinary Houston-based composer. Watch or listen to the episode and enjoy the special Spotify Playlist selected by our guest!


19 Jun 2020

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Episode 39 - Ashley White - Showing Up In A Room And Say What You’re Thinking

Stacked Keys Podcast

Showing Up In A Room and Say What You’re ThinkingThis conversation is incredible and has such depth with Ashley White that you’ll be immediately pulled into the life of a young adult who’s working in Nashville to establish herself. Look into her world as she made connections. Ashley is a song writer and has been she was a kid. She tells us about producing her songs and being messy while she is getting where she wants to through the songs. She says that she wonders if sometimes the ideas and things that we fall in love with we are younger and more innocent are not just dreams but that they are promises and plans from God. We talk about being in social media as she works in that world for clients and we talk about how you are communicating and balance. Some clarity comes in learning to believe in herself. Ashley has toured and has found that music is a bridge—it has a way of connecting us all—literally, physically and scientifically as our heartbeats get in rhythm when we hear music. We talk about the venerability of songwriting and the process. You will hear some of her journaling and thoughts of how she uses that technique. This is a special episode that will open your mind to a creative and true artist. We talk about enneagrams — a concept that you will want to investigate. Evidently enneagrams go back to childhood wounds and we get a bit down that road with Ashley. An interesting view that Ashley has is with mentors and community. She owns up to the idea that she wants the input and trusts it. Tune in!Song used by permission “Stomp” written by Donica Knight Holdman and Jim Huff

1hr 21mins

10 Feb 2020

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Episode #4: Ashley White, Primary Care Nursing

Front Line Nursing

Ashley White currently works as a primary care nurse and has been practicing as an LPN for three years. We look into the vast opportunities available to a primary care nurse as a support in the community.


28 Jan 2020

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Ashley White on Becoming The Gentleman Lumberjack and Healing Through Nature


Ashley openly talks about the important role nature played and continues to play as someone with PTSD and anxiety. We talk about nature in healing and how it has not only helped him but how he's seen it in his family life - including the positive impact he sees with his son who was diagnosed with autism.  He shares how he strives to keep balance when he is both the Gentleman (corporate persona) and Lumberjack (outdoorsy persona). We talk about diversity in the outdoors and how Ashley is creating safe spaces for others to explore and feel comfortable in new territory. Ashley also shares how each year he starts rookie season. It's trying something in the outdoors that stretches him and also is new to him. For 2019 it was fly fishing. Ashley is an Out There podcast ambassador and to delve deeper into his personal story and struggle with mental health, you can check out Out There episode #97 - Nature Saved My LifeConnect with Ashley:Instagram: @the_gentleman_lumberjackConnect with Lori:Instagram: @thehikepodcast, @lori_the_explorerTwitter: @thehikepodcastBlog: thehikepodcast.wordpress.comFacebook: @thehikepodcastEmail: hikepodcast@gmail.com Special thank you to Isabella for being a show patron! Music intro track "Thorn & Shout" from Thorn & Shout, used under the Creative Commons license.Music outro track "Two Mountains at a Time" from Live at the Fillmore by Pachyderm, used under the Creative Commons license. Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/thehikepodcast)

1hr 4mins

2 Jan 2020

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Episode 3: Ashley White


Wow - Ashley White's new single, Lead Me Home, is inspired, soulful, and gives you all the feels. Ashley is a singer/songwriter stationed in Nashville, TN who loves supporting and fostering the talents of others while growing her own craft. Listen in as she shares her journey with us! ... idiopod.com

1hr 5mins

28 Oct 2019

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Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 8 - Jerry Cahill Interviews Ashley White

Cystic Fibrosis Podcast

Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 8 - Jerry Cahill Interviews Ashley White by Jerry Cahill


22 Aug 2018