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Ep. 107: How to use Pinterest for your yoga business in 2021 with Kate Ahl

Marketing Yoga with Confidence

So you’re curious about Pinterest...maybe you’ve heard people say “Pinterest will help more people find your website” or maybe you use Pinterest but aren’t sure how to use it for your business. This episode has all the answers for you! Kate Ahl, owner of Simple Pin Media is here to share lots of information with you! And me! I’m ready to dive into Pinterest again because she made it doable. Grab a pen and paper and get ready to take some notes! Or read the show notes: amandamckinney.com/podcast


2 Aug 2021

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Pinterest Marketing Basics with Kate Ahl

Subscription Box Basics with Julie Ball

#082 - In this episode, Katie Ahl joins Julie to talk about Pinterest marketing.Katie is the founder of Simple Pin Media which is a Pinterest marketing and management company. She is also the host of the Simple Pin Podcast.This episode is great for subscription box owners who are just getting started with Pinterest.  Links:Simple Pin Media Website: https://www.simplepinmedia.comSimple Pin Podcast: https://www.simplepinmedia.com/simple-pin-podcastSimple Pin Media Pinterest Profile: https://www.pinterest.ph/simplepinmedia


12 Jul 2021

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How to Use the Power of Pinterest for Your Yoga Business with Kate Ahl

Mastering the Business of Yoga

This week on the podcast, I am joined by Kate Ahl. Kate is the owner and founder of Simple Pin Media where she and her team help manage Pinterest accounts for small businesses nationwide!   Her passion is to help small businesses keep it simple, be authentic and pin with purpose. In this episode, we dive into all things Pinterest, including how Pinterest works, why you should care about it, how to create engaging pins, and how to use Pinterest to market your yoga business.   Enjoy!   ----   This episode is brought to you by OfferingTree. If you're interested in finding an all-in-one platform for online or in-person teaching, then you should check out OfferingTree. OfferingTree has been supporting M.B.Om for over a year now and I not only love the product but I also love the people. OfferingTree is providing special pricing for M.B.Om listeners, so be sure to visit offeringtree.com/mbom.   -----   Kate & I continue this conversation on M.B.Om: Behind the Scenes over on Patreon. For less than the cost of 2 lattes per month, you will get access to this exclusive episode with Kate, as well as over 20 never-before-heard episodes that you can't access anywhere else that will give you tangible ways to dive deeper into your yoga business. To learn more and join, please visit: https://www.patreon.com/mbomyoga


14 Jun 2021

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94: How Kate Ahl Grew Her Agency and Became the Go-To Pinterest Expert

Serve Scale Soar

Are you ready to hear the story of how service provider Kate Ahl became the go-to Pinterest expert? We all know that building a successful service-based business comes with many mindset shifts and important pivots, so it is important to note that this is not an overnight success story! Kate talks to us about creating a course and then deciding it wasn’t for her, building a team, and what mindset work she had to do to get to where she is today. We also get into how to use Pinterest as a service provider because I definitely wanted to hear all of her thoughts on this!  Kate Ahl is the owner and founder of Simple Pin Media, a Pinterest management company. They help their clients focus back on their business by taking over all aspects of Pinterest marketing. After working with over 600 Pinterest accounts, they have learned how to pin for all types of companies and niches.  Kate has taught tens of thousands about Pinterest marketing through various speaking engagements and her podcast, the Simple Pin Podcast. She aims to teach simple, actionable tips to help you create forward movement in your business instead of feeling overwhelmed. This episode is jam-packed with knowledge bombs because we cover so many topics in such a small amount of time, so don’t miss this one! Full show notes available at https://brandimowles.com/2021/06/08/how-kate-ahl-grew-her-agency-and-became-the-go-to-pinterest-expert/


8 Jun 2021

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How to Use Pinterest for Your Online Business in 2021 with Kate Ahl from Simple Pin Media

Flourish to 7 Figures Podcast: Growing Your Online Business to 7 Figures and Beyond

#101: Are you using Pinterest to its fullest potential for your business? In this episode, I’m joined by Kate Ahl, the owner and founder of Simple Pin Media, a Pinterest management and marketing company. Kate and her team take a data driven approach to crafting a Pinterest strategy that aims to help their clients and students find their perfect person on Pinterest.  We dive deep into all things Pinterest, including how and why you should be using Pinterest for your business in 2021!  Kate makes Pinterest marketing super simple to understand. She shares SO many tips and tactics to help navigate the ever changing world that is Pinterest marketing. Kate provides actionable steps to take right now so you can take advantage of all that this platform offers for your business! In this episode, you’ll learn: Who should be using Pinterest and what type of marketers should probably stay away The pin strategy that’s working now to promote your podcast, blog post, or YouTube video on Pinterest How to find the best keywords for your niche to include in your pin image and description The dos and don’ts of Pinterest marketing The lowdown on story pins and video pins and how to effectively use them to maximize your reach on Pinterest ...and more! You can find all of the links and resources that are mentioned in today’s episode at MonicaLouie.com/101.


13 May 2021

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SMME #223 The Power of Pinterest for Your Spa's Ecommerce Store with Kate Ahl

Spa Marketing Made Easy Podcast

When you think of Pinterest, you likely think of finding easy weeknight recipes, curating an inspiration board for your kid’s birthday party, and interior design ideas, but did you know that Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the most profitable platforms for product sellers? With the introduction of the Shop tab, Product Pins, and a Shopify integration, Pinterest has really upped the ante for ecommerce sellers, and online skincare stores are no exception. In this episode, I sat down with Pinterest expert and founder of Simple Pin Media, Kate Ahl, who teaches entrepreneurs, product sellers and bloggers how to find and convert their perfect person on Pinterest. Settle in as we discuss this search-focused platform and how you can best leverage it to see ecommerce success for your spa. In this episode, you’ll learn: How Pinterest operates in the social media landscape and how you can make the leap from personal user to brand marketer on Pinterest  Pinterest’s increased focus on Shopping capabilities for consumers that are helping to further bolster ecommerce sales  Kate’s two-pronged approach for product sellers on how they can set forth with their Pinterest strategy and why having multiple entry points for your potential customer is key Kate’s top tips for optimizing your profile and pinning for optimal performance  To read the full show notes for this episode, visit: http://www.addoaesthetics.com/blog/223 Keep the conversation going inside the Spa Marketing Made Easy Community by clicking here.


19 Apr 2021

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198 | Pinterest trends & best practices with Kate Ahl, Simple Pin Media

Proof to Product

Hey friends! Are you ready to start getting more results from your Pinterest strategy? Then you’ll love this conversation with guest, Kate Ahl. Kate is the owner and CEO of Simple Pin Media, a Pinterest management and marketing agency. Kate and her team have worked with over 600 Pinterest accounts and consulted with thousands of people about how to best use Pinterest for their business or brand. In this episode, she talks about some of the upcoming trends she’s seeing for Pinterest and how to rethink your Pinterest strategy to inspire and inform pinners. ON TODAY’S EPISODE: Mistakes ecommerce businesses make on Pinterest How to start building traction on Pinterest when starting out How Pinterest has changed their ecosystem  Why you want pins to be evergreen How much time you need to invest to get results from Pinterest Why people have hang ups with Pinterest Which analytics you need to pay attention to How you can use UTM codes to track pins that lead to sales When you should consider outsourcing Pinterest management The advantages of using Pinterest over other platforms Trends on Pinterest in 2020 and 2021 What you should know about repurposing Reels and TikToks on Pinterest FOR FULL SHOW NOTES, RESOURCES AND A TRANSCRIPT, HEAD TO BIT.LY/PTPEP198 SLOW STEADY GROWTH ARE HOW STRONG BUSINESSES ARE BUILT Building a business is a long game, won with patience, fortitude, intentional decisions and passion.​ Inside Proof to Product LABS, you’ll receive the support, education and accountability to move your business towards your goals.   ​Join Proof to Product Labs, our 12-month group coaching program built specifically for product based business owners: https://www.prooftoproduct.com/labs FOLLOW PROOF TO PRODUCT Follow Proof to Product on Instagram for the latest updates: https://www.instagram.com/prooftoproduct/ JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST If you'd like to receive more information about our upcoming episodes of Proof to Product including show notes and information about our guests, head over to www.prooftoproduct.com and sign up for our email list.   Be sure SUBSCRIBE, REVIEW and SHARE Proof to Product with all of the product based business owners that you know!


6 Apr 2021

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10: Business Lessons from Pinterest Agency Owner, Kate Ahl

Empowered Business

Are you ready to hear yet another way that you can grow a successful online business? I am joined by Kate Ahl, the owner and founder of Simple Pin Media, and we're talking about her business journey. While her business is different from mine, there are so many great tips on navigating business opportunities in the online space that resonate with me as an online business owner. I think it's so important for you to hear different ways that you can grow an online business so that you can find out which one is right for you. We cover everything from courses to memberships to products and more, so tune in! Resources Mentioned:  Simplepinmedia.com The Simple Pin Collective The Ad Society Follow Simple Pin Media on Pinterest Follow Simple Pin Media on Instagram I would love to connect on Facebook or Instagram! Show notes available at www.monicafroese.com/10


25 Mar 2021

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138: EBT Replay - Killer Pinterest Tips and Strategies with Kate Ahl

Eat Blog Talk | Megan Porta

Pinterest is HUGE for food bloggers! Kate takes us through some key points to keep in mind when we prepare to send our content through the world of Pinterest: - Know your audience! This holds true on Pinterest, as well! - Pin guidelines are important to keep in mind: image size, what text to include and which photos to use. - It is worthwhile to do testing to find out which styles your audience likes most from you. - Create the perfect description and now we can include post titles! - Video tips included!


5 Oct 2020

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281 – How to Use Pinterest for Your Product Business with Kate Ahl of Simple Pin Media

Gift Biz Unwrapped

You've probably used Pinterest to find a new recipe or fun project - but do you know how to use Pinterest for business?Kate Ahl is here to tell us everything we need to know to leverage the traffic-driving power of Pinterest for our product-based businesses.Kate is the owner of Simple Pin Media, a Pinterest management and marketing agency that helps clients find and convert “their person” on Pinterest.She has a passion for helping over 600 small business owners grow on this platform. When she teaches Pinterest marketing, she aims for it to consist of actionable, simple steps that help owners move forward and see results without being overwhelmed.Kate also hosts the weekly Simple Pin Podcast all about Pinterest marketing.BUSINESS BUILDING INSIGHTSDon't chase someone else's success. Your business is your own and your path to success will be unique to you.Pinterest is a great tool to drive traffic to your website. Remember that it's a visual search engine not a social network.People go to Pinterest to find an idea and then take action on it.A big reason to use Pinterest is that when you share your products or creation, it will live there for a really long time. Unlike other platforms where posts are gone in just a few minutes.Pinterest provides a great return on your investment of time and effort.Make sure you listen to the full episode to get all Kate's insights about Pinterest!How to Use Pinterest For Your Product-Based BusinessWhen people visit your Pinterest profile, they should be able to understand who you are, what you talk about, and what you sell simply by looking at your profile and boards.Use the name you are most know by (your name or your business name) for your Pinterest profile name. That’s what people will search for.Start with a minimum of 10 boards with product-type specific names. Name each board using keywords your customers would use. Hot Tip: The name of the board carries a lot of weight when people are searching!Create a description for each board - just 2-3 natural sentences that include keywords people use for search.Think of a Pin as a billboard. It's what you create that leads back to your product or content and should tell a quick story about your product or content, just enough to get people interested. Add a little text on top of the image to help tell the story (i.e., gluten-free or vegan, etc.)Write short descriptions on each pin that include keywords. Most viewers rarely read them - it's mostly for the algorithm to know what your pin is about. <<-- Insider tip!!If you want to use a scheduler, choose one that has API from Pinterest and is a marketing partner.Kate shares a TON of tips & information - tune in to the whole conversation to get it all!Resources MentionedCanvaTailwindSimple Pin PodcastKate's Contact LinksWebsite | Facebook | Instagram | TwitterJoin Our FREE Gift Biz Breeze Facebook CommunityBecome a Member of Gift Biz BreezeIf you found value in this podcast, make sure to subscribe so you automatically get the next episode downloaded for your convenience. Click on your preferred platform below to get started!Also, if you'd like to do me a huge favor, please leave a review. That helps other creators like you find the show and build their businesses too. You can do so right here: Rate This PodcastApple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | SpotifyThank you so much! SueKnow someone who needs to hear this episode? Click a button below to share it!


31 Aug 2020