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Entrepreneurial Enthusiasm with Chris Cabrera

Sales Talk for CEOs

HIGHLIGHTS1:20 What exactly is Xactly and who are their ideal customers? 7:00 Sales journey to CEO 11:55 Entrepreneurial enthusiasm26:42 Sales organization’s evolution after 16 years30:10 The balance of having partners and direct sellers 38:20 From private company to public, then to private and going back to being public QUOTES11:30  “So many things could go differently, so many startups fail for so many different reasons - but that never entered my mind. Looking back, I didn’t understand that - but at the time the idea of it not working was never ever in the realm of possibility”11:55 “I call that entrepreneurial enthusiasm, if you didn’t have it - you won’t make it. You have to believe, you can’t even look back and think that it’s not gonna work - that’s not the way we think as entrepreneurs”24:24 “CEOs can really be the chief evangelist for their company and it makes a huge difference. It’s more about that networking and developing and drawing people to you because they see you and they see “oh, this CEO isn’t afraid to be out there, is available we can talk to him” Connect with Chris Cabrera in the link below.Website: https://www.xactlycorp.com/LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christophercabrera/Twitter: https://twitter.com/cabrera You can learn more about and connect with Alice Heiman in the links below.Website: https://AliceHeiman.comLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aliceheiman/


5 Oct 2021

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Interview with Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera - Crisis On The American Border

l Am Pitts Podcast

Dex interviews Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera, who is also the spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council and Local 3307 for the Rio Grande Valley. Chris shares with Dex and listeners of the podcast the truth of what is currently happening at the border. 


5 Apr 2021

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The NOLADrinks Show – LGBTQ+ in the Hospitality and Liquor Industries with Chris Cabrera – Nov20Ep1

The NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias

On this edition of The NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias, we welcome back our friend, Chris Cabrera. They are an LGBTQ+ educator and activist along with being the newly minted LGBTQ+ Portfolio Ambassador for Bacardi!Please note – the opening and featured interview of this show were taped before the US national election. (But, not the “Parting Shot!”)Pictured above – Chris Cabrera, activist, educator, and LGBTQ+ Portfolio Ambassador for Bacardi.The NOLADrinks Show – LGBTQ+ in the Hospitality and Liquor Industries with Chris Cabrera – Nov20Ep1We kick things off letting you know what’s on tap for this edition of The NOLADrinks Show and some things to be on the lookout for in the coming weeks.Then, we have our featured interview with Chris Cabrera, LGBTQ+ Portfolio Ambassador for Bacardi. They are also an advocate, activist, and educator for the queer community. Related PostsFilter byPost type Post PageCategory Broadcast Business Featured - Broadcast Restaurant Bar Food Hall Organization and Non-Profit Sustainability Series Author Events and FestivalsSort byTitle Relevance The NOLADrinks Show – St. Roch Market Food Hall – 2021Ep2 2021-02-19 18 The NOLADrinks Show – Turning Tables – 2021Ep1 2021-02-11 18 The NOLADrinks Show – Wines of the Southwest USA – Dec20Ep6 2021-02-09 18 The NOLADrinks Show – Wines of Portugal – Dec20Ep5 2020-12-23 18 The NOLADrinks Show – Black Bourbon Society and Diversity Distilled – Dec20Ep4 2020-12-21 18 We talk about the seminar that Chris and others put on during October’s Tales of the Cocktail called, “The Queer Handbook for the Recently Woke.” You can see it here on the Tales YouTube account or stream it below. Pictured above – Chris Cabrera, activist, educator, and LGBTQ+ Portfolio Ambassador for Bacardi. Our discussion includes topics and ideas shared during the seminar and, also, a broader conversation not only on the queer community in the hospitality and liquor industries but in our society in general. As always with Chris, there is serious talk as well as a lot of laughs! We wrap things up on our podcast-only segment, “Another Shot with NOLADrinks,” we discuss some of the similarities and realties in a covid NYC (where they are) and here in New Orleans. Cheers and Be Well, You All! ~ Bryan Tales of the Cocktail 2020 Seminar – “The Queer Handbook for The Recently Woke” Presented by Grey Goose Vodka. Courtesy of Tales of the Cocktail. The post The NOLADrinks Show – LGBTQ+ in the Hospitality and Liquor Industries with Chris Cabrera – Nov20Ep1 appeared first on The NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias.

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12 Nov 2020

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Episode 48: Technology Sales in The “New Normal” with Chris Cabrera, Founder & CEO at Xactly

The SalesStar Podcast

It was a pleasure to welcome Chris Cabrera; Founder & CEO of Sales Performance Management (SPM) company Xactly to this episode of the SalesStar podcast!  Key topics covered: The story behind Xactly... Sales and marketing in the new normal A few sales and marketing campaigns that have driven impact in 2020 (in tech!) How Xactly adapted during the new normal A few of Xactly latest innovations in 2020   Game changing technologies to watch out for in sales and marketing


11 Nov 2020

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Chris Cabrera 092120

Alabama's Morning News with JT

Chris Cabrera, Border Patrol Agent, National Border Patrol Council Spokesperson.Chris Cabrera is a Border Patrol Agent and serves as the spokesperson of the National Border Patrol Council, Local 3307, representing 2,000 Border Patrol Agents in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. He has over 13 years of experience as a Border Patrol Agent and a thorough understanding of the issues affecting border security. Before joining the Border Patrol, Cabrera was paratrooper with the United States Army. He joined the Border Patrol in 2001 and has spent his entire career in the Rio Grande Valley, stationed in McAllen, Texas.


21 Sep 2020

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Why Continuous Reinvention Is Paramount in Sales Performance Management with Chris Cabrera

Sales Disruptors by Xactly

Chris Cabrera is something of a survivor. The Xactly CEO founded the company and stayed to the IPO. He has continued to lead when so many executives take a ceremonial position on the board and has stayed at the helm even when private equity took the company back private. Even those challenges have paled in comparison to what he and other leaders are fighting with the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, it’s just another moment during which Cabrera’s philosophy of continual reinvention has paid off. “Now, it’s a whole different world. All these people are working remotely. You can’t see the whites of their eyes,” Cabrera said. “You don’t really know what they’re doing. So, we feel it’s even more important now to create incentives that help you explain to the folks what your expectations are but also help them to do more.” Xactly helped do that with an integration with their partner Slack, giving workers a way to see their incentives on the same screen they’re using to communicate with leaders or catch up with co-workers. Despite many companies seeking those solutions in the pandemic, Cabrera said too few have realized they need to keep reinventing themselves and utilize resources like data and analysis tools rather than sit static. “We have a tremendous road ahead of us, and I think it’s largely because the vast majority of companies have still not woken up to being able to use data in the way that we’re talking about,” he said. “So, I still think we have a lot of educating to do, and you have a lot of very senior, very smart people in these very big companies that are thinking like it’s 1990 and they are really, really missing the boat. The future is to help them have those lightbulbs go on.”


25 Aug 2020

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TBAPOD #13 Chris Cabrera

TBAPOD - The Bartender Atlas Podcast

Chris Cabrera is an ambassador for Grey Goose and avid LGBTQIA2S+ Activist and educator. They have worked in establishments as common as Outback Steakhouse and also they have run cocktail programs at Michelin Star restaurants. But mostly, they love Frida Kahlo. find Chris: @chrscab


2 Jul 2020

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Making Your Bar LGBT+ Friendly w Chris Cabrera | Ep. 167

Bartender at Large

The history of the LGBT+ community is so closely tied to bars & nightlife that we decided to meet up with Chris Cabrera, of Grey Goose, to get schooled on issues pertinent to the cocktail world. We discuss everything from the Stonewall Riots, "The Death of the Gay Bar," and how to offer the best hospitality to your guests no matter what their sexual identity.    Learn More:     Chris Cabrera https://www.instagram.com/chrscab/   ==============================   Join us every Monday as acclaimed bartender, Erick Castro, interviews some of the bar industry's top talents from around the world, including bartenders, distillers & authors. If you love cocktails & spirits then this award-winning podcast is just for you.   SUPPORT US ON PATREON: For early access to episodes, exclusive bonus episodes, special content and more: https://www.patreon.com/BartenderAtLarge    FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: Erick Castro: www.instagram.com/HungryBartender Bartender at Large: www.instagram.com/BartenderAtLarge   FOLLOW US ON TWITTER:   Erick Castro: www.twitter.com/HungryBartender Bartender at Large: www.twitter.com/BartendAtLarge


14 Oct 2019

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391: The Future of Compensation | Featuring Chris Cabrera, CEO Xactly & Brett Knowles


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13 May 2018

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203: Building a Better Compensation Plan | Chris Cabrera, CEO, Xactly Corporation

Middle Market Thought Leader | Priorities for Growth

Compensation strategies have often been considered a luxury rather than a necessity inside the realm of middle-market businesses. However, as Xactly Corp. continues to enlarge its pool of compensation data, the company’s benchmarking insights have begun to alter the mind-sets of middle-market executives as the company helps to level the playing field when it comes to acquiring compensation smarts. Join us when Xactly CEO Chris Cabrera explains why talent-minded midsize companies are quickly acquiring an appetite for compensation insights.


5 Mar 2018