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Ep016 - EFT "Tapping" into Personality and Healing (Dawn Pensack, Type 7)

Unbox Your Personality

FREE download at go.powercoachjen.com/corebiz Chatting with Dawn Pensack who identifies as a Type 7 about Energy blockages and processing emotions.  Remember your childhood story doesn't determine your Enneagram Type, but it can affect your behaviors which can contribute to mistyping. Finding your true Enneagram Type will help you explain WHY you behave the way you do so you can start to heal and discover the healthy path that is unique to you.About Dawn:As an EFT Practitioner, Dawn is passionate about helping people heal the past, identify present issues, and explore a brighter future using her Healing Breakthrough Process. She supports people through private healing intensives, and her membership, the Holistic Sisterhood. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping) is a combination of acupressure and psychology and helps to release energetic blockages in our system that may be contributing to discomfort or causing a lack of overall wellness in our body . EFT is a great tool to help someone with physical pain, emotional challenges, limiting beliefs, and trauma.Support the show (https://go.powercoachjen.com/extras)


21 Mar 2021

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Ep. 53 The Power Of EFT Tapping & Time Line Therapy For Stress Management with Dawn Pensack

The Michelle Pfile Show - Igniting your Mindset, Network Marketing Business and Health

In this episode, Michelle interviews EFT Practitioner Dawn Pensack all about simple stress management techniques for busy women, including EFT tapping and something new that Dawn is offering, Time Line Therapy. Dawn gives simple tips to put into action to help take stress away from your life by aligning yourself with different thoughts and empowering ourselves with the goals we have set. I can't wait to work with Dawn and really dial into the deep fears, and beliefs that are holding me back. There is something in this for everyone and I am so excited for you to hear our conversation.  The Fit & Fast Life Course And Mentorship Support Community is OPEN for enrolment! Day 1 starts on March 8th with a KICKOFF call to help you design an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle that will work for you including the tools to support you in finding your Weight Loss Accelerating Foods! Network Marketers! Join me @thecontagiouscommunity on IG and in our Private Community on Facebook CONNECT WITH MICHELLE Instagram: www.instagram.com/michellepfile Facebook: www.facebook.com/michellepfilecoaching Website: www.michellepfile.com CONNECT WITH DAWN Facebook: www.facebook.com/dawnpensackEFT Instagram: @dawnpensack Website: www.dawnpensack.com


2 Mar 2021

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The Power of EFT with Dawn Pensack

Somatic Movement & Mindset

In this episode, Heidi Hadley interviews Dawn Pensack, an EFT Master Practitioner.  Dawn has been very generous and contributed content within the area of EFT into The Total Somatics Membership Program.  Learn how Dawn came into this amazing field of health and how EFT allows the activation of the body's own healing processes using a combination of psychology and acupressure.Dawn discusses how we can literally tap into our nervous system and create changes with our state, allowing a reset of our body's energetic system, in turn allowing homeostasis or a state of balance to return to our system.LEARN MORE ABOUT DAWN PENSACKBIO: Dawn PensackFormer burned-out teacher, Dawn is on a mission to help bring SIMPLE stress management techniques to busy women so that they can heal their body and live a healthier, happier life. As a certified Yoga Instructor, Master EFT Practitioner, and Personality Assessment Evaluator, Dawn loves blending a variety of tools as she works with private clients or groups to help them ditch stress, experience more freedom and ease in their body, and add more calm to their lives. She is also co-founder of the Holistic Sisterhood Community, a community where women have access to support, resources, and wellness tools to live a life of resilience and wellness.Instagram: @dawnpensack Facebook: @dawnpensackEFT Free gift- www.dawnpensack.com/breakthrough (Get a free customized report and review of your Burnout and Breakthrough Points so that you're able to make massive progress and growth in 2021!).LEARN MORE ABOUT HEIDI HADLEYwww.TotalSomatics.comwww.HeidiHadley.comSupport the show (http://paypal.me/TotalSomatics)


2 Feb 2021

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Stress and Anxiety Management for Anyone with Dawn Pensack

The Menopause Movement Podcast

Everyone experiences stress and anxiety on a daily basis. The way it will manifest in our lives though lies in how we deal with these stressors and anxiety-inducing factors. Sadly, for some people, when stress is not managed properly it will manifest through sickness and other forms of physical symptoms and other problems in behavior.  In this week’s podcast episode, Dawn Pensack introduces a simple stress management technique that is easy for everyone to do. Dawn is a master practitioner of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which she came across when she was under a lot of stress after her first pregnancy. In this episode, we will also talk about how she transitions from being a school teacher to teaching individuals and groups on how to handle and live a calm and happy life, the effects of tapping on people who are undergoing emotional problems, what the tapping process is, and other tapping techniques that are available.  If you feel like you’re under a lot of stress lately and you’re proactively finding a way to deal with it, tune in to this episode today! What’s Discussed in This Episode: Dawn’s teaching experience [02:46]   Sudden manifestations of weird physical symptoms [05:26] The effects of tapping on Dawn [06:57] Stress and problems with conception [09:38] Series of incorrect diagnoses [11:00] Dawn’s experience when her daughter was born [14:07] Finally taking the baby home [18:36] Long terms effect of the birth for Dawn and her child [19:35] How Dawn got into tapping [24:29] What exactly are emotional freedom techniques [27:23] Does the technique work for non-believers of eastern medicine practices? [29:35] Effects of tapping on people stuck in an emotional turmoil [30:59] Tapping solves issues and opens safe spaces [32:04] Traumas within the body [34:58] EFT and repressed memories [36:13] The tapping process [38:11] Incorporating tapping in everyday routine [48:06] Other tapping techniques that are available [49:22] About the Guest: Dawn Pensack was a former elementary school teacher before she became a certified master EFT practitioner. She started to practice this technique after a traumatic experience and now, she’s on a mission to help bring simple stress management techniques to everyone. Dawn works with individuals or groups to help them ditch stress and to live a calmer and happier lives.  Resources: Check my latest podcast or listen to the previous ones (https://www.drmichellegordon.com/podcasts/)  Connect with me on Instagram (@drmichellegordon) Follow me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/DrMichelleGordon) Join in on the next beta group (https://bit.ly/betawait)   Dawn Pensack’s website (https://www.dawnpensack.com/) Follow Dawn on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/dawnpensackEFT) Books mentioned in this episode: The Body Keeps the Score (Paid link: https://amzn.to/2TmXBRX) For more podcast episodes, you may also visit my website. Tune in and subscribe to The Menopause Movement Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. Thank you for tuning in! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


10 Nov 2020

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Tapping Into Our Power with Dawn Pensack

The Burned-In Teacher Podcast

In this episode, I talk with Dawn Pensack about how she uses tapping techniques to manage feelings of stress and overwhelm, which were having a serious effect on her health.  Dawn explains what Emotional Freedom Techniques are and how they can transform your life.  She and I also get real about the difference between true self-care and self-indulgence and how it is your responsibility to have the conversations and make those tough choices that will get you out of burnout. 


24 Aug 2020

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Dawn Pensack Podcast

Loving Yourself Podcast

In this Loving Yourself Podcast, Dawn Pensack from DawnPensack.com shares her inspiring story on how physical illness guided her to tapping and now how she helps others learn to accept themselves more. She talks about how people with migraines and other illnesses have found relief after tapping with her. Her tip on how focusing on bright spots can transform your legacy.


17 Jul 2020

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How to Beat Stress to Clear Your Mind for Creativity, with Dawn Pensack

Teacher Hustle Podcast

Connect with Dawn from The Calm and Resilient TeacherThe Calm and Resilient Teacher Facebook groupThe Calm and Resilient Teacher PodcastBooks mentioned in this episode: Breathe by Belisa Varnich Do Less by Kate NorthrupHow to Breathe Video from Belisa VarnichJoin the Teacher Hustle Podcast Facebook group to let us know what your biggest takeaway from this episode was!Did you know that getting a massage isn’t actually self-care? Walking around Target for 2 hours leisurely with a mocha latte doesn’t count either- I made sure to check on that one. (Darn.) Dawn from The Calm and Resilient Teacher talks to us about how to use self-care strategies that have a lasting impact on our health, mental health, and general wellbeing. (Yes, we’re getting a little woo in this episode!) As a former, stressed-out teacher, Dawn left the classroom to figure out how to heal after burnout and a few mysterious illnesses. Finding EFT/Tapping was the catalyst for her healing and after finding health and peace again, Dawn became trained and certified and is on a mission to bring EFT to as many busy, stressed-out people as possible! Dawn is passionate about helping people, particularly teachers, find alternative ways to stay healthier and happier. In her spare time, Dawn loves reading, chai lattes, and spending time with her family. When it’s not muddy or icy, Dawn can be found exploring new trails with her horse, Chinook, and enjoying time outside.I’m hoping my listeners will appreciate how much I resisted Dawn on some of these strategies because it’s a great learning experience for us busy teacher business owners! I told her I didn’t have time for morning routines or yoga classes, and she won the argument by proving to me that making little changes in my day could take just seconds and would clear my mind to be even more productive in my business.I’m calling this the LIFE-CHANGING episode because I actually had a moment where I realized I could be a better entrepreneur thanks to some of these strategies. (Listen in to see if you can hear when the lightbulb goes off in my head.) Right after this episode, I was already implementing some of the techniques Dawn suggested. This is a must-listen for any teacher business owner who isn’t progressing in their business. What if you’re not progressing because you have a mindset block? What if you’re not progressing because you’re holding stress you didn’t even know you had? What if you’re not progressing because you simply don’t know what self-care looks like, and you’ve been trying to self-indulge instead?Dawn breaks it all down for us in today’s episode.And of course, you know I couldn’t let her leave without talking actionable business strategy! Dawn also runs a thriving free Facebook community with an engaged audience. I asked her to share some of her best tips for keeping her audience engaged.Take a deep breath, grab a glass of water, and enjoy this chat with Dawn! I hope it leaves you feeling calm and ready to take on the world.


24 Feb 2020

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Dawn Pensack

Moms Making Money Show

Dawn Pensack is an EFT Practitioner helping people overcome all kinds of obstacles from PTSD, weight loss, and even walks us through how to let go of perfectionism! She shares how this method is proven through science for its effectiveness. To view the video for the visual demonstration visit https://www.facebook.com/busyfitmomamie/videos/1740799102685195/


31 Aug 2018

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Made of Magic: The Podcast

Dawn Pensack is a former math teacher turned EFT Practitioner who is passionate about helping people ditch their anxiety & stress from a CORE level. She's all about managing the symptoms but also goes WAAAY deeper than that and gets to the root cause of the 'negative' emotion. Her main technique is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) but she also uses other research-based, brain-based, strategies to help people understand the role of emotions in our life.In this episode, Dawn takes us through exactly how tapping can help us identify, manage, and release emotions so they don't stay stuck in our bodies. We chat about anxiety, physical pain, and the techniques you can use on your own! WANT TO CONNECT WITH DAWN?https://www.instagram.com/dawnpensack/?hl=en https://www.dawnpensack.com/Are we connected on insta?https://www.instagram.com/stephaniedawnelizabeth/?hl=enJOIN THE GIRLS COLLECTIVE:http://stephaniedawnelizabeth.com/thegirlscollectiveAnd hey, if you loved this episode, go ahead and leave us a rating + review.


24 Jul 2018

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Surrogate Tapping For Children w/ Dawn Pensack (Pod #305)

Tapping Q & A - Getting the most out of tapping and EFT

Support the podcast! As much as we would like to share tapping with our friends and family, it is not something that we can share with young children. Young children do not have the focus and ability to tap, and infants are clearly unable. This does not mean that they can't benefit from tapping because it is possible for us to tap on their behalf, which is known as “surrogate tapping”. In this conversation Dawn Pensack and I talk about the fundamentals of surrogate tapping and best ways to do it for the children in our lives. Apple | Android | Spotify Guest: Dawn Pensack Contact:  web @ DawnPensack.com; facebook @ DawnPensackEFT/ About Dawn: Dawn combined her years of working with children as a math teacher, her strong desire to bring happiness to families, and her love of spreading emotional management into a wellness business that helps her fulfill her true purpose on a daily basis. Dawn works with parents who are struggling to have it all – a life, a career or business, and a family in the midst of a chaotic world. She reminds her clients that while it may not be easy, it’s possible to be the parent you want to be with the right tools and support. She teaches her clients that you have to first love yourself and each other before you can have happy, healthy kids. To create the family of your dreams, you have to light the fire with inner peace and sustain it with the kindling of peaceful parenting. Her step-by-step method is research based and proven to work, and the support that she offers makes implementing feel possible.


14 Feb 2018