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49. Sarah Goodlaxson | Women For Women

The Jenn Kennedy Show

As women we enjoy carrying the "busy" badge of honor. You know the one that spreads us thin and leaves us feeling overworked and overwhelmed. Sarah was no different. Chasing a 6-figure income and taking pride in all of her work, she put her self care on the back burner. This almost sent her in the ER. Together we dive into how mental stress, emotional stress, and trauma can actually send your physical body downhill fast as she shares about her recent diagnosis. Getting put on short term disability at the age of 30 was a wake up call and forced Sarah to ask herself and then find her purpose and the impact she was meant to make in this world. Join me as we talk about all things modern day woman, stress, overcoming fear and ego, and how to truly become more fulfilled. Where to Find Sarah:www.moderncomarketing.com www.instagram.com/moderncomarketing https://www.instagram.com/sarahgoodlaxson/Where to Find Jenn:https://www.instagram.com/jennkennedynutrition www.jennkennedynutrition.comMention and Love:https://www.instagram.com/thechiefhustlher/


1 Nov 2019

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ModState Podcast Episode 114: Cambridge Analytica and Data Mining (a discussion with Sarah Goodlaxson)


Welcome back to the ModState Podcast. *Edit: in the episode it was stated that Steve Bannon started Cambridge Analytica. In fact he co-founded it as a strategic US Branch of SCL (Strategic Communication Laboratories) with funding from right-wing hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer. Cambridge Analytica was designed to create "behavioral changes" in foreign countries. This episode is a discussion about the implications of data received by Cambridge Analytica. Roughly 50-87 million profiles were harvested and then used to swing cultural perspectives in the US during the 2016 election. Nate makes the argument that political campaigns should be using social media, but unethically procuring data from millions of people without their explicit consent is problematic to say the least. Sarah's background is in digital marketing. She elucidates upon some of the practices of how digital marketing companies target you based many different metrics. So where does this lead us next? Will someone be held accountable for the geo-political psychological warfare that Cambridge Analytica used on the US population? Where does the Steve Bannon link to the Donald Trump administration play into this? Please tune in and have a listen. This episode is available at YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huPc7qvrAIo&t=106s Show Notes 1) Cambridge Analytica and Steve Bannon https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/30/politics/bannon-cambridge-analytica/index.html 2) Propaganda Used During 2016 Presidential Campaign https://qz.com/1245777/trump-funder-robert-mercer-also-paid-for-islamophobic-facebook-and-google-ads/


6 Apr 2018

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ModState Podcast Episode 84-Sarah Goodlaxson on the Women's Movement (Mid-Week Rap)


Welcome back to the 84th episode of the ModState Podcast. The ModState team would like to introduce special guest Sarah Goodlaxson. Sarah's interesting upbringing has put her in the unique position to talk about specifically and passionately about women's issues and the movement in general. She shares her experience involved in the 2018 Women's March and her evolving view on women's rights and rights for all. Thanks for listening and tuning in, and of course for your support. Show Notes 1) Sarah's Twitter Handle @sarahgoodlaxson 2) Women's March Article https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/20/us/womens-march.html?mtrref=www.google.com&gwh=044C6CD528059C7F3BC3BB18938DB519&gwt=pay


24 Jan 2018

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Fighter Sarah Goodlaxson


105 pounds of dynamite, Sarah Goodlaxson is an MMA fighter out of Illinois. "The Piranha" has a fight coming up Memorial Day weekend, and has a busy summer ahead of her. We'll talk to Goodlaxson on her past year of training, where she is heading in the future, and the ever growing 105 division.


22 May 2011

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SportsGeeks™ Featuring Molly Helsel and Sarah Goodlaxson

SportsGeeks™ #1 in WMMA

Join Rammy and MarQ as we interview these fighters on their upcoming fights and what else is going on in their career.Hello everyone join SportsGeeks with your host Rammy and MarQ-New Editor from fightergirls.com for another great week in women's sports live here on Blog Talk Radio.Your sports leader in Womens Professional SportsWomen's MMA and Women's Tackle Football is going to be discussed along with NFL news which include the Chicago Bears. Every week marQ will give us his expert analysis on women's MMA and Rammy will give his analysis on women's tackle football.Join us live for live interviews with some of the best professional female mma fighters in the world along with some of the best professional women tackle football players. Within the past year we have interview LaTasha Marzolla, Debi Purcell and many other professional fighters.


20 Jan 2010