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Put in the work ft. Jason Collins

Elite Sales Podcast

4-22-21 Hosted by Albert Lau & John Bacaron ft. Jason Collins


24 Apr 2021

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Episode 111: Conor Hourihane on joining Swansea & 29-year-old Jason Collins on his appointment as chair of St Mary's

The Southern Star

We have a busy show again this week. We’re chatting to Bandon’s Conor Hourihane to chat about his recent move to Swansea City. Hourihane has already made a big impact at the Liberty Stadium and was last weekend named in the Championship team of the week. We also chat to Jason Collins who has recently been appointed chairperson of St Mary’s GAA Club.  At only 29 years old, Jason must be amongst the youngest club chairs in the country so we ask him about his plans for his time in the role. You can add the Star Sport Podcast to your podcast player of choice by copying this URL - https://southern-star.podomatic.com/rss2.xml - and using the "Add a podcast by URL/RSS" option.


2 Feb 2021

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The Walk Through Radio Show with Kevin Walk & Jason Collins

Never Had It So Good Sports Radio

The Walk Through Radio Show with Kevin Walk & Jason Collins

1hr 4mins

31 Jan 2021

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Jason Collins - Behavioural Science & Evolutionary Biology


In this captivating episode, we were delighted to speak to the incredible Jason Collins, a behavioural and data scientist.  Jason has led PWC Australia’s Behavioural Economics Practice and was the data science lead for Australia's corporate markets and financial services regulator. He is also worked as a lawyer and economic policy advisor. You can find out more about Jason’s work by visiting his blog: jasoncollins.blog.  We hope you enjoy the discussion on why behavioural economics has come under some recent criticism and evolutionary biology in Sydney. 


26 Jan 2021

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Jason Collins - Makeup Studio Autonomous FX

The Last Looks Podcast

Episode 12: We speak with Jason Collins from Autonomous FX a Special Makeup Effects company based in Los Angeles, we chat about the beginnings of the company, How to stay passionate about your work , exciting new developments within his company and how important positive working relationships are in our industry..

1hr 7mins

3 Aug 2020

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Episode 183 - Jason Collins

Two Clix from KO: A Heroclix Podcast

Aaron is Joined by Jason Collins from Married with Clix. Together they discuss the upcoming Fantastic Four set, answer questions from listeners, and discuss the growing issue of trading/selling internationally.

1hr 9mins

28 Jun 2020

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Players getting sick & opting out, World Wide Wes, The Harden trade, Jason Collins comes out, & the Ray Allen shot - Ep. 136

NB-YAY: An NBA Podcast

On this weeks episode of NB-YAY, it's another edition of the Q Bro's talk baskets. Tad's out of town this week so the brothers discuss the following topicsJokic & others test positive for COVD while others are already opting outThe Knicks hire World Wide WesThen we get into the 2012-2013 NBA season and rememberThe James Harden TradeThe Lakers trade for Steve Nash and Dwight HowardJason Collins coming out publicly as an openly gay athleteThe Spurs getting fined $250k for sitting 4 starsThe 7 game Spurs vs Heat series that lead to back to back titles for LeBronIf you're reading this, you should give us a rating and review! We would really appreciate it.Follow us!@tadhall_@nickypalooza@Jay_Quiles@NBYAYPODMusic by Dixon HillAll episodes can be found here.

1hr 21mins

26 Jun 2020

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Episode 36 with JASON COLLINS: Knowing Our Limits, Expanding Our Knowledge

It's All Just a Bunch of BS

Jason leads PwC Australia’s behavioral economics practice. He specializes in economics, evolution, and behavioral science. Previously, he was data science lead with Australia's corporate, markets, and financial services regulator, and has also worked as a lawyer and an economic policy adviser with the Australian Treasury. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Western Australia.


3 Jun 2020

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Ep. 048: Lord John Browne and Jason Collins have a Lavender Scare

Let's Talk About Gay Stuff

Thomas, Tony, and Kendall discuss two high profile coming out stories with former BP CEO Lord John Brown and NBA pro Jason Collin, and they talk about the struggle for lesbians to have their voices heard as the women shake things up with the National Organization for Women in what is known as the Lavender Menace.

2hr 38mins

26 Apr 2020

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Jason Collins, PhD on Loss Aversion and Ergodicity Economics

Todd Nief's Show

People are predictably irrational, right? We have a poor intuitive understanding of statistics, we leap to drawing cause and effect relationships where none exist, we don’t understand exponential growth very well, and we gorge ourselves on junk food and junk television. We’re broken! While there are all kinds of quirks to our built-in reasoning hardware, some of those quirks might not be as irrational as they seem. Jason Collins has a PhD in economics and evolutionary biology, and he’s long been writing about they ways in which our "cognitive biases" may - in some cases - actually be adaptive decision-making strategies. In this episode, we dig into some of Jason’s recent posts on ergodicity, and how that may inform the "loss averse" ways that humans make decisions. While this episode does get pretty technical, anyone who is interested should take a look at Jason’s blog posts on the topic. [Note: In this episode I talk about logarithmic functions as asymptotic functions. This is incorrect, and I apologize in advance to anyone who I may offend with such foolishness.] Check out more from Jason here: Website: www.jasoncollins.blog Twitter: @jasonacollins If you're enjoying the show, the best way to support it is by sharing with your friends. If you don't have any friends, why not a leave a review? It makes a difference in terms of other people finding the show. You can also subscribe to receive my e-mail newsletter at www.toddnief.com. Most of my writing never makes it to the blog, so get on that list. Show Notes: [01:50] What is “cognitive bias?” What kinds of systematic judgment errors do humans make – and why do some people think that these errors are actually adaptive heuristics? [06:50] What are the ethics of “nudges”? What are the actual effect sizes of “nudges”? How do the actual results of interventions in things like organ donation and retirement account opt-ins actually play out? [12:40] What heuristics should someone use to evaluate whether a social science claim is worth paying attention too? Is the effect size too large? Why would humans have evolved a certain type of “bias”? And, what is the piranha problem and what is the garden of forking paths? [22:53] How context dependent are social psychology effects? What do we typically see in attempts to replicate studies? [28:53] What actually is “loss aversion”? How do we differentiate loss aversion from risk aversion and negativity bias? [36:07] “Loss aversion” may actually be a rational response to certain types of systems where people have a risk of having their wealth wiped out. [43:01] What is the variance across individuals in terms of psychological effects and different strategies relative to risk taking? [46:32] What is “ergodicity”? What are real-life examples of ergodic and non-ergodic systems? [58:14] What is the optimal strategy for trying to maximize your wealth in a non-ergodic system where gains and losses are potentially compounded? [01:05:20] Would we expect people to have evolved some sort of intuitive understanding of non-ergodic systems based upon the real-life dynamics of things like wealth and prestige? [01:16:16] How can the rules of an experimental game impact the ways that people strategize? Do people have an intuitive sense that they are likely to be iteratively playing the same game over and over again with the same people? Links and Resources Mentioned “Nudge” by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein Freakonomics NPR Dan Ariely “‘Opt Out’ Policies Increase Organ Donation” from SPARQ “Comparison of organ donation and transplantation rates between opt-out and opt-in systems” from Kidney International Default effect “Judges are more lenient after taking a break, study finds” from The Guardian “Impossibly Hungry Judges” from Nautilus “Overlooked factors in the analysis of parole decisions” from PNAS “Automaticity of social behavior: Direct effects of trait construct and stereotype activation on action.” PsycNET “Priming Effects Replicate Just Fine, Thanks” from Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science “Walking Fast and Slow” from Marginal Revolution Andrew Gelman “The piranha problem in social psychology / behavioral economics” from Andrew Gelman “The garden of forking paths” from Andrew Gelman “The WEIRDest people in the world?” from Behavioral and Brain Sciences Loss aversion Risk aversion Negativity bias St. Petersburg paradox Kelly criterion Gerd Gigerenzer “Gigerenzer versus Kahneman and Tversky” from Jason Collins

1hr 25mins

23 Mar 2020