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How To Recession Proof Your Career with Phil Cooke (S:3 - Ep 1)

Exploring the Marketplace

Today on Exploring the Marketplace, Shawn Bolz & Bob Hasson interview, Phil Cooke.  Phil Cooke is an author, Film Maker & Media Producer in Hollywood with a Phd in Theology, and he’s appeared on NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, and his work has been paroled in The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Tune in as Shawn, Bob & Phil share his story of how God “fired” him to push him into a new career arena after hitting many walls, how Cooke Media started during the “Hollywood is satanic” phase of the church but they went outside the box and started to break down prejudices on the church side and ultimately became a voice to re-engage the church to culture.  Phil shares how media is the currency of this culture and we need to keep up;  just get your ideas out there, and change the world in the process. Tune in!


26 Oct 2022

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Conversation: Creativity Under Pressure (With Phil Cooke)

C3 Church Global Podcast with Phil Pringle

Phil Pringle talks to Phil Cooke, a Hollywood producer who works at the intersection of faith, media, and culture. Not only does he work with many big names in the film industry, but he is also passionate about God, people and helping individuals discover their passions and giftings. Join them as they discuss the topic of creativity, after Phil Cookes latest book “Ideas on a deadline - how to be creative when the clock is ticking”. Be encouraged that if you are a human, you are born creative (in the likeness of our Creator), and it is actually important to be tapping into that creative well within you for your own wellness and enjoyment of life. This conversation holds so many pearls of wisdom on creativity, deadlines and persistence that can be applied to every area of life! Let this podcast speak to you and encourage you to step out in faith and resilience to achieve your God given dreams. For more information about Phil Cooke visit: https://www.philcooke.com/about/


7 Sep 2022

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115 | Phil Cooke, Hollywood Producer + August Top Ten Leadership List

H3 Leadership with Brad Lomenick

Our guest is Phil Cooke, longtime Hollywood producer, prolific speaker, host of the Phil Cooke Podcast, and author of several books, including his latest book, Ideas on a Deadline. We discuss leading creatives, why deadlines drive focus, the myths of being an ideas person, how to build creativity, and more. Plus, check out the August Top Ten Leadership List. Make sure to visit http://h3leadership.com to access the list and all the show notes. Thanks again to our partners for this episode: Convoy of Hope—the trusted partner for delivering food and relief by responding to disasters all around the world. Donate at http://convoyofhope.org/donate. Right now, Convoy is helping war victims in Ukraine, providing basic needs like food, hygiene supplies, medical supplies, blankets, bedding, clothing and more—all through partnering with local churches. To donate, visit http://convoyofhope.org/donate and support their incredible work. And, Harper Leadership – check out the new book The Art of the Tale, authored by expert storytellers Steven James and Tom Morrisey, at http://artofthetalebook.com. This book will unleash the power of storytelling to transform your presentations, whether in a boardroom, classroom, or auditorium. It’s time to tell your story more effectively and The Art of the Tale will help you. Available at all major book retailers on August 30. Go to http://artofthetalebook.com to learn more and purchase.


31 Aug 2022

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Phil Cooke

Today at Museum of the Bible

Phil Cooke of Cooke Media Group discusses all things Hollywood and Bible, from blockbusters to busts.


8 Aug 2022

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EPISODE 359: Ideas on a Deadline with Phil Cooke

The Making Sunday Happen Podcast

Today we welcome back our good friend Phil Cooke. He has been a guest on the show a few times. Our host, Carl, and Phil help at an event together each year - the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. Phil has a brand new book out called Ideas on a Deadline that we're going to talk about. There's no deadline quite like Sunday. Sunday is always coming down the track. So how do we execute high quality ideas quickly? How do we work within deadlines? We're going to talk about how Budgets and Deadlines can actually fuel our creativity. SHOW NOTES--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/makingsundayhappen/support


18 Jul 2022

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S6E04 Phil Cooke: "Creative limitations help us thrive for this reason."

UNDISTRACTED with Laura Bennett

This week we have a returning guest, Phil Cooke. Phil is an American writer, television producer and media consultant who’s had a long career studying the craft of creativity and learning how to deliver stand-out ideas under pressure. He wrote his latest book, 'Ideas on a Deadline' for those of us, no matter our industry, who have to offer breakthrough ideas on demand. In this conversation Phil talks about how to stir inspiration in a finite window, remain open-minded as you age and why limitations are helpful in life.Listen to more from our Hope Podcasts collection at hopepodcasts.com.au. And send the team a message via Hope 103.2’s app, Facebook or Instagram.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


15 Jul 2022

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Facing the Canon: Phil Cooke

The J.John Podcast

J.John sits down with Phil Cooke, a Hollywood producer with a PhD in Theology to talk about faith, media, culture and Phil's new book 'Ideas on a Deadline'.


13 Jul 2022

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Creating with God on a Deadline (Interview w/ Phil Cooke)

Theology of Business with Darren Shearer: Helping Marketplace Christians Explore and Apply God's Will for Business

On this episode, Phil Cooke shares practical strategies for tapping into God’s creativity when you’re on a deadline. Phil Cooke, Ph.D. is co-founder and CEO of Cooke Media Group in Los Angeles. Phil has produced media programming in nearly 70 countries, and created many of the most influential inspirational TV programs in history with a client list that includes Hollywood studios, major nonprofit organizations, and many of the most respected churches and ministries in the world.  His latest book is Ideas on a Deadline: How to Be Creative When the Clock Is Ticking. He's been called “one of the most innovative communicators of our generation.” Links mentioned in this episode: philcooke.com = Phil’s blog  cookemediagroup.com = Phil’s company site  influencelab.com = Phil’s nonprofit  ideasonadeadline.com = book site   Theology of Business is the show for marketplace Christians seeking to explore and apply God’s will for business. If you want to learn more about how to do business for the glory of God and shape culture through discipling the business world, this show is for you. | Entrepreneurship | Marketing | Nonprofit | Church | Author | Startups | Marketplace | Ministry | Business as Mission | Faith and Work | Faith | Success | Leadership | www.TheologyofBusiness.com 


23 Jun 2022

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Reinvent with Special Guest Phil Cooke

The Basics With Beth

Hungry for more? We’ve got the table set for you. Visit thebasicswithbeth.com to binge the basics on your favorite platforms: podcasts, YouTube, online bible courses, books and more.


21 Jun 2022

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Phil Cooke on Leading Creatives and Maximizing Your Organization’s Influence Through Media

The L3 Leadership Podcast with Doug Smith

Episode Summary: In this episode of the L3 Leadership Podcast, Phil Cooke talks about his background in film, writing books, helping the church, and shares leadership insight he has gained over the years.5 Key Takeaways:Phil talks about the importance of saying no to achieve his goals.He shares how maximizing his productive hours helped him further his career.He talks about how deadlines are imperative to him and other creative people.Phil gives advice to production company owners to grow their businesses.He discusses his biggest pet peeve in leadership.About Phil: Phil Cooke works at the intersection of faith, media, and culture, and he’s pretty rare – a working producer in Hollywood with a Ph.D. in Theology. His client list includes studios and networks like Walt Disney, Dreamworks, and USA Network, as well as major Christian organizations from Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, The Museum of the Bible, The Salvation Army, The YouVersion Bible app, and many more. He’s an author, public speaker and sits on the Board for multiple film and nonprofit organizations. Quotes From the Episode:“Start with what you’re good at.”“Everybody can be more creative in their life.”“If you don’t say no occasionally, then your ‘yes’ means nothing.”“Leading from the middle is a real art form.”“Value those harsh critics. Value people that are brutally honest.”Guest Resources Mentioned:Museum of the BibleThings AppIdea on a Deadline  Phil CookeConnect with Phil:Phil’s Website | YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | PodcastIf you want to 10x your growth next year, I want to challenge you to launch or join an L3 Mastermind Group. Mastermind groups are groups of 6-12 leaders that meet together for at least one year to help each other grow, hold each other accountable, and do life together. Interested? Go to http://l3leadership.org/masterminds or email me at dougsmith@l3leadership.org.

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