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Ep. 22 — Bros vs. Sis's (3 Ninjas vs. The Parent Trap) feat. Adam Archer, Jimmy Pennington & Octagon

23 Going on 30

In this episode, Adam makes the crew watch 3 Ninjas, high stakes hi-jinks. Ray makes everyone watch The Parent Trap, high stakes hi-jinks. Henrik got hit by a Golden Gloves boxer, but you already knew that. Alex hates us, but ~jUsT 4 thE SuMMER~. Kate (O'connor, but that didn't fit in the episode title) is our resident Facebook Expert.Questions, comments, reviews, applications to join our friend group (self-starters ONLY) and fanfic can all be sent to 23goingon30@gmail.comCan't get enough?
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3 Jul 2018

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Jimmy Pennington

Improv Nerd With Jimmy Carrane

Jimmy Pennington is one of the Annoyance Theater's most popular improv teachers. He has performed in lots of shows there, including Co-ed Prison Sluts, and is currently in Fish Bowl on Thursday nights. We talked him about how to "get out of your head" when you are improvising, how to improvise from the character versus from the scene, and the importance of doing the projects you love.

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11 Jun 2018

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169: Jimmy Pennington and Rosie Moan


JIMMY PENNINGTON and ROSIE MOAN bicker and banter...then get real as shit on the newest PopFury. The first hour they vulgarly chat about the Women's March on Washington, Silence Retreats, Red Line EL confrontations and the new Monopoly pieces. Then they pivot into an honest and in-depth discussion of sexual harassment, misogyny and theater polices in the Chicago improv community. SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 1:15 Jimmy quit smoking...and replaced it chewing tobacco. He’s also way into working out now. Rosie and Sammy dive into his addictive personality. 8:20 Jimmy has quit Twitter and cable news in the wake of the election. Jimmy goes on a long Vietnam War jeremiad. “I’m trying to remain positive because I feel like a real shit…” 16:00 Rosie is attending the Women’s March on Washington this weekend...but not really due to poor planning. 20:00 Jimmy is considering attending a 10-day non-verbal silent camp retreat. 25:00 Rosie and her boyfriend Ben slept on an uneven bed for 2 years.  “I imagined her beating me up in my own fantasy.” 28:20 Rosie shares two horrible Red Line stories: a man pooping on her train car and being verbally (and physically) harassed by a homeless woman. She is thoroughly non-confrontational. 36:50 She is on a new health kick this January. 40:00 Goat Yoga is a thing. Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus is closing. “A goat cornered my mom and I think was trying to have sex with her!” 45:00 Hasbro is letting the internet decide its new Monopoly playing pieces.  49:15 Sammy reads Jimmy's final tweets...including Jimmy’s angry tweet response to an improvisor’s poor taste social media joke about someone’s passing. 56:15 Jimmy and Rosie deep dive into the uncomfortable topics of sexual harassment, misogyny, teachers dating students and institutional policies in the Chicago improv scene. We briefly touch on the Profiles Theater controversy. Sammy asks Rosie, who is on iO’s Harold Commission, if things are actually better now.  1:24:00 Outro Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode of the PopFury Podcast, please subscribe and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher! You can also listen to PopFury on Google Play Music! 

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17 Jan 2017

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133: Jimmy Pennington and Rosie Moan


ROSIE MOAN (@RosMoan) and JIMMY PENNINGTON (@jimmyofnazareth) bicker and battle their way through the podcast! They yell about beards, Rosie's boyfriend Ben, birthday parties, Rosie's boyfriend Ben, Harry Potter, Rosie's boyfriend Ben, Jack Reacher, Rosie's boyfriend Ben, NYC taxi laws and each other's crappy music. Also, Rosie's boyfriend Ben. SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 0:45 "Rosie" is not Rosie’s first name. Jimmy has one hell of a beard. Rosie’s boyfriend, Ben, is mentioned in this segment. 6:25 Rosie details the back-and-forth surprise parties she and her boyfriend have thrown. Rosie’s boyfriend, Ben, is mentioned in this segment.“I’m not gonna argue something where I’m right. It doesn’t make sense.”11:00 We talk about the social sacrifices actors make...or in Jimmy’s case, don’t make. Jimmy explains his teaching style. Rosie’s boyfriend, Ben, is mentioned in this segment. 18:45 Rosie loses her shit when she learns Jimmy loves Harry Potter too. They divulge what they’d sacrifice to become wizards. Rosie’s boyfriend, Ben, is mentioned in this segment. 22:30 Adult Harry Potter fans caused an event for kids to be cancelled. Rosie and Jimmy ponder what their Patronus would be and what House would they would be sorted into. Rosie shamefully admits her true House.“You know I’m going to be wrong because Jimmy is now using his ‘Confident Example Voice’”30:10 Jimmy intentionally looks at Twitter feeds that anger him. He soldiered through 3 Jack Reacher books he did not enjoy whatsoever. 33:30 Rosie tunes out a no-sex revenge fart story...because she is remembering an even more perverted story. Both Jimmy and Rosie lied a lot when they were younger but don’t so now. Jimmy thinks white male stand ups should be eradicated. 40:15 A failed bank robber declared “April Fool’s” and left. The NYC Taxi commission is voting on new laws against sexually harassing (and ejaculating on) passengers. Sammy doesn’t understand Rosie and Ben’s relationship. Rosie’s boyfriend, Ben, is mentioned in this segment.“I’m gonna sit in the bike lane and ejaculate as you go past. I’m just gonna throw someone else’s cum on you.”49:10 Rock music may increase chemotherapy’s effectiveness. Rosie and Jimmy guess each other’s favorite music. 54:35 The CIA left explosive material in a school bus after a training exercise. 55:45 Outro. Rosie’s boyfriend, Ben, is mentioned in this segment. Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode of the PopFury Podcast, please subscribe and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher!


5 Apr 2016

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Episode 87: Jimmy Pennington


The Annoyance Theater's JIMMY PENNINGTON (@jimmyofnazareth) shares how he's changed for the better over the years, his hate of social media, his hate of True Detective Season 2, his hate of iPhone apps and his hate of a Hitler Time Travel study. SHOW NOTES: 0:00 Intro 0:40 Sammy's alliterative intro leads into a discussion of skinheads and the rape allegations against Blackhawk player Patrick Kane. 5:40 Jimmy explains what he would do if he took over America.“I'd say 70% of the time I get angry because I know it's funny.”7:30 Sammy wonders if Jimmy is an angry man. He is a definitely a tattooed man. 10:25 Jimmy openly and honestly discusses who he used to be and why he changed. He shares his personal struggles from college and his early years in Chicago. Jimmy also talks about how this affects his improv.“I don't think I'd be alive if I hadn't stopped all that stuff...but I also think I wouldn't have this gift of hindsight.”30:00 Jimmy hates social media and thinks it is a garbage can. You can follow him on Twitter at @jimmyofnazareth. 31:15 Jimmy HATES a study that says people are spending more time on Netflix. He calls bullshit. BULLSHIT! 33:30 Jimmy HATES True Detective Season 2. So, he watched the entire season.“Popular culture is garbage. It's always been garbage. It will always be garbage. There's no difference between the garbage now and the garbage from the 80s and 90s...which is why nostalgia is bullshit and an opiate of the masses.”36:15 Jimmy HATES EVERY THING about Avoid Humans, an app that helps you find sparsely populated locations. He also HATES EVERY THING about popular culture. Sammy retorts with the seminal classic, Battle of the Network Stars. 39:45 A SpongeBob Squarepants musical is coming to Chicago. Jimmy, surprisingly, LOVES that...but not for the reasons you would think. 44:55 In a graceful return to form, Jimmy ¡¡¡HATES!!1!1! a study that says women are less likely than men to kill Hitler.“That's a bullshit article that doesn't need to exist!”48:40 Jimmy once traded a gun for a tattoo. He shares his advice for getting tattoos. 51:30 Outro


7 Sep 2015

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Episode 21: Jimmy Pennington

End of The Counter Podcast - Atomix Cafe

Jimmy and Dan talk about how J.K. Rowling should take a tip from Ian Fleming.  Jimmy exposes his unhealthy obsession with Jim Baker and we find out that Boy's town got a new name!Jimmy's TwitterAnnoyance Theater Website


29 Jun 2014

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Episode 21 - MBSing with Jimmy Pennington - The Great American Novel

The Nerdologues Present: MBSing

Jimmy Pennington came on the show to talk about novels, and, while we may have strayed away from the topic at times, I truly dug this conversation.  We got into some neuroses of our own and how those feelings affect what the Great American Novel must mean to its readers.  We also deconstruct what it may mean that I avoid watching scary movies and the things Jimmy needs to watch even though he doesn't have internet access in his windowless apartment.Notes:Mike Schur's Decemberists video and Parks and Recreation episode odes to Infinite Jest.August: Osage County trailerThe Snows of Kilimanjaro text

1hr 4mins

30 Oct 2013

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Valentines Day With Jimmy Pennington

The Nerdologues Present: Poor Choices Archive

Jimmy talks about putting his show up at The Annoyance.  We talk politics.  You may be bored.  You should listen.

1hr 9mins

15 Feb 2012