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424: How to ask for more ($$) with Jennifer Barrett

The Marketing Mentor Podcast

If you suspect you’ve been leaving money “on the table” when negotiating project fees, this episode is for you. In my latest conversation with Jennifer Barrett, author of “Think Like a Breadwinner” (who will also be speaking at HOW Design Live in Nashville, Oct. 19-21), we talked about how exactly to ask for more -- money, that is. If you like what you hear, we’d love it if you write a review, subscribe on Apple Podcasts and sign up for Quick Tips from Marketing Mentor. 


4 Aug 2021

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Former Chicken and Cattle Farmers Go Vegan and Leave Animal Agriculture with Jennifer Barrett.

The Healthification Podcast

Friends, we’re in for a mind and heart opening emotional roller coaster ride today. I approached former chicken and cattle farmer Jennifer Barrett of Barrett Family Farm because I want to better understand the pressures and considerations that animal farmers face when they contemplate transitioning away from animal agriculture. I could not have imagined just how genuine and open Jennifer would be. ... READ MORE The post Former Chicken and Cattle Farmers Go Vegan and Leave Animal Agriculture with Jennifer Barrett. appeared first on Healthification.


21 Jun 2021

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Jennifer Barrett: Why Women Need to Generate Wealth Not Just Earn a Paycheck: The Path to Becoming a Breadwinner

The Good Life Coach

Are you currently saving money and amassing wealth or are you living paycheck to paycheck? Whether you are a stay at home, have a career, don't know much about how to manage money, or are great at it but always love learning more -- there is something in this interview for you. Jennifer Barrett is on to discuss her new book, “Think Like a Breadwinner,” a wealth-building manifesto for women. Who doesn't want to build wealth... but the real question is 'are you'? Jennifer tells us why women haven't been accustomed to thinking like a breadwinner, even when they are one. How and why it's so important to shift our mindsets to one of a breadwinner. She also provides tactical tips and relatable stories in this conversation to empower you to secure your financial future and rely on yourself even if you have a spouse. The days of waiting to be rescued are over as you are the heroine of your story. We cover so much in this empowering conversation! Tune in now and you can access the show notes at thegoodlifecoach.com/134


19 May 2021

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How to Think Like a Breadwinner and Transform Your Money| Jennifer Barrett

Everyone's Talkin' Money

Are the choices you’re making with your money bringing you closer to the future you want or further away? We’ll uncover how to think like a breadwinner and transform your money in this episode with author, journalist, and financial expert, Jennifer Barrett.Jennifer Barrett is the Chief Education Officer at Acorns, a saving and investing app with more than 9 million users. She’s also the author of the upcoming book “Think Like a Breadwinner,” a wealth-building manifesto for women. A contributor to Forbes, she’s also written about money for publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Newsweek. Jennifer’s co-authored two other personal finance books and is often featured as a money expert in the media. She also advises three female-led startups and provides leadership coaching to female founders. A proud breadwinner herself, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two sons.What You'll LearnWhat does it mean to be a breadwinnerHow to develop a breadwinner mindset - and why it mattersHow to create a healthy relationship with your partner if you're a breadwinnerMoney steps to think like a breadwinnerJennifer's breadwinner storyLinksThink Like a Breadwinner bookJennifer's websiteAcornsJennifer on InstagramRelated EpisodesDitch Your Money Mindset Blocks & Create a Profitable Online BusinessThe Must-Know Secrets to Save Money Shopping in 2021What Is Money To You & What Do You Want It To BeEpisode SponsorsMake it the year you finally cross life insurance off your list, and get protection for your loved ones. Go to Policygenius.com and get started. You could save 50% or more by comparing quotes and start the new year with one less thing to worry about.Find out how Upstart can help you lower your monthly payments and pay off your today when you go to upstart.com/mymoney. Give your mom the most meaningful gift this Mother’s Day with StoryWorth. Get started right away with no shipping required by going to StoryWorth.com/mymoney. You’ll get $10 off your first purchase!FOLLOW & SHAREWant to be the first to know when new episodes are released? Click here to follow in iTunes! IT’S FREE!👉 Sign up for my weekly LET’S TALK MONEY email newsletter.Ask ShannahHave an Ask Shannah question, submit it hereGet SocialShannah on TwitterShannah on Instagram See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


4 May 2021

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278 How to Think Like a Breadwinner - Jennifer Barrett, Author of Think Like a Breadwinner and Chief Education Officer at Acorns

More Money Podcast

This week on the podcast we’re asking the question, what does it mean to think like a breadwinner? How would your approach to spending, saving, and investing in your future change if you thought like the primary earner in your life? Luckily, the answers to those questions are exactly what my guest, Jennifer Barrett, author of the upcoming book Think Like a Breadwinner will be tackling. Jennifer Barrett is the Chief Education Officer at Acorns, a saving and investing app with more than 9 million users. She’s also a contributor to Forbes, as well as an advisor to three female-led startups and a featured money expert in the media. She lives in Brooklyn with her family, of which she is also the breadwinner. Following Jennifer’s own wake-up call to change her money mindset, she wants all women to know that they don’t have to think small when it comes to wealth-building. We discuss everything from what women should be investing in (spoiler alert, it’s not handbags and clothes) and how negotiating for a better future now will give you the biggest payday in the future. Jennifer’s book and our chat definitely reinforced what a positive ripple effect wealth-building can have on your life. For full episode show notes visit https://jessicamoorhouse.com/278


28 Apr 2021

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How To Think Like a Breadwinner with Jennifer Barrett #343

How to Money

Jennifer Barrett is a longtime financial journalist and she has written for publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Money, and Newsweek. She has accomplished so much in the world of money: Jennifer has developed and hosted a popular personal finance video course on Udemy, given a TEDx talk on the importance of wealth-building, and she’s also appeared on many TV shows as well. And central to our conversation today, she also has a new book that just came out, that’s titled “Think Like a Breadwinner” which is all about empowering women who want to earn more money. This is a helpful episode for everyone out there, but especially for the working woman.During this episode we enjoyed a Das Yummy Banana Cream Pie by Oozlefinch Beers & Blending! And please help us to spread the word by letting friends and family know about How to Money! Hit the share button, subscribe if you’re not already a regular listener, and give us a quick review in Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Help us to change the conversation around personal finance and get more people doing smart things with their money!Best friends out! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


12 Apr 2021

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1183: Think Like a Breadwinner with Jennifer Barrett, Author and Money Expert

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

Though nearly half of working women in the United States are now their household's main breadwinner, most women still aren't raised to think like breadwinners. Financial expert Jennifer Barrett wants to change that. In her new book THINK LIKE A BREADWINNER Barrett aims to break barriers down and help close the gender gaps—in wages, wealth and leadership—for good.More about Jennifer: She is the Chief Education Officer at Acorns, a financial wellness app with more than 8 million users, and the founding editor of its popular money site, Grow. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


7 Apr 2021

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How to Earn More and Worry Less with "Think Like a Breadwinner" Author Jennifer Barrett

Money Tips for Financial Grownups

Acorn’s Chief Education Officer Jennifer Barrett shares her own “wake up’ call’ when she learned to think like a breadwinner, and gives us specific strategies to build wealth and create a path to have the rich life we all deserve.  For more information, visit the show notes at https://www.bobbirebell.com/podcast/JenniferBarrett


30 Mar 2021

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Think Like A Breadwinner with Jennifer Barrett

Money Made Easy

Today on the show, we welcome Jennifer Barrett. She is the author of “Think Like A Breadwinner” - a wealth building manifesto for women who want to earn more and worry less.A financial journalist first, Jennifer then moved to the management track, working for Newsweek, New York Times, Hearst, NBC, CNBC. Now she works at Acorns - an app to help people save more money.We talked about how she worked at DailyWorth - one of the first sites to focus on reaching women with money knowledge. And now thankfully, there are many sites that are trying to reach women.Jennifer stresses how important it is for women to find your people. Female leaders and female managers who feel like they’re the only in their company need to seek out other women and organizations to support and inspire them.Chief is a female only network Jennifer joined that is expanding all over the country. There are more similar groups - Luminary, The Riveter, Hey Mama, AllBright, Dreamers and Doers being a few.Jennifer shares more about the Acorns App. It’s the spare change investing app. When you use your debit card, they round up the purchases and invest the change. It makes investing so much easier.Jennifer’s book, “Think Like A Breadwinner”, was written from her own experience living in New York in a one bedroom apartment with her husband and toddler. She had been at Newsweek for 7 years and hadn’t negotiated her salary during that time.Even though she thought of herself as independent, Jennifer realized she wasn’t truly independent, she was just treading water. She knew she needed to be more proactive.After further reflection, Jennifer realized if she had been raised like a man who expected to be the breadwinner, she would have made very different choices. Then she asked herself, going forward, what kind of choices would she make if she was thinking like a breadwinner.Jennifer talks about how with each paycheck, use it as an opportunity to be less dependent on the next paycheck. Every time you have money coming in, ask yourself what is the most I can take out of this check to put towards my future, to start growing that money. One day you will be less dependent and not live paycheck to paycheck.It was also important for Jennifer to start negotiating like a breadwinner. She shares how it was difficult at first and how important and helpful a female network can be in this situation.Previously to being in management, Jennifer thought what they’re offering is what they can afford. She learned that there is usually budgeted ranges for salaries with the expectation that a candidate will negotiate.Parents talk to their daughters differently than they talk to their sons. Parents talk to their daughters about budgeting and shopping smartly, clipping coupons. They talk to their sons about building credit, investing wisely and all the skills you need to be a successful breadwinner and provider.Even though Jennifer had great role models in her parents, they didn’t have conversations about money. She also didn’t have any conversations with school counselors or advisors. When Jennifer got a job she began a cycle of overspending and then earning more.With her own children, Jennifer has taught them about pricing, investing and they have open conversations about money too.The definition for success Jennifer gives is being able to have the life and the impact she wants to have and to support the people and the causes she cares about.The 3 words that come to mind for her when she thinks about the word money are freedom, power and impact.Jennifer’s website -www.jenniferbarrett.comJennifer on Instagram -www.instagram.com/jbarrettnycThe educational arm for Acorns.com -www.grow.acorns.com


15 Mar 2021

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Jennifer Barrett - How to be a Breadwinner

The Good Life Coach

What does it mean to be a modern breadwinner? In today's episode, financial expert Jennifer Barrett gives women actionable steps to create a new model of wealth. Jennifer is the chief education officer at Acorns, a financial wellness app with over 8.2 million users. Through her TEDx talk and former media roles, including personal finance editor at CNBC, Jennifer is an expert at helping women shift their money mindsets and take control of their finances. Her new book “Think Like a Breadwinner” will be available in 2021. All of the show notes can be found at thegoodlifecoach.com/105


28 Oct 2020