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85: Michael Jackson on React Router v6 and Empathy in Open Source

React Podcast

This week we chat with Michael of React Training and learn everything we need to know about React Router v6 — what's in store, how to update, and what he's learned about empathy in the process. Featuring Michael Jackson — Twitter, Website, GitHub chantastic — Twitter, Website, GitHub React Suspense Course Get up to speed fast on React Suspense in my crash course at reactsuspense.com! Links 75: Sunil Pai on The Future of UI Frameworks React Training react-router reach-ui history on npm Chance Strickland Navigation Blocking in history v5 — Michael's screencast illustrating histoyr.block() reach-router render prop pattern Tim Dorr Component Component on Twitter React Hooks React Suspense Relay usePreloadedQuery Build an App with React Suspens — Chantastic's course on Suspense 71: Joe Savona on Relay and Data Fetching with Suspense preact-router NextJS React Router Hooks Route component prop Route render prop @ryanflorence on Push vs Pull APIs 69: The Suspense is Almost Over — A Pre-ReactConf Concurrent React Rundown with Swyx DefinitelyType Kristofer Baxter Closure Compiler Rollup @babel/preset-modules by Jason Miller tsdx by Jared Palmer microbundle by Jason Miller Lerna — A tool for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages Brian Vaughn React Training Workshops and Instructors Sponsor Build a beautiful functional React or React Native app with Infinite Red. Get two tickets to the 2021 Chain React conference when you start or refer a new project. Visit reactpodcast.infinite.red for details.

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12 Mar 2020

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React Router with Michael Jackson

egghead.io developer chats

John Lindquist, co-founder of egghead.io, interviews Michael Jackson, co-creator of the react-router library, and co-founder of React Training. Michael discusses his experiences with running a massively popular repo with a relatively small code-base, pioneering of new features, and the future of CDN based importing.Michael gets into the early days of the react-router repo, and what he had to do to steward the library. "In open-source, you are not just coding all day." It's mostly management, with it being a relatively small code-base that had a lot of users created a situation where you had to have excellent communication and a lot of deliberateness with what you change.React is just Javascript, meaning that it enables multiple solutions and allows innovation within the library. It also means that there will be some discourse in the direction that things should go. Michael also discusses how to keep an open dialogue with the React community, even though doing so may pose some challenges.Michael is extremely excited about the future of the CDN and unpkg. He says that it would be awesome if Facebook or Pinterest only needed to load the package once, or even if individual modules were loaded instead of entire libraries. unpkg is excellent and predictable. No need to read the documentation on how to include the library in your app. No need to worry about builds, webpack, bundling. It brings back a fresh perspective and lets you just use the web!Transcript"React Router with Michael Jackson" TranscriptResourcesReact TrainingunpkgMichael JacksonMedium BlogTwitterGitHubJohn LindquistTwitteregghead.ioGithubWebsite


19 Feb 2018

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Episode #113 - React Router edition

The Crater Podcast

Josh Owens and Abhi Aiyer talk about the news from Crater this week. React Router 4 Apollo vs Relay How react native dies Tracking down a node memory leak in Ghost


26 Oct 2016

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S03E06 - React Router, HistoryJS, State Management, Webpack vs Rollup, and more (React Rally Edition)

Modern Web

Michael Jackson, Stephen Rivas Jr, and Jay Phelps discuss React and other front end frameworks at React Rally. Topics covered: - Create-react-app- How using ember prior to react has affected the thinking behind working on react- React trainings- Building complex react apps- Webpack vs Rollup - HistoryJS (react history)- How you should approach open source projects- React Router v4- Early mistakes in the early router- Previews some of the changes happening with react router and react history. -Integration of redux with react router and react history- React Router 4- Sate management in reactFind more podcasts, videos, trainings and online conferences at http://modern-web.org or follow us on Twitter @modernweb_.


10 Sep 2016

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React Router, Flux, and Web Debates with Michael Jackson

JavaScript – Software Engineering Daily

React Router is a complete routing solution for ReactJS. It offers users a way to build full-fledged web apps from their React components. Michael Jackson works on React Router and is the founder of ReactJS Training. He will be speaking at the upcoming QCon San Francisco. Questions Why should developers think about URLs as part of the design process? How does the process of building an app with React Router compare to building without it? Why is there a debate between higher order components and mixins? What do you think of webcomponents? What would you like to see in the future of React? Links SE Daily: ReactJS React Router react-canvas library from Flipboard Flipboard intro to react-canvas react-motion React.js Training website React.js Training review The post React Router, Flux, and Web Debates with Michael Jackson appeared first on Software Engineering Daily.

1hr 3mins

16 Sep 2015