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Richard Beck, social psychologist, on death, the devil and Johnny Cash

Tent Theology

Richard Beck is the kindest, wisest person you will hear today. He is Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology at Abilene Christian University. He is a celebrated teacher and author of a number of works, including Unclean, Reviving Old Scratch and The Slavery of Death. His new book Hunting Magic Eels: Recovering an Enchanted Faith in a Skeptical Age is out now. Beck contributes to his brilliant blog regularly, which also contains all the info you need about his life and work and which can be found HEREHas anything we make been interesting, useful or fruitful for you? You can support us by becoming a Fellow Traveller on our Patreon page HERE.


25 May 2021

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Episode 40: Richard Beck

Onto Somethin' Pod

Monday: Visit prisons. Tuesday & Thursday: Class Lectures. Weekend: Local Church.  Everyone, meet Richard Beck. Richard is a professor of psychology who blogs, speaks, and writes books about the merging of psychology and theology.  In this week's episode, Zane & Richard spend time talking about Richard's new book, Hunting Magic Eels. Join the conversation as Richard shares how to shift from talking to God more than talking about God, and what it means to live in an "enchanted" world.


6 Apr 2021

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Richard Beck: Hunting Magic Eels


The podcast starts with a rant about life, death, and grief, then (10:25) Dr. Richard Beck returns to the show to discuss Whales vs. Wales, enchantment, the Ache, and his new book Hunting Magic Eels.


22 Mar 2021

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RICHARD BECK, Reaching the Next Generation, Part 2

Wednesday Night Conversations

Many non-Christians today would describe their daily lives as more "Christ-like" than their church-going counterparts. But when social justice is separated from God, anxiety, anger and guilt plague our ability to find true joy and self-worth. Join Jonathan and author Richard Beck for part two of this conversation on what God has to offer a generation for whom faith feels heavy and hard to hang on to.


9 Mar 2021

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RICHARD BECK, Reaching the Next Generation, Part 1

Wednesday Night Conversations

In a post-Christian world, guilt is not often an effective tool for evangelism. Join author Richard Beck and Jonathan for part one of this conversation about just how much God has to offer a generation for whom faith feels heavy and harder to hang on to.


9 Mar 2021

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New Models Podcast

Nearly a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, RICHARD BECK, author of "We Believe the Children: a Moral Panic in the 1980s "(Public Affairs, 2015) and a senior writer at N+1, spoke to New Models about social contagion—from the wild, child abuse allegations of Q and the satanic panics of recent history to the witch trials and blood libels of times before. Deepening the conversation is Richard’s current work on the War on Terror and its remaking of the American worldview.For more:Twitter: @Richard__BeckRichard’s next book, "Fear Itself" is forthcoming from Crownhttps://nplusonemag.com/authors/beck-richard/ https://www.publicaffairsbooks.com/titles/richard-beck/we-believe-the-children/9781610392877/Subscribe here https://patreon.com/newmodels for advance access to the New Models podcast, all 57+ episodes of NM Topsoil, and entry to the New Models Discord server.

1hr 15mins

18 Feb 2021

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Richard Beck: From Player to Coach

The Five W's

Richard Beck (former athlete @ Yorkshire Carnegie, and current Academy coach @ Wasps Rugby) discusses his playing career and how that is shaping his emerging coaching journey.What is your intent?  What does that look like?How can you create learning moments?How do you create better people not just better athletes?All topics discussed in this episode.I hope you enjoy the podcast!The Five W's PodcastWhat Works for Who in What Context and WhyThe podcast explores a biopsychosocial approach to athlete development, Each episode explores a unique perspective on the topic from the viewpoint of academia, athletes, coaches, practitioners, psychologists, researchers, S&C and sports scientistsDEFINITION OF TERMS(My current working definitions):BioPsychoSocial:  A recognition that athletic and sporting performance depends on the interaction of a large number of interconnected factors; Bio (Physical), Psycho (Psychological) and Social (Socio-Environmental) and the practitioners deliberate planning, implementation, practice and reflection of all three aspects combining to provide optimised individual learning opportunities for athletes and coaches.  Psychosocial:  The understanding and appreciation of how psychological (e.g., pedagogical / andragogical strategies, motivation, coach-athlete relationship) and socio-environmental (session design, social interaction, leadership) factors underpin physical (bio) performanceThis podcast is a form of knowledge exchange for my Doctoral studies which I am currently undertaking at Leeds Beckett University, so I do want to highlight their contribution to my skills, knowledge and experience as well as a HUGE thank to my supervisory team Professor Kevin Till and Dr Tom Mitchell, as well as all the other lecturers within the Carnegie School of Sport that have and continue to support me on my research-practitioner journey.  


7 Feb 2021

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RICHARD BECK, The Gospel According to Johnny Cash

Wednesday Night Conversations

God often comes to us in unexpected ways. You will not want to miss Richard Beck sharing this experience in his own life in “The Gospel According to Johnny Cash.”


2 Feb 2021

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Episode 277 - Richard Beck: Trains, Jesus, and Murder: The Gospel According to Johnny Cash

Crackers and Grape Juice

"Saints and sinners, all jumbled up together." That's the genius of Johnny Cash, and that's what the gospel is ultimately all about.Johnny Cash sang about and for people on the margins. He famously played concerts in prisons, where he sang both murder ballads and gospel tunes in the same set. It's this juxtaposition between light and dark, writes Richard Beck, that makes Cash one of the most authentic theologians in memory.In Trains, Jesus, and Murder, Beck explores the theology of Johnny Cash by investigating a dozen of Cash's songs. In reflecting on Cash's lyrics, and the passion with which he sang them, we gain a deeper understanding of the enduring faith of the Man in Black.Jason and Johanna talk with out latest guest, Richard Beck, who is an award-winning author, speaker, blogger and Professor of Psychology at Abilene Christian University. Every Monday Richard leads a bible study for fifty inmates at the maximum security French-Robertson unit. And Monday-Friday on his popular blog Experimental Theology Richard will spend enormous amounts of time writing about the theology of Johnny Cash, the demonology of Scooby-Doo or his latest bible class on monsters.


18 Sep 2020

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Season 3 Episode 4: Richard Beck

The Vicars' Crossing

Today, The Vicars' Crossing welcomes author and professor Richard Beck to the zoom room!Richard's Blog:http://experimentaltheology.blogspot.comThis podcast was recorded on August 13, 2020.


14 Aug 2020