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Seek Out God's People With Special Guest Jonathan Reid

Blessing and Cursing

Seek Out God's People With Special Guest Jonathan Reid, Jonathan Reid's Testamony, 911, Military, Premature birth struggles, heart murmur, God's Work with Modern Medicine, Prodigal son, home is a safe space, raised in a bubble, seek out God's people, reach out, nobody is willing to call, but everyone is willing to judge, Isaiah 40:31, Pray for Samantha Smith Gastric Cancer, shirts or donations to her by Lindsey Marie Higgins, Facebook pay @linzmarie30, venmo @linzmarie30, paypal @linzmarie30, email higginslm30@gmail.comSupport the show (https://www.paypal.me/PJClay)


14 Mar 2021

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#79 - To concede or not concede, that is the question (guest - Jonathan Reid)

Testing Normal

We are joined this week by Jonathon Reid! Things are still crazy in our world, and some people don't even realize what is going on around us. Some people don't even want to know. (and honestly who can blame them. Its stressful) Tonight we continue our honest conversation on the election cycle that we are in and discuss some of the changes and what we see happening in the coming days/weeks/months. Then… some fun with TIL and shower thoughts. If you like the music check out the artist here: theearthonfireIntro song links: Spotify Apple MusicPlease subscribe to us on YouTube and join us live for our weekly recording!Follow us on InstagramFollow us on Facebook for the easiest way find us live.Links discussed in episode:Japan's Economy Surges While The World Slips Into Recession Due To Covid-19Buffalo, New York Business Owners Stand Up to Cuomo Lockdown Orders; Chase Out Sheriff & Health Dept (YT Video)Ezra Cohen-Watnick just delivered a speech - Special operations forces elevated to report to Sec Def (YT Video)Stop The Steal Protest in Atlanta, GA- LIVE COVERAGE (YT Video)John Oliver slammed the use of electronic voting machines, admitted Trump was completely right (Twitter Video)What if a US presidential candidate refuses to concede after an election? | Van Jones (YT Video)Sidney Powell on phone talking about CIA and FBI involvement in election. (YT Video)White House Press Briefing with Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany (YT Video)11-20-2020 PA House committe press conference regarding Dominion Voting Machines. (YT Video)Trump Campaign Legal Team Holds Press Conference in DC 11/19/20 (YT Video)🚨#BREAKING:  @Jim_Jordan  &  @RepJamesComer  call for immediate Congressional investigation into 2020 election. (Twitter Link)Trump staffer says the server raid was real (YT Video)Retired Air Force General blows whistle on CIA vote hacking | Pearson Sharp Reports (YT Video)Biden AND URKRAINE!! (YT Video)BOMBSHELL: The 2020 election took place under a Trump-declared national emergency EOMarch for Trump YT Video Removed... (YT Video)DRAMATIC REVERSAL — Wayne County election board members rescind their votes, possibly decertifying results…Leigh Dundas - Executive order for election interference (YT Video)Michigan Wayne County official resultsSHOCKING DISCOVERY: Dominion Project Manager Signed $25 Million Contract While Serving As Mayor Of A Michigan County -TILTIL during the early years of the Tour de France, guzzling alarming amounts of alcohol was the norm. Beer, wine, and brandy were considered safer to drink than water from questionable roadside wells or springs, and cyclists drank copiously.TIL about the symbiotic relationship of wolves and ravens. Ravens will lead wolves to prey so that they can take a portion of the leftovers, play games of tail chasing with each other, and develop individual friendships.TIL Sloths lose 1/3 of their body weight when they poop, which happens once a week on the ground, and in the standing position.Shower ThoughtsThe wax in each ear is the same material, but using a cotton bud/q-tip that's already been in one ear, in the other ear feels like contamination and just wrong“A pair of scissors” and “two scissors” represent two different quantities of scissors.Some of the people who demand tolerance display the least of it.Band-aids need to be easier to open with one handIf you don’t smoke pot because you’re afraid it’ll make you paranoid, you’re experiencing the side effect without even smoking.There are sidewalks in the Cars movies but they are all carsIt's so weird that we're not supposed to get together for the holiday but Black Friday is still a thing at malls.The Matrix would have been 100% successful if it had used cows instead of humansAll undiscovered species of birds are technically UFOs.A bottomless pit is technically the safest pit

23 Nov 2020

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024 -Jonathan Reid of Pet Paradise

Canadian Herpetoculture Podcast

In this episode, we are joined by Jonathan Reid of Pet Paradise. we discuss how Pet Paradise got stared, Jonathan's experience, things available in-store, and much more. Check out Pet paradise  https://www.instagram.com/petparadiselondon/ https://www.mypetparadise.ca/ Use code chp10off to receive 10% off on everything on the website  Help support the podcast on our patreon   https://www.patreon.com/canadianherpetoculturepodcast Follow Canadian Herpetoculture podcast on   Facebook: CHP.podcast   Instagram: CHP.Podcast   Youtube   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWO0jK4SQ00D8tkVsA3EjKA chp.podcast@gmail.com  Music by Naraka   Song: suffer the serpent    https://naraka.bandcamp.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDFcWxrkau8&t=7s  

2hr 29mins

4 Oct 2020

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Ep. 033 - SSgt Jonathan Reid

Former Action Guys Podcast

SSgt Jonathan Reid is a former Marine Corps Fire Support Man and Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC). He was initially assigned to 2D ANGLICO and completed a deployment to Iraq and two to Afghanistan.Along with being a US Marine, Jonathan is also a motorsport enthusiast and volunteers to work with veterans on the track. We spend the eginninng of our conversation discussing how we met through the Mitsubishi Evolution community. Overall, another great podcast in the books.YouTube: http://bit.ly/formeractionguysYouTubeSpotify: http://bit.ly/formeractionguysGooglePlay: http://bit.ly/formeractionguysGoogleApplePodcast: http://bit.ly/formeractionguysAppleiHeartRadio: http://bit.ly/formeractionguysiheartr...Contact:Website: www.jcramergraphics.comInstagram: www.instagram.com/jcramergraphicsInstagram: www.instagram.com/formeractionguysTwitter: https://twitter.com/4meractionguysFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/jcramergraph...Email: formeractionguyspodcast@gmail.comReference:7-Ton – Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (Dump truck sized military vehicle for hauling troops, supplies, etc.)7171 – Patrol Base in AfghanistanABC - ANGLICO Basic CourseANGLICO – Air Naval Gunfire Liaison CompanyBLT – Battalion Landing TeamBRC - Basic Reconnaissance CourseCAR – Combat Action RibbonCLB – Combat Logistics BattalionCOC – Command Operations CenterCorpsman – Navy medic attached to MarinesEOD – Explosive Ordnance DisposalFAC - Forward Air ControllerFCT – Firepower Control TeamFDC – Fire Direction ControlFET – Female Engagement Team.FSCC – Fire Support Coordination Center. Where fire missions are deconflicted and approved prior to shooting.GBU – Guided Bomb Unit GLT – Georgian Liaison Team. Georgian military advisors in Afghanistan.Hesco Barrier – Earthen filled barriersHMMWV – High mobility multi-wheeled vehicleIED – Improvised Explosive DeviceJDAM – Joint Direct Attack Munition (GPS guided bomb)JTAC – Joint Terminal Attack ControllerM-ATV – MRAP All-terrain vehicleMCRD - Marine Corps Recruit DepotMEU – Marine Expeditionary Unit (Unit attached to ships for deployment)MRAP – Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (armored vehicle)OP – Observation Post. An area where forward observers spot enemy positions and conduct fire missions on targetsPB – Patrol BasePGM – Precision Guided MunitionsPLDR – Portable Lightweight Designator Rangefinder PosRep - Position ReportPSS-SOF – Precision Strike Suite Special Operations Forces. Targeting program.RO – Radio OperatorROMAD - Radio Operator, Mechanic and DriverSACC - Supporting Arms Coordination Center (FSCC on ship)SALT – Supporting Arms Liaison TeamS Shops – S-1 (Administration), S-2 (Intelligence), S-3 (Operations), S-4 (Logistics), S-6 (Communication)SVBIED – Suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive deviceTACP - Tactical Air Control PartyWater Dogs – Logistics Marines in charge of purifying water and running sanitation facilitiesVBIED – Vehicle-borne improvised explosive device

2hr 24mins

28 Feb 2020

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Pastor Jonathan Reid - An Unorthodox King

Freedom Gateway Center Podcast

Sermon 12.15.19 - Pastor Jonathan Reid - An Unorthodox King


15 Dec 2019

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FOSTERING HOPE|| Jonathan Reid

Fireside Church Messages

This Sunday Founder and Executive Director of the foundation Fostering Hope, Jonathan Reid shared with us. We got to hear his powerful story of obedience to God. Jonathan believes that we can all in some way support the fostering movement, and that, doing so fulfills an integral part of what it means to follow Jesus.


12 Aug 2019

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Ep 02 - Jonathan Reid Gealt

Nothing Shines Like Dirt

Elise Sievert & Lesley Shannon sit down with Singer/Songwriter Jonathan Reid Gealt (http://www.jonathan-reid-gealt.com/) to discuss making music, why paying for the music you listen to/use is important, and his album available on iTunes “Whatever I want it to be”“Everyone is schizophrenic because they feel like they have to fit into somebody else’s version of what they need to be, rather than just being themselves. So they constantly battle back and forth between this is what I want but what do they want?” -Jonathan Reid GealtFind Jonathan Reid GealtWhat Ever I Want It To Behttps://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/whatever-i-want-it-to-be/id1049016170?mt=1&app=musicTwitter: https://twitter.com/jrgealt

1hr 4mins

21 May 2016

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About HouseJerk-Don't Box Me In: Jonathan Reid and Don Jacobs

Don't Box Me In

You may have seen programs like House Hunters or Flip this House. Well Jonathan Reid and Don Jacobs do that in real life. They share the story of how they got involved in real estate investing, and how that led to the creation of HouseJerk

16 Sep 2015