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Episode 14: Peter Cooper, Founder & Chief Investment Officer of Cooper Investors

Finding the Front

Hey everyone! And welcome to another episode of Euroz Hartleys “Finding the Front”! Our show continues to grow fast and thanks for all the support. In this brand new episode we have something a little bit different and in many ways quite special. Australia has many great fund managers but only a few have achieved the respect and success over such a long period of time as Mr Peter Cooper, the founder of Cooper Investors based in Melbourne. Whilst he won’t acknowledge it himself and shies away from this type of recognition, Peter has been referred to as an investment legend and a titan of Australian Funds Management. An opportunity to sit down with Peter for an extensive conversation and gain such deep insights is rare. Peter covers off on his background and what led him to his love of investment, the influence of the great Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, long term investing and the Cooper Investors philosophy, and the present state of the world including his observations on the rising interest rate and rising inflation environment, the Russian Ukraine conflict, China, Bitcoin, Oil. Gold, Governments, the Australian Dollar, decarbonisation and his views on active v passive investing. As they say, knowledge is no burden to carry, and this is a podcast where Peter shares his valuable perspective and one that can give some serious understanding of life as a highly regarded, long established manager and investor of money.

1hr 48mins

19 May 2022

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Peter Cooper, Virtual Vicar - 97

Flame Christian Radio

A controversial worldview with a Christian perspective


30 Mar 2022

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#201: Running an email newsletter business, with Peter Cooper of Cooperpress


I chat with Peter Cooper, who runs several email newsletters, including JavaScript Weekly, Ruby Weekly, React Status, and Postgres Weekly. These all live under the collective banner of Cooperpress.Links:CooperpressPeter on Twitter


12 Nov 2021

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109 - Peter Cooper, Publisher of Ruby Weekly

Code with Jason

In this episode, Peter Cooper and I discuss the publishing of Ruby Weekly and the benefits of podcasting and blogging. We also talk about cars and the Smashing Pumpkins.Ruby WeeklyPeter Cooper on Twitter

1hr 4mins

23 Aug 2021

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Peter Cooper on Why Developers Should Create Content

Semaphore Uncut

Welcome to Semaphore Uncut, a podcast about developers building great products. In this episode, I talk with Peter Cooper, tech publisher, author, software engineer, and of the most successful newsletter curators. Press the play button and listen to us talking about content creation, the cycles in the tech business, and how developers learn.Key TakeawaysUsing a email as the core driver for a businessGetting older in the technology industryWhy developers should be involved in content creation alsoIs it fun to be the chair of a conference?


3 Aug 2021

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Ep 95: Peter Cooper - Defining the path of a successful investor

Inside the Rope with David Clark

In this episode, David speaks with Peter Cooper of Cooper Investors. Peter founded Cooper Investors in 2001. As Chief Investment Officer, Peter created and implemented the firm’s VoF investment philosophy which is applied across the international, domestic and Asian equities strategies. He is responsible for mentoring investment team members and the standardisation and integration of the process across the investment teams.Peter has over 30 years of investment management experience. In 1987 he joined the NSW State Superannuation Investment and Management Corporation as a specialist industry analyst and progressed to deputy portfolio manager of the $7bn portfolio. In 1993 Peter ran the Australian equities portfolios for BNP and then joined Merrill Lynch Investment Managers (formerly Mercury Asset Management) where he worked for 7 years, culminating in his position as Head of Australian Equities and Managing Director where he oversaw a team managing $7.5bn in Australian equities.


29 Jun 2021

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Navigating the Challenges of Retail Automotive Today - with guest Peter Cooper

DrivingSales Dealership HCM

In this episode of the Dealership HCM podcast, Bart and Jason sit down with Peter Cooper, President/CEO of Lexus of Lehigh Valley. Peter gives us a 50,000 ft view of where the industry is headed and shares best practices to navigate through the issues of today. Don’t miss this episode!Notes:Learn more about the DrivingSales Master Certification here:https://bit.ly/3qhRL2OClick here for more info about DSES 2021:https://bit.ly/3vo60FX


18 May 2021

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Episode 14 - Programming Cultures with Peter Cooper

FSJam Podcast

In this episode we discuss Frontend First vs. Backend First Development, HotWire and the lasting influence of Ruby on Rails, different approaches to personal branding, the potential cultural influence of WebAssembly, and the economics of Open Source.Peter CooperTwitterCooperpress Twitter Home Page Jamstacked Links Bref Rails Is A Ghetto Ruby on Rails Demo HotWire Paris Deno - Deno Crate Organization Oak Drash Media as Table Stakes with Peter Cooper Elm Esbuild Blazor Rewriting Prisma in Rust Toast The Story of XMLHTTP A Short History of Node The End of the Redis Adventure Preston-Werner Ventures


25 Jan 2021

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EP22: Peter Cooper - Building an Email Newsletter Network

Pushing Send

Peter Cooper, the founder of an email newsletter network with over 500,000 subscribers,  describes how he built his network and how it's changed over the past 10 years. He also shares his belief on how to best cultivate an audience and keep them loyal. Key Points from this Episode: `Peter saw a need for email-first communication in his niche and he got his start before someone else beat him to it. He pitched it to his current list and it grew from there. Ruby Weekly, Peter's newsletter started out as a way for him to sell his online courses and he pivoted to include sponsorships as an alternate source of income. Using Facebook's domino strategy to build a similar group of publications like JavaScript Weekly and others, as well and they all slightly overlap each other. When you need to build something, build from the well of your current audiences and lean on the audience of someone else. Building trust creates a subscriber who will then move on to your different publications. With Peter's publications, they try to provide justifications for why they have linked to certain things and as to why something is newsworthy or interesting.Decide if you want to have a specific or general personality with your newsletters. Coming up with systems for your business can help you be prepared for the unexpected.Tweetables: At the end of the day, I'm running a business that I want to keep running for 20, 30 years. So there's going to be a lot of boring time in that. It's not all going to be fun and sunshine and rainbows. @PeterC (00:32) Look at what you're doing and what's working, but then think about what those people also do, who they also mingle with, what are the kinds of, of domino effects you can bring into your thing. @PeterC (08:43)) When I need to build something, I kind of go and drink from that well that I've nurtured and made work over time. @PeterC (11:59) Software engineering is a space where you do tend to trust people's opinions more on why they're sharing news with you perhaps more than just having a fire hose of stuff in your topic space. @PeterC (19:20) Email, which originally was less intimate is now actually becoming a more intimate format in this modern kind of 2018 last Renaissance of the email newsletter. @PeterC (20:38) Links Mentioned In This Episode:Peter Cooper on LinkedInPeter Cooper on TwitterCooper PressRuby WeeklyJavaScript WeeklyJason L. BaptisteHacker NewsHelp a Reporter OutGrouponLiving SocialMailchimpTech CrunchThrillistThe HustleRedditMorning Brew


19 Jan 2021

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Episode 9 - Peter Cooper

Reed Talk

Episode 9 of Reed Talk features Principal Oboist of the Colorado Symphony and Professor of Oboe and the University Colorado Boulder Peter Cooper, who reassures us that reed making is a lifelong journey, one that requires patience and calm. Music excerpts: Três Peças Atlânticas: Chorinho baiano by Eurico Carrapatoso, performed by Courtney Miller; Faure Pavane performed by Peter Cooper and Marcia Labella and Cinquième Suitte, I. Le Prudent by Jean-François Boüin, performed by Margaret Marco. This episode of Reed Talk is sponsored by Reedesign. Reed Talk is produced by Jason Slote.


12 Jan 2021