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34 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Phil Vischer. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Phil Vischer, often where they are interviewed.

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34 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Phil Vischer. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Phil Vischer, often where they are interviewed.

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#3: Thanksgiving with Phil Vischer and Sally-Lloyd Jones

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As we prepare for a very unique 2020 Thanksgiving in the US, Charles Morris is returning to two conversations he had with two special people who have done tremendous work in helping children learn about Jesus: Sally Lloyd-Jones, bestselling author of the Jesus Storybook Bible, and Phil Vischer, creator of VeggieTales, the What’s in the Bible? DVD series, and the new Laugh and Grow Study Bible

In this episode, Sally and Phil talk about the history of Thanksgiving and what it means to them. Rather than celebrating the gift of food and excess, they challenge us to draw our attention to something greater … the gift of knowing Jesus. 

Though these interviews were recorded well before entering a pandemic, the message of giving thanks to the Lord in good times and bad is especially poignant as travel and safety restrictions hinder the opportunity for families to get together this year.

Nov 25 2020 · 32mins
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Phil Vischer's Voting Video & Kevin McGary on Every BLM

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Oct 28 2020 · 1hr 11mins

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Phil Vischer Interview

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So appreciate Phil’s thoughtfulness on such a variety of topics – if you’re interested in hearing more, we strongly recommend his Holy Post podcast, especially the recent videos on Race in America. Hope this gives you a model of how to think critically with a kingdom mindset, and to engage in the most difficult conversations of culture with wisdom (and a sense of humor).
Oct 25 2020 · 38mins
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264 - Race, Abortion & Evangelicals - with Phil Vischer

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Race, Abortion & Evangelicals. Today we’re diverging from the Sermon on The Mount, to talk about the history of segregation and race relations in America. We’re joined by friend Phil Vischer from our cousin podcast, The Holy Post. Phil recently released a pair of videos on race that went viral and stirred up conversation. What is the history of segregation in the U.S.? What about within the church? What responsibility do we have today for the sins of yesterday? When did abortion become the singular issue the church rallies behind? How can we listen to one another first, before engaging in a posture of angry disagreement? We discuss being Christians with different life experiences coming to radically different conclusions on how each of us should vote and become active.

You can see Phil’s video here: https://youtu.be/AGUwcs9qJXY

As always, we encourage and would love discussion as we pursue. Always feel free to email in questions to hello@voxpodcast.com, and to engage the conversation on here and Instagram.

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Oct 05 2020 · 1hr 10mins

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Phil Vischer — Race In America

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Phil Vischer is an animator, puppeteer, writer, voice actor, entrepreneur, and podcast host who created the computer-animated cartoon series VeggieTales – one of the most successful cartoons of all-time. After the horrific public lynching of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Phil put together and released a 17-minute video called Race In America. In it, he outlines the history of racism in our country and he points out that systemic racism is still alive and well today. It went viral! As of right now, it has 1.2M views on Youtube and 5.5M views on Facebook. Even Queen Viola Davis shared it on her Instagram! The other day, he released a follow-up video on Youtube and Facebook where he answers the top questions he had received since the first video went viral.

Phil and I also briefly discuss why he still identifies as Evangelical when white Evangelicals make up the majority of Trump Supporters out there. I liked his answer!

Follow Phil on Twitter and Instagram. And make sure two watch Parts 1 and 2 of his amazing videos on race in America.


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Aug 25 2020 · 1hr 12mins
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Phil Vischer & Jen Hatmaker, Trump & Photo Ops

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We saw the unfortunate news of Phil Vischer's support of Jen Hatmaker on his podcast- so we're addressing that today. Also following up on Trump and his ridiculous photo op in front of the church recently. Thanks for joining us all- praying it sheds light and point us to Christ & His SOON return!

Jun 09 2020 · 39mins
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The importance of stories: a conversation with Veggie Tales's Phil Vischer

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Children all over the world have watched and loved the biblically-based cartoon "Veggie Tales". Creator Phil Vischer joins Boyd to talk about the creation of the show and why stories are so important when it comes to teaching kids about morality. 

Boyd Matheson, Opinion Editor at Deseret News, takes you inside the latest political news and current events, providing higher ground for today's discussions. Listen weekdays 11 am to noon at 1160 AM and 102.7 FM, online at KSLNewsradio.com, or on the app.

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Mar 04 2020 · 12mins
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The Power of Story: VeggieTale creator Phil Vischer

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Parenting has never been more challenging. Technology, social media and today’s mainstream culture are undermining morals and values while elevating narcissism and disbelief. It is increasingly difficult for children to learn the principles of character and the power of faith in a morally-relative world. Phil Vischer is an author, speaker, filmmaker, voice actor and creator of the wildly successful Christian children's series VeggieTales®. Phil joins us today to discuss his latest work along with his proven resources and strategies for teaching critical principles to the next generation  – on this episode of “Therefore, what?”

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Mar 02 2020 · 24mins
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The Way Home: Phil Vischer on teaching kids the Bible

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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. Today on the podcast, Phil Vischer joins me to talk about a number of things: his creative process, how parents can teach their kids the Bible, and his new book Laugh and Learn Bible for Kids: The Gospel in 52 Five-Minute Bible Stories.…
Nov 28 2019 · 33mins