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Zaid Jilani Reacts To The Expiration Of The Eviction Moratorium

Vince and Jason Save the Nation

Journalist, Zaid Jilani, reacts to the expiration of the eviction moratorium and vaccination cards in New York."Vince & Jason Save The Nation" is a political debate show that grapples with America's most pressing questions. The show features intelligent, brutally honest conversations between Vince Coglianese and Jason Nichols, two nationally renowned political commentators who come from opposite sides of the political divide but share a profound love of country. Enlisting the support of their fascinating and talented guests, Vince and Jason tackle the existential issues confronting America and set out on their quest to Save the Nation.Subscribe to Save The Nation on Apple Podcasts: https://rb.gy/mletxbSubscribe to Save The Nation on Spotify: https://rb.gy/jd7gdx


4 Aug 2021

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The Vince Coglianese Show - Zaid Jilani - 07.26.21

The Vince Coglianese Show

Vince Coglianese speaks with Zaid Jilani - journalist, Inquiremore.com.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


26 Jul 2021

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Zaid Jilani on Guns, Crime and Cops


Here’s the second episode of my new podcast. My guest is journalist Zaid Jilani. Zaid is a good friend of mine. He’s also my former podcasting co-host. We have a lot of interests in common, but perhaps chief among them is the issue of crime and policing. As you’ll learn from this conversation, we both share a deep skepticism of the Defund the Police agenda. We talk about why here.Each episode of this show is available only to paying subscribers to my Substack for about a week before it goes public. If you want to get the show early, please subscribe!—Leighton This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at leightonwoodhouse.substack.com/subscribe


23 Jul 2021

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Zaid Jilani and Andy Ngo on COVID Truth and Censorship, Antifa's Tactics, and Failings of the Corporate Media | Ep. 112

The Megyn Kelly Show

Megyn Kelly is joined by Zaid Jilani, co-founder of the Inquire More Substack publication, and Andy Ngo, independent journalist and author of "Unmasked," to discuss COVID truth and censorship, failing of the corporate media, antifa's tactics, the rise of elite victimhood, the value of intellectual discomfort, ideological bias in the media, Big Tech power and how to fix it, and more.Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms:Twitter: http://Twitter.com/MegynKellyShowInstagram: http://Instagram.com/MegynKellyShowFacebook: http://Facebook.com/MegynKellyShowFind out more information at:https://www.devilmaycaremedia.com/megynkellyshow Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

2hr 18mins

7 Jun 2021

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E5: E5 Zaid Jilani on universal basic income, conservative economics, The Falcon & the Winter Soldier

Right Now with Stephen Kent

Why did the GOP fail to put up a fight against Biden's rescue package? What are the benefits of Universal Basic Income? And do Marvel's Avengers need a GoFundMe? On a new episode of "Right Now with Stephen Kent," guest Zaid Jilani joins host Stephen Kent and co-host Brad Polumbo to discuss why Republicans today fight culture wars instead of addressing fiscal policy, and the growing tendency of policymakers to lean on populist messaging. ---- Content of This Episode ---- 00:40 Where’s that Tea Party energy? 02:16 Zaid Jilani on the GOP not putting up a fight against Pres. Biden’s stimulus bill 08:05 COVID-19 crisis impact on fiscal conservatism 12:30 Importance of policy or culture to voters 20:03 Big business realigning with Democrats 23:50 Stimulus checks – a precursor to universal basic income? 32:00 The Avengers need a GoFundMe 36:12 Good news on e-waste, hate crime trends and vaccines.---- Reading List ----While You Were Seussing (The Dispatch) https://capitolism.thedispatch.com/p/while-you-were-seussingThe fight against universal basic income may already be over (Washington Examiner) https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/the-fight-against-universal-basic-income-may-already-be-over My Party Has Been Overtaken by ‘Cancel Culture’ Trolls (The Daily Beast) https://www.thedailybeast.com/my-party-has-been-overtaken-by-cancel-culture-trolls?ref=author Republicans Dabble With Class Warfare (The Dispatch) https://thedispatch.com/p/republicans-dabble-with-class-warfare Cash Is Turning Out to Be the Most Effective Welfare (Bloomberg Opinion) https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2021-03-09/covid-relief-cash-may-be-the-welfare-of-the-future Should the Government Intervene to Promote Economic Equality? (Letter) https://letter.wiki/conversation/853---- Plugs for our Guest ---- Follow Zaid Jilani on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZaidJilani


24 Mar 2021

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Leftist WrestleMania (w/ Zaid Jilani)


Writer and journalist Zaid Jilani joins the pod to discuss his career as an investigative journalist, leftist Twitter beefs, and more. Bassam recounts his wild Valentine's Day. Monis makes dua for Joe Biden.


24 Feb 2021

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Zaid Jilani – Democrat or Republican, on the big polarising issues, you actually agree

The Correspondent

The evidence is clear: once US Americans drop their labels, they are more aligned on what they actually believe their government should do – yes, even on healthcare.This story was first published on The Correspondent here: https://thecorrespondent.com/234/democrat-or-republican-on-the-big-polarising-issues-you-actually-agree/30969477396-9bd2f2faWant to support journalism that looks deeper than the headlines to show you how the world really works? The Correspondent is an online platform for unbreaking news. Set your own membership fee and join us today to get access to our full catalogue of articles and podcasts: thecorrespondent.com/joinVoice-over/producer: Emi PaternostroExecutive producer: Jacco PrantlIf you have questions, please email: hello@thecorrespondent.com


3 Nov 2020

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Zaid Jilani – US elections are bought. And the people paying don’t want the same things we do

The Correspondent

A new study finds just how divergent the interests of US partisan donors are from those of the party base. With the 2020 election expected to be the costliest ever, the potential for consensus narrows as politicians dial for dollars.This story was first published on The Correspondent here: https://thecorrespondent.com/762/us-elections-are-bought-and-the-people-paying-dont-want-the-same-things-we-do/100849323828-bc2dbf37Want to support journalism that looks deeper than the headlines to show you how the world really works? The Correspondent is an online platform for unbreaking news. Set your own membership fee and join us today to get access to our full catalogue of articles and podcasts: thecorrespondent.com/joinVoice-over/producer: Jumoké FasholaExecutive producer: Jacco PrantlIf you have questions, please email: hello@thecorrespondent.com


27 Oct 2020

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2: Expanding Identities, with Zaid Jilani

The New Liberals

As America continues to become more racially and ethnically diverse, and our concept of what it means to be American changes, how do we widen our tribe while maintaining a common narrative? Journalist Zaid Jilani shares his thoughts on the future of American identity.Identity Theft, by Zaid JilaniThe Diversity Trap, by Zaid JilaniThe Backchannel podcast, by Zaid Jilani and Leighton Woodhouse@ZaidJilani----------Email: newliberalspodcast@gmail.comTwitter: @NewLiberalsPod

1hr 11mins

6 Oct 2020

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Ep. 51: Zaid Jilani, the Left Case Against Defunding the Police

The Realignment

Zaid Jilani, reporter and activist, joins The Realignment to discuss Black Lives Matter, the response to protests and riots, and crime and imprisonment in America.

1hr 15mins

3 Sep 2020