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Turning Pain Into Purpose with Life Coach & Entrepreneur Cathy Heller

The Real Reel

Episode 181: Are you ready to find your purpose in life? Do you have a passion you’ve been itching to turn into a business but just can’t seem to take the leap? No matter where you are in life, this episode has something for you. Tune in for the ultimate power hour as Natalie sits down with esteemed song writer, life coach, and hit podcast host, Cathy Heller. From a broken childhood and barely getting by, to making 6 figures and landing her songs on hit TV series like Grey’s Anatomy and Pretty Little Liars, Cathy shares about her journey finding success through the most difficult seasons of her life. This episode is guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired and might just help you find the confidence to take a chance, because let’s face it, not going for it would be boring.  Today’s episode dives into:  The importance of finding beauty in being uncomfortable How her pain and struggle led her to discover her life's ultimate purpose  The reasons why people are afraid to start their own businesses and how to face those fears head on How our egos encourage us to stay boring Why we are addicted to feeling like crap   Tips and tricks for feeling good Thank you so much for being a part of our podcast community! Please be sure to rate, follow, review, and of course, post to your highlight reel. Follow your host Natalie on Instagram @nataliebarbu and @therealreelpodcast. Follow Cathy @cathy.heller and check out her podcast & book at www.cathyheller.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


3 Oct 2022

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448: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Cathy Heller

Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod

A couple of weeks ago, I shared one of the most impactful interviews I’ve ever done, as a guest on Cathy Heller’s podcast, Don't Keep Your Day Job. The response from our community was so overwhelmingly positive, that I invited Cathy to be a guest on my podcast. If you've yet to hear that episode, titled “A Fresh Perspective on The Miracle Morning,” you can listen to it here. In today’s episode, Cathy and I have a fun, enlightening discussion about a variety of topics that affects all of us at some point. The one that stood out to me was our discussion about “Overcoming Imposter Syndrome.” If you’ve ever felt like you weren’t special, worthy, deserving, or capable of creating everything you want for your life, this episode is for you. KEY TAKEAWAYS The biggest thing that holds people back from taking steps toward the life they desire. Actionable steps to rewire your brain and progress towards something that scares you. The most important ingredients to transcending imposter syndrome so you can live a life you love. Why being caring, authentic, and vulnerable is much more important than trying to impress people. How selflessly creating value in other people’s lives gives you the power to overcome imposter syndrome. A powerful story of how Howard Schultz went from living in Brooklyn public housing to growing Starbucks into a multi-billion dollar business. The five (5) approaches you can take to ensure you get to do what you love all the time. Get The Full Show Notes To get full access to today's show notes, including audio, transcript, and links to all the resources mentioned, visit MiracleMorning.com/448 Subscribe, Rate & Review I would love if you could subscribe to the podcast and leave an honest rating & review. This will encourage other people to listen and allow us to grow as a community. The bigger we get as a community, the bigger the impact we can have on the world. To subscribe, rate, and review the podcast on iTunes, visit HalElrod.com/iTunes. Connect with Hal Elrod Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube

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21 Sep 2022

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249. The Secret To Manifestation, Abundance + Raising Your Vibration with Cathy Heller

the bossbabe podcast

Manifesting. Abundance. Vibration. Resonance. These catch phrases are talked about all the time when it comes to the mindset you need to grow your business. But have you ever paused to think about what living your life this way would really look like? Well in this week’s podcast episode – we’re talking about just that. Cathy Heller is the host of the acclaimed Don’t Keep Your Day Job podcast, and she’s joining us for this incredible conversation. From living in “resonance” to understanding and embracing the unity that is this shared existence – Cathy is sharing it all. You don’t want to miss this deeply powerful episode. Listen now!Highlights:How to identify your upper limits and finally push past them – in life + business/What it looks (and feels!) like to raise your vibration and claim the life you deserve. The #1 thing standing in your way when it comes to manifestation.Links:Cathy Heller Presents Don't Keep Your Day Job — Listen to the podcastDon’t Keep Your Day Job BookTake the Passion Finder QuizFollow:Instagram: @cathy.hellerbossbabe: @bossbabe.incDanielle Canty: @daniellecantyMentioned in this episode:Influencer School Our 12-week, guided coaching and certification program designed to help you gain full clarity on your personal brand, learn how to create easy, consistent content, build an audience of engaged followers and create a full-time income from social media.FramebridgeGet 15% off at FrameBridge.com with promo code 'BOSSBABE'.ApolloGet $40 off the Apollo wearable at Apolloneuro.com/bossbabe.IndeedStart hiring NOW with a $75 sponsored job credit to upgrade your job post at Indeed.com/bossbabeBabbelRight now, save up to 60% off your subscription when you go to Babbel.com/bossbabe.

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13 Sep 2022

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446: A Fresh Perspective on the Miracle Morning with Cathy Heller

Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod

Today's episode format is very different, in that this is an interview that I just did on the top-rated Don’t Keep Your Day Job podcast, where Cathy Heller interviewed me. Cathy has interviewed major names such as Tony Robbins, Alicia Silverstone, Andy Grammer, Mel Robbins, Gabby Bernstein, and Matthew McConaughey, to name a few. This was one of the best interviews I've ever done and quite different from how I normally talk about The Miracle Morning, so I want to share it with you! Here's a comment from someone who already had a chance to listen to this interview: Diana Kates - Wow!!! Thank you for sharing. This was one of the most impactful interviews that I have ever witnessed. 🙏🏼 In our conversation, I’ll dive deep into how to make meditation, visualization, and affirmations a meaningful part of your daily practice, and how we can all work together to transform the world. KEY TAKEAWAYS How I transformed my life by getting over my fears and giving Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, a copy of The Miracle Morning What the art of visualization is–and isn’t–and why it’s so different from something like The Secret. Why affirmations are the most misunderstood, underutilized, and effective form of personal development. How the 5-Minute Rule helped me to accept, experience inner peace, and ultimately recover after major traumas in my life, and how you can do the same. And much more! Get The Full Show Notes To get full access to today's show notes, including audio, transcript, and links to all the resources mentioned, visit MiracleMorning.com/446 Subscribe, Rate & Review I would love if you could subscribe to the podcast and leave an honest rating & review. This will encourage other people to listen and allow us to grow as a community. The bigger we get as a community, the bigger the impact we can have on the world. To subscribe, rate, and review the podcast on iTunes, visit HalElrod.com/iTunes. Connect with Hal Elrod Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube

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7 Sep 2022

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Cathy Heller (Replay): How To Build A Life You Love

Ctrl Alt Delete

Welcome back to Ctrl Alt Delete, this is a replay episode with the brilliant Cathy Heller. Cathy is the host of the popular podcast Don’t Keep Your Day Job, now rebranded as The Cathy Heller show which is one of my favourites, it has had over 20 million downloads and she is a great conversation. In this conversation we talk about her book of the same name Don’t Keep Your Day Job which was released in 2019. It’s a great practical careers book and goes into detail about how to find the work you’re meant to do, find your people, starting off mediocre, grow your business, and wake up to a life you love. I LOVE this episode. This one got amazing feedback when it was first aired, so I’m excited to re-share it now. Hope you enjoy listening :) if you liked it please do leave me a review somewhere!My Substack page, come and say hi: https://thehyphen.substack.com/Check out Cathy Heller's book: https://amzn.to/3Pd17KqMy books: https://uk.bookshop.org/contributors/emma-gannonBooks mentioned on Ctrl Alt Delete podcast: https://uk.bookshop.org/lists/books-mentioned-on-ctrl-alt-delete-podcastTwitter: Twitter.com/emmagannonInstagram: Instagram.com/emmagannonuk Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


18 Aug 2022

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The Sam Skelly Show

Cathy Heller is a fire hose of inspiration. She’s the host of the popular podcast, Don’t Keep Your Day Job, which has over 29 million downloads and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, HuffPost, Inc Magazine, Business Insider, and several times by Apple. And this week on the show, she's going to share how to manifest what you want in your life and truly tap into the vibration of abundance. If you've been feeling stuck or scared and are ready to open up to receive more money and joy, then this episode is for you! In this episode, Cathy Heller shares: - How the Kabbalah & Jewish Mysticism sees the Law of Attraction - How to manifest what you want by understanding the Law of Vibration - How to embody having an “abundance mindset” You'll also learn how to break free from patterns that are keeping you stuck and how to amplify the feeling of God (or Divinity/Source/Love) flowing through you. So if you're ready to learn how to live an abundant life, tune in now! For full show notes, resources, and links: https://www.hungryforhappiness.com/episode-246 Now accepting applications for the next Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training! Go to https://www.pausebreathwork.com/ to apply today.  Get the Pause Breathwork App: https://pausebreathwork.com/app The Sam Skelly Show combines personal development, deep conversations, and comedy to shake up the way you connect with yourself and the world. Be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, so you don't miss an episode!


22 Jul 2022

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In the Details: Tap Into Spirituality to Enjoy Abundance with Cathy Heller

SUCCESS Podcasts

Enjoying abundance is about knowing your place in the universe, according to author and business coach Cathy Heller. Cathy and Karen discuss the importance of meditative practices for longevity and awareness, and how to set your ego aside in order to get your creativity out in the world.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


21 Jun 2022

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254: Ready to Quit Your Day Job? Here's How to Find the Courage to Live a Life that You Love with Cathy Heller

The Heart & Hustle Podcast

Today’s guest is the beautiful and incredible powerhouse, Cathy Heller.  Today we sat down for a conversation with Cathy all about finding the courage to live a life that you LOVE. So many people in this world are working in jobs they hate, living lives they don’t like, and operating out of fear of other people’s opinions.  In this episode, Cathy is about to bust through this conversation with so much encouragement and tangible tools to help you with your mindset around who you are, what you were made to do, and having the courage to just go for your dreams.  In the first half, we get nerdy and chat about neuroplasticity and the scientific effects of how stress is controlling and ruining your life. Then in the second half, Cathy answers the tactical question of what steps to take if you’re wanting to quit your day job and start that side hustle or dream. And BOY oh boy does she go off. Girlfriend gives an entire breakdown and blueprint for basically how to start a business or side hustle. Show notes: https://theheartuniversity.com/254-ready-to-quit-your-day-job-heres-how-to-find-the-courage-to-live-a-life-that-you-love-with-cathy-heller Better Help: www.betterhelp.com/heartandhustle Save 10% off your first month with Better Help!  The Heart Contracts: www.theheartuniversity.com/shop Follow along with Cathy:  www.instagram.com/cathy.heller Don’t Keep Your Day Job Podcast  If you want to connect with us and other listeners in the Heart and Hustle community join our Facebook group here. Follow along: www.instagram.com/mrslindseyroman www.instagram.com/evierupp www.instagram.com/theheartuniversity  


16 Jun 2022

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Cathy Heller on How Do You Find Your Life’s Passion EP 149

Passion Struck with John R. Miles

Cathy Heller - How Do You Find Your Life's Passion. | Brought to you by Masterworks. Go to https://www.masterworks.io/ and use code passion to start. --►Purchase Cathy's Book: Don't Quit Your Day Job Cathy Heller (@cathy.heller) is a bundle of inspiration and energy. She hosts the popular podcast The Cathy Heller Show, which has over 30 million downloads. She has interviewed everyone from Tony Robbins to Deepak Chopra to Malcolm Gladwell. You may also know her as the author of the bestselling book, Don't Keep Your Day Job, or from her reputation as a singer-songwriter where her career began. When she's not teaching or interviewing amazing guests, you can find Cathy playing with her three little girls, writing books, songwriting for tv shows and commercials, or enjoying a moment with friends. --► Get the full show notes here: https://passionstruck.com/cathy-heller-how-do-you-find-your-lifes-passion/ --► Subscribe to My Channel Here: https://www.youtube.com/c/JohnRMiles --► Subscribe to the podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/passion-struck-with-john-r-miles/id1553279283 *Our Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/passionstruck.Thank You Masterworks for Sponsoring. This episode of Passion Struck with John R. Miles is brought to you by Masterworks.  66% of Billionaires Collect Art, so Why Aren't You? Low Minimums, Simple and Exciting. You Can Use Art as an Alternative Investment to Diversify Your Portfolio. Blue-Chip Artwork. Go to https://www.masterworks.io/ and use code passion to start. Thank you for listening to this podcast. I hope you keep up with the weekly videos I post on the YouTube channel, subscribe to, and share your learnings with those who need to hear them. Your comments are my oxygen, so please take a second and say 'Hey' ;).What I discuss with Cathy HellerIn this episode, Cathy Heller joins us to discuss how do you find your life's passion. Cathy believes it's all about how many people you can move into who they really want to be and how many people you can help raise. 0:00 Announcements 2:10 Introducing Cathy Heller 3:33 Life as a 5-year-old therapist 10:29 Why happiness is an inside job 14:07 Why we protect ourselves from danger 18:44 Lessons from Tony Robbins and Marianne Williamson 23:04 How we can become a faucet of wellbeing and fulfillment 34:08 The importance of fulfillment and living the dream 36:14 Why it's the intention that creates the effect 42:18 We never get what we want. We get what we are. 47:53 Why we live in an empathy deficit 53:56 Wrap-Up and SynthesisWhere you can find Cathy Heller:* Website: https://www.dontkeepyourdayjob.com/ * Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cathy.heller/ * Podcast: https://www.dontkeepyourdayjob.com/podcast * Twitter: https://twitter.com/cathyheller * Cathy Heller's interview with Deepak Chopra: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/deepak-chopra-on-abundance-the-inner-path-to-wealth/id1191831035?i=1000552794535Deepak Chopra:  * Cathy Heller's interview with Gabby Bernstein: https://www.cathyheller.com/2022/02/gabby-bernstein-on-how-to-heal-have-happy-days/Gabby Bernstein: Links* My interview with Jordan Harbinger: https://passionstruck.com/jordan-harbinger-on-why-building-your-legacy-is-greater-than-currency/ * My interview with Dr. Michael Slepian: https://passionstruck.com/michael-slepian-the-secret-life-of-secrets/ * My interview with Dr. Scott Sherr: https://passionstruck.com/dr-scott-sherr-integrative-approach/ * My interview with Sarah Fay: https://passionstruck.com/sarah-fay-pathological/ * My interview with Admiral James Stavridis: https://passionstruck.com/admiral-james-stavridis-to-risk-it-all/ * My solo episode on why micro choices matter: https://passionstruck.com/why-your-micro-choices-determine-your-life/ * My solo episode on why you must feel to heal: https://passionstruck.com/why-you-must-feel-to-find-emotional-healing/ -- Welcome to Passion Struck podcast, a show where you get to join me in exploring the mindset and philosophy of the world's most inspiring everyday heroes to learn their lessons to living intentionally. Passion Struck aspires to speak to the humanity of people in a way that makes them want to live better, be better and impact. Learn more about me: https://johnrmiles.com. Stay tuned for my latest project, my upcoming book, which will be published in summer 2022. ===== FOLLOW JOHN ON THE SOCIALS ===== * Twitter: https://twitter.com/Milesjohnr * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/johnrmiles.c0m * Medium: https://medium.com/@JohnRMiles​ * Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/john_r_miles * LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/milesjohn/ * Blog: https://johnrmiles.com/blog/ * Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/passion_struck_podcast


14 Jun 2022

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201: How Hard Business Lessons Lead to Success with Cathy Heller

Profit Boss® Radio - THE Podcast for Women and Money

Welcome to episode 201 of Profit Boss® Radio! I have another timeless episode to share with you, and we're talking about turning your passion into a money-making enterprise. For so many entrepreneurs, success doesn't occur in a straight line. It takes a combination of ingenuity and dedication, along with a willingness to learn, to reach your full potential. Today's guest, Cathy Heller, is living proof of this. She's a former singer-songwriter who found success licensing her music to TV, film, and advertisements, who is now known as the host of the award-winning podcast, The Cathy Heller Show. With a massive following and steady ad revenue, she's had the privilege of interviewing people like Malcolm Gladwell, Rachael Ray, Greg McCann, Mel Robbins, and Harry Connick Jr., to name just a few. Every day, she helps her listeners and students tap into their most abundant creative place, create joy, and truly take in what the world has to offer. In this conversation, you'll learn how Cathy opened doors for herself when things got tough, transformed her life and profession to get paid doing what she loved, and how the hard lessons taught her to truly empower herself and others. If you're ready to make a change, share your gifts, turn your passion into money and live life on your terms, today's episode is for you!  Here’s what you’ll find out in this week’s episode of Profit Boss® Radio: Cathy’s financial transformation from starving musician to successful music maven! How to get paid doing what you love. Choosing to see new opportunities, just like Cathy did when she needed a new way to make money songwriting. The scrappy move that set Cathy apart from the rest. The creative ways Cathy expanded into other revenue streams using her music talent. Learn all about managing employees and setting boundaries. Advice to fight back against self-doubt. How Cathy overcame her money resistance and self-sabotage. How kindness, authentic relationships, and self-worth play a role in achieving success. Sign Up For Hilary’s Masterclass Make 2022 Your Most Profitable Year Yet by joining Hilary as she hosts a FREE online Masterclass each day from February 22nd to February 25th at 11AM PT/2PM ET.  Save your seat today by visiting Make 2022 Your Most Profitable Year Yet. Show Notes To get access to the full show notes, including all the resources mentioned, visit https://hilaryhendershott.com/cathy-heller-hard-business-lessons-lead-to-success Follow Hilary on: Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Facebook YouTube Subscribe to Profit Boss® Radio Apple Podcasts Overcast Spotify Stitcher Google Podcasts

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25 Jan 2022