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Brackets Ep. 21: Spicy Moms Choose Jif


We've got two, count em', TWO brand new faces added to the Brackets roster on this episode. Join us in welcoming Reid and Lily as we force them to air out their thoughts on censorship of nudity in famous art, the upper limits of mango consumption, and the sort of dark secrets that could be found in a field of wheat. 'The Emperor's New Juul' vs 'Wheat Secrets' 'Skirts for Rocks' vs ' Al Dente Rice' '7 Consecutive Mangoes' vs 'Pie of the Storm' Featuring: Reid Henry and Lily Lalios Host: Zach Decker Mixer/Editor: Adam Decker

1hr 17mins

14 Aug 2019

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Brackets Ep. 13: Beetle Juicery, Beetle Juicery, Beetle Juicery


We think highly of our Bracketologists. We wouldn’t bring them into the studio to make these important decisions without the utmost confidence in their competency and intelligence. That being said, we can’t explain how these five people can’t piece together the plot of Beetlejuice! Regardless, grannies are idolized, syphilis is encouraged, and the role of pork is disputed in episode 13 of Brackets! ‘More Like The GRAPE Gatsby’ vs ‘Wham, Bam, Thank You Ham’ ‘Syphil-YAS!’ vs ‘April Tools’ ‘Alge-bruh’ vs ‘A Fuzzy Remote’ Featuring: Megan Gray, Liam Collier, Adam Levonian, Corinne Hastings, and Zach Decker Host: Jared Smith Mixer/Editor: Adam Decker

1hr 10mins

17 Apr 2019

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Brackets Ep. 08: Batlover


Something we can all agree on; when there is a bat in your walls, the only logical next step is to seduce it. But when deciding on what form a reptilian Supreme Court Justice will take, our Bracketologists may never come to a consensus. ‘Kinda True Crime Stories’ vs ‘Little Richard’s Little Richard’’ ‘Fronch Vanilla’ vs ‘An Ass Full of Coffee’ ‘Ruth “Gator” Ginsberg’ vs ‘No Chestnuts Here, I’m Afraid’ Featuring: Sam Otter, Jenny McPherson, Kristi Durkin, Stephen Mackey, and Zach Decker Host: Jared Smith Mixer/Editor: Adam Decker

1hr 20mins

6 Feb 2019

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Brackets Ep. 06: Curvy Burt: Cheekin' The Can - 2018 Holiday Special


Happy Holidays to you and yours! You thought you had already received your last present? Wrong! Brackets is coming at you with a Holiday Special and a Bracket specifically filled with Winter themed suggestions. ‘Tim Allen’s Magic Beard in the Santa Clause’ vs ‘Ho Ho Hop On BB’ ‘Frosted Tip Snowmen’ vs ‘The Grinch Who Stole My Heart’ ‘Just Some Socks’ vs ‘Santa Buddy’ Featuring: Alex Goodman, Jenny McPherson, Kevin Tognetti, Kylie Bruteman, and Zach Decker Host: Jared Smith Mixer/Editor: Adam Decker

1hr 39mins

26 Dec 2018

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Brackets Ep. 04: The Ever Growing Piglet


How looooong is the spoon is question? Is A Sexy Earthquake worth the risk? Will Piglet ever stop growing? These questions and more are hotly debated in this special (somewhat Thanksgiving themed) episode, featuring some of Brackets’ original players. ‘Sour Cream Shaving Cream’ vs ‘A Dancing Zombie’ ‘An Actual Hand Turkey’ vs ‘An Ecstatic Mummy’ ‘A Happy Hedgehog’ vs ‘Piglet, But Really Tall’ Featuring: Andrew Stewart, Daniel “Windmill” Miller, Abby Zielinski, David Vornholt, and Zach Decker Host: Jared Smith Mixer/Editor: Adam Decker

1hr 23mins

28 Nov 2018

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Brackets Ep. 02: The Binch in the Human’s Suit


Ruh-Roh: Brackets is BACK! While this episode isn’t necessarily Halloween-themed, it’s spooky in alllllllllll the right ways. Betrayal! Boxed Wine! An incredible impression of Norville “Shaggy” Rogers! So buckle up Binches, and brace yourself for the 2nd episode of Brackets! Old Ladies vs. Party Clowns. Lotion vs. A Topless Bug. Oprah’s Book Club vs. Highlights: A Magazine for Kids. Featuring: Eve Hickey, Alex Goodman, Will Cruitt, Kevin Tognetti, Zach Decker Host: Adam Decker Edited/Mixed by: Jared Smith

1hr 16mins

31 Oct 2018