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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dannie Lynn Fountain. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dannie Lynn Fountain, often where they are interviewed.

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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dannie Lynn Fountain. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dannie Lynn Fountain, often where they are interviewed.

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(#2) Booze & bro tech culture + sober pandemic dating as queer femmes w/ Dannie Lynn Fountain from Google

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This week's interview is with my multi-hyphenate, brilliant friend Dannie Lynn Fountain. I’ve been fortunate to know Dannie for a while now as a friend and peer in the tech industry. She’s an entrepreneur with a successful marketing business, has written four books (and is writing another!), and currently works at Google. Oh, and did I mentioned she's now debt free after paying off six figures in debt?!

In this episode we discuss her journey as an entrepreneur and how she arrived at sobriety (psst... she’s not in recovery), and dish (and I mean DISH) about booze and bro culture in tech. We stray a little off the beaten path and talk about sober dating during a pandemic (spoiler: we’re both polyamorous and queer so this isn’t your typical dating story). 

Questions answered:

How did you become sober and an entrepreneur? What's your experience with boozy tech culture?  What's it like to be sober and an entrepreneur?  What's your experience dating sober during a pandemic? 


Connect w/ Dannie on Instagram: http://instagram.com/dannielynnfountain

Dannie's website: https://www.danniefountain.com/

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Aug 09 2020 · 48mins
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Ep. 31 – Breakfast With: Dannie Lynn Fountain

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Enjoy this informative Breakfast With episode with Dannie Lynn Fountain of Focused on People.
Dannie is a passionate storyteller who helps companies focus on people.
Listen in for some tips and tricks Dannie gives to help grow people first and companies second.
Find out more about Dannie and Focused on People:
Website: https://www.danniefountain.com/
Social Media:
Instagram:  @dannielynnfountain LinkedIn:  @dannielynnfountain
Connect with Rianna! 
Rianna's Website:
Pancake Digital Solutions
Social Media:

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Jun 26 2020 · 22mins

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EP 11: Increase Your Productivity By Creating Boundaries With Dannie Lynn Fountain

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Boundaries are essential for increasing our productivity.

They give us the time, space, and energy we need to be able to create the work/life balance that ensures that work doesn’t take over their lives.

Boundaries are there to protect our personal lives and our sanity. They make sure that we’re not working too much, get a little bit of downtime, and that we have breathing room to work on our business not just in our business.

It’s the strength of these boundaries and the limiting of our working hours that mean we can work less while still keeping our profits high. Setting firm boundaries means that emails don’t take up all of our time, that we don’t take meetings on Fridays, and we definitely don’t work weekends.

It’s within these boundaries that our businesses are permitted to grow.

Today on the show, I'm interviewing Dannie Lynn Fountain, the founder and facilitator at Focused On People, a consultancy that seeks to help companies grow people-first through communication strategies.

Dannie is an absolute productivity magician who manages a seemingly impossible workload.

She brings in six figures annually from a business that she spends only a handful of hours on each week. In order to do this, Danny needs a lot more than just time.

In order to do this, she needs to have a great strategy because, if she works on the wrong things for those few hours each week, then she would definitely be seeing different results.

This is exactly what Dannie and I talk about today on the podcast, uncovering a few of her secrets along the way.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How Dannie balances running her six-figure business with a full-time job at Google, a thriving career as a public speaker, a 2-hour commute (both ways!), and pursuing her doctorate
  • How we can become more productive by creating boundaries for ourselves
  • Three boundaries Dannie set to allow her to be insanely productive
  • Why most entrepreneurs find themselves addicted to the hustle at some point–and what to do about it


Mar 16 2020 · 41mins
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How to Crush Imposter Syndrome and Become an In-Demand Speaker with Dannie Lynn Fountain

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Dannie Lynn Fountain is in her mid-twenties but she’s been a professional marketer for more than 11 years. When she discovered professional speaking, she knew she had found her calling, but did her age disqualify her from having something valuable to share? On this week’s episode of the SimplyBe. Podcast, Jessica sits down with Dannie to discuss overcoming imposter syndrome as well as actionable steps you can take to become a confident professional speaker.

Speaking engagements are a great way to expand the reach of your brand. If you’ve been wanting to get started on the speaking circuit but weren’t sure how, Dannie is here to take you step by step through the process. She shares how she’s become an in-demand speaker at more than 100 conferences a year, how to cold pitch a conference, how to workshop talks and topics, how to handle fees and topic negotiation, and her tips for dealing with stage fright.

Tune in to this week’s episode for actionable steps you can take toward your speaking career.

  • [01:21] - This week's guest: Dannie Lynn Fountain
  • [02:29] - Happy October!
  • [06:03] - Support staff for your life
  • [08:01] - Listener review of the week
  • [10:12] - Welcoming Dannie Lynn Fountain
  • [13:54] - How Dannie and Jessica met at a speaking event
  • [15:19] - What excites Dannie about public speaking
  • [17:47] - Dannie's method for booking over 100 stages per year
  • [20:53] - Approaching a conference booker with a cold pitch email
  • [25:22] - Why Dannie is motivated to speak so often
  • [29:06] - Negotiating fees for a speaking engagement
  • [37:19] - Turning down an opportunity to speak at Google
  • [46:41] - Preparing to step on stage
  • [51:13] - A quick & dirty way to test your signature talk
  • [53:05] - The Ultimate Pitching Database tool
  • [55:19] - Dannie on Instagram
  • [55:26] - What SimplyBe. means to Dannie

Dannie Lynn Fountain is a marketing and business strategist via her company of more than 11 years, DNE MKTG. She keeps a day job at Google and spends the rest of her time traveling to speak at 100 to 150 conferences a year.

Jessica Zweig is an international award-winning entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of SimplyBe. In 2018, she won the Gold Stevie® Award for “Female Entrepreneur of the Year,” was previously named a Top Digital Marketer To Watch by INC. and a “Personal Branding Expert” by Forbes. As a thought leader with over ten years of experience in digital marketing and social media, Jessica frequently speaks and facilitates workshops and masterminds, teaching the power of personal branding to corporations. 

Jessica has been featured as a leading entrepreneur and personal branding expert in Forbes, Crain’s, MarketWatch, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Refinery 29, Tasty Trade, BizTech Magazine, Today’s Chicago Woman, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX News 32, and more.

She is currently writing her first book, Be. A No-Bullshit Guide to Creating Self-Worth and Net Worth Just by Being Yourself. Follow her on Instagram @jessicazweig or send her a note at jessica@simplybeagency.com.

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This podcast episode was produced by Dante32.

Oct 08 2019 · 59mins

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03 | Talk About Side Hustles with Dannie Lynn Fountain

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Have you ever had a side hustle? Or are you thinking about adding one on? This week we chat with Dannie Lynn Fountain, founder of the #sidehustlegal movement. We dive into many aspects of the side hustle: the workload, the (potential) stigma, setting boundaries, time management, and more! Also, we sidetrack into business travel, coffee dates and our mutual love for The Wing, as you do. Listen in and learn from the fabulous brain & heart of Dannie! Let's talk it out!

Sep 10 2019 · 40mins
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Doing ALL the things with Dannie Lynn Fountain

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Jordan interview Dannie Lynn Fountain has been a digital nomad, and SEO guru for 10+ years, and now works for Google while still managing her business on the side and traveling the world. She makes search engine optimization conquerable and understandable and she's one of the coolest people we know. She gets real about juggling all the things, the ups and downs of business ownership, and pivoting while still pursuing her dreams.


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Dec 16 2018 · 30mins
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057: Focusing on Instagram & Working for Google with Dannie Lynn Fountain

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As business owners, there is often a common feeling of "I need to be everywhere, all the time" and that is simply not true. Do you need to be present on every social network? Does your email list really need to keep growing? 

In this episode with Dannie Lynn Fountain, a a business strategist for creative entrepreneurs, she shares her story of living the nomad lifestyle, speaking at over 60 events in one year and ending up at Google. She also gives her insights about Instagram marketing and how to focus your efforts in social media spaces as a business owner. 

Connect with Dannie Lynn Fountain Instagram: @dannielynnfountain Website: danniefountain.com

Say hi on Instagram!@masonphotography @thebeardedtog


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Oct 17 2018 · 49mins
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Dannie Lynn Fountain — To Pursue Your Passion, First Let Go Of How Others Define You

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In this episode Dannie Lynn Fountain shares something that so many individuals know to be true — owning your identity is layered. No matter how you self-identify, the process of arriving at that elevator pitch for yourself took hard work that was (hopefully) followed by a sigh of relief. Through this episode Dannie shares how her identity has played a role in her career and made her a more effective entrepreneur, intrapreneur, friend, daughter, and partner. 

Oct 02 2018 · 42mins
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034: Why Integrated Marketing is key to running a profitable business, Dannie Lynn Fountain

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Today Paul and I are chatting with Dannie Lynn Fountain who is a marketing strategist for creative entrepreneurs. She breaks down what integrated marketing is, why its important for us as small business owners to care about and how we can implement integrated strategies into our own businesses!

Aug 17 2017 · 43mins
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BB 008: Whiskey On The Rocks with Dannie Lynn Fountain

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Join Meghan Maydel as she sips on some Whisper Creek Bourbon and chats with guest Dannie Lynn Fountain as she savors some Koval Whiskey on the rocks.

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Feb 10 2017 · 40mins