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Dave Spaulding from Handgun Combatives

Weekend Warriors

It`s our pleasure to host Mr.Dave Spaulding from Handgun Combatives.  We talk about his career and his road to becoming an internationally respected firearms instructor.

1hr 45mins

27 May 2020

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Dave Spaulding - Handgun Combatives

rvprepper's podcast

This episode discusses the importance of firearm training for use on the RV and also in life.

1hr 11mins

6 Jan 2020

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Episode 366: Real-World Ballistics – Defensive Ammo that has Proven Itself with Dave Spaulding

Concealed Carry Podcast - Guns | Training | Defense | CCW

Today, Riley talks with Dave Spaulding of Handgun Combatives about ammunition options and effectiveness. Recently, Dave "broke the internet" when posting what he's found over decades of research and studying of the issues. We'll talk about how Dave has accumulated all of his data and what it means for responsible defenders. It should be an awesome episode. Tune in!


19 Nov 2019

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Episode 333: The Secret to Winning a Gunfight – Dave Spaulding

Concealed Carry Podcast - Guns | Training | Defense | CCW

Today, Riley talks with Dave Spaulding of Handgun Combatives. Riley recently went through Dave's Kinetic Combat Pistol course here in Colorado where the importance of moving with purpose was drilled into the students. Dave has been instructing for nearly 40 years in law enforcement, SWAT and civilian capacities. Dave has a unique non-BS approach to teaching only what is relevant and proven to help good people win gunfights decisively.

1hr 19mins

12 Jul 2019

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Civilian Carry Radio 092 – Dave Spaulding LEO 36 years exp, and owner of Handgun Combatives

Civilian Carry Radio

This podcast focuses on the importance of the 2nd amendment, firearms safety, education, training and mindset. Our mission statement: Gun ownership is YOUR RIGHT, Safety and Education are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY I’m your host Baraka Ulrich James, along with my  co-host Allen Sams You the viewers make this program possible. You can contribute to the show … Continue reading "Civilian Carry Radio 092 – Dave Spaulding LEO 36 years exp, and owner of Handgun Combatives"

1hr 30mins

2 May 2019

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EP-001 Avoiding Dogmatic Instruction with Dave Spaulding

Firearm Trainer's Podcast For American Firearm Instructors

Dave Spaulding giving his opinion on dogmatic firearm instruction that too many instructors are doing today. Listen to find out where he lands. Today’s episode brought to you by the following sponsors Firearm Trainers Association (FTA) FTAProtect.com – Part of being an responsible instructor is having insurance coverage in case something happens. I use the FTA and think you will too once you check them out. Use code FTP10 to receive 10% off on your policy. Barrel Block BlokSafety.com – I love using Barrel Blok because it allows students and those in the immediate area to see the gun the safe and unable to chamber a round. Receive 20% off your order when you use code Instructor20 Dave Spaulding courses and calendar – Handguncombatives.comThe post EP-001 Avoiding Dogmatic Instruction with Dave Spaulding first appeared on The Firearm Trainer Podcast.


12 Apr 2019

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FNP 107 : Dave Spaulding - Handgun Combatives for All

Firearms Nation Podcast

Dave Spaulding was a part of law enforcement for 36 years. During that time he was on his agency’s SWAT team, worked narcotics and was a trainer. Dave has gone to multiple schools and taught at law enforcement conferences and seminars. When Dave retired, he went on to become a full time instructor and opened his own training company, Handgun Combatives. In addition, Dave has written for numerous gun magazines such as Combative Handguns and S.W.A.T. Magazine. Dave has developed sights and trigger parts for Glocks and other handguns. Links mentioned in the episode: https://handguncombatives.com/ http://www.shooterssummit.com Please SUBSCRIBE


12 Apr 2019

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Inside CCW Safe Podcast- Episode 24: HR 218 Dave Spaulding

CCW Safe

In this podcast, Stan and Mike talk with firearms trainer, and owner of Handgun Combatives Dave Spaulding.   Dave spent five years as a full time use of force instructor, and another five years as the commander of a multi-jurisdictional drug task force, working major narcotics cases from Seattle to Miami. During his years on SWAT and while working narcotics, Dave was involved in a sizable number of forced entries including several hostage situations. He worked in all facets of law enforcement including corrections, communications, patrol, investigations, evidence collection, anti-fencing operations and undercover investigations. He honorably retired with the rank of Lieutenant. Dave is a graduate of most of the major shooting schools including the highly-acclaimed CRUCIBLE, Thunder Ranch, Gunsite, Mid-South Institute of Self-Defense Shooting, Smith & Wesson Academy, SIG-Arms Academy, Chapman Academy, Heckler and Koch International Training Division, Tactical Defense Institute, CQB Services of Liverpool, England, Berretta Training Academy, FBI SWAT School, Lethal Force Institute, Defense Training International, Gryphon Group, Direct Action Resource Center, Blackwater, and more! The three talk about HR218 (Law Enforcement Safety Officers Act), firearms training in law enforcement, and best practices for retired law enforcement when it comes to HR218 and firearms training.  


13 Feb 2019

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After Action Project

This week, on Episode 19 of the After Action Project, we’re bringing you into the student’s seat of Dave Spaulding’s Combative Pistol Course. For more information about Dave Spaulding and/or Handgun Combatives, please visit http://handguncombatives.com/ To support the After Action Project, become a Patron by visiting:  https://www.patreon.com/AfterActionProject

1hr 9mins

13 Jun 2018

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Civilian Carry Radio 015 – Dave Spaulding Handgun Combatives

Civilian Carry Radio

Welcome to Civilian Carry Radio show, this show is brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network and MASF. This podcast focuses on firearms safety, education, training and mindset. Your host, Baraka Ulrich James, President and Founder of MASF. My co-host is Allen Sams, Vice President of MASF and Karie Thomas sponsored competitive shooter and … Continue reading "Civilian Carry Radio 015 – Dave Spaulding Handgun Combatives"

1 Jun 2017