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Relisha Rudd

Voices for Justice

Today I am discussing the case of Relisha Rudd. Relisha was only 8 years old when she went missing from Washington, DC in 2014. Unfortunately, by the time she was reported missing, her family hadn’t seen her in 18 days. It wasn’t until her school began to investigate her absences that they discovered she was having an inappropriate relationship with an adult male named Kahlil Tatum. Relisha has never been found.Don't forget to follow me on social media under Voices for Justice Podcast & SarahETurneyJoin the Patreon family to get instant access to a library of extra content, support the show, and support these cases https://www.patreon.com/VoicesforJusticeVoices for Justice is a podcast that uses adult language and discusses sensitive and potentially triggering topics including violence, abuse, and murder. This podcast may not be appropriate for younger audiences. All parties are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Some names have been changed or omitted per their request or for safety purposes. Listener discretion is advised. The introduction music used in Voices for Justice is Thread of Clouds by Blue Dot Sessions. Outro music is Melancholic Ending by Soft and Furious. The track used for ad transitions is Pinky by Blue Dot Sessions. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


17 Jun 2021

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Ep. 05: Relisha Rudd

Truer Crime

No one had seen 8-year-old Relisha Rudd for weeks before she was finally reported missing in March of 2014. So where was she? Why did it take so long for anyone to notice? And who was to blame? Today’s episode explores what can happen when the systems built to protect families just — *don’t*.  Please be aware that today’s story contains references to suicide, gun violence, child abuse, and housing insecurity. A full list of sources, resources mentioned, and photos related to the case are available in the show notes of today's episode, https://truercrimepodcast.com/relisha-rudd/  Love Truer Crime and want to support our work? Join us on Patreon! Patreon.com/truercrimepod If you like Truer Crime, leave us a review! It's a great way to support our work and helps other people find us! Keep up with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @truercrimepod.


8 Jun 2021

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The Disappearance of Relisha Rudd

Murder & Mediumship

8-year-old, Relisha Rudd was missing for an entire 18 days before anyone reported her as such. Even then, it wasn't her mother that reported her missing, but Washington D.C. social services. Sources: Timeline Relisha Rudd18 Days PodcastThrough the Cracks PodcastCrime Junkie - Relisha Rudd//Unique HarrisSteve Wilkos - Relisha RuddRelisha Rudd in Hotel RoomWashington D.C. Metro Police Tiplines


7 Jun 2021

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Through The Cracks: Was Relisha Rudd's Disappearance Unpreventable?


In 2014, 8-year-old Relisha Rudd disappeared from the Washington, D.C. homeless shelter where she lived. She was only officially declared missing after she hadn't been seen for 18 days. She hasn't been found."Through The Cracks" is a podcast about the gaps in our society and who falls through them. The first season follows Relisha Rudd's case. We talked to host and reporter Jonquilyn Hill about it. Want to support 1A? Give to your local public radio station and subscribe to this podcast. Have questions? Find us on Twitter @1A.


17 Mar 2021

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where is Relisha Rudd??


Relisha Rudd is an 8-year-old black African American girl who went missing back in 2014... The police state that they were delayed that didn't have enough time the mother waited to put in a report. THEIR is a $50.000.00 reward for the whereabouts and or findings of Relisha rudd there's so much more contact me and I will let you know.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/factzradio/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/factzradio/support


9 Feb 2021

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Disappearance of Relisha Rudd part 2 with Belinda Summers

The Jay-El Podcast

I'm gonna discuss the dissaperance of Relisha Rudd but in more detail with the help of Belinda Summers. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jay-el/support


28 Jan 2021

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Relisha Rudd: Still Missing, Still Unsolved

Killer Instinct

8-year-old Relisha Rudd went missing in the metro Washington D.C. area under suspicious circumstances, but her case didn't get a lot of media coverage. Many speculated that her race and lower income status contributed to this. Savannah explores this tragic case and the many twists and turns, including the main suspect, Khalil Tatum, who misrepresented himself as a doctor, whose wife was shot dead and he was subsequently found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot after Relisha was reported missing.Right now, to Save 30% on Select Solid Gold Products go to SolidGoldPet.com/killer!Get 20% off your first order when you use promo code KILLER at TryCaliper.com/killer! You can try Caliper CBD risk-free for 30 days. If you don’t love it they’ll give you a full refund!Go to Curology.com/killer for a free 30-day trial, just pay for shipping and handling!I want you to start living a happier life today. As a listener, you’ll get 10% off your first month by visiting betterhelp.com/instinct!If you have any thoughts on this case or any other case, or just want to get in touch with Savannah about the show, email her at killerinstinctpodcast@gmail.com. Follow Savannah on IG: @savannahbrymer Follow Savannah on Twitter: @savannahbrymer Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


18 Nov 2020

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The Disappearance of Relisha Rudd

Cognac & Conspiracies

This week we discuss the unsettling case of Relisha Rudd


5 Aug 2020

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Meet Relisha Rudd

Finding Relisha

In the first episode of the investigative podcast, Finding Relisha, the host Megan takes listeners through the early days of Relisha Rudd’s life. The first episode also allows listeners to meet some of the very important people in Relisha’s life and hear from them personally, who Relisha was, and what she still means to them to this very day. •Check Out Finding Relisha•FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/316293679777443/?ref=shareInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/findingrelisha/Music Credits for Finding Relisha: Music: In Suspense by Shane Ivers - https://www.silvermansound.comMusic: Endings by Shane Ivers - https://www.silvermansound.comSources:https://www.washingtonpost.com/video/local/relisha-rudds-mother-reads-letter-she-wrote-to-missing-daughter/2014/12/22/bded4fac-87bd-11e4-abcf-5a3d7b3b20b8_video.html https://www.wusa9.com/mobile/article/features/producers-picks/more-than-2000-kids-go-missing-in-dc-every-year-this-music-video-is-helping-find-them/65-e8689f06-ca67-42c2-8576-e3f4f60c21ee https://crimejunkiepodcast.com/missing-relisha-rudd-unique-harris/ https://youtu.be/6Lp-h1S3rMk https://missing.dc.gov--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/findingrelisha/support


11 Jul 2020

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Remembering Relisha Rudd (w/ Still Unknown Podast)

Hear No Evil

Little Relisha Rudd knew more heartache and struggle in her 8 short years than most of us do in a lifetime. Despite her difficult circumstances, her family being impoverished and homeless, Relisha was a shining light of joyful innocence whose bright spirit could not be put out. Sadly, Relisha's own family did not do enough to keep her safe from a man who on the surface seemed kind and giving, but was hiding a darkness that would end in the deaths of two people, and Relisha never being seen again. This case is absolutely heartbreaking, but so important to remember and discuss. I hope you will join my cohost Joe and myself today in remembering little Relisha Rudd. 

1hr 30mins

17 Jun 2020