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Elena Sonnino: Are you ready to be a Magic Maker in your life by turning the walls of should and judgment into doorways of hope and possibility?

Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life Podcast

Elena Sonnino is a life coach, a motivational speaker, a yin yoga teacher, and the author of Inhabit Your Joy: A Book of Nudges, which nudges us to get rooted, get curious and get alive. Elena blends her personal experiences as a cancer survivor and a teacher leader to inspire people to remove self-imposed obstacles and explore the unexpected with more curiosity, more willingness, and less judgment. Her work has been featured by Rancho La Puerta Wellness Resort and Spa, Four Seasons Hotel in Washington DC, Tiny Buddha Productions, and the Chopra Center.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/griefandrebirth/support


13 Jul 2022

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From Feeling Broken To Inhabiting Joy with Elena Sonnino

Find Your Feminine Fire

If you ever struggle to find pleasure, or feel "broken" due to life's circumstances or experiences, listen up to this episode as we’re gonna dive into the journey of pleasure and how to find joy in the process. I'm taking with Elena Sonnino, life coach, yin yoga teacher, and author of the book Inhabit Your Joy: A Book of Nudges.  When Elena was diagnosed with cancer in 1997 and had a hysterectomy in 2012, she never imagined that it would result in tremendous sexual pain.    Tune in as she shares some of the key tools that have supported her on your journey back to pleasure, and how you can use them too!


13 Jun 2022

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How to Get out of Your Own Way with Author and Cancer Survivor Elena Sonnino

The Career Refresh with Jill Griffin

When we are really focused on what we believe is possible sometimes we don't see how we are getting into our own way. This week I interview Elena Sonnino, a cancer survivor, yoga instructor and author. In this episode we discuss: What to do when things don't go as plannedHow to manage your brain when you get what you want but you no longer want it3 pattern disruptors that you can use to boost your mindset, soothe the Sunday Scaries, and tap into the confidence needed before the big job interviewShow notes: Grab a Strengths & Strategy Session HERE. Get my Top 10 Pro Tips to Stand Out on LinkedIn HERECheck out my Recent Article on FastCompany.com: 4 Ways to Fight Ageism in Your Job SearchFollow @jillGriffinOffical on Instagram for daily inspiration. Visit JillGriffinCoaching.com for more details on my private and group coaching programs. Follow Elena Sonnino on Instagram HERE or check out her website HEREPurchase Elena Sonnino’s book, Inhabit Your Joy, HEREGrab a free practice from Elena Sonnino HERE


7 Jun 2022

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How to Choose (and Use) Joy with Elena Sonnino

Fit is Freedom with Kelly Howard

Episode SummaryThis week, I’m joined on the Fit is Freedom Podcast with Elena Sonnino. She is a life coach, yoga teacher, and author of Inhabit Your Joy: A Book of Nudges. Join me as we discuss her journey to joy, how little changes lead to great changes, and how we are the keys to unlocking our own joy. She will also outline her 3 ingredients of embodying joy, which are…Getting RootedGetting CuriousGetting AliveMore about ElenaElena Sonnino is a life coach, yoga instructor, and speaker who focuses on helping women uncover their own radiance. Her book, Inhabit Your Joy: A Book of Nudges, does just this along with inspiring others to focus on the good while embracing your true authentic self. Elena’s Journey to JoyAfter having battled Hodgkin Lymphoma in her early 20’s, her doctor informed her that she would never be able to conceive, and if she did, the pregnancy would not be viable. Knowing this, she took steps to find an egg donor.  When she was a mere weeks away from becoming the mom she’d always dreamt of being, she was completely shocked to receive a phone call from her doctor sharing that she was, in fact, already pregnant. In this moment of uncertainty, her doctor shared something that would stick with Elena for the rest of her life. Her doctor stated, “You can grieve or you can celebrate until the day you can’t.”This one phrase launched Elena into becoming the person she is to this day. From that moment forward, she experiences a seismic shift in her being.  This allowed her to focus on the present and learn to celebrate the joys in her life no matter the circumstances.3 Keys to Unlocking JoyElena Sonnino developed 3 keys to unlocking joy: get rooted, get curious, and get alive. Through these three interchangeable keys, she believes all can find their true and joyful selves. 1. Get RootedGetting rooted can take form in a variety of ways. Elena shares that it can be as simple as bringing awareness to your breath, moving your body, or decluttering the mind. 2. Get CuriousOnce you’ve come into the present and become rooted, Elena shares that you can then get curious about what’s going on around you. You can start evaluating your life, looking at what is going well. You could even do something as simple as creating an “Evidence Jar”, documenting the good you are seeing and observing around you. 3. Get AliveOftentimes, when you think of joy, you think about how you must be happy all of the time, but that’s not the case. Being alive is experiencing the full spectrum of life. It’s about appreciating the darkness because you know the sunrise isn’t far away. It’s about loving yourself completely and accepting life in its fullness. 


23 May 2022

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168: How to find that spark in your life with Elena Sonnino

Happiness Happens

Do you ever feel like the spark is missing in your life? Maybe that everyone else seems to be happier, more fulfilled, and living a life that makes them happy every single day? My guest Elena Sonnino is all about finding those little moments of joy, to ultimately help us find our spark and live a happier life – even in the hardest of times. Elena is a life coach, yin yoga teacher, and author. What most people say about Elena is that she brings delightful sparks of energy to everything she does.  Elena is on a mission to help you transform the walls of survival mode into doors of possibility so that you can step into the spotlight of your life as your most rooted and nourished self. Her work helps you get out of your head and into your body as your source of wisdom, and moves you from beyond shoulds and into delight, one day at a time.  At home, Elena enjoys watching the sunrise, tending to her many plants, riding her Peloton bike, and impromptu kitchen dance parties.   We get into: [1:00] What happiness means to Elena [9:10] The power in always having a choice [10:30] Sunrise in your pocket [12:15] Why most people are waiting for joy to come [14:15] Three pillars of joy [20:00] That magic behind Elena’s book: Inhabit Your Joy: A Book of Nudges  Resources mentioned in this episode https://sunriseinyourpocket.com/findyourjoy Want to chat about launching or growing your podcast? Book a free 30 minute discovery call here: https://hello.dubsado.com:443/public/appointment-scheduler/612f984ed55be0651882e2b7/schedule Download my guide to help you launch your podcast in 8 weeks: https://www.simonacostantini.com/resources Apply to be a podcast guest: https://forms.gle/WtXHsqZmiEhCwTAk6 Connect with Elena Instagram Twitter Facebook https://www.elenasonnino.com https://www.elenasonnino.com/podcast Connect with Simona www.instagram.com/simona__costantini www.instagram.com/costantiniproductions www.instagram.com/happinesshappenspodcast https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXtOxOAuXxW7c5cYKdAEfWg https://twitter.com/simona_cos https://www.facebook.com/costantiniproductions https://www.facebook.com/happinesshappenspodcast/ www.simonacostantini.com


17 May 2022

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Episode 40: Inhabit Your Joy With Elena Sonnino

Practical Mindset

Joy is one of the most important parts of building a business, sparking the flame that allows the most amazing things to happen. Although, you could create a successful business without joy, Elena Sonnino is here to tell you why having joy makes all the difference in the world. Today, Elena will be giving you the tools and insights that you need in order to create the business that you want, while also maintaining personal growth, fulfillment, and joy. Mentioned in this episode Elena on Instagram Elena Facebook Profile and Page Elena’s Website Email Elena Bookshop.org Elena’s book on her site, Amazon and Barnes & Noble The Canyon Ranch Retreat Support@jessicamillercoaching.com Freebie: Find your joy practice   Work/Connect with me: Consults That Convert FREE Training 10K Accelerator Magnetic Offers Tune in to start taking your business and life to the next level today and don't forget to subscribe or follow the podcast to make sure you don't miss any future episodes. Visit https://jessicamillercoaching.com/ to learn more. You can also follow me on Instagram (@jessicadioguardimiller) and Facebook.


11 May 2022

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Out of the Fog: Inhabit Your Joy with Elena Sonnino

Out of the Fog with Karen Hager

My guest says that is time to become your own soft spot to land. What if you could stop trying to FIX you and become your own best ally? In today’s episode, Elena Sonnino will share how to form an alliance with intuition and your body to navigate the journey of your life.Elena Sonnino is a life coach, yin yoga teacher, and author. But what most people say about Elena is that she brings delightful sparks of energy to everything she does. Elena is on a mission to help you transform the walls of survival mode into doors of possibility so that you can step into the spotlight of your life as your most rooted and nourished self. Her work helps you get out of your head and into your body as your source of wisdom, and moves you from beyond shoulds and into delight, one day at a time. At home, Elena enjoys watching the sunrise, tending to her many plants, riding her Peloton bike, and impromptu kitchen dance parties. Learn more about Elena here or by reading her new book, Inhabit Your Joy: A Book of Nudges.


22 Feb 2022

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Body Image: Be Kind To Your Body - Elena Sonnino

Flushing It Out

Elena explains that she is a guide who nudges you to find your own liftoff.  She asks questions to get people to the nudge, but it’s about you finding your own joy, value, and truth.Our judgment of our bodies starts when we are so young.  All of her experiences growing up caused her to be her own worst enemy with her body, but it took all of that to give her the opportunity to love her body, too.  When she got into her yoga practice, she discovered that the body changes daily and she started to fall in love with her own body.  She explains that your body is your “home base.”  It knows so, so much, even before the brain does.  The body knows stuff!  There are energy systems inside our bodies.  So, to understand when we naturally find “home” in our body and the places where we haven’t been kind to ourselves we get to know sensations and find answers within ourselves.So, how do we start the journey to release the shame we have about our bodies?  The first step is to decide that you want to be in relationship with your body in a new way.  It’s a light switch that you have to keep turning on.  Next, get rooted, get curious, and be alive.Yin Yoga is about allowing the body to speak to you through sensations.  The beauty of it is when we sit with our breath and get curious.  She likes to call the sensations that come to us “benevolent messengers.”  These are the body saying, “knock knock, I want you to pay attention to me.”  "Release what it is that no longer serves you" is a great sentiment, but it’s really hard to release anything if you don’t know what it is that no longer serves you.  Once we can learn to listen to our bodies, we can get to a place where we feel more alive within our bodies and we can then tend to that “aliveness.”We take in energy, we absorb it, and we allow the leftover energy to be released.  Moving with the intention to give something permission to move through us is something we should aim for.  How are we treating our bodies?  Are we nourishing them?  Are we offering our bodies what they need rather than what we think they should have?  Poet June Jordan is quoted: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”  The body has everything we need and crave already inside of us.  


14 Jan 2022

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Stop Over-drinking and Start Living, Bonus Episode, Stop Numbing and Start Self-Loving with Elena Sonnino

Stop Over-drinking and Start Living

February is the month of LOVE! I had the pleasure of being invited to talk to life coach Elena Sonnino, her superpower is to help individuals and groups thrive with more well-being, more purpose, more delight, and more curiosity in the now. Elena invited me to share how we can numb less and self-love more. It was a wonderful conversation about how we can choose self-love over numbing our feelings with alcohol. I share a few tips and encourage you to do one thing TODAY that would be an act of self-love. Give yourself this gift of listening to this episode, today on Valentine's Day. Please check out Elena's work here: https://www.elenasonnino.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElenaSonninoLifeCoach Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elenasonnino/Join Elena's Free Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/liveyoursunrise Info on the Stop Over-drinking and Start Living coaching program:https://angelamascenik.lpages.co/


14 Feb 2021

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Sparks of Energy Help Your Success with Elena Sonnino

The Sanity Project Podcast with Joanne Victoria

Elena Sonnino is a Life Coach, Speaker, and Yoga teacher. She brings delightful sparks of energy to everything she does.


22 Oct 2019