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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Georgia Ellenwood. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Georgia Ellenwood, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Georgia Ellenwood. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Georgia Ellenwood, often where they are interviewed.

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10. Heptathlete Georgia Ellenwood talks Olympics, social media and how she found confidence

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Today, heptathlete Georgia Ellenwood joins the podcast to talk with Christina about the postponement of Tokyo 2020, finding confidence and how she really feels about social media.

Georgia is a jack of all trades when it comes to track and field, participating in the heptathlon, the women’s version of the decathlon. While seven events might make your head spin, it’s where she excels, having won the 2018 NCAA Division 1 title in the event while attending the University of Wisconsin. But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Georgia as she’s dealt with a few injuries throughout her career. But Georgia says those injuries helped her find the confidence she needed and realized she had to take charge of what she wanted to happen in life.

That mindset led to her first major deal; a contract with Under Armour Canada, and chance at making her Olympic debut with Team Canada at Tokyo 2020. In today’s episode, Georgia talks about the stress of the games being postponed and the impact it has on her career trajectory.

Today, Georgia discusses how the break due to COVID-19 has had a some positives as she’s been able to hone her passion as an artist, connect with her social media followers more regularly and reconnect with friends and family. She also shares her thoughts on how scary the transition from college to career can be and what she’d like to see change when it comes women’s combined events.

We also talk about:

  • Tokyo Olympics
  • Transition from college to career
  • Her passion for art
  • The importance of being body positive
  • NCAA


“I think I blamed a lot of my insecurities or doubts about my ability on external things, and so I thought those things were happening to me instead of me blocking them out or creating change. And I think when I realized I was in charge with what I wanted to happen…that’s when I started to be more active about it, and that really helped.”

  • Georgia Ellenwood, Heptathlete


Guest Info – Georgia Ellenwood

Instagram: @george_ahh

Twitter: @geeorrgiaa


Host Info – Christina Heydanus

Instagram: @tinaheydanus

Twitter: @tinaheydanus

Show Info – Opening the Playbook


Instagram: @openingtheplaybook

Twitter: @openingtheplay

Aug 25 2020 · 35mins
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5 - Body Performance Over Image with Georgia Ellenwood

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This week, I had everyone's crush on Plan D-- Georgia Ellenwood. She's an 8x All American track athlete, 2018 NCAA Champ, and training for the Olympics. We discuss what goes down in her DMs, using setbacks and quarantine as a time to improve weakness, and the importance of using your body to perform, not look a certain way. 
Host: @stephteagan
Podcast: @theplandpodcast
Guest: @george_ahhh

Jun 02 2020 · 47mins
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99. Georgia Ellenwood, Heptathlete

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Hundred-meter hurdles, high jump, shot put,  200-meter run (day one). Running long (broad) jump, javelin throw, and 800-meter run (day two). All those events: One. Superstar. Athlete. For episode 99 (!!) I’m chatting with Georgia Ellenwood, heptathlete and Olympic hopeful. We sat down earlier this year at the Under Armour Human Performance Summit, and let me tell you — for a woman in her mid-20s, Georgia is wise beyond her years (also: stunning both inside and out). On today’s show, we talk about everything from what life was like for her growing up in the Vancouver area, crossing the border to go to college at the University Wisconsin, and the struggles she’s had along the way in her athletic career so far. We also touch on what was a major #hurdlemoment for her, dropping out of a track meet part-way through due to a bad case of plantar fasciitis, and how she didn’t let that one “failure” define her.


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Mar 16 2020 · 44mins
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Georgia Ellenwood: A Portrait Of An Athlete

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Meet Georgia Ellenwood, an aspiring Olympic heptathlete who has to hone her skills in seven separate events that take place over two days. Hear as Georgia reflects on her journey from NCAA champion to professional athlete, as well as the trials and tribulations she’ll face as she pursues a spot in the 2020 Tokyo games.

Jan 21 2020 · 34mins
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kultur'D - June 29: Canada Day celebration with Lilly Singh, Keanu Reeves/Duke Caboom and athletes Georgia Ellenwood and Bridget Carleton . Fashion designer Catherine Addai guest co-hosts. #ontheradar: Canadian fashion and trivia, Raptors and more.

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A red, white and diversified Canada Day celebration with comedian Lilly Singh, Keanu Reeves/Duke Caboom plus WNBA player Bridget Carleton and champion heptathlete Georgia Ellenwood.  #ontheradar: Wear Canada Proud and all things Canadian fashion, Canadiana trivia, Raptors and more. ​

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Jun 30 2019 · 37mins