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AB Replay: Thrive in the Membership Economy with Robbie Kellman Baxter

All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett

It used to be we only subscribed to newspaper and some magazines. Now we’re subscribing to just about everything, but are we suffering from subscription fatigue? Robbie Kellman Baxter author of two books on the subject, “The Membership Economy” and “The Forever Transaction” says we might. She says we are in the wild west of the subscription economy thanks to technology making it easier for businesses of all sizes to pivot to a membership model. While subscriptions may be possible, Robbie says there’s one key thing many companies miss when they change over. Find out what they’re missing on this episode of All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett. Connect with Robbie: https://robbiekellmanbaxter.com/ Join the C-Suite Network: https://c-suitenetwork.com/executive-membership Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


30 Jul 2021

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Episode 171 - Robbie Kellman Baxter - Advisor To The World's Leading Subscription Based Companies!

The Subscription Box Show

In this episode, I have the honor and pleasure of talking with a foremost expert in the subscription industry.  She is an author, keynote speaker, podcast host, Consultant, the co-founder of the D2C Summit, and advisor to the world’s leading subscription based companies, the one and only Robbie Kellman Baxter!Robbie Kellman Baxter is the founder of Peninsula Strategies LLC, a management consulting firm, as well as the author of the bestselling book, The Membership Economy: Find Your Superusers, Master the Forever Transaction & Build Recurring Revenue.  Her new book The Forever Transaction: How to Build a Subscription Model So Compelling, Your Customers Will Never Want to Leave was released in April of this year. If all of that wasn’t impressive enough, have a listen at some of Robbie’s clients:  They’ve included large organizations like Netflix, the Wall Street Journal, Nike and Microsoft, as well as dozens of smaller venture-backed companies.Guest Links:Here’s a link to a free chapter of Robbie’s book: https://pages.robbiekellmanbaxter.com/ft-excerptRobbie’s podcast robbiekellmanbaxter.com/podcastLink to her ebook “launch your subscription business” https://app.convertkit.com/forms/designers/1464235/editLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robbiekellmanbaxter/This is the upcoming conference in CT where Robbie will be speaking at: https://www.digitalsalesandmarketingworld.com/conference Deal of the month! Manscaped and their NEW Lawnmower 4.0.  Want 20% OFF?  Visit https://manscaped.com and use discount code TSBS at checkout!  Manscaped, the #1 one Grooming Kit!Eric’s Recommended Affiliate Courses & Resources:Eric and Christine's Ultimate Guide for Graphic Design for Your Subscription Box Business: https://www.thesubscriptionboxshow.com/resourcesJulie Ball's Subscription Box Bootcamp 2.0 Course Link:https://ericmusick.krtra.com/t/h67apnWbBQ9cThe Subscription Box Experts Academy Course By Liam Brennan Link: https://ericmusick.krtra.com/t/jIw4to2rXSoQ Host Links:The Subscription Box Show Website: https://www.thesubscriptionboxshow.comThe Subscription Box Show Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thesubscriptionboxshow.comEric Musick’s email: eric@thesubscriptionboxshow.comEric Musick’s Instagram: @thesubscriptionboxshow or https://www.instagram.com/thesubscriptionboxshowThe Subscription Box Show Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2960087864057955/To request being on TSBS, please book a call with Eric at: https://www.calendly.com/thesubboxshow

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21 Jul 2021

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The Membership Economy's Robbie Kellman Baxter on developing compelling direct to consumer offers

Media Voices Podcast

In this week's episode we hear from Robbie Kellman Baxter, an author and consultant with over twenty years of experience in subscription pricing, digital community, and freemium. Robbie started working with membership and subscription models like Netflix while they were still sending out DVDs, and has written The Membership Economy and The Forever Transaction exploring the membership models of the industry giants, and how organisations of any size can take a slice of the subscription pie for themselves. Robbie is currently working with FIPP on an online event exploring the world of direct-to-consumer revenue models for media businesses. In the news roundup we speak about a report that local publishers are set to lose tens of millions from the demise of the third-party cookie, ask if The Athletic's mooted sale to the NYT was always a cynical scale play, and examine what the likely features of Twitter Blue are. Esther sings Eiffel 65.


31 May 2021

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Robbie Kellman Baxter - Creating Highly Personalized Membership Experiences - S7E3

Voices of CX

Robbie Kellman Baxter is a consultant, author and speaker. She is also the author of The Membership Economy and The Forever Transaction, and hosts the podcast Subscription Stories. Robbie has more than 20 years of experience providing strategic business advice to major organizations, including Netflix, Fitbit, Microsoft and Consumer Reports. She has been focused on subscription and growth strategies for the past decade. Baxter has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and on CNN. She earned her MBA from the Stanford GSB, and graduated with honors from Harvard College.You can find more about Robbie on her website https://robbiekellmanbaxter.com/Check out Robbie’s special audience site with all kinds of goodies.Read a free excerpt of her book, The Forever TransactionFollow Robbie Kellman Baxter on LinkedInFollow Robbie Kellman Baxter on TwitterFollow Robbie Kellman Baxter on InstagramFollow Worthix on LinkedInFollow Worthix on Twitter: @worthixFollow Mary Drumond on LinkedInFollow Mary Drumond on Twitter: @drumondmaryThe Voices of CX Podcast is a podcast that covers all things business strategies, customer decision insight, empathetic leadership practices, and tips for sustainable profitability. With a little bit of geeking out on behavioral science, A.I. and other innovation sprinkled in here and there. The guests span multiple industries, but all of them have years of experience to bring to the table.


19 Apr 2021

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129. Create Forever Customers With A Forever Promise w/ Robbie Kellman Baxter

The Customer Experience Podcast

The forever customer is someone who trusts you to solve their problem. They’ve taken off their consumer hat and put on their member hat. They aren’t looking for alternatives anymore. In this episode, I interview Robbie Kellman Baxter, Strategy Consultant at Peninsula Strategies, about how to achieve forever customers with customer-centricity. Robbie also talked with me about: - Why short-term revenue matters so much less than long-term relationships - Her journey toward the forever transaction — and what that looks like for businesses - You want to balance acquisition and retention - The importance of knowing what your best customers have in common Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast: - Robbie’s books are The Membership Economy and The Forever Transaction - Robbie’s podcast is Subscription Stories Subscribe, listen, and rate/review the Customer Experience Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play or Google Podcasts, and find more episodes on our blog. Listening on a desktop & can’t see the links? Just search for The Customer Experience Podcast in your favorite podcast player.


30 Mar 2021

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Building your recruitment business using the subscription model with Robbie Kellman Baxter

The Recruitment Network Podcast

Joining us this week is Robbie Kellman-Baxter author of The Membership Economy: Find Your Superusers, Master the Forever Transaction & Build Recurring Revenue and The Forever Transaction: How to Build a Business So Compelling, Your Customers Will Never Want to Leave. James and Robbie discuss the evolution of the way we do business, how consumers buy and how any business can implement a ‘subscription model’ into their business. If you’re thinking about how the subscription model can be implemented into your recruitment business then you need to listen to this! If you want more information about Robbie you can find it on her website robbiekellmanbaxter.com where you can also find links to purchase both her books. Want to know more about The Recruitment Network and how we can help your recruitment business? Click here The Recruitment Network.


18 Mar 2021

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The Forever Promise: Subscription Optimization with Robbie Kellman Baxter

Own Your Commerce

For over 20 years, Robbie Kellman Baxter has been a subscriptions advocate and expert, literally writing the book on subscriptions (well, two actually). She used the expertise she gathered from consulting for Netflix, Oracle, eBay, and more to pen The Membership Economy and The Forever Transaction. Today she shares her innovative outlook on subscriptions that she calls the “membership mindset.” It’s about building your organization, experience, and brand around helping people solve their problems or reach their goals for the long term. Whether you’re currently running a subscription or plan on launching one, this is an episode you don’t want to miss!Some of the topics we discuss are:How she got involved with subscriptions, including consulting for Netflix back when she was subscribed to their mail service Thinking about your brand with a “membership mindset” Understanding and communicating what your customers get out of your subscription How to know when to offer free trials The power of onboarding and reinforcing their decision How to find and hold onto the right customers to optimize LTV Links and resourcehttps://robbiekellmanbaxter.com/ Membership Economy Forever Transaction Subscribe to learn more about taking your commerce to the next level!


5 Jan 2021

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Robbie Kellman Baxter(@robbiebax) on The Forever Transactions

Work Pod | Work 2.0 & Future Of Work Upgrades

In this podcast with Robbie, we discussed various topics of increasing importance on the changing landscape of business models and what all it entails. Lots of businesses are struggling to get their business model right. Robbie went into details on some pitfalls and some challenges. In this book, she lays out a clear and actionable summary with stories and playbooks that are easy to follow for the readers. It's a great watch for anyone who cares to learn about forever transactions.1:50 Robbie's journey.6:25 Consumer experience with the subscription economy.10:55 Businesses that aren't suitable for membership.12:23 Evolution of the membership space.15:23 Maturity level of businesses in the adoption of membership model.18:03 Misunderstanding on membership.22:45 Being business ready for subscription.26:22 Changing business culture to adopt subscription.31:22 Business transformation into subscription.35:52 Coming up with the title "Forever Transaction".41:00 The ideal reader for "Forever Transaction".43:25 Challenge's in membership adoption.47:40 Subscription fatigue.50:01 Robbie's success mantra.52:46 Robbie's favorite reads.55:11 Closing remark.Robbie's Book:The Forever Transaction: How to Build a Subscription Model So Compelling, Your Customers Will Never Want to Leave by Robbie Kellman Baxter amzn.to/2HBjJG7Robbie's Recommended Read:Selling With Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do Work That Makes You Proud by Lisa Earle McLeod, Elizabeth Lotardo amzn.to/3jpitCUHumor, Seriously: Why Humor Is a Secret Weapon in Business and Life (And how anyone can harness it. Even you.) by Jennifer Aaker , Naomi Bagdonas amzn.to/35Ez0xO1776 by David McCullough amzn.to/31PxNmKJohn Adams by David McCullough amzn.to/3hXoQ0fThe Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For? by Rick Warren amzn.to/31TNmKkHalftime: Moving from Success to Significance by Bob P. Buford (Author), Jim Collins (Foreword) amzn.to/2DoXQb3Robbie's BIO:Robbie Kellman Baxter is a bestselling author, speaker, and consultant with more than 20 years of experience providing strategic business advice to major organizations including Netflix, the Wall Street Journal, and Electronic Arts. In the past ten years, her company Peninsula Strategies has advised over 100 organizations on subscription and growth strategy. Her first book, The Membership Economy was an international bestseller. Her new book, The Forever Transaction, was released in April 2020. It has been described as a true game-changer taking readers through every step of the subscription business process—from initial start-up or testing of a new model to scaling the operation for long-term growth and sustainability to revamping your culture so everyone works together to optimize customer lifetime value. For more information about Robbie go to www.robbiekellmanbaxter.com.


11 Nov 2020

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The Membership Economy - What we Can Learn from Netflix - Robbie Kellman Baxter on Path to Mastery

Path to Mastery

Hear what we can learn from Companies like Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, and Fitbit when it comes to the Membership Economy.  Over the course of her career, Robbie has worked in or consulted to clients in more than twenty industries. Before starting Peninsula Strategies in 2001, Robbie served as a New York City Urban Fellow, a consultant at Booz Allen & Hamilton, and a Silicon Valley product marketer.   She coined the popular business term “Membership Economy", which is now being used by organizations and journalists around the country and beyond.  Robbie Kellman Baxter is the founder of Peninsula Strategies LLC, a management consulting firm, as well as the author of the bestselling The Membership Economy: Find Your Superusers, Master the Forever Transaction & Build Recurring Revenue.  Her new book The Forever Transaction: How to Build a Subscription Model So Compelling, Your Customers Will Never Want to Leave was released in April of this year.  Next Event November 12th, 2020 featuring Jim Black  REGISTER www.davidsMeetUp.com Davids Coaching  email: david@davidihill.com for details on coaching  Monthly Training with David 35callchallenge.com David's Monthly Article - 5 Mistakes Realtors Make  FACEBOOK COMMUNITY Facebook – Please follow and join my Grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/ptmastery/ OUR LEAD PROVIDER SPONSORS VULCAN7www.vulcan7.com/pathtomastery 2 weeks only $49.00 LANDVOICE www.Landvoice.com/pathtomastery 3 months special offer Free Audible Book www.davidsfreebook.com SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS  Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/davidihill/ Facebook – Please follow and join my Grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/ptmastery/ YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/user/hillteam17 LinkedIN https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidihil


31 Oct 2020

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The Robbie Kellman Baxter Hypothesis: The Best Membership-Oriented Businesses Focus on the Long Term

The Product Science Podcast

Robbie Kellman Baxter has more than 20 years of experience providing strategic business advice to major organizations, including Netflix, Fitbit, Microsoft, and Consumer Reports. She has been focused on subscription and growth strategies for the past decade. Baxter has been featured in the WSJ and on CNN. She has her MBA from the Stanford GSB, and graduated with honors from Harvard College. She’s the author of the books, The Membership Economy and The Forever Transaction, and a consultant with Peninsula Strategies. In this episode of the Product Science Podcast, we talk about what successful subscription businesses do right, and why retention is what you need to keep focused on the long term. Read the show notes to learn more.


20 Oct 2020