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PT348 – Steve DeAngelo – Cannabis and Psychedelics: Industry, Consciousness, Justice, and Joy

Psychedelics Today

In this episode, David interviews globally-recognized cannabis activist, author, entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, and “Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry,” Steve DeAngelo; discussing industry, decriminalization, and more! www.psychedelicstoday.com

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19 Aug 2022

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Interview with Andrew DeAngelo, Co-Founder of The Last Prisoner Project, Cannabis Consultant and Brother of Steve DeAngelo

High on Home Grown, The Cannabis Podcast

We have a real cool interview for you today where we speak with Andrew DeAngelo. Andrew is the younger brother of Steve DeAngelo who we have had on the show a few times in the past. Together they formed a very important movement "The Last Prisoner Project". Their mission is to get anyone convicted of cannabis crimes out of prison as soon as possible. So far the have got hundreds of people out of prison and they are doing great work for the cause.  Andrew is also a cannabis consultant for cannabis companies and has worked with many people around the world. He is also a movie producer! A very cool guy and a really fun conversation, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks as always for downloading the show! 


20 Jul 2022

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The Simpa Life Ep 86: Steve DeAngelo

The Simpa Life Podcast

Episode 86 of The Simpa Life Podcast features Steve DeAngelo. Steve is a man of many firsts having co-founded several iconic and influential cannabis businesses - including Harborside Inc, Steep Hill Labs, ArcView Group, and The National Cannabis Industry Association. Steve also co-founded the Last Prisoner Project - a nonprofit dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform and hosts the Radio Free Cannabis Podcast. He is a lifelong activist, an author, and a global speaker whose tireless work has earned him the distinct designation as the "Father of the legal cannabis industry."   Links:   - arcviewgroup.com/ - www.steephill.com/ - stevedeangelo.com/ -shopharborside.com/ - lastprisonerproject.org/ - thecannabisindustry.org/ If you enjoyed this Podcast then please consider liking, sharing, and subscribing and if you loved it, please consider becoming a Patreon today! Check out TheSimpaLife.com for more content and exclusive blogs. Follow The Simpa Life on Social media. Twitter Facebook Instagram Youtube “The Simpa Life is a media and lifestyle company that seeks to inform, entertain and educate through the creation and curation of alternative thought-provoking content and conversations” #TheSimpaLifePodcast #TheSimpaLife #SteveDeAngelo

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26 Jun 2022

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Interview with Steve DeAngelo! The Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry

High on Home Grown, The Cannabis Podcast

Steve DeAngelo is nothing short of a legend in the cannabis community, and we are honoured to be able to chat with him for a couple of hours. He has fought for decades for us all to have the right to use cannabis without being prosecuted for it! Now cannabis is becoming legal around the world, he has directed his attention to getting cannabis convictions overturned and wants every single cannabis prisoner released from prison. We talk about cannabis, psychedelics, law reform, DMT trips and much more in this incredible interview!  Please support Steve and his work in any way you can, visit his website: https://www.lastprisonerproject.org/

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23 Mar 2022

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11: Is the Cannabis Industry Falling Short in its Fight? with Steve DeAngelo

Public Defenseless

Right now, approximately 40,000 people are incarcerated for cannabis-related charges, while others are making millions of dollars in the legal industry.  Steve DeAngelo, often considered “the father of the legal industry,” has been fighting for reform since the 1970s. In today’s episode, Steve is here to talk about his work to reform both the cannabis industry and state laws through his organization the Last Prisoner Project. He’ll disprove the common misconceptions around cannabis while teaching you the spirit of the plant. Steve will leave you with a clear image of the ideal cannabis industry and will also give you arguments for cannabis reform to keep in your back pocket.  Just by listening to this episode and sharing the information, you can be a part of the change!  Key Topics and Takeaways: What the Last Prisoner Project is and why it’s important. [10:33] Decriminalization vs. full legalization. [19:53] Bringing people who were harmed by cannabis prohibition into the legal industry. [22:19] Protecting yourself against the predatory cannabis industry. [29:56] Should cannabis reform be a primary issue? [31:40] The importance of coalition building. [33:53]  Exploring faith-based opposition. [40:03] Legalization of other psychoactive plants. [49:48] Guest: Steve DeAngelo, Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry, Founder of Harborside Dispensary, Founder of the Last Prisoner Project Resources: SteveDeAngelo.com @steve.deangelo Last Prisoner Project Norml Cannabis Advocacy Group Memorable Quotes: “Every governor in the United States of America has the power to release cannabis prisoners with the stroke of a pen. And we believe that, especially in states where voters have voted to legalize cannabis, that every governor should do so.” (12:49, Steve) “I think that mobilizing people to defend their right to be able to grow cannabis in their own homes is pretty achievable.” (31:2, Steve) “I believe that cannabis is more than just another product. There's no other product that teaches us lessons and that gives us a common value system.” (35:55, Steve) “When you look at the cannabis plant across the breadth of human history, what you find is that every single human culture on this planet has adopted and used this planet successfully almost without exception.” (43:13, Steve) “When you look at the total range of substances that are out there, there's no question that cannabis should not be illegal. It should not be restricted. In fact, cannabis use should be celebrated and promoted because it gives social benefits rather than harms.” (50:48, Steve) “My belief is that if more people around the world consume cannabis, that we're going to end up living in a better world.” (58:37, Steve)

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2 Mar 2022

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New Year, New York, with Steve DeAngelo

The Cannabis Enigma

Steve DeAngelo is the true definition of a cannabis advocate. From the first time he was introduced to the plant in the 1960’s he has dedicated his life’s work to its legalization. From his time as one of Washington, DC’s largest distributors of underground cannabis, through his creation of three iconic cannabis companies in California, to his current role as an educator and advisor, Steve has a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to share.  As you’ll hear in today’s episode, there are various ways to legalize cannabis, some that can actually do more harm than good. In Steve’s eyes (and now in ours after this conversation with Steve) New York is leading the charge in terms of progressive cannabis legislation, and the rest of the world would do well to take note!Join us today as we take a trip from the very beginnings of the cannabis-human relationship, which began in Central Asia, all the way through to the present, where this wondrous herb is used for everything from chronic pain to sparking creativity. Key points from this episode:Why Elana and Codi are such big fans of today’s guest, Steve DeAngelo.Steve’s initial motivation for becoming a cannabis activist.A brief rundown of what the first 25 years of Steve’s cannabis activism looked like.The disillusioning experience which pushed Steve from Washington, DC to California.Three companies that Steve founded, each the first of its kind in a certain sector of the cannabis industry.What Steve’s current role in the cannabis industry looks like.How perceptions around cannabis have changed since Steve became an activist, and the future he sees for the plant.Steve explains the progressive law which has put New York at the frontlines of the Cannabis Freedom Movement.The problem with the way California has handled cannabis legalization.How the corporatization of cannabis impacts those who rely on the plant for medical use.Why Steve believes there is no such thing as recreational cannabis. A brief history of the spirituality that has always been associated with cannabis.Steve shares a regret that he has from the early days of his cannabis activism.An important call to action from Steve.The Americans for Safe Access segment: diving into the microbial world.Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Steve DeAngelo WebsiteLast Prisoner ProjectHarborsideSteep Hill LaboratoryThe Arcview GroupFlow KanaAmericans for Safe AccessCannigma


9 Jan 2022

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081 The Future of Cannabis with The Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry Steve DeAngelo

To Be Blunt: The Professional Cannabis Business Podcast

“You have people in our scene now who are motivated not primarily by love of cannabis, but primarily by love of money. And that creates a real conflict, right? Because I think that one of the lessons that cannabis teaches us is to value love over money.” - Steve DeAngeloWelcome back to the To Be Blunt podcast! In this episode, Shayda Torabi welcomes Steve DeAngelo, to discuss cannabis through the years and the coming future, expound his thoughts on societal changes, and remind us of the essence of the advocacy - promoting love and harmony. [00:01 – 05:20] Hit the Ground Running for 2022[05:21– 10:04] Heightened Senses and Elevated Spirituality through Cannabis[10:05 – 19:42] Massive Global Changes in the Cannabis Landscape on the Economy[19:43 – 37:19]  How Prohibition Causes More Harm - Lack of Quality Control[37:20 – 47:30] Applying Pressure on America Derived from Global Cannabis Approaches[47:29 – 01:00:07] Mindful Actions towards Accessibility and ESG Initiatives[01:00:08 – 01:02:50] Food for Thought: How do you become a better advocate for the plant? Steve DeAngelo is a globally recognized cannabis leader who was dubbed “the father of the legal industry” by former Speaker of the California Assembly Willie Brown. As a lifelong activist, author, educator, investor, and entrepreneur, he has spent more than four decades on the front lines of the cannabis reform movement. His most notable business achievements include co-founding Harborside-one of the first six dispensaries licensed in the United States-now a publicly-traded company on the Canadian Securities Exchange; Steep Hill Laboratory, the first cannabis analytics company; and Arcview Group, the first dedicated cannabis investment network. He is author of The Cannabis Manifesto and an originator of the wellness approach to understanding cannabis. Media projects include the starring role in Weed Wars, produced by the Discovery Channel in 2011; Ask Steve DeAngelo, available on Green-Flower.com; and extensive appearances on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CNBC, and The New York Times. Steve speaks widely on the topic of justice and believes that a profitable, ethical, politically engaged industry will be the most powerful force in spreading cannabis reform to every corner of the planet. As Founder of the Last Prisoner Project, he will not rest and will not stop until the last cannabis prisoner is free.Connect with SteveVisit https://stevedeangelo.com/ and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn @steve.deangeloShayda Torabi has been called one of the most influential Women in WordPress and now she’s one of the women leading the cannabis reformation conversation building one of Texas’ premier CBD brands. She's currently the CEO and Co-Founder of RESTART CBD, a female-run education first CBD wellness brand. And has formerly held marketing positions at WP Engine and WebDevStudios. Shayda is the host of a podcast for cannabis marketers called To Be Blunt, where she interviews top cannabis brands on their most successful marketing initiatives. When Shayda's not building her cannabiz in Texas, you can find her on the road exploring the best hikes and spots for vegan ice cream. Follow Shayda at @theshaydatorabiKey Quote:"People who want to get into the cannabis industry, who have hustle, who are willing to work hard, and be entrepreneurial, should not have artificial barriers placed in their way.” - Steve DeAngeloSPONSORSHIP is brought to you by Restart CBD. Check them out for your CBD needsLEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to join me for episodeRESTART CBD RESTART CBD is an education first CBD wellness brand shipping nationwide. restartcbd.com

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3 Jan 2022

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06/23/21 - Steve DeAngelo, Jennifer Robin

First Voices Radio

In the first segment, Steve DeAngelo is a prominent, life-long cannabis entrepreneur, activist, author, and on-screen personality. He co-founded several iconic cannabis businesses and organizations: Harborside, Steep Hill Laboratory, the Arc-View Group, and the National Cannabis Industry Association. Steve’s creative projects include a book, “The Cannabis Manifesto”; and a Discovery Channel mini-series, “Weed Wars.” He was a lead organizer and fundraiser for I-59, Washington DC’s medical cannabis initiative; and is famed for his successful litigation against the Department of Justice, which halted DOJ’s last-ditch 2011 campaign to shut down California’s medical cannabis dispensaries. Steve lives in California with three dogs, three cats, and his lovely wife Yolanda.In the second segment, Jennifer Robin (Choctaw) AKA “Miss Jiff,” is the four-time, award-winning Producer and Host of “Resilience Radio” on KVMR 89.5 FM in Nevada City, California — three stations serving the Sierra foothills in northern California. “Resilience Radio,” Jennifer’s 3-hour weekly, live radio show is a mix of interviews and music, and can be heard on Thursdays from 10 am to 1 pm Pacific Time / 1 to 4 pm Eastern Time, streaming at kvmr.org and any time in the KVMR Archives. Resilience Radio’s website is: https://www.kvmr.org/show/resilience-radio/. Jennifer can be found on Facebook at “Jennifer Robin” and “Miss Jiffer” on Instagram. She also has a Resilience Radio YouTube page where she has shared many of her guest interviews.Production Credits:Tiokasin Ghosthorse (Lakota), Host and Executive ProducerLiz Hill (Red Lake Ojibwe), ProducerTiokasin Ghosthorse, Studio Engineer and Audio Editor, WIOX 91.3 FM, Roxbury, NYMusic Selections:1. Song Title: Tahi Roots Mix (First Voices Radio Theme Song)Artist: Moana and the Moa HuntersCD: Tahi (1993)Label: Southside Records (Australia and New Zealand)(00:00:44)2. Song Title: Feels like SummerArtist: Donald Glover (Childish Gambino)CD: Summer Pack (2018)Label: Wolf+Rothstein/Liberator Music(00:56:43)


23 Jun 2021

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Steve DeAngelo - The HappyMunkey Podcast Ep.80

HappyMunkey Podcast

This week Ramon and Vlad come to you straight from a secret location to sit down with the Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry and Co-founder of Harborside inc., Steve DeAngelo, fresh off the New York Cannabis Day parade. He gives us some weed history which provides some context on the war on cannabis and how it has impacted minority communities. He also gives us a glimpse at his first time at the Cannabis Day parade back in the 70s and how different the city has become since then. He then drops some gems about how to be a cannabis activist and how to push the cause for federal legalization . He gets a chance to reflect on what the next steps for New York in this new legal market and how similar it feels to the old Cali. And most importantly we got to hear how he the legend got started on his love affair with cannabis.


31 May 2021

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Episode #29 - Radio Free Cannabis with Steve DeAngelo

Radio Free Cannabis

After attending the NYC Cannabis Parade, Steve gives his report on the changes happening now that the state has rolled out the most progressive form of cannabis legalization. Hear the latest global reports from India, Ireland, UK and Steve's home town of Oakland CA.


28 May 2021