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SaaStr 596: Scaling Revenue in 2022: What’s the Same and What's Different? with Confluent President of Field Operations Erica Schultz

The Official SaaStr Podcast: SaaS | Founders | Investors

Amidst the volatility of today’s economic climate and market, GTM leaders need to be especially savvy when it comes to their company growth strategies and earning their customers’ love. A renowned enterprise software leader that has led revenue organizations and spearheaded the cloud GTM strategies at companies such as Oracle, New Relic and now Confluent, Erica Schultz is Confluent’s President of Field Operations and will share what she has seen evolve in enterprise GTM and tips on how to thrive in the current environment. From PLG and consumption-based pricing, to value-based selling and driving efficient growth, Erica will share veteran insights that will help you develop your own successful GTM strategy. Full video: https://youtu.be/j293NArWW38 Want to join the SaaStr community? We're the 🌎largest community for B2B software. Subscribe for weekly updates: https://www.saastr.com/subscribeform Twitter: https://twitter.com/saastr LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/2724976 Quora Group: https://www.quora.com/q/cloud Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SaaStr/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saastr/ Our North American Event: https://bit.ly/2OXeAYh Our European Event: https://bit.ly/2OZTad8


5 Oct 2022

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Bonus Episode: With Great Power #41...22 Panels with Erica Schultz

22 Panels - A Comic Book Podcast

Please excuse all of the technical difficulties we experienced through this episode and enjoy!Consider becoming a patron!

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19 May 2022

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Episode 719: Episode 719 - Thanks to Our Patrons - Jason Interviews Writer Erica Schultz - Forgotten Home

Comics for Fun and Profit

Episode 719 - Thanks to Our Patrons - Jason Interviews Writer Erica Schultz - Forgotten Home ericaschultzwrites.com Support Our Patreon to Win Prizes and Unlock More C4FaP Bonus Content https://www.patreon.com/comicsfunprofit Shop Kowabunga’s Exclusive Variants https://shopkowabunga.com/shop/ Donations Keep Our Show Going, Please Give https://bit.ly/36s7YeL Get on the Kowabunga (Deep Discount Comics) FOC and Preorder list http://eepurl.com/dy2Z8D Email us at: Comicsforfunandprofit@gmail.com - questions, comments, gripes, we can't wait to hear what you have to say. Follow us on twitter.com/ComicsFunProfit & instagram.com/comicsforfunandprofit Like us on Facebook.com/ComicsForFunAndProfit Subscribe, rate, review on itunes, Spotify, Stitcher. Thank you so much for listening and spreading the word about our little comic book podcast. https://comcsforfunandprofit.podomatic.com/  

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21 Mar 2022

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President at Confluent, Erica Schultz: Cashing in on Your Currency


When Confluent’s President of Field Ops Erica Schultz was 23, she was working at Oracle and cold-emailed the manager of the Argentina office, asking to work for him. This experience would open the door to opportunities in Buenos Aires and Miami, a time in Erica’s life she does not take for granted. As a leader today, she hopes to pass on this sentiment, constantly looking for individuals worth taking a chance on: “As I look around my organization, I think, OK, who’s the undiscovered not-yet-fully-realized talent that we should think about for this role?”In this episode, Erica and Joubin talk about why Buenos Aires, Argentina is the best city in the world; the lessons she learned from her father and what changed for her after he died of a rare form of cancer at age 54; her stints at Oracle, LivePerson, and New Relic; the importance of earning responsibility as you advance in your career; staying both humble and paranoid; and the importance of what Confluent is doing in the ever-changing digital infrastructure business.In this episode, we cover: The incredible influence of Erica’s namesake, her father, who passed away as her career was taking off (09:28) “The impact we leave is the impact we have on people” (15:21) How Erica became the captain of the Dartmouth rowing team after being cut from the swim team (18:03) Developing leaders from within a high-growth organization, and earning responsibility (31:36) Why Erica left a CRO role at LivePerson to work for the CRO of New Relic (37:03) Why she had her team at New Relic read “The Boys in the Boat” by Daniel James Brown, and loves the story of runner Roger Bannister (41:34) Being humbled by a changing competitive landscape, and the transformation of the digital infrastructure world (44:17) Real-time data and why both businesses and consumers increasingly need companies like Confluent (49:19) What Erica thought when she first met Confluent’s founder CEO Jay Kreps (56:03) How to transition from operator to executive to board member (59:14) Links: Connect with EricaLinkedIn Connect with Joubin Twitter LinkedIn Email: grit@kleinerperkins.com Learn more about Kleiner Perkins

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21 Mar 2022

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Forgotten Home with Erica Schultz

Play Comics

Some of my favorite stories are the ones where I’m plopped into a new world and have to figure things out with the characters. Ones where you’re not spoon fed all the information and get exposition that makes sense or have it outside of the story itself (ie footnotes or something). And putting it with a story about extended wars from other worlds and people trying to escape so their family doesn’t get caught up in it without an escape? Yeah go ahead and sign me up for that. Erica Schultz has that part of writing down. Which is really good because it means I can get lost in the story of Forgotten Home and not distracted by stupid exposition that you know wouldn’t actually happen in real life. Plus, and I say this totally seriously, possibly some of the best advice I’ve been given yet about how to get into comics. Learn such things as: The most pragmatic “how to get into comics” answer that I’ve ever gotten. Leaving some mystery for your readers so they can’t just guess what’s going to happen. Being flexible with your writing so you can adapt as things come up. And so much more! You can find Erica on Twitter @EricaSchultz42, Instagram @ericaschultzwrites, or her website Erica Schultz Writes. If you want to be a guest on the show please check out the Be a A Guest on the Show page and let me know what you’re interested in. If you want to help support the show check out the Play Comics Patreon page or head over to the Support page if you want to go another route. You can also check out the Play Comics Merch Store. Use the coupon code “ireadshownotes” for 15% off your order. Play Comics is part of the Gonna Geek Network, which is a wonderful collection of geeky podcasts. Be sure to check out the other shows on Gonna Geek if you need more of a nerd fix. You can find Play Comics @playcomicscast on Twitter and in the Play Comics Podcast Fan Group on Facebook. Intro/Outro Music by Best Day, who doesn’t know what the Home key on a keyboard does. Additional Noises from ZapSplat.

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6 Feb 2022

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Alien 3 (aka Schrodinger's Dog) with Erica Schultz

Progressively Horrified

Scare Level: ScaryTrigger Warnings: sexual assault, attempted rape, blood, body trauma, child death and autopsy, religious cult, flashing lights, animal death, dog death, dead nude childThe definition of a troubled production makes for an interesting if overall disappointing feature, but boy do we have a lot to say about it! If you haven't listened to our episodes on Alien and Aliens, we recommended checking those out first.Also, is it better for a dog to die horribly or have been erased from existence? The Basics Director: David Fincher (Se7en, The Game, Fight Club, Zodiac, Gone Girl, The Social Network, and let’s not forget, the music video for Madonna’s Vogue Writers: Vincent Ward (The Navigator: A Time Travel Adventure), Larry Furguson, Walter Hill, David GIller Stars: Sigourney Weaver, Charles S. Dutton, Charles Dance, Lance Henrickson, and the eighth Doctor himself, Paul McGann What’s it about?IMDB says: After her last encounter, Ellen Ripley crash-lands on Fiorina 161, a maximum security prison. When a series of strange and deadly events occur shortly after her arrival, Ripley realizes that she has brought along an unwelcome visitor. Recommendations Erica- Stranger Than Fiction (2006) Emily- 1984 (backup Jacob’s Ladder) just kidding, Brazil Ben - Orange is the New Black Jeremy - Se7en Follow our guest, Erica SchultzTwitter: @ericaschultz42Instagram: @ericaschultzwrites Website: https://www.ericaschultzwrites.com/Follow us on twitter @proghorrorpodFollow Emily on twitter @megamothEmily's Website: Megamoth.netFollow Ben on twitter @benthekahnPre-Order Ben's new book, Renegade Rule.Follow Jeremy on twitter @jrome58Visit his website at JeremyWhitley.comRSS Feed: https://feeds.transistor.fm/progressively-horrifiedWebsite: https://progressivelyhorrified.transistor.fm/Join our Patreon at: patreon.com/progressivelyhorrified to support the show, get bonus episodes, early access to upcoming episodes, and a cool Progressively Horrified t-shirt.Come back next week!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★

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28 Jan 2022

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Erica Schultz 10 Min In The Future With Bylines In Blood

Word Balloon Comics Podcast

From Aftershock, a new Conspiracy Crime Story set in the near future when Media, Gov't and other parts of society collapse. Erica and Van Jensen laid our an interesting scenario

1hr 8mins

18 Jan 2022

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Episode 11 - Erica Schultz

Comic Book Yeti Presents Into the Comics Cave

Oh man! The multi-talented Erica Schultz dropped by the cave to discuss a myriad of things, from current Aftershock title Bylines in Blood to the sweet smell of kitty armpits.  THIS EPISODE BROUGHT TO YOU BY BOYLAN'S BLACK CHERRY SODA  You can find more of Erica's work at https://www.ericaschultzwrites.com/--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/matt-ligeti/support Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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10 Jan 2022

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Erica Schultz - How to Take Control of Your Time to Achieve Your Goals

The Heart Strong Podcast

This season I’m excited to bring to you people that I know in real life who all have something important and unique to teach you. Today I’m talking with business leader Erica Schultz to talk about her knew book “Not Today” the nine habits of extreme productivity, Erica is the chief marketing officer of the RAIN Group, and a wildly talented women with a heart for others, she is on a mission to help us take control of your time, achieve your goals, and become unstoppable. Give this special episode a listen and let me know which time-saving tip will help you become unstoppable!  Click here to purchase “Not Today: The 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity” Twitter: @EricaStritch   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericastritch/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dangerschultz Visit Jessica at jessicalindberg.com, on Instagram at @jessmlindberg and head over to the Four Hearts Shop.


17 Jun 2021

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Kickstarting Comics with Erica Schultz

Welcome to Geekdom

Erica Schultz joins the podcast to chat about what it's like to fund a comic through Kickstarter and we dive into her current campaign for The Deadliest Bouquet.The Deadliest Bouquet on KickstarterFollow Erica Schultz on Twitter and Instagram.Check out Erica's website.ComiXology SubmitRecommendations:Greg Pak's Kickstarter SecretsHaunting/Like Father, Like Daughter Crossover #1Comics, Inebriated (Check out Erica's episode!)Follow Deanna Chapman on Twitter and Instagram.Follow the podcast on Twitter.Follow the podcast on Instagram.★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


1 Jun 2021