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Quotomania 298: Hart Crane


Subscribe to Quotomania on Simplecast or search for Quotomania on your favorite podcast app!Harold Hart Crane was born on July 21, 1899 in Garrettsville, Ohio and began writing verse in his early teenage years. Though he never attended college, Crane read regularly on his own, digesting the works of the Elizabethan dramatists and poets William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, John Donne and the nineteenth-century French poets Charles Vildrac, Jules Laforgue, and Arthur Rimbaud. His father, a candy manufacturer, attempted to dissuade him from a career in poetry, but Crane was determined to follow his passion to write.Living in New York City, he associated with many important figures in literature of the time, including Allen Tate, the novelist and short story writer Katherine Anne Porter, E. E. Cummings, and Jean Toomer, but his heavy drinking and chronic instability frustrated any attempts at lasting friendship. An admirer of T. S. Eliot, Crane combined the influences of European literature and traditional versification with a particularly American sensibility derived from Walt Whitman. His major work, the book-length poem, The Bridge, expresses in ecstatic terms a vision of the historical and spiritual significance of America. Like Eliot, Crane used the landscape of the modern, industrialized city to create a powerful new symbolic literature.Hart Crane died by suicide on April 27, 1932, at the age of thirty-two, while sailing back to New York from Mexico.From https://poets.org/poet/hart-crane. For more information about Hart Crane:“Hart Crane”: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poets/hart-craneThe Complete Poems of Hart Crane: https://wwnorton.com/books/9780871401786“A Discussion with Hart Crane”: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/browse?volume=29&issue=1&page=46


26 Jul 2022

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On the Meeting of Garcia Lorca and Hart Crane

Audio Poem of the Day

By Philip Levine


4 Jun 2022

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Hart Crane: "Voyages V"


Recorded by Academy of American Poets staff for Poem-a-Day, a series produced by the Academy of American Poets. Published on June 4, 2022. www.poets.org


4 Jun 2022

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My Grandmother’s Love Letters - Hart Crane

Poetry Chest

In this episode, I breakdown a really wonderful poem by Hart Crane, who has crafted a piece of poetry that enables the consumer to look through the veils of legacy. In this poem he talks about his grandmother for more details, check out the episode. For more original works headover to my blog https://poetrychestbykshitijthakkar.blogspot.com


4 Mar 2022

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#117 Today's Boondoggle- with Jon Hart Crane and his Balls.

Todays Boondoggle Podcast

In this episode Bill is joined once again by Florence Whitengale and we talk with Jon Hart Cane of the YouTube Channel by the same name. Jon talks about living in NYC on 9-11 and documenting that days events, as well as the RNC protests a few years later. Jon also shares what led him down the rabbit hole years later to question the narratives and propaganda put out by our government and mainstream media. He also shares his knowledge on Weather Modification technology, EMF rays, 5G technology, HAARP, and crimes against humanity. Jon, Flo, and Bill also talk about daily routines, healing and recovery with Yumana ball rolling, and Bill Gates being a Dr. Evil figurehead, plus how we must all unite and fight against the CONvid virus, plus how he's using a Beekeepers outfit to fight against this Plandemic, and so much more. So kick back with your headphones and cold one for this latest episode. Enjoy our additional segments featuring music from the Flo White Show and Stories from the VFW Hall. Remember Boondoggle Listeners Matter, so e-mail us at todaysboondoggle@gmail.com and let us know your thoughts so we can read them on air. Tweet us @2daysBoondoggle and Follow us on Instagram @todaysboondoggle as well as on Facebook. Please subscribe and give 5 stars and review. Every review we receive on either Apple Podcast or Google Music we will mention you on a future episode and our Social Media pages. Follow Today's Boondoggle  also on our Social Media as well as  DomainCle.com and on Anchor.fm Today's Boondoggle logo designed by Stacy Candow. Additional music by Evan Crouse Also please consider financially supporting us at Todays Boondoggle using Venmo, our GoFundMe, or sponsoring us on our Anchor.fm page, so we can continue to provide you with quality entertainment.#11--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/todaysboondoggle/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/todaysboondoggle/support

1hr 36mins

19 May 2021

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Hart Crane to His Father

Human Voices Wake Us

A reading of a letter Hart Crane sent to his father in January of 1924. I don't know of a better attempt by a poet to explain his vocation to someone who will never understand it, than this.  The letter is found on O My Land, My Friends: The Selected Letters of Hart Crane, edited by Langdon Hammer & Brom Weber. Any comments, or suggestions for readings I should make in later episodes, can be emailed to humanvoiceswakeus1@gmail.com. I assume that the small amount of work presented in each episode constitutes fair use. Publishers, authors, or other copyright holders who would prefer to not have their work presented here can also email me at humanvoiceswakeus1@gmail.com, and I will remove the episode immediately.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/humanvoiceswakeus/support


4 May 2021

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Las cartas de amor de mi abuela (Hart Crane, en la voz de Luis Reynaldo Pérez)

Orden de traslado

No hay más estrellas esta noche que las de los recuerdos, y sin embargo, cuánto espacio queda para el recuerdo en el holgado cinturón de la llovizna tenue. Incluso queda suficiente espacio para las cartas de la madre de mi madre, Elizabeth, que han estado guardadas tanto tiempo en un rincón de la buhardilla que están humedecidas y marrones, y quizás se podrían derretir como nieve. En un espacio de esas dimensiones, es necesario dar pasos muy cuidadosos. Todo pende de un invisible pelo blanco, y tiembla como ramas de abedul que tejieran una red en el aire. Y me pregunto: “¿Tenés los dedos suficientemente largos para pulsar esas antiguas teclas que no son sino ecos? ¿Tendrá el silencio suficiente fuerza para llevar la música de vuelta hasta su origen y otra vez hasta vos igual que si estuviese llevándosela a ella?”. Y sin embargo yo llevaría a mi abuela de la mano, y le haría ver cosas que mayormente no comprendería; y por eso tropiezo. La lluvia continúa cayendo sobre el techo y suena como a risas de piadosa dulzura.


29 Jul 2020

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Catalog 10, Episode 4: Hart Crane - The Bridge, Part 1

Catalogs and NOISE

This week we begin a series of discussions on Hart Crane's book-length poem The Bridge.

2hr 37mins

13 May 2018

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Catalog 10, Episode 3: Hart Crane - White Buildings, Part 3

Catalogs and NOISE

This week we conclude our discussion of Hart Crane's White Buildings.


6 May 2018

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Catalog 10, Episode 2: Hart Crane - White Buildings, Part 2

Catalogs and NOISE

This week we continue our discussion of Hart Crane's first poetry collection, White Buildings.

1hr 57mins

27 Apr 2018