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Dr. Dan Olsen and Ecumenism within the Family

Glenmary Unity

Dr. Dan Olsen is the Director for the Office of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs with the Archdiocese of Chicago. In today's conversation we discuss his work and the unique role the family, or domestic church, can play in the ministry of ecumenism. 


6 Sep 2021

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Traditional Skills, Bladesmithing, Bowyery, & Hands-On Education with Dan Olsen

The Alchemi-Culture Podcast

In this episode Phoenix interviews master bladesmith, bowyer, and instructor of primitive skills, the amazing Daniel Olsen, for a fascinating interview. Dan talks about how he got into primitive skills work and how he created his Traditions School for children in the greater Boise, ID area. He talks about his grounded and practical education philosophy which enables children to experience complex laws of physics, math, and the sciences through direct hands on experiences, often tied into fun ballistic activities including ballistics, archery, and other primitive skills. Dan also shares about his journey into becoming a blacksmith/bladesmith and gets into some details around the craft, as well as his experience with making bows. For all you knife lovers, primitive skill lovers, and lovers of education, this podcast is for you.  Daniel Olsen began his journey into traditional skills in the foothills of Central Utah with his grandmother as his guide. She grew up herding sheep in the mountains of Idaho and Foraging The Hills for most of the food that she and her family ate. She passed this knowledge on to her grandchildren through her example. Daniel has lived in many different environments including the high deserts of Utah, Nevada, the Pacific Northwest in Washington, Idaho and Alaska, Upstate New York, the desert southwest and the tropical northeast coast of Australia. In all of these locations the desire to learn the knowledge and skills of the original inhabitants has remained strong. Daniel has been fortunate to find people in all of these locations who were eager to share their knowledge. In addition to teaching Daniel is a professional Bladesmithing and the owner of 4D Blades where he designs and makes functional works of art for outdoors men and women. He is also an accomplished public speaker and storyteller and is often sought out to make presentations to local groups on traditional skills and alternative education. Daniel has always felt a strong connection to nature and has been exploring from his childhood inspired by the stories of his ancestors, the Native Americans, and the frontiers men and women of the past. In his free time you can find Daniel roaming and foraging in the mountains and canyons of the mountain states researching and taking pictures for his book “the Bushcrafter’s Guide to Useful Plants of the Mountain States“. To get in touch with Daniel Olsen please visit him on Social Media: @traditions.school on Facebook and Instagram  @4dblades also on Facebook and Instagram To support this podcast please support our affiliates and our own online Spagyric Apothecary www.phoenixaurelius.org/apothecary  and use coupon code: Listen15 to save 15% off Ion Biome Gut Health BioArc Disks 

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21 Jul 2021

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Getting the Max from an MVP - Dan Olsen

The Product Experience

Want to make a veteran product person sad? Just ask them how they've used MVPs in the past.  Once you get past the sobbing, you're likely to get stories of  the myriad ways that a perfectly good experiment got turned into a v1 release.  It doesn't have to be like that!  Dan Olsen joins us on the podcast to teach Lily & Randy how to actually control the scope of an MVP, guide us through some of his favourites, and why MVP failure can be considered a success.Featured Links: Follow Dan on LinkedIn, Twitter and his Website|Read Dan's The Lean Product Playbook|Types of MVPs | Lean Product Meetup | The original MVP article How to successfully validate your idea with a Landing Page MVP  - and the follow-up,four days later,| A Landing Page is NOT an MVP | Aaron Walter's book Designing for Emotion


7 Jul 2021

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Dan Olsen - Build the Right Thing for the Right People


Dan Olsen is a product management trainer, consultant, and author. At Olsen Solutions, he works with CEOs and product leaders to build strong product teams. His clients include Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, Box, and Walmart. Dan is the author of the bestseller The Lean Product Playbook. Prior to consulting, Dan was a product leader at Intuit and several startups. Dan lives in Silicon Valley, where he founded the monthly Lean Product Meetup which has over 10,000 members.https://productized.medium.com/productized-podcast-with-dan-olsen-9862f0989608👉 Show Notes[02:20] Covid’s impact on Dan Olsen’s work and routine.[03:20] Countries where Dan sees most Product Culture Growth[04:25] Who should read “the lean product playbook” today? Who is the book addressing today?[08:40] Dan’s thoughts on the emergence of No Code.[09:24] How to Build the Right Think for the Right People[11:30] The beginning of Dan’s career, in the defense industry, designing nuclear submarines, the Virginia class submarine.[17:24] How does product management in large firms like Google and Apple, differ from product management in other environments, and should the philosophy be the same?[21:26] Tips for people that want to get into product.[24:43] The Lean UX meetup in Silicon Valley organized by Dan Olsen[28:50] Q&A: Using Product Management Tools to Design Great Customer Experience[34:53] Q&A: Changing the mindset on the importance of PMs. How do we convince them to kind of give this opportunity to get more people to falling into the role earlier on, and not just when there’s already chaos?[40:30] Values design brings to the product and users' experience.[41:45] Q&A: Breaking into Product Management Roles: Product Manager vs Product Owner[45:00] Best interface to merge startups[41:45] Breaking into Product Management Roles: Europe vs the US⚡ENJOY 30% DISCOUNT ⚡https://bit.ly/3fiOIVU


26 Mar 2021

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Workplace Confessions with Dan Olsen: "Climbing the Ladder" & "I Suck at Hiring"


What do you do when you think you deserve your bosses job? Or when you make too many bad hires? We discuss both issues with Dan Olsen, author of The Lean Product Playbook: How to Innovate with Minimum Viable Products and Rapid Customer Feedback.This episode is brought to you by The Information. The Information has a simple mission: deliver important, deeply reported stories about the technology business you won't find elsewhere.***This show is a part of the Podglomerate network, a company that produces, distributes, and monetizes podcasts. We encourage you to visit the website and sign up for our newsletter for more information about our shows, launches, and events. For more information on how The Podglomerate treats data, please see our Privacy Policy.  Since you're listening to Rocketship, we'd like to suggest you also try other Podglomerate shows surrounding entrepreneurship, business, and careers like Creative Elements and Freelance to Founder. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


25 Mar 2021

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#26 - How to Grow as a Product Manager, with Dan Olsen

The Work Item - A Career Growth and Exploration Podcast

There is no single, well-defined path to becoming a product manager. There are more questions than answers when it comes to figuring out which skills are necessary, what books or blog posts to read, or which courses to take.Dan Olsen, the author of “The Lean Product Playbook,” former product leader at Intuit, Friendster, Box, and the US Navy (he worked on submarine design) shares with us some insights on what it means to grow as a product manager.You can find Dan on the following sites:🐤 Twitter📝 Blog🎥 YouTube🤵 LinkedIn📅 MeetupMake sure to sign up for Dan’s upcoming Lean Product Management online workshop on April 20, 2021.The podcast was produced by Den Delimarsky. Music by Wataboi from Pixabay.


14 Mar 2021

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"The Lean Product Playbook" book discussion with author Dan Olsen - November 2020

Product Book Club

This month we discussed the book "The Lean Product Playbook" together with the author Dan Olsen and other Product Managers. We all shared our main take aways and feedback about the book, and then discussed with Dan about how to better segment customers, how to promote the lean product process inside your company, how to combine different frameworks among other topics. About the Product Book Club: Discuss product-related books once a month with new colleagues and the book's author. Join productbookclub.com to know what other books we are reading, and participate in the upcoming discussions! Follow us on Social Media: https://www.linkedin.com/company/productbookclub/ https://www.facebook.com/productbookclub https://instagram.com/productbookclub https://twitter.com/prodbookclub

1hr 2mins

2 Dec 2020

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Church Tech Profiles Podcast Episode 07: Dan Olsen

Church Tech Profiles

Van interviews Dan Olsen, Technical Director at Prairie Lakes Church, Cedar Falls, IAhttps://www.prairielakeschurch.org/ Theme song: On High (instrumental version) by Bryon Bos.

1hr 4mins

29 Sep 2020

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52: Building an 'A' Team for Your Product (ft. Dan Olsen)

People of Product

Dan Olsen and George Brooks talk product teams and principles in our latest episode. They delve into the importance of having an 'A team', how shared knowledge can resolve conflict, and the dangers of silos.Follow us on Instagram: @Option5PodcastTweet at us: @cremalabOption 5 is brought to you by CremaCrema is a digital product agency that works with partners from top innovative brands to funded startups. Our team of creative thinkers and doers simplify the complex to discover the right solutions faster.Find Crema on the web at https://www.crema.usFind us on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/c/Cremalab


3 Aug 2020

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How to Achieve Product-Market Fit by Author, Dan Olsen

The Product Podcast

Product-market fit refers to the degree to which a product satisfies a strong market demand. Today, we have Dan Olsen discussing what product-market fit exactly is and how to achieve it. Get the FREE Product Book here


14 Jul 2020