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Destination 2039 #21 - "Natural Training, Animal Movements, Functional Plant based Living..." Special Guest Jon Hinds

Destination 2039 Podcast

Jon Hinds is a world renowned strength and conditioning coach, inventor, natural trainer, owner and founder of the Monkey Bar Gymnasium and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt.  Simply put, he is integrated human performance at its best. Jon is a pioneer in fitness that meets people where they are instead of forcing a system, style, movements and lifts onto someone who may not be prepared. I identify with Jon’s work since I injured my back in college from a physical perspective due to major imbalances that were not addressed in traditional strength training especially in a football weight room where bigger, faster,stronger did not mean more functional. Jon allows his creative evolutionary model to integrated fitness address the different levels of one physical development. He uses corrective yoga, natural movement, innovative bands, pulleys and props to allow you to advance your fitness level in the gym, at home or on the road. I have used his fitness tools for over fifteen years with every level of athlete. Jon has worked with every level of athlete including being the strength and conditioning coach for professional sports teams. I think what separates Jon from the rest of the fitness pack is he lives what he preaches and doesn’t pigeon hole himself into one style. He was plant based before it was popular, he did restorative yoga before there was a studio on every street corner, he was functional and natural movement based before that was the craze. In this podcast you will hear Jon, Brenda and myself in a free flow conversation about how fitness... proper fitness should be part of your fun as well as a peak performance tool to make you a champion in life.  Learn more about Jon at www.monkeybargym.com .


15 Jul 2019