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So, What Do You Do? | Paul Millerd

Pod of Gold

In the last year, all of our working lives have been turned upside-down by the COVID-19 pandemic. But are these changes just for now? Or will we see a complete culture shift in the way we conceptualize work? In this episode, we speak with Paul Millerd, who several years ago left behind his corporate 9 to 5 to pursue life on the road as a “solopreneur”. He is a writer, blogger, and host of his own podcast ‘Reimagine Work’, where he questions the role of work in our lives. We ask Paul where he sees the future of work going and together imagine a world where we’re all free to carve our own paths in life.


9 Feb 2021

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# 53 My anniversary reflection as a female fitness podcaster/女力播客串聯 + 好奇槓鈴週年特輯! ft. Paul Millerd

Curious Barbell 好奇槓鈴-健身與人生的對話

本集是由女力心聲與keira's talk 發起的女力播客串連&好奇槓鈴週年特別企劃! Angie 邀請內人保羅來訪談自己,談談做podcast與發展好奇槓鈴以來一路上的心得, 與作為一位女性如何影響我一路上的創作旅程.

1hr 5mins

18 Oct 2020

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Reimagining our relationship with 'Work', ft. Paul Millerd

Not Overthinking

We're joined this week by Paul Millerd, who's spent a lot of time thinking, reading, and writing about 'work'. We talk about the current culture of 'work-ism', the history of work and how we ended up here, the assumptions that our culture makes about work, and how to reimagine our relationship with 'work' to live happier lives.

1hr 43mins

9 Aug 2020

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Episode 0 - Paul Millerd

Breaking the Frame

In this episode, Travis speaks with Paul Millerd the founder of Boundless and a prolific creator focused on our relationship to work. We cover content creation, work beliefs, existential and health crises, and beliefs about doctors and written self-reflection.

1hr 30mins

23 Jul 2020

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Mindsets, Tools & Models to Reinvent Yourself with Paul Millerd


Paul Millerd has a unique story to tell about his journey from management consultant and MBA to digital nomad, writer and coach. In many ways it is harder for those of us with prestigious jobs and degrees to reinvent ourselves and live our ideal life. Paul has thought deeply about the future of work and carving one’s own path in the world, and has helped hundreds of people reinvent themselves. In this episode, Paul and I discuss mindsets, tools and models to face the challenges of reinvention and the unknowns of self-employment. Topics The Challenges of Reinvention (2:30) Mindsets, Models & Tools (24:25) On Money & Imagination (44:25) Paul Millerd Paul has written about his journey from McKinsey / Boston Consulting Group consultant and MIT Sloan MBA to Writer, Solopreneur, Career Coach & Podcast Host in prolific fashion. His website (think-boundless.com) is a great starting point to help you reinvent yourself, your work, and your career. Paul Millerd Episode Write-Up & Links I write too! Join my private email list to be notified of new content and exclusive rewards for subscribers.


27 Feb 2020

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E63: Mckinsey to BCG to Freelance Lifestyle Design - Paul Millerd's Story

Wall Street Oasis

In this episode, Paul Millerd explains how he went from a non-target school to a research associate position at McKinsey.  Listen how he managed to break in even after getting officially rejected and how he ended up at BCG after getting his MBA at MIT.  We learn how he has now left the formal strategy consulting positions behind and started a new life where work isn't the number one priority.


22 Dec 2019

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#27 The Future of Work with Paul Millerd


Jared Janes and Jason Snyder talk with Paul Millerd about his career path, Jared's recent leap to self-employment, the incentives of benefits & healthcare, history of firm-based vs contract work, expectations of work & its connection to meaning & dignity, local community, the boundary between work & life, basic income, consumerism, GDP determined lifestyles, shared local commons, self-determination theory, the 40-hour workweek, the pathless path, work as service, complexity of teams & the role of chaos, and much more. In this Episode of Both/And Andrew Taggart If work dominated your every moment would life be worth living? On Bullshit by Harry Frankfurt Zachary Stein on The Musing Mind Podcast Three Sacred Beliefs Undermining Universal Basic Income Drive by Dan Pink Twitter Questions Support Both/And by becoming a patron &/or subscribing & reviewing us on iTunes Jared Janes participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commissions by linking to Amazon. In more human terms, this means that whenever you buy a book on Amazon from a link on here, a small percentage of its price is sent to us.

1hr 43mins

18 Dec 2019

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220. Paul Millerd on creating an online course

Unleashed - How to Thrive as an Independent Professional

Our guest today is Paul Millerd, who has been on the show before, on Episode 62. It was great to welcome Paul back to hear what he has been up to. I’m so inspired by Paul, who has been incredibly deliberate about designing a life.  He has built a practice that allows him to work completely remotely, and recently left home in Boston to spend a stretch of time working in Bali and then in Japan and now in Taiwan. He has developed several online courses with over 4,500 students on Udemy alone, he writes a very popular weekly newsletter that I love, and he is incredibly generous with his time: on his website you can book time to have a “curiosity conversation” with Paul; he has spoken with hundreds of people around the world who have reached out to him in this way. Check out Paul’s website, think-boundless.com Follow him on Twitter @p_millerd  Check out the consulting skills course he created at strategy.co https://strategyu.co/ Paul has written one of the most authoritative articles on the evolution of consulting talent platforms, and I’ll include a link to that piece in the show notes: https://think-boundless.com/the-failed-promise-of-freelance-consulting-talent-platforms/ Email me at unleashed@umbrex.com and I'll add send you the weekly Unleashed email that includes a summary of each episode and bonus material.


9 Dec 2019

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Podcast - Episode 5: Paul Millerd on work, meaning, and navigating life without a map

What Really Matters

On this episode I talk with Paul Millerd. Paul went to grad school at MIT before embarking on a traditional high prestige, high earning career path. He worked for global management consulting firms like BCG and McKinsey - and then it all changed. I’ll let him tell the story, but the short of it is that Paul got off the traditional career track and reassessed what he truly wanted from life. That’s not easy to do, but I think Paul has done it with uncommon thoughtfulness, so I was very pleased he found time from his home in Taiwan to talk it through with me.Show links include:Navigating life without a mapThink Boundless (Paul’s career coaching site)Paul Millerd on Twitter Get full access to What Really Matters at www.russellmaxsimon.com/subscribe


17 Oct 2019

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Episode 1: Unlocking Purpose In The Future Of Work (With Paul Millerd & Chelsea Seid)

Leveling Up

In this episode, Paul Millerd and Chelsea Seid discusswhy work should feel meaningful, how passion is overrated and the importance of finding your own definition of success.


27 May 2018