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S4 E14 | Searching for Racial and Religious Identity as a Potawatomi Woman with Kaitlin Curtice

Love Is Stronger Than Fear with Amy Julia Becker

“What does it mean for me to actually be a Potawatomi woman? To be a Christian? To be human?” Author Kaitlin Curtice, a member of the Potawatomi Nation, joins Amy Julia on the podcast to talk—and to ask questions— about racial and religious identity, holidays and traditions, and entering into an expansive understanding of the love of God.Show Notes:As both a member of the Potawatomi Nation and a Christian, Kaitlin Curtice offers a unique perspective on the never-ending journey of finding ourselves and finding God. Kaitlin’s book Native: Identity, Belonging, and Rediscovering God  “shows how reconnecting with her Native American roots both informs and challenges her Christian faith.”Connect online:Website: kaitlincurtice.comInstagram: @kaitlincurticeTwitter: @KaitlinCurticeOn the Podcast:Kaitlin’s books: Native and Glory HappeningThe Doctrine of Discovery document“[when] your faith becomes the catchall for your identity, we lose the nuance of what it means to be human in a lot of ways.”“That’s what assimilation does…the church wants what is white in me but not what is native in me.” “What I want to do is help people ask the questions in the first place about America, about Christianity, about who they are…and that’s about belonging, right, about identity.”“Can we have thoughtful, reciprocal relationships with one another where the end goal isn’t, ‘Can I get you to heaven or not?’”“You can’t reconcile something until you actually acknowledge it. American Christianity has not acknowledged its complicity in the genocide and colonization of Indigenous peoples.”“When we learn to have this reciprocal relationship with the earth, we will become more humble as human beings.”“We take care of ourselves because we also are trying to learn to care for one another better.”“This journey [of decolonization work or anti-racism work] is lifelong, and it will involve us messing up and trying again and apologizing and fixing it and reading another book and then reading that book all over again…”“Every time we take a step forward or we do the action, that doesn’t mean that we’ve now reached the end and done all the things. We should always be doing all of the things and not think that we have to reach some finish line. We’re always doing it. That’s what being human is. That’s how we love each other better.”__Thank you to Breaking Ground, the co-host for this podcast.Head, Heart, Hands, Season 4 of the Love Is Stronger Than Fear podcast, is based on my e-book Head, Heart, Hands, which accompanies White Picket Fences. Check out free RESOURCES that are designed to help you respond to the harm of privilege and join in the work of healing. Learn more about my writing and speaking at amyjuliabecker.com.👁‍🗨Accessibility: You can read the transcript for this episode here, or see this episode with subtitles on my YouTube channel.


20 Apr 2021

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Kaitlin Curtice: Indigenous Spirituality

A People's Theology

In this episode I chat with Kaitlin Curtice about her new book, Native: Identity, Belonging, and Rediscovering God. We chat all about her story, her journey of faith, and decolonization. Guest Bio/Info: Kaitlin Curtice is a citizen of the Potawatomi Nation as well as a Christian, public speaker, and poet. She travels around the country speaking on faith and justice within the church as it relates to Indigenous peoples and has been a featured speaker at Why Christian, Evolving Faith, Wild Goose Festival, and more. Find Kaitlin here: Find Kaitlin here: kaitlincurtice.com Twitter: @KaitlinCurticeInstagram: kaitlincurticeFacebook: facebook.com/kaitlincurticewriter Special music by: Hudson Freeman Spotify: Hudson Freeman Instagram: hudsonfreeman Get connected to Mason: masonmennenga.com Patreon: patreon.com/masonmennenga Twitter: @masonmennenga Facebook: facebook.com/mason.mennenga Instagram: masonmennenga


23 Sep 2020

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Wonder, Welcome, and Communion with Kaitlin Curtice and Jonathan Martin

The Evolving Faith Podcast

This week, we hear from the Poet and the Preacher. Join us as Kaitlin Curtice leads us through a winsome and beautiful invitation to the light still glimmering around us and then gather with us at the Communion tradition for Evolving Faith as Jonathan Martin preaches about the welcome of Jesus to the Table. Then Sarah and Jeff talk about where they’re experiencing those glimmers of light right now, their own experiences with communion at Evolving Faith, and together recall some of Rachel Held Evans’ passion for the sacraments together. One note: we apologize for the audio quality of Jeff’s microphone during portions of today’s podcast. Thanks for your patience!


23 Sep 2020

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[Summer Best Of For the Love] The Glory of God in Our Pain: Kaitlin Curtice & the Power of Lament

For The Love With Jen Hatmaker Podcast

When our third Summer Best Of teacher speaks, people listen—and we couldn’t forget the powerful words she shared on For the Love in 2019. Raised a Southern Baptist, as she grew older Kaitlin Curtice began to explore her family’s rich history in the Potawatomi Citizen Band. Kaitlin tells us what life is like as an indigenous woman in the United States today, how she’s teaching her kids about their heritage and how we can rally around teachers of color during their hardest moments. Kaitlin reminds us we have a responsibility to incorporate a wide range of voices into our world and remember the power of empathizing with an experience different from our own. One of the most poignant lessons she gives us: God is is inviting us into the sacred, and it’s not in a far-off sunbeam or reserved for the church pew—the sacred is all around us, from the daffodils on the street corner to the popsicle-stained smile of our kid, even as we are consoled in our pain and grief. God’s glory is in everyone and everything. We only need eyes to see it. Be sure to check out her new book “Native.” * * * Thank you to our sponsors! Noom |Start your trial today at noom.com/forthelove Rothy’s |Check out all the amazing shoes (and bags!) available right now at rothys.com/forthelove BetterHelp | Take charge of your mental health—get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/forthelove


4 Aug 2020

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Episode 36 (Native Spirituality) with Kaitlin Curtice


Corey has a conversation with Kaitlin Curtice, author of the brand new book "Native." In this episode, Kaitlin talks about her journey to accepting the traditions, practices, and spirituality of her ancestors as well as how to practice authentic, indigenous faith.  Contend with Kaitlin: On Insta: @kaitlincurtice On Twitter: @kaitlincurtice  Get her new book: https://www.amazon.com/Native-Identity-Belonging-Rediscovering-God/dp/1587434318 Contend with us: On Insta: @coreyevanleak and @existentialpodcast On Twitter: @coreyevanmusic Our Patreon:http://patreon.com/coreyevanleak


21 Jul 2020

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#2020 - Bringing Our Whole Selves to Worship: Kaitlin Curtice

Things Not Seen Podcast

We speak with Kaitlin Curtice about the dualities of being an enrolled citizen of the Potawatomi Nation and someone who has grown up in the Christian faith. Her recent book, Native: Identity, Belonging, and Rediscovering God, explores these complexities with wit, honesty, and grace. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


21 Jun 2020

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EP:20 Kaitlin Curtice — Why Decolonization Matters in the Church

Everyday Theology

The process of decolonization requires us first to develop respect for the other. If respect is an inherently Christian value, why do our churches so often demand assimilation?  In this episode, author Kaitlin Curtice, citizen of the Potawatomi Nation, discusses the complexities in deconstructing our faith and spiritual community to understand our true personal and cultural identity. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/everydaytheology/support


14 May 2020

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Voices of Wisdom - Episode 13 - Kaitlin Curtice

Voices of Wisdom

Kaitlin Curtice discusses faith, identity and parenting in an interesting pre-COVID-19 conversation with Tony. kaitlincurtice.com www.tonycaldwell.com Native: Identity, Belonging, and Rediscovering God kaitlincurtice.com/book Podcast production: Music - www.birdsofchicago.com Melanie Cummings - www.melaniercummings.com Pete Lepley - phonetichero.bandcamp.com Matt Lepley - www.mattlepley.com


7 May 2020

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A Conversation with Kaitlin Curtice

Calvary Episcopal Church - Memphis, TN

This conversation between Heidi Rupke and Kaitlin Curtice is the latest in our podcast series with Lenten Preaching Series speakers and other faith leaders, authors, and creative thinkers around the world. An enrolled member of the Potawatomi Citizen Band and also a practicing Christian, Kaitlin Curtice writes on the intersection of Indigenous spirituality, Christian faith in everyday life, and the church. Her latest book, Native, is about identity, soul-searching, and the never-ending journey of finding ourselves and finding God.


28 Apr 2020

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Kaitlin Curtice

CBF Conversations

Sponsors: Fuller Seminary, The Center for Congregational Health, Advocacy in Action. Music by Nicolai Heidlas from HookSounds.com


15 Dec 2019