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# 107 - On Making Change F’ing Happen! with Brienne Allan & Ash Eliot

The Beer Mighty Things Podcast

I connect with the Brave Noise duo that consists of Brienne Allan (@ratmagnet) & Ash Eliot (@asheliot)!We discuss how the #metoo movement has swept the Craft Beverage Industry and what's developing since.  We uncover the resources available, the Brave Noise Beer Collaboration, putting together workplace Codes of Conduct and improving our workplaces as well as ourselves in general.  We talk about self-care and how important karaoke can be as well as how consumers can get involved.@bravenoisebeer@womenofthebevolutionnot-me.com #NotMe


31 Aug 2021

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#102: Brienne Allan | Notch Brewing

Graining In

We were felt truly honored to have the opportunity to sit down this week with the head brewer of Notch, Brienne Allan. If you don't know Brienne's name by now (or, at the very least her Instagram handle @Ratmaget), then it's probably time to find a different cell provider. She walks us through the unintended series of events that, in a matter of days, led to an absolute tsunami of shared experiences of sexism from women working in all corners of  beer, brought the topic to the forefront of conversation of the entire brewing industry, and inadvertently bestowed her with an immense amount of assumed responsibility. Brienne's perspective on sexism in beer -- and more so, everything that had BEEN happening for far too long -- is as eye-opening and honest as it challenging and inspiring, and it would be a disservice to write more about that side of conversation when its depth is simply best heard. With that said, Brienne is a brewer before anything else, and fittingly, we find the time to talk nearly as much about lagers (Notch's expertise here has been beyond established on the podcast) as we do equality. Beer, life, and conversation are each dictated by balance, after all. Please enjoy our extremely raw conversation with one of the best brewers in the country, who just HAPPENS to be looked at as the de facto voice for eliminating misogyny. No weighty burden to see here, folks........................... .............................................................................. ........ Music: "Mountain Climb" by Jake Hill

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31 May 2021

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Ep. 49 - Brienne Allan of Notch Brewing

Drink Beer, Think Beer With John Holl

Show notes from host John Holl: "I love a good conversation over beer and these days it’s hard to do it in person, but it is alive online. One person I can always count on to get the brain cells working and to challenge the notions of beer is Brienne Allan, the production manager at Notch Brewing, in Salem Massachusetts.  She’s worked at the brewery for three years and handles a variety of roles and has been instrumental in getting some of the more beloved and esoteric lager projects off the ground an into production. She’s got a love of historical tradition of styles, technical knowledge, and worldly travels and revived the Pink Boots Society chapter in Massachusetts a few years back.  We get into all that and more in this conversation that bounced around topics quickly. She spoke to me from Notch, and I wanted to start off on a positive note."For more Drink Beer, Think Beer or to check out Beer Edge: The Newsletter for Beer Professionals, follow us on Twitter @thebeeredge and subscribe to our beer industry focused newsletter. There is more information, articles, and engaging content at Beer Edge. Host: John Holl Guest: Brienne Allan Tags: Beer, Craft Beer, Lager, Pink Boots Society, Massachusetts


9 Sep 2020

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EP-263 Chris Lohring and Brienne Allan of Notch Brewing

Good Beer Hunting

Living overseas can give you an interesting perspective on American beer culture. Although I’m originally from California, I’ve lived in the Czech Republic for almost 20 years now. While I miss many of the beers and breweries from back home, I really fell in love with Czech beer, dedicating a lot of my time to researching, writing about, and drinking it. In recent years I’ve been glad to see North American beer lovers develop much more interest in Czech beer. Since then, many U.S. and Canadian brewers have reached out to me with questions about recipes, equipment, and processes. I can tell that for a lot of people back home, Czech brewing is still rather weird and unknown, whether it’s the “black magic” of a triple-decoction mash, or the strange pours like the šnyt and mlíko, or our rarely spotted “yeast beer,” Kvasnicové Pivo. One of the standout U.S. brewers who actually gets Czech beer is Chris Lohring of Notch Brewing in Salem, Massachusetts. Chris came through Prague himself, in 2012, doing research on how Czech beers are brewed, served, and drunk. I met up with Chris during that trip, and so did my friend and colleague Max Bahnson, who writes under the name Pivní Filosof. Chris got to visit Czech breweries; drink Czech beers; and observe the Czech process, approach, and culture. Since then, Notch Brewing has emerged as one of the leading proponents of Czech-style beers in North America. Not only does Notch make a Czech-inspired Světlý Ležák, or Pale Lager (aka Pilsner), but it also makes Tmavé Pivo, or Dark Lager, and Polotmavé Pivo, which means “half-dark beer,” or Amber Lager. At the Notch taproom in Salem, those beers are served from a Czech side-pour (or side-pull) faucet, into a Czech dimpled, half-liter mug. My Czech friends who have visited the Notch taproom said it’s the closest thing to a Czech beer experience you can get in the U.S. In this episode, I catch up with Chris Lohring when on his return to Prague, along with Notch Brewing’s production manager, Brienne Allan. They were both on a trip that included several hands-on brew days at different Czech breweries. I wanted to ask Chris and Brienne about the differences between Czech beer culture and American beer culture, as well as the differences in Prague since Chris’ last visit seven-plus years ago. I wanted to find out what beer drinkers in the States understood about Czech beer, brewing, and how we drink, and I wanted to know if there were any common misconceptions. Our meeting takes place over a few beers in a busy Prague café around the corner from my apartment, so there’s a fair amount of background noise—sorry about that. It was recorded in mid-February, 2020, about three weeks before the coronavirus closed off the Czech Republic and made travel here impossible, at least for now. The observations about Czech brewing and beer drinking made by Chris and Brienne, however, feel pretty timeless. Here’s Chris Lohring and Brienne Allan of Notch Brewing in Salem. Listen in.


25 Apr 2020

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