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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dan Gallagher. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dan Gallagher, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dan Gallagher. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dan Gallagher, often where they are interviewed.

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Interview with new signing Dan Gallagher

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Dan Gallagher.
Aug 31 2019 · 2mins
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WOTJ - EP171 - Magnificat Head Coach Dan Gallagher

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Coach Flannery is away with team USA but the show goes on! Coach Dan Gallagher from Magnificat High School joins Tim in the Coaches' office. The main topics on the show:

- Tim & Coach Gallagher talk about the summer and AAU season. Coach Gallagher leads some COSA Athletic teams and they discuss approach for development and team building for the AAU seasons.

- At the 16 minute mark, Dan and Tim discuss Dan's 2 seasons as head coach at Magnificat. Among many topics, they discuss the difference between coaching high school boys and girls, what it's like building a program, adjusting to the girls game schedules and lessons learned over 2 seasons.

- At the 45 minute mark, Dan and Tim talk some Cavs and NBA. Impressions and thoughts about the Cavs options with the 5th pick and some NBA Finals predictions.

Find coach Gallagher on twitter @Dan_Gallagher_

And follow @coachflan and USA Basketball next week!

May 29 2019 · 1hr 1min

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Using Edjinotes for Student Collaboration and Feedback w/ Dan Gallagher

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In this episode, Guise and Nick welcome Dan Gallagher in to talk about Feedback and Collaboration with Edjinotes. Next, Guise and Nick put Dan on the GotTechED Hotseat to learn about his favorite EdTech resources. Finally, Nick and Guise share #edtech tools that they use to provide near-instant feedback to their students.

GotTechED Episode 28:  Using Edjinotes for Student Collaboration and Feedback w/ Dan Gallagher

Segment 1: Would the real Dan Gallagher Please Stand Up?

  1. Dan social media Twitter: @Gallagher_Tech
  2. Blog: gallaghertech.edublogs.org
  3. Instagram: @goofballs_by_dan
  4. Goofballs Here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GOOFBALLSbyDan
  5. Referenced Blog by Dan- How do you communicate with your teachers?
    1. Building Relationships and Having Conversations…

Segment 2:  GotTechED Hotseat

  1. Google Keep
  2. Gimkit
  3. GIFIt Extension
  4. Look for Dan at ISTE on Monday June 24th Presenting on Digital Escape Rooms using Thinglink 360

Segment 3: The Importance of Feedback in the Classroom

  1. Non-Digital Feedback vs. Digital Feedback
  2. See GotTechED Blog on Feedback
    1. 3 Google Extensions for Providing Quick/Personalized Feedback to your Students

Social Media:

  1. Guise on Twitter @guisegotteched
  2. Nick on Twitter @nickgotteched
  3. GotTechED the Podcast on Twitter @wegotteched

Music Credits:

  1. The Degs: Shotgun http://freemusicarchive.org/music/The_Degs/
  2. @bensounds https://www.bensound.com/

Other Relatable GotTechED Episodes:

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  2. Student-Centered Learning: Methods of Best Practice
  3. Second-Chance Learning, Escape Rooms, and Pecha Kucha
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  5. Is a Genius Hour a Genius Idea
  6. EdTech Fantasy Draft: 41 EdTech Tools for the Student-Centered Classroom
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  8. The Ultimate Guide to Classroom Screencasting
  9. How to Implement Passion Projects into your Classroom

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  2. Google Podcasts  https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Indeizidhz4h37mawfylwdgco4y
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Mar 10 2019 · 47mins
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036 - Dan Gallagher - The Secrets of Successful Financial Planning

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In Ep. 036, Tim talks with Dan Gallagher.  Dan recently finished a 30-year career in the financial planning world, and is the author of the upcoming book 'The Secrets of Successful Financial Planning'.  They discuss the 6 key components to a financial plan, and shed light on some of the secrets of the financial planning world that individuals might not be aware of.

Sep 20 2018 · 37mins

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Special Episode: Working with Refugees EP# 58 (Dan Gallagher)

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This special episode of Media on the Radio follows my Dad and his work helping local refugees in Pittsburgh. We meet a Syrian family from Aleppo who beat the odds and made it to America, but they now face several other challenges. Some of the challenges include learning English, navigating a new city, and finding stable work.

My dad decided to get involved after the Trump Administration limited the number of refugees accepted in the US. Of the 65 million refugees in the world, Trump has set a limit of 45,000 refugees for 2018, which is half the number Obama accepted in 2016. Though, the real story is that the US is on track to accept only about 20,000 refugees by the end of the year, and of that number, a far smaller portion of Muslims because of the travel ban. For example, according to Reuters, only 48 individual Iraqis refugees have been accepted this year.

My dad was reluctant to let me do this story, but was convinced by the idea that it may help raise awareness and get others involved.

Take a listen to learn more.

Listen to the back episodes at: waitwhatpro.com/motr

Like on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/MediaOnTheRadio/

Follow me on Instagram at: @waitwhatpro


TUNE IN every Thursday @ 7PM to 96.7 FM (Washington DC/Arlington): www.wera.fm

Aug 28 2018 ·
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Interview 33: Can You Lose Your Salvation? (Dan Gallagher)

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Having believed in the permanence of salvation for 46 years, Dan Gallagher recently changed his mind to believe in what he calls continuance in faith–the idea that those who fail to continue in faith can be lost. The whole process took about fourteen years from when a book introduced him to a number of verses Read more about Interview 33: Can You Lose Your Salvation? (Dan Gallagher)[…]
Apr 20 2018 · 58mins
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Dan Gallagher from Bluff Europe - Poker Life Podcast

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Apr 06 2015 · 1hr 33mins
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IYF 46 Dan Gallagher

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Rob Ekno talks with Dan Gallagher, CEO of the Spirit & Truth Fellowship International about everyday problems that we face as Christians.

One of the biggest is lust and pornography. Dan gets into detail about the Bible, God's word and some of the sins that so many have challenges with.

Yes, you're actually hearing what you think you heard!!! 60 mins
Jan 03 2013 ·