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Denise Smith, Generational Curse Breaker

Chewing The Fat

Do you feel stuck in a loop going nowhere because of the environment you were raised in? We talk to Generational Curse Breaker Denise Smith and find out how she has been able to see walls crumble that had previously been holding her back. Follow Denise @dnice6_ on Instagram. If you'd like to support this podcast, you can buy me a coffee here.  Special Thanks To: @jasonthe29th - Amazing Logo @jacobjohnsontunes - Killer Theme Music Pod Decks - Fantastic Fast 5 Questions


10 Jun 2021

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Aaliyah Smith Interviews Hope Starts Here Director, Denise Smith

Hope Starts Here Detroit

Aaliyah interviews Denise Smith, her aunt, guardian and the Hope Starts Here director.  They discusses the different child care centers Aaliyah went to as a child and how Hope Starts Here is looking to give this same experience to all children in Detroit.Support the show (https://hopestartsheredetroit.org/donate/)


7 Mar 2021

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Why Denise Smith is Irelands Carrie Bradshaw! Interview with Denise Smith

Lynda with a why?

Denise Smith is a Journalist and works as the Fashion and Beauty editor in the Sunday World. She speaks about undercover work she done for the paper and all the glitz and glam of the photoshoots she's on. Denise went through a few life changes this year and this podcast is a true story of how hope and happiness can be just around the corner no matter how heartbroken you are. Denise Smith really is Irelands Carrie Bradshaw. 


16 Feb 2021

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Ep. 29 Denise Smith from Live It Well Travel

The Raef Granger Podcast

In this episode, Raef chats with Travel Agent Denise Smith from Live it Well Travel. We cover how do you start a travel business. Why use a Travel Agent in today’s world of internet bookings.  Denise discusses what happened when Covid hit while traveling.  What to do know regarding vacations and travel during Covid.  And Denise tells the story on how she joined the Army on 9.11!  Listen in and enjoy the show.

1hr 10mins

13 Oct 2020

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(Dirty Girl Edibles) Denise Smith - NUGL TV S1E16


Join us, as we sit down with the owner of Dirty Girl Edibles, Denise Smith, to discuss her line of cannabis edibles! Hosted by Arnold "Bigg A" White, and Derrek "E3" Wright, now streaming on NUGL TV!


15 Jan 2020

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Prophetic: Call Out Ministry - Denise Smith

North College & Early Career Ministry


5 Dec 2019

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Episode 10 (Safety Stand Down - Part 2 - Denise Smith)

Rocktown Emergencies

In this episode we continue our special series for the 2019 Safety Stand Down Week in the fire service, with the focus this year on firefighter cancer. Deputy Chief Matt Tobia and I talked with Dr. Denise Smith from Skidmore University. Dr. Smith has extensive experience in researching Firefighter Health.This is not only the second episode to be released this week for the 2019 Firefighter Safety Stand Down week, but it's also our 10th episode, with hopefully many more to come.You can find more information about the Firefighter Cancer Support Network at their website:https://firefightercancersupport.org/You can also find out more about the 2019 Firefighter Safety Stand Down at their website:https://www.safetystanddown.org/For the University of Illinois Fire Service Institute, visit their website at:https://www.fsi.illinois.edu/Until next time, have a safe week.


16 Jun 2019

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Pose Method with Denise Smith

Missing Variable Podcast

Denise Smith is a certified running technique specialist and a licensed physical therapist. She graduated from Marquette University in 2002 with a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy, is the technique coach for 3 local high schools, and travels the country as part of the Pose Method education team with a lecture series on improving performance and reducing injuries for runners through understanding proper running form. She is also an adjunct instructor for kinesiology at McHenry County College. Denise believes that when a runner improves their form by addressing biomechanics, they can run faster, run longer, and run without pain.Visit www.missingvariable.com/17 for show notes and links


19 Jul 2018

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Denise Smith Talks About How Injury Prevention Helps Baby Boomers Move Better, Longer and Pain Free

Never Too Late for Fitness Radio with Phil Faris

Denise Smith is the owner of Smith Physical Therapy and Running Academy, located in Crystal Lake, Illinois.  Denise is an injury prevention specialist, running technique specialist, and physical therapist.  With over 15 years of experience, Denise believes that athletes deserve individualized attention to focus on learning how to move properly to avoid injury and improve performance.  Today’s show is all about staying in the game. When Baby Boomers get injured they’re forced to the sidelines and must stop doing the activities they love to do. Whether its walking, running, dancing or tennis, injuries make Baby Boomers stop exercising.Denise Smith helps Baby Boomers stay in the game, play the game better and play it pain free.In this interview, Denise shares:- Her definition of what an athlete is and why it’s so important for Baby Boomers to understand how it applies to them.- Why movement patterns are and why they cause Baby Boomers to experience pain and injuries.- How injuries and layoffs cause Baby Boomers to stop trusting their bodies to perform and how this leads to more injuries and layoff.- How improving movement patterns can improve sports performance, endurance and longevity.- How a video analysis of your movement patterns educates and empowers you to perform better and keep performing longer.- What’s involved with replacing a deficient movement pattern with an effective one.- The biggest obstacles people face when retraining movement patterns.- Why simply treating the symptoms of an injury usually leads to it reoccurring.- Why getting PT first can get you back in the game faster, longer and with less pain.- How to work with her virtually.If you would like to connect with Denise or learn more about Smith Physical Therapy and Running Academy go to: www.smithptrun.comNever Too Late for Fitness Radio with Phil Farishttp://businessinnovatorsradio.com/never-too-late-for-fitness-radio-with-phil-faris/


3 Apr 2017