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[LOVE] Ep. 168 How to Communicate with Your Partner w/ Rebecca Boatman

You Turn Podcast w/ Ashley Stahl

Get your own copy of Ash's new book You Turn at youturnbook.com! Do you find yourself getting upset or frustrated when communicating with a loved one? Hop into the love category with Ash where she talks with Rebecca Boatman, a dating and relationship expert and coach. Rebecca is here to talk all about how to have a curious conversation with your partner, specifically using the three steps of the imago dialogue technique. With dating shifting virtual, Rebecca shares examples of text messages you can use to flirt and connect when you aren’t physically together. And, on the flip side, if you are in close quarters with your loved one, listen in to hear creative ways to spend time alone, and also new opportunities for you to grow your relationship together. The two talk through how to recognize and shift patterns within your relationships, when to stay versus go and Rebecca walks through a tool and actionable exercise to use when emotions are running high yet you want to communicate clearly. Whether you are in a committed relationship or enjoying the single life, learning how to communicate clearly is a skill set we all can benefit from You don’t want to miss this episode! In This Episode, You Will Learn: The three steps of the imago dialogue. How to navigate when you are nagging someone, or feel nagged. The powerful exercise of soul gazing. Where You Can Find Rebecca Boatman @rebeccaboatman Join Rebecca's Manifest Your Evolved Man Course Rebecca's self-study, results-proven course is designed for the good-hearted single woman who wants to attract a loving & committed partnership with a man of integrity & honor... This course is NOT for the woman who is interested in casual flings. It is a step-by-step process that covers the energetic + practical steps to falling in love with your dream man!  Promotion: Want to upgrade your health? Visit organifi.com/youturn and enter code YOUTURN to get 20% off at check out!  Here are some of Ash’s favorite goodies to put in your next coffee, tea, water or smoothie: ✨Pure Powder: Lion’s Main extract, aloe vera and ginger extract are just a few of the superfoods packed into this powder to improve your mental clarity and overall brain health. 🥬Green Powder: Packed with spirulina, chlorella, and ashwagandha, to increase your immunity and aid your digestive tract. 🍦Vanilla or Chocolate Protein Powder: A soy-free, dairy-free, 100% vegan protein that tastes like a milkshake and yet is packed with amino acids and MCT’s to speed up metabolism, quench cravings and improve recovery. 🌟Gold powder-  A yummy anti-inflammatory superfood powder packed with reishi mushrooms, turmeric, cinnamon and magnesium to support restful relaxation and recovery. Promotion: Visit YouTurnBook.com to get a copy of Ashley’s NEW book— You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction & Design Your Dream Career! 


17 Mar 2021

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Manifesting Your Person with Rebecca Boatman

Chasing Alignment

You guys are in the FUN and INSIGHTFUL episode with the amazing Rebecca Boatman.  Rebecca is the go-to love coach, who has coached thousands of women in the area of emotional intelligence. She is now CEO of The Brave Lady where she specializes in helping ladies inspire a fulfilling romance by giving them the right tools to create a relationship they are truly in love with. Where people can find her: IG - @rebeccaboatman Facebook Group - Brave Ladies YouTube Channel - Rebecca Boatman


3 Feb 2021

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Expert Dating & Relationship Advice with Rebecca Boatman

Make Shift Happen with Samantha Daily

What are the things that are keeping you single or unfulfilled in your current relationships? How do you know when it's time to move on? Can first dates be non-awkward? How can you start attracting your dream guy who ticks all the boxes and makes you feel safe, sexy, and totally certain?! We're answering all of this and so much more in today's episode with female love coach, Rebecca Boatman.This conversation is jam packed with Rebecca's expert advice as she answers questions submitted directly from the audience. We chat:Crazy and fun ways to get outside your comfort zoneWhat she learned from sucking at relationshipsDating app strategiesThe biggest mistakes that keep women single or unhappyTips for maintaining a healthy relationshipHow to know when you're in the wrong relationship and it's time to move onBreakup adviceHer #1 tip for better and more effective communication with a partnerAttracting someone on your level who's truly right for youWhether you're single, committed, or totally confused there's something for you to learn in this episode and I just know you're going to love Rebecca's infectious energy and kind heart.It's time for you to STOP believing that wealth is unavailable to you, or that it will take 20 years, or that it requires endless amounts of hard work and sacrifice and instead become MAGNETIC for money and abundance. This is your sign to get your butt inside Cosmic Cash my four-week money manifesting course, co-hosted by my friend and astrologer Jaz Borri, that covers all things spiritual and practical when it comes to cultivating more wealth. THE DOORS ARE OPEN RIGHT NOW! Claim your spot and jump inside today! This is a self-paced course so you can start whenever you want and work through it according to your own schedule. Hurry! You won't want to miss out. Abundance is waiting for you on the other side.HOW TO SUPPORT THE SHOW:Please Subscribe, Rate, and Review over on Apple Podcasts to help support the show! Follow along on instagram @makeshifthappenpodcast for updates, giveaways, and more inspiring content.Connect with Rebecca:Instagram: Rebeccaboatman Manifest Your Evolved Man Course


4 Nov 2020

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EP#154 How to Attract the Spiritually Evolved Man feat. Rebecca Boatman

The Aaron Doughty Podcast

In this fun episode, my good friend and relationship expert, Rebecca Boatman, and I will be talking about how to attract a spiritually evolved partner. If you’ve ever wondered how you can manifest your special someone who is also spiritually conscious and understanding, then this is the episode that will show you exactly how to attract that into your life!  Rebecca's Manifest Your Evolved Man Course: aarondoughty.com/attractlovenow Get Your Organifi Discount: https://www.organifi.com/aaron Instagram: https://instagram.com/aaron_doughty44/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC48MclMZIY_EaOQwatzCpvw Subscribe to the Expand Your Awareness Podcast 2.0 with Aaron Doughty iTunes | https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-expand-your-awareness-podcast-2-0/id1455761627?mt=2 Spotify | https://open.spotify.com/show/5mVETgyaXMeznNC70v71YO Stitcher | https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/aaron-doughty/the-expand-your-awareness-podcast-20-with-aaron-doughty?refid=stpr

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1 Sep 2020

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EP#114 Attract Your Dream Man and Activate Magnetic Energy feat. Rebecca Boatman

The Aaron Doughty Podcast

If you'd like to attract your dream partner once and for all, you must first activate your own magnetic energy. This unique episode features attraction expert Rebecca Boatman, and we'll show you exactly how to do that. Once you learn to cultivate your own gravity and magnetism, your life will quite literally transform before your eyes. To Discover the 3 Biggest mistakes that keep quality men away & good-hearted women single click here: www.whatkeepsyousingle.com Connect with Rebecca on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebeccaboatman/?hl=en Instagram: https://instagram.com/aaron_doughty44/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC48MclMZIY_EaOQwatzCpvw Subscribe to the Expand Your Awareness Podcast 2.0 with Aaron Doughty iTunes | https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-expand-your-awareness-podcast-2-0/id1455761627?mt=2 Spotify | https://open.spotify.com/show/5mVETgyaXMeznNC70v71YO Stitcher | https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/aaron-doughty/the-expand-your-awareness-podcast-20-with-aaron-doughty?refid=stpr


14 Apr 2020

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Magnetize Your Soulmate with Rebecca Boatman

Dr. Lo Radio Show

In today's episode, I'm chatting with Rebecca Boatman all about magnetizing your soulmate.


27 Sep 2019

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Beauty Business Babes

In this episode Wake Up to Level Up speaker + relationship coach, Rebecca Boatman, unravels what it takes to truly create meaningful relationships so you can live a fulfilled + happy life. There is so much more to this life than the hustle - so we are slowing it down a notch + learning what it takes to make great connections and maintain them! _ Find rebecca on IG: @rebeccaboatman // www.thebravelady.com


21 Apr 2019