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110: Caroline Bailey | From Barren to Blessed

Grace Enough Podcast

Caroline Bailey joins me to discuss becoming barren at age 11 due to a hysterectomy following a life threatening infection, fostering parenting, adoptive parenting, and working in the child welfare system for 20+ years.Questions Caroline and I Discuss:(1:59) At age 11, a defining event took place in your life.  Will you share about that portion of your childhood, the illness you experienced, and a little about that defining event? (8:14) You knew you would never have biological children, but when did you begin to grieve that reality and what was that season like? (11:35) Did you grow up in a family of faith? Were your parents Christians?  How was God in your life at that time in middle school? Through high school, did you continue to think, "Maybe God doesn't love me?" Or were you a typical high schooler and just basically, ignoring what happened? (18:15) What happened in your 20s that triggered everything to come crashing down?  (25:07) For a woman that can carry the label of barren, God has filled your life with children.  What drew you and your husband to begin foster parenting? (32:37) How did you end up adopting your youngest two children? (38:11)  What are some of the positive changes you have seen in the child welfare system during the last 20 years? (41:26) In regards to child welfare, is there anything you would like to see the body of Christ do better?Quotes to Remember:"[M]y pediatrician came back into town and read my chart....[H]e called an OB GYN who did some exams on me and did exploratory surgery and when they opened me up, my uterus was completely full of infection.... The infection was leaking into my bladder....[T]hey realized they had to do a hysterectomy, because my uterus was so expanded with infection that if it ruptured, it would have killed me instantly." "I knew from the very minute I woke up from surgery, that I couldn't have kids....I didn't fully understand the impact of it because I was only 11, but I immediately started to internalize feeling lesser than." "I think there was two sides to me....My nickname when I was young was little trooper.... so in my head, I'm like, I'm a trooper, I'm just gonna be strong, because that's what I have to be is strong....But I really thought I would never be loved by someone. Who would want a wife that couldn't have babies." SHOW NOTES cont. Related Episodes:105: Cheri Jimenez | What is A Safe Family? 37: Dr. Lindsay Hinson | Foster Parenting 48: Tori Hope Petersen | Hope for the Foster Child 64: Natalie Maxwell | A Story of Special Needs Adoption Connect with Caroline Bailey at barrentoblessed.com and on FB ----------------------------------------------- Follow Grace Enough Podcast on IG and FB and www.graceenoughpodcast.com ------------------------------------------------


23 Mar 2021

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Episode 13: Caroline Bailey from Sighisoara, Romania

Chosen Voices

Today on the podcast we have Caroline Bailey. Caroline and her husband, Tim, serve in Sighisoara, Romania where they have lived for the last 7 years. Previous to living in Romania, they both lived in Scotland and Stateside. Caroline is wise and insightful as she shares her story of cross cultural service and foster to adopt. She also shares with us ways to give honor and dignity to the poor! 


4 Aug 2020

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Caroline Bailey from Barren to Blessed

Foster Care: An Unparalleled Journey

 Caroline Bailey is from Southwest Missouri. She has worked in child welfare for 18 years. She runs the blog barrentoblessed.com and Facebook Page or Instagram with the same name - barren to blessed. She and her husband fostered for 4 years and adopted 2 children from care. They are that rare family that ended up adopting the only 2 kids placed with them! They also did respite a few times but decided to close their license after the adoption of their daughter. She also writes for adoption. com and has been featured on various blogs and websites.  In this episode, we explore her journey through foster care, adoption and her barrenness that began with an emergency hysterectomy at age 11!  Her personal struggle has given her the ability to help others walk gracefully through their own!

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7 Feb 2020