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The Art of Doing Great Things | Mike Sherbakov

The Breaking Normal Podcast

Mike Sherbakov - 'I believe our greatness is not what we have but what we give. I’m a social entrepreneur, keynote speaker, leadership consultant, and passionate philanthropist. I’ve committed my life to learning, creating community, and sharing resources that accelerate growth in the areas of life, business, and impact. I spend my days growing our global community and helping leaders like you change the world through their lives and businesses.'It's another EPIC time to look into our primary long time partners Ned (CBD) and go to helloned.com/breakingnormal/ TODAY to get 15% OFF ALL first purchase orders. Always proud to stand together with them and use this unique product. Connect Mike Sherbakov - Check It BELOW! WEBSITE: https://www.mikesherbakov.com/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/mikesherbakov/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/sherbakovmike/ LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikesherbakov/ Connect with Daniel Eisenman BELOW! Listen to the full version! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/t... _ STAY IN TOUCH ↣WEBSITE: http://breakingnormal.com ↣FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DanielEisenman ↣INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/DanielEisenman ↣TWITTER: https://twitter.com/DanielEisenman _ Daniel wrote a book! Get the book on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071SBC7NC/...


2 Oct 2019

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Mike Sherbakov: Simplicity, Integrity & Living a Meaningful Life

Curious with Jake Heilbrunn

Today’s guest is Mike Sherbakov. Mike is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, host of the Do Great Things Podcast and founder of The Greatness Collective, which is a community of people that are passionate about making a difference and creating a better world. After serving 5 years in the Marines, earning degrees in Kinesiology and Psychology, and traveling to 52 countries, Mike realized that while he had checked all the “boxes” of success, something was missing. After a life-changing experience building a house for a family in Mexico, the spark for the Greatness Collective was born. At the intersection of community, impact and purpose, The Greatness Collective is now a community of over 50,000 people strong who are committed to doing great things and making a difference in the world.In this episode, we talk about how to actually start something, whether a business, a nonprofit, or a movement, and the reality of what it takes to get it off the ground. We dive into simplifying your life, and how to say no to things and people respectfully in order to achieve what you are called to accomplish. We discuss how to listen to your inner guidance system, making the most of your current situation and the importance of choosing something meaningful to suffer towards. And last but not least, we talk about Gratitude and how to bring more of it into your life. So please, without further ado, let’s dive into today’s episode with Mike Sherbakov.Show Notes / Links:Mike website: https://www.mikesherbakov.com/Greatness Collective website: https://www.greatnesscollective.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikesherbakov/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/msherbakovLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikesherbakov/Instagram Post mentioned in first few min of episode: https://www.instagram.com/p/99G1xXk0OJ/09:00 – Life in the Marines at peak of war in iraq - challenge, adrenaline, ego and pain20:00 – how to live in integrity29:30 – Blueprint for living a meaningful, fulfilling life41:30 – Respectfully saying no to others to honor yourself56:00 – How to start something

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17 Sep 2019

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Mike Sherbakov - Kindness, Boundaries and Taking Responsibility

Everything Always

Today’s episode is with Mike Sherbakov, a friend we met through a house build we did in Mexico with our kids. Mike has some beautiful lessons to share about being a good parent, a good co-parent, and a great person overall. In today’s episode, Mike will discuss the importance of allowing your child to communicate their passions, and he’ll share the starfish story that inspired him to help others – one family at a time. We’re inspired by Mike’s mission through Greatness Collective, we’re impressed by his relationship with his ex, and we feel his lessons are invaluable for any family – blended or not. Mike describes his ex as a family member, and they’re extremely close and open with each other. This wasn’t always the case, but with open communication and the understanding that they both wanted a peaceful and supportive experience with their son and each other, a healthy relationship evolved. Tune in to hear Mike’s journey and what he has learned about kindness, boundaries, and taking responsibility. 00:30 – 07:30 – Introducing Mike Sherbakov and Greatness Collective 07:30 – 15:00 - Communicating passions, saving starfish, and practicing acts of kindness 15:00 – 18:30 - Providing the best possible experience for your child 18:30 – 23:30 - Mike’s journey, parenting style, and relationship with his co-parent 23:30 – 27:00 - How his relationship with his ex evolved over the years 27:00 – 33:00 - On boundaries and communication 33:00 – 40:00 - Determining what you really want and taking responsibility 40:00 – 45:00 – On unkind and hurt people


15 Aug 2019

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#1 Mike Sherbakov: I AM GOING TO DIE


In the first episode of TRU LeaderSHiFT host Brian Gates interviews Mike Sherbakov, speaker, philanthropist, founder of The Greatness Foundation and host of the Do Great Things Podcast. Mike helps purpose driven individuals and organizations transition from good to GREAT and truly embodies community, intention, purpose and passion. Watch Brian & Mike dive deep into answering the question of what's my purpose and how I live it! Be sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the notification button if you like what you see! Come connect with a larger community of passionate executives and entrepreneurs by following Brian Gates and TRU Leader SHiFT on our website & through social media: https://truleadershift.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TRULeaderSHiFT/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/trubriangates https://www.instagram.com/trubriangates/


1 Aug 2019

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Don't Wait to Do Great Things - Mike Sherbakov

Inspiration Rising

Mike Sherbakov is the Founder and CEO of The Greatness Foundation, which provides the resources for individuals and organizations to positively impact the world's social and environmental challenges. Learning the importance of integrity, honor, and hard work during his time on active duty in the United States Marine Corps, Mike is fascinated with optimizing human potential. He holds degrees in kinesiology and psychology along with advanced certifications in fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and yoga. Passionate about sustainable solutions to the world's social and environmental challenges, Mike travels the world supporting purpose-driven organizations and causes, speaks on stages, consults for innovative start-ups, and collaborates with companies like Fitbit, lululemon athletica, and Equinox. Committed to learning, Mike is established as an expert in the areas of social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and wellness. He inspires others to choose greatness as a leader in the community and passionately pursues humanitarian efforts around the globe.In This Episode, You Will Learn:How Mike started The Greatness Foundation after a life-changing trip to Mexico.Ways the Greatness community serves on Mexico trips and gatherings in San Diego.What it looks like to live a great life.Create beautiful, engaging social media in 5 minutes a day - www.RiseUpCreatives.comConnect with Mike and The Greatness Foundation:TheGreatnessFoundation.comMikeSherbakov.comFacebook (The Greatness Foundation)Facebook (Mike Sherbakov)Instagram (The Greatness Foundation)Instagram (Mike Sherbakov)TwitterYouTubeLinkedInDon’t Miss A Single Episode:Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Music.Leave a quick review on any of the podcast apps to tell people what you think about the show.Take a screenshot of the podcast and post it on Instagram or Instagram Stories. Tag us @insporising. We’ll repost and give you a shoutout!Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/inspiration-rising/donations


27 May 2019

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Mike Sherbakov — How to Do Great Things and Live an Extraordinary Life

Backstage Business

In this week’s interview, Mike talks a lot about discovering your purpose in life. This includes specific questions you can ask yourself — and the 3 major life changes that can help you realize what your mission is. Plus, we talk about Mike’s approach to creating and launching a product — specifically, we discuss how Mike came up with the idea for his Passion to Profit online training program. Check out the show notes below for the full list of topics we cover in today’s episode! What you will hear: [00:18] Introducing Mike [05:28] The incredible story behind the Greatness Foundation [09:02] Building a business “backwards” (starting with the community) [12:45] 3 questions Mike asks to uncover someone’s true purpose in life [17:02] Top 3 catalysts that drive major life changes (#3 surprised me) [21:46] The one thing helping Mike overcome fear, self-doubt, and external challenges [26:50] Looking back on Mike’s first product launch with the Greatness Foundation [30:30] Why Mike decided to create a training program for purpose-driven entrepreneurs [33:34] The importance of having a Minimum Viable Product [38:41] Giving your audience what they want [42:31] Where you can find Mike online and learn more about him Resources:  Mike’s website — you can learn more about Mike here. Plus, feel free to grab his free worksheet that will help you find your life’s purpose in 5 minutes (yes, really)! The Greatness Foundation Backstage Business on Apple Podcasts


21 May 2019

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Ep. 116 | Make Your Mission Bigger Than Your Fear with Mike Sherbakov

Resist Average Academy | Tommy Baker

Greatness. What is it to you —and why can it feel so hard to tap into every single day? Our latest guest on the Academy is entrepreneur, philanthropist and all around rockstar —Mike Sherbakov. Mike's the founder of The Greatness Foundation, which builds homes in Mexico, schools in Nicauragua, and so much more with a giving back model designed to help people create shared experiences of helping those in need. During this deep and riveting episode, you’ll discover: How Mike's definition of success has changed Understanding (and listening) to our divine discomfort How to lean into the painful circumstances in life Why our hierachy of needs is crucial to our growth Why we're all here to self actualize as a duty to others The number one regret is living a life others want for you The power of owning and amplifying our mortality ...and so much more in a deep, reflective and challenging conversation designed to shift you. THE 1% RULE IS OUT ON AUDIOBOOK! My latest book, The 1% Rule: How to Fall in Love with the Process and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams is now out on Amazon. I’m so excited to finally release this book, and I need your help to push this up the lists as I am proud of what I have created. Head here to grab your copy of The 1% Rule Now! http://a.co/6H8uWlH The 1% Rule was designed to answer three core questions: Why do some people seem to achieve massive success in everything they do, while others can’t even get out of their own way? What separates those who get excited and inspired for a season, a quarter, a month or a week — and those who are consistently on fire? What are the core principles, mindsets, habits, and rituals of those who execute ruthlessly, and those who sit on the sidelines pondering? …through exploring these answers over the last decade the core principles, strategies and proven framework of The 1% Rule were born and are now yours today. LIKED WHAT YOU HEARD? There are countless podcasts out there. If you have ever gotten any value from the Academy... Please take 60-90 seconds to tell the world why. What is it about the Academy that makes you tune in? Head over to iTunes, search for the Academy, click 'write a review' and submit...it would mean the world! Our new website is live! Ensure you don't miss a thing and join us on this platform: https://resistaverageacademy.com/


10 Dec 2018

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Mike Sherbakov: Quitting Your Way to Greatness: When Your Mission is Larger than Your Fears

Quit Happens | How (and why!) to strategically quit your job, leave your relationship, or part ways with toxic mindsets.

Have you ever had that feeling that something was off? That somehow your thoughts and words and actions weren’t aligning with who you knew you were? This week’s guest, Mike Sherbakov of the Greatness Foundation, calls that feeling “divine discomfort.” And he suggests that instead of suppressing that feeling, take note and ask what you could do to get more in alignment, which requires refining your ability to listen to your body and follow your intuition...and then quitting whatever isn't working for you!


2 Oct 2018

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Goals And Gangsta Shit: EPISODE 3 Mike Sherbakov

Michael Laird

Episode Three: Mike SherbakovA Podcast in which Michael Laird talks motivation strategies and the intricacies of the daily hustle with a variety of influential people. #GoalsAndGangstaShit


17 Sep 2018

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The Bledsoe Show w/ Mike Sherbakov  — Finding Your Purpose & Discovering Success- 96

Barbell Shrugged

Mike Sherbakov is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and adventurer on a mission to create a better world. He spends his days growing his global community, digital agency (Greatness Media), and impact accelerator (Greatness Ventures). Mike is grateful for the opportunity to work closely with purpose-driven individuals and organizations while exploring the world and learning everything I can along the way. In this episode, we talk about the 3 questions to identify your purpose, what does it feel like when you’re not in your purpose, the sustainable way to be of service (are you being a martyr?), meeting your own needs first, what does it take to run a successful fitness business, how to join The Greatness Foundation to build homes for the homeless, and more. Enjoy! -Mike ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Show notes: https://shruggedcollective.com/tbs_sherbakov ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please support our partners! Onnit's is a Total Human Optimization company with a mission to inspire peak performance through a combination of unique products and actionable information. As the founder and CEO Aubrey Marcus likes to say, Total Human Optimizaion is a commitment to get strong in the places where we are weak, become great in places where we’re good, and shine a light on the stuff we need take a look at. Improve your focus, concentration and productivity by getting a bottle of Onnit’s flagship neutropic supplement FOR FREE ($80 value) by going to: http://www.onnit.com/bledsoe ► Travel thru Europe with us on the  Shrugged Voyage, more info here: https://www.theshruggedvoyage.com/ ► What is the Shrugged Collective?  Click below for more info: https://youtu.be/iUELlwmn57o ► Subscribe to Shrugged Collective's Channel Here http://bit.ly/BarbellShruggedSubscribe 📲 🎧 Listen to the audio version on the Apple Podcast App or Stitcher for Android Here- http://bit.ly/BarbellShruggedApple http://bit.ly/BarbellShruggedStitcher Shrugged Collective is a network of fitness, health and performance shows that help people achieve their physical and mental health goals.  Usually in the gym, but outside as well. In 2012 they posted their first Barbell Shrugged podcast and have been putting out weekly free videos and podcasts ever since. Along the way we've created successful online coaching programs including The Shrugged Strength Challenge, The Muscle Gain Challenge, FLIGHT, Barbell Shredded, and Barbell Bikini. We're also dedicated to helping affiliate gym owners grow their businesses and better serve their members by providing owners tools and resources like the Barbell Business Podcast. Find Shrugged Collective and their flagship show Barbell Shrugged here: SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES ► http://bit.ly/ShruggedCollectiveiTunes WEBSITE ► https://www.ShruggedCollective.com INSTAGRAM ► https://instagram.com/shruggedcollective FACEBOOK ► https://facebook.com/barbellshruggedpodcast TWITTER ► http://twitter.com/barbellshrugged


20 Aug 2018