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06/16/21 Wed: Steve King Interview! Paul Gosar: Ashli Babbitt Executed

The Hake Report

The Hake Report, Wednesday, June 16, 2021, Hour 1 Phone interview: Former Congressman Steve King (R-IA), on his work, media smears, Republicans, and standing firm under fire. https://twitter.com/SteveKingIA THEN, Hour 2 phone calls and coverage: Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) questioned FBI Director Christopher Wray about the still-unnamed Capitol Police officer who he says "executed" unarmed female protestor Ashli Babbitt who breached a broken window. GREAT CALLS, SEE BELOW!  Also check out Hake News from today. CALLERSMaze OH - wanted to question Steve King about the Jamestown prayer. She accuses politicians of taking "welfare."  Earl MI - also wanted to talk to Steve King. He agrees Ashli Babbitt did wrong.  Louis ID - comments on a trial of one Ronnie O'Neil accused of fighting "white demons."  Kraig IL - laments the injustice done to Ashli Babbitt and her family.  Dula Detroit, MI - wonders if Hake believes the Bible, and discusses "Edomites" and prophecy.  "Nancy Pelosi" CA - tells Hake, "We're watching you." TIME STAMPS0:00 Wed, Jun 16, 2021 1:37 Strongest Man in the World 7:24 Hey, guys! 9:12 GUEST: Steve King 10:40 SK: A brief history 13:15 SK: on gay agenda 15:23 King owned Holder 17:21 SK: Pigford Farms story 19:37 SK: South Africa, Texas 24:17 SK: Slavery, civilization 26:33 SK: English, common language 28:42 SK: Media smears, assault 31:54 SK: Private support 34:05 SK: Book of Wisdom 36:42 SK: Don't apologize 38:06 SK: Decent help 40:59 Ronna McDaniel, RINO 43:48 SK: Real vs. RINO 46:55 Saagar Enjeti shunned King 47:59 SK: explains "cockroaches" 49:37 SK: on AFPAC 2 52:20 SK: Jamestown prayer 54:08 SK: Working on book 58:52 Going to break 1:00:00 Nebali, Menomena 1:02:00 Comments, Super Chats 1:04:24 Maze, Dayton, OH 1:11:44 Earl, MI 1:20:15 Paul Gosar on Ashli Babbitt 1:32:22 Louis, ID 1:36:17 Ashli Babbitt widower, Aaron 1:38:33 Kraig, IL 1:45:21 Dula, Detroit, MI 1:58:17 Nancy Pelosi, CA 2:00:19 Thanks, all! 2:00:51 Brown Bag, Silent PartnerHAKE LINKSVIDEO ARCHIVE: Facebook | Periscope/Twitter | NO YouTube (due to strike, 1-week suspension) | Audio podcast links below PODCAST: Apple | Podcast Addict | Castbox | Stitcher | Spotify | Amazon | PodBean | Google LIVE VIDEO: Trovo | DLive | Periscope | Facebook | Twitch* | NOT YouTube (due to strike, 1-week suspension)*  SUPPORT: SubscribeStar | Patreon | Teespring | SUPER CHAT: Streamlabs | Trovo Call in! 888-775-3773, live Monday through Friday 9 AM (Los Angeles) https://thehakereport.com/show Also see Hake News from JLP's show today.  *NOTE: YouTube and Twitch have both censored James's content on their platforms lately, over fake "Community Guidelines" violations.  BLOG POST: https://www.thehakereport.com/blog/2021/6/16/061621-wed-steve-king-interview-paul-gosar-ashli-babbitt-executed 

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16 Jun 2021

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How to Achieve the Flow State as an Endurance Athlete - Interview with Legend Steve King

Feisty Fox Fire

In this podcast episode Coach Shangrila Rendon interviews endurance sports legend Steve King about how to achieve the Flow State as an endurance athlete. Listen in to find out how to bring the best of you even when everything is going wrong. The mental/psychological aspects around being in the flow state The opposite – being in a state of self-sabotage Having a perfect race Pulling the "I can do it" out of yourself Dealing with trauma and addictions Emotional freedom technique

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13 May 2021

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Episode 24 Steve King

2 Ales and Hockey Tales with Wally

-Becoming the Owner of The Cardiff Devils -Buddy the Elf & The '88 Olympics -Todd Kelman Tire Pump -Bownsy's New Tattoo -The Swedish Piano Man

1hr 54mins

20 Apr 2021

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042: An Innovative Approach to Achieving Financial Health – Steve King

Unstoppable Talk

In times of change and market volatility, having sound financial advice is critical. Our guest today is Steve King, VP at Wealth Quest. Steve is going to share with us how he uses a holistic approach to help clients meet their goals by advocating for their complete financial health.


4 Mar 2021

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Ep 3 -- Meet the legendary Steve King : Part Three (The musician, the husband)

515 : The Ultraman Podcast

In the Ultraman Canada 2021 athlete profile section I speak with The Milkman to Ironman athlete from Satara, India, Abhay Kelkar.  We speak of the trials of training in rural India and how a foundation called Mann Deshi helps young women in India to succeed.The second half picks up my conversation with Ultraman race announcer Steve King.  In this episode, we speak about his music, his wife, and how Ultraman is like an art. Resources mentioned in this episode:Mann Deshi FoundationMilkman to Ironman videoSteve’s website  :  Steve-king.ca Steve King facebook Steve’s List of Ultraman Records  :  UM records Shout outs and mentions in this episode:Dr Kaustubh RadkarMatt HillChad Bentley Dr. Jeff HarriesBill Head Dan CummingSteve’s Music Mentions : The Moody Blues, The Who, David Bowie, The Action, The Move, Colin Hay, Simply Red, 10cc, Dion & the Belmonts, John Bonamassa, UB40, Ali Campbell, Fleetwood Mac, John Lennon, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, David Grohl, Neil PeartScott McDermott -- Living the Warrior CodeChristian IsaksonKurt MaddenArdis BowShow Contributors:Host : Larry RyanContributing Raconteur : Steve KingAnnouncer : Mary Jo DionneProduction : 5Five EnterprisesSponsor : Ultraman CanadaMusic  :  Run by 331Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/515TheUltramanPodcast

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1 Feb 2021

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Ep 2 -- Meet the legendary Steve King : Part Two (The announcer)

515 : The Ultraman Podcast

I continue my conversation with Ultraman race announcer Steve King.  In this episode, we focus on how he became an announcer and what it takes for him to deliver such great material.  Even at a belly flop contest.In the Ultraman Canada 2021 athlete profile section, I speak with a Japanese athlete, Makato Hoshino, who has climbed the Seven Summits.  We talk about growth and the lessons he learned taking on the challenge.  You will be surprised by his answers.  Resources mentioned in this episode:Steve’s website  :  Steve-king.ca Steve King facebook Steve’s List of Ultraman Records  :  UM records The clip of Heidi Marshall I played for Steve from FacebookThe Seven SummitsMakato Hoshino Youtube ChannelMakato meets Kilian Jornet videoMakato meets Jeff Bezos videoMakato walking the wire bridgeShout outs and mentions in this episode:Mike ReillyKieren PerkinsLynn and Mike Van ErtAl JohnsonFrank Gair Ron Zalco Katherine Calder Becker & Kevin Becker Heidi Miller   The clip I played for SteveVan SanchezDan JensenDiane AndersonWendy MinorAndrew PetersonDr. Jeff HarriesBobby MillerRenita MillerKyra MillerKaitlin MillerHiro KuraokaJeff BezosKilian JornetShow Contributors:Host : Larry RyanContributing Raconteur : Steve KingAnnouncer : Mary Jo DionneProduction : 5Five EnterprisesSponsor : Ultraman CanadaMusic  :  Run by 331Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/515TheUltramanPodcast

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1 Feb 2021

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Ep1--Meet the legendary Steve King : Part One (The athlete)

515 : The Ultraman Podcast

Episode Summary:Welcome to the first episode!  I am starting it off with a bang.  I completed a lengthy interview with Ultraman race announcer Steve King.  So lengthy, that I decided to split it into three parts.  In this episode Steve shares stories of the life changing events he attended during his athletic career as a race walker, triathlete and endurance runner.  You will also be introduced to upcoming Ultraman Canada 2021 participant Chad Bentley. Chad is a well-respected plant-based endurance athlete.  He is a marathoner, Ultra-marathoner, multi-time Ironman finisher, 2-time Ultraman finisher, 2-time Ultra 520 finisher, and the first Canadian to compete in the EPIC 5 Challenge. Resources mentioned in this episode:Steve’s website  :  Steve-king.ca Steve King facebook Steve’s List of Ultraman Records  :  UM records Ross Welton’s Youtube Video of Ultra 520 in 2016Epic 5 ChallengeNeuro-Linguistic ProgrammingChadBentley.comShout outs and mentions in this episode:Valerie Silk Katherine Calder Becker & Kevin Becker Evan DunfeeLynn Van DoveGary ShieldsBrad SawaRob LevitonComrades MarathonBrian Keeling Johnny CleggNelson MandelaRich Benyo and Rhonda Provost Running on the Sun (film)Barbara Alvarez and Angelika CastanedaMurray CoatesLucy RyanFred JohnsonRoss WeltonKatie WeltonChad Bentley Mary Jo DionneDana MontgomeryRich FraserMatt HillMajella (Jou Jou) BentleyBurgess (Birdie) BentleyShow Contributors:Host : Larry RyanContributing Raconteur : Steve KingAnnouncer : Mary Jo DionneProduction : 5Five EnterprisesSponsor : Ultraman CanadaFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/515TheUltramanPodcast

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30 Jan 2021

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WLR ; Steve King has 20 inch biceps!!

Hamin Media Group

The crew is back to discuss Monday Night Raw for you... the people. We do the shout out list and we discuss Drew Mac winning the WWE title again Bray Wyatt fighting himself The Hurt business Stay safe everyone!

1hr 25mins

18 Nov 2020

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Big rounds for Checkout.com, Swile and Cazoo, and our interview with Black Swan CEO Steve King


Here are the notes and links for this week’s episode:Wirecard’s wild ride down ‘The Enron of Germany’: Wirecard scandal casts a shadow on corporate governance (CNBC) EY prepares for backlash over Wirecard scandal (Financial Times) Germany to sever ties with accounting watchdog after Wirecard scandal (Reuters) Germany’s top court rules against Facebook’s ‘superprofiling’ Germany’s highest court orders Facebook to stop cross-platform data sharing (EURACTIV) Facebook Loses Antitrust Decision in Germany Over Data Collection (The New York Times) Germany’s top court rules against Facebook on users’ data (Deutsche Welle) Highlighting three big funding rounds: Checkout.com triples valuation to $5.5 billion, making it one of Europe’s top fintechs (CNBC) French fintech scale-up Swile secures €70 million to extend beyond its digital meal voucher alternative (Tech.eu) Cazoo raises $31 million at $1 billion+ valuation to help you buy used cars online (Tech.eu) Steve King, co-founder and CEO of UK-based Black Swan How AI And Data Science Are Helping To Understand And Tackle COVID-19 (Forbes)


29 Jun 2020

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The Friday Locker Room 6.26.20: Strangler Steve King & Hacker Hamin

Hamin Media Group

We swap out one Steve for another, when Strangler Steve King tags in for the Veteran Spot on this weeks Friday Locker Room. It's been a massive week of releases and allegations, victims, and major black eye for the industry. You know it's a hot show this week!-Cornette Allegations-Marty Scurl makes statement-Lagana Gone from NWA-Joey Ryan Gone from IMPACT-Dave Crist Gone From IMPACT-Jack Gallaher Gone From WWE-COVID Break out at WWE -2CW Heater HaminThis one is a must listen. Lace up your Boots and start stretching.  Visit our Sponsors Vince Russorussosbrand.com/ Grab a Bag of Russo Bro Coffee from thebroasters.com thebroasters.com/product/russo-bro/ Pro Wrestling Teesprowrestlingtees.com/binhamin prowrestlingtees.com/stevierichards prowrestlingtees.com/SEGShirts prowrestlingtees.com/greekgodpapadon


26 Jun 2020