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267: Joel Smith Q&A on Integrated Sprint Training, Elasticity, Biomechanics, and Coaching Frameworks

Just Fly Performance Podcast

Today’s show is a Q&A with Joel Smith.  We are back again for a series of your questions and my best answers.  Today’s show is by theme “The Speed Show” with a ton of questions on speed, acceleration, max velocity, muscle-relaxation speed, and even working with distance runners.  Sprinting is always going to be a synthesis of so many elements of human performance, and is one of the highest-reaching challenges for any coach in athletic coaching (which is why it’s also such a rewarding puzzle to solve).Outside of the common speed questions; I also had an interesting question on how to assess “swings in the pendulum” of training methods.  The awareness by which we get to our own coaching biases is important, so I’ll dig into some ideas there as well.Today’s episode is brought to you by SimpliFaster and Lost Empire Herbs.  For 15% off your Lost Empire Herbs order, head to www.lostempireherbs.com/justflyView more podcast episodes at the podcast homepage.Timestamps and Main Points1:59 – How to fix heel-striking in athletes12:56 – A step by step process on helping athletes improve hip extension and delay knee extension19:50 – Thoughts on flat feet being an advantage since you enter mid stance more quickly?22:16 – The top 2-3 faults, issues I commonly coach as it pertains to start out of blocks, acceleration in those first 2-3 steps, and common drills I utilize for correcting said issues.33:57 – How to periodize maximal velocity work. Once intensity is at the max and assisted/overspeed is touched upon sporadically, where do we go from there?43:18 – Thoughts on setting up a weight room/jumping/sprinting program for high school XC runners. Training age with me 1-3 years.50:44 – How do you balance your stance/beliefs when training philosophy and paradigm swings like a pendulum?56:54 – In regards to the Soviet research on muscle relaxation times being the differentiating factor between their elite and non-elite athletes, what are some methods to train relaxation times?Show NotesDave O’Sullivan Sloucheshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYD4Jx_IXSwUsain Bolt Warming Uphttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aW9GxrrSDFg&t=163sAbout Joel SmithJoel Smith is the founder of Just Fly Sports and is a sports performance coach in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Joel hosts the Just Fly Performance Podcast, has authored several books on athletic performance, and trains numerous clients in the in-person and online space.  Joel was formerly a strength coach for 8 years at UC Berkeley, working with the Swim teams and post-graduate professional swimmers, as well as tennis, water polo, and track and field.  A track coach of 11 years, Joel coached for the Diablo Valley Track and Field Club for 7 years, and also has 6 years of experience coaching sprints, jumps, hurdles, pole vault and multi-events on the collegiate level, working at Wilmington College, and the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse.Joel has coached 2 national champions, multiple All-Americans and school record holders in his time as a track coach. In the realm of strength and conditioning, his programs have assisted 5 athletes to Olympic berths that produced 9 medals and a world record performance at Rio in 2016.In 2011, Joel began Just Fly Sports with Jake Clark as a central platform to promote information for athletes and coaches to reach their highest potential.  In 2016 the first episode of the “Just Fly Performance Podcast” was released, now a leading source of education in the sports performance field.  The evolving mission of Just Fly Sports is focused on teaching athletes to realize their true, innate power, and achieve the highest joy in their training, competition, and in the community.

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12 Aug 2021

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S4:E5 Joel Smith & Just Fly Sports Podcast

Zelos Podcast

Rock talks with Joel Smith, host of the Just Fly Sports Performance Podcast. Listen in for some great advice on athletic performance and strength & conditioning.  TIME STAMPS:  1:30 Midwest conditioning vs West Coast conditioning  3:30 Academia vs. Private Sector  6:30 Building the emotional/mental component of young athletes  10:00 Emergence of the single sport athlete  14:00 Thoughts about wearable technology  16:45 Elastic Essentials course  21:00 Trouble with lift-centric conditioning  30:30 Finding wonder in the feet  35:00 How to look at human movement  39:00 Muscular co-contraction  44:00 Hopes to coach high school  47:30 Just Fly Sports Performance Podcast   GET TO KNOW JOEL SMITH JOEL'S WEBSITE GET TO KNOW ROCKY SNYDER ROCK'S NEW BOOK INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK LINKEDIN


26 Jul 2021

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Ep189 – Athletic Foot Function with Joel Smith

The Lifetime Athlete

Coach Joel Smith is back on the podcast! This time we’re talking about athletic foot function. Joel brings a wealth of knowledge in all areas of sports performance. He’s the host of the Just Fly Sports Performance podcast, and he is working on a new book which will be titled Best Foot Forward. I really enjoyed visiting with Joel in…


28 Jun 2021

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253: Joel Smith Q&A on Organic Speed Training, Olympic Weightlifting, Isometrics and More

Just Fly Performance Podcast

Today’s show is a Q&A with Joel Smith, answering your questions on training and human performance.  It’s great to see what’s on everyone’s minds from a training perspective, as well as be able to synthesize thoughts on each question.On the Q&A today, we have a wide range of questions, but the focal points are things like speed training for athletes new to training, coaching speed in a manner that doesn’t cause negative compensations, isometric training, weightlifting, and even swimming.Today’s episode is brought to you by SimpliFaster and Lost Empire Herbs.  For 15% off your Lost Empire Herbs order, head to www.lostempireherbs.com/justflyView more podcast episodes at the podcast homepage.Podcast Questions/TopicsWhat is a simple way to recover from an ACL and meniscus injury and surgery?Programming/training strategies for more strength and muscle driven athletes when limited access to weights? Still worth transitioning to more elastic training style even if they thrive with more longer GCT and joint angle strategies?Which is more spiritually demanding: 5 minute lunge or 3 minute scap hang?Your favorite workouts for speed development (mainly for athletes new to track)What’s the purpose of eccentric loading for speed and jumps?How do you like to teach hip extension?Thoughts on hang power snatches?Best cues or general approach to single leg jumping off the non-dominant foot.Vestibular training assessment, your take, valuable resources for that etc.Can we do extreme isometric lunges every day?What’s the best way to get athletes to always train with intent?What are some things you’ve found that can help your athletes give more. In terms of their efforts and intent during a workout to get the most out of every session.The balance of hypertrophy and RFD in throwing and swinging sports.In a conversation on pronation, Gary Ward mentioned he would not advise powerlifters to pronate under load, but he would for anyone else. If running and jumping causes more force than weight does most of the time, why would he recommend it for that but not for lifting?Specific foot exercises for high arches?Suggested protocol for rehabbing Achilles tendinopathy? Gary ward’s wedges, suspension drop.How to incorporate rhythm in training?How do you structure a warm-up for elastic/max-speed sprinting? Games into drills into progressive efforts?As a coach, what are you looking at in real time when an athlete is performing, say acceleration? What is the mental process in your head to make your job easier?Optimal level of stiffness and compliance in athletes. Assessments and training.Is coaching dorsiflexion a double edged sword? Does cueing it too persistently result in athletes losing that nice shin angle too early during drive phase?Some drills for jumping technique?Weight room training, plyos, etc as it pertains to high school mid distance- XC. Also, good resources.Coupling load - plyo exercises for post activation potentiation.Do you differentiate between swimming techniques the amount of heavy strength training that they do? Elastic Vs muscular athletes (a backstroker vs a breastroker for example). I found that normally, simultaneous technique athletes are more muscle driven, comparing to the others. I would like to know your thoughts on that and the effects that too much heavy barbell has on the rhythmic component of the swimming technique.About Joel SmithJoel Smith is the founder of Just Fly Sports and trains athletes and clients in partnership with Evolutionary Fitness in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Joel hosts the Just Fly Performance Podcast, has authored several books on athletic performance, and trains numerous clients in the in-person and online space.  Joel was formerly a strength coach for 8 years at UC Berkeley, working with the Swim teams and post-graduate professional swimmers, as well as tennis, water polo,

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6 May 2021

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How To Cue A Kangaroo With Joel Smith | EMP Podcast 71

Evolve Move Play Podcast

Hey guys this week our guest on the podcast is strength and performance expert and fellow podcast host Joel Smith. Joel is a self declared Kangaroo and, like myself, a geek about the art of cueing and communicating with Athletes. The last 3 weeks have had heavy emphasis on meaning and spirituality with some challenging material. It’s fun to return to the more familiar ground of how we get athletes to run faster, jump higher, and be all around more adaptable. Joel’s Just Fly Performance Podcast (link below) is one of my two favorites in the strength and performance arena. He has collected an incredible set of guests and has synthesized this wide array of thinkers concepts in distinct and insightful ways throughout his work as collegiate strength and conditioning coach and author. Joel has a lot to share when it comes to how we build the most adaptable athletes possible. I had a great time talking with him, and I hope you will all enjoy this conversation as much as I did. ============Learn More about Joel SmithWeb: https://www.just-fly-sports.com/Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/user/jumpscoach214IG: @justflysports============Books Mentioned in this Episode:-Speed Strength by Joel Smith============👍To support the podcast please like, share, subscribe and turn on the notifications by hitting the bell icon. 👤 VISIT US ONLINE- EMP Website: https://www.evolvemoveplay.com- EMP Shop: https://shop.evolvemoveplay.com- IG: @RafeKelly - http://www.instagram.com/rafekelley/ - FB: @RafeKelleyMovement - https://www.facebook.com/RafeKelleyMovement/- Twitter: @rafekelley - https://twitter.com/rafekelley- YT Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/Faelcind?sub_confirmation=1- Become a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/rafekelley============

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5 Apr 2021

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Episode #32: Vertical Jump (Elastic vs. Force) with Joel Smith

Jacked Athlete Podcast

Notes here: https://jackedathlete.com/podcast-32-vertical-jump-elastic-vs-force-with-joel-smith/


5 Feb 2021

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253 - pt 2: Joel Smith on Sprinting, Coaching & Professional Behavior Among Coaches

The STRONG Life Podcast with Zach Even - Esh

STRONG Life Podcast ep 253 Part 2 with Joel Smith Continued. Brought to you by https://Sorinex.com We discuss: - Speed training and sprints for non field athletes - Hamstring Pulls - Stretching Methods - Coaching today vs 10 + years ago - Being a Professional with Behavior in the Strength Coach Field Connect with Joel: https://www.just-fly-sports.com/ STRONG Life Resources: http://ZachStrength.com http://UndergroundStrengthCert.com - Strength Coach Certification https://UndergroundStrengthCoach.com


11 Jan 2021

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253: Joel Smith on Speed Training & Evolving as a Strength Coach

The STRONG Life Podcast with Zach Even - Esh

STRONG Life Podcast ep 253 (Part 1) with Joel Smith of Just Fly Sports. https://www.just-fly-sports.com/ Joel is a Speed Strength Coach who has been at The D3, D1 and now private sector for Strength and Conditioning. Joel is the author of the book, Speed Strength. We dig into Joel's evolution in his career as a Strength Coach as well as deep diving into ALL things speed training. Enjoy the show and BIG thanks to ALL who leave a 5 star review :) Resources: http://ZachStrength.com - FREE Strength Courses http://UndergroundStrengthCert.com - Get Certified

1hr 9mins

4 Jan 2021

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NOMBERG LAW LIVE: Joel Smith – Small Town, Big Practice. Life and Law in Barbour County, Alabama.

Nomberg Law Live

Joel Smith is a lifelong resident of Eufaula, Alabama, a town known for its lake, plenty of deer and some of the friendliest people you will ever want to know. Joel’s family is from the Wiregrass (in Southeast Alabama) and he has practiced law in Eufaula for more than twenty years. Bernard and Joel discussed life in Eufaula and how Joel’s practice law practice of helping those near and far have helped shaped his career. Thank you, Joel, for sharing about your journey and life in Barbour County.   #NombergLawLive #JoelSmith #EufaulaAlabama #Lawyer #LawPractice #LakeEufaula #BarbourCounty #Deer #Fish #NombergLawFirm Lawyers Representing the Injured Men and Women of Alabama Since 1967.    If you have any questions or concerns about this issue or other issues on the law, please call the Nomberg Law Firm at 205-930-6900. Our website is www.NombergLaw.com. Follow us on Twitter https://bit.ly/3gObVwS  or like us on Facebook https://bit.ly/322csqy.      Alabama State Bar, Rules of Professional conduct, Rule 7.2 (e), requires the following language in all attorney communications: No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/nomberg-law-firm/message


4 Jan 2021

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Joel Smith | Elite Basketball To The AFL

The Athlete Diaries

Basketball To The AFL•Joel had the choice of going over to some of the biggest colleges in the USA for basketball but decided to stay in Melbourne & take an opportunity with the Melbourne Demons.•He speaks about why he didn’t go down the USA college route - injury - his athleticism - NBA & how they brand their sports.•Link in bio.•https://linktr.ee/athletediaries•Host | Guy WalkerSocial Media & Producer | Matthew WhyteDesign | Samuel Kenny & BKW Studios


10 Nov 2020