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EP 43: Your Healing Your Way with Rosenna Bakari


0:02 Welcome0:37 Introduction of Dr. Rosenna Bakari. 3:45 Share your journey of getting where you are, and how you're able to help others. 4:23 Dr. Bakari sharing her story. 13:26 Unpacking survivorship of child sexual assault.  17:23 Finding community after experiencing trauma. 26:22 For anyone who's listening, can you share about ACE's and shed some light on what it is for listeners who may not know. 30:07 What do you say to those survivors who are afraid or feel like they're beyond that help? 36:31 Talking about Dr. Bakari's community and how people are engaging in it.46:57 Is that a program that you do regularly, like your eight week program that you were talking about?  51:50 How can people connect with Dr. Bakari? 53:01 Wrap up. 53:49 Outro Links Mentioned: https://www.instagram.com/rosennabakari/?hl=enhttps://linktr.ee/rosennabakarihttps://rosennabakari.comThis episode was brought to you by CONSENTparenting™ Learn more at consentparenting.com


19 Apr 2022

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#29DaysofMagic Episode 235: Just Be a Healthy Adult with Rosenna Bakari

The Reset Podcast

Welcome to day four of #29DaysofMagic where we have Dr. Rosenna Bakari with us again! Two years ago, she shared about her non-profit program to empower adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and her journey teaching and writing every day as an author. Today, she shares about how that program motivated her create the non-profit, to pursue entrepreneurship as an empowerment expert. Now, motivated by the motto of "personal development is professional development," she helps others move obstacles from their lives to create the life they want, as well as organizations as they figure out how to start. We also hear her goal to normalize conversation about mental health and wellness in addition to mental illness and what that looks like.  Buy a SIGNED COPY of her best-seller: The Healing Journey: Relationships and Wellness Guide  At her website: rosennabakari.com Join one of her Healing Challenges of 2022 on her website! Follow "RosennaBakari" on IG, FB, LI, and Twitter. https://www.instagram.com/rosennabakari/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/ACoAABP2pRUBmzwW6h508BGORoQPo-1AHbYQR4E/ https://www.facebook.com/rosennab https://twitter.com/RosennaBakari --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-reset-podcast/support


4 Feb 2022

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A Cure for COVID-19 Isolation Interview with author Rosenna Bakari

Dream Chasers Radio

HealingChallenge2022.comThe Healing Journey: Relationships and Wellness Guide - A Cure for COVID-19 IsolationCould this be the miracle to the COVID-19 Isolation?Cure for COVID-19 IsolationThe Healing Journey: Relationships and Wellness GuideNew York— October 11 — Could this be the miracle to the COVID-19 Isolation? Dr. Rosenna Bakari is using her latest book, “The Healing Journey: Relationships and Wellness Guide,” to support mental wellness by creating a challenge. “#HealingChallenge2022” will organize “healing squads” to address the isolation that so many people are feeling during COVID. Healing squads will consist of 4-12 readers from family, workplaces, friendships or organizations that hold each other accountable for engaging with the book all year with the author’s guidance. “The easiest way to initiate change is to open ourselves up to new experiences (The Healing Journey).” Positive Impact Participants will begin to normalize healing as personal development by using common language and goals based on the book. Nothing like this has been done before and the potential for change is enormous. “So many people need this type of support” Product Availability Participants, including businesses, can register for the challenge at HealingChallenge2022.com. “The Healing Journey: Relationships and Wellness Guide” can be purchased anywhere books are sold.


19 Oct 2021

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Empowerment with Dr. Rosenna Bakari

Navigating Mindfulness

Empowerment: ”the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.” On this episode of Navigating Mindfulness, Cheryl and Liza are joined by Dr. Rosenna Bakari, a Philadelphia native and an empowerment expert psychologist. She helps people master the relationship with themselves to master their lives. She earned her  Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado, her Master's degree in Counseling from the State University of New York and her undergraduate degree in psychology from Cornell University. As a psychologist, writer, black belt, spoken-word artist, and a marathon finisher, she lives life to the fullest. We eagerly await the arrival of Dr. Bakari’s radical new book on healing coming out September 3rd called 'The Healing Journey: Relationships and Wellness Daily Guide’. She is the founder and executive director of Talking Trees, Inc., an empowerment organization for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Join us for a powerful discussion about empowerment, the difference between ‘therapy’ and ‘healing’ and the idea of mastering your relationship with yourself. Looking to connect? Dr. Rosenna Bakari http://rosennabakari.com/ IG: @rosennabakari FB: @1roguescholar Cheryl Sutherland: https://pleasenotes.com/ https://www.cherylsutherland.com/ IG: @pleasenotesgoods FB:@pleasenotes Liza Magcale: https://eliaise.com/ https://delegatewisely.com/ IG: @eliaise.inc FB: @eliaise Follow Navigating Mindfulness: IG: @navigatingmindfulness FB: @navigatingmindfulness


21 Jun 2021

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Dr. Rosenna Bakari

Wizdom The Healer

Dr. Rosenna Bakari, Philadelphia native, is an empowerment expert psychologist, Author, and speaker.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wizdomthehealer/support


18 Apr 2021

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There is Nothing Wrong with You with DR. ROSENNA BAKARI

Speak LOUD

Dr. Rosenna Bakari is a graduate of Cornell University with a Ph.D. in Psychology and is the founder of an international organization that focuses exclusively on empowering adult survivors. She is also a multiple book author, including the title “The Living Open Model of Advocacy and Support” related to mental wellness, and is herself an incest survivor. In addition to her accomplishments academically, Dr. Bakari is also a blackbelt in the martial arts and received her Ph.D. and her blackbelt while raising children. Her incest and abuse came from within her family, and one day a family member who knew of her abuse invited the violator into her home. Although the violator didn’t show up, she felt extremely unsafe around the member of the family who tried to arrange this meeting. “I felt so unsafe that it triggered a PTSD event.” The family member who arranged this meeting thought that Rosenna had healed from her tragedy because she was successful. The violator was the family member’s husband. "I hadn't healed my pain, I'd hidden my pain just as she had asked me to, and I told her that the only way I could get my life back on track was to heal for real. I made a commitment to heal openly for real, so no one could ever again take my silence for granted. She had become so good at hiding that she convinced herself she was better. Rosenna went through counseling and read so many healing books, and watched shows. Starting to feel complete, she wrote books, including a memoir. "Something was still missing. I was in debt and having medical issues. I still didn't have what I felt like we're life-long close relationships with friends." Ten years into her journey, she was invited to serve on faculty in a counselor training program. At this point, Roseena had her a-ha moment. "What counseling teaches was to reflect feelings and help people to feel better. I realized that I still didn't feel empowered." Dr. Bakari created her organization as a survivor, not as a psychologist. People had requested that she hold 1:1 sessions, but she wasn’t ready. Once she incorporated the empowerment piece, she wanted to do therapy with clients, but not the typical treatment. Dr. Bakari’s goal was to empower survivors. With an eight-session empowerment program, she guides clients through a professional experience based on her education and understanding of how human beings think and behave. Resources Mentioned Visit Dr. Bakari on the web Connect with Dr. Bakari on LinkedIn Join Me on Speak Loud Platform Speak Loud Podcast on the web Spread the message of Speak Loudly Podcast andshare this episode with a friend! ***Disclaimer: All content found on Speak Loud Podcast, including text, images, audio, or other formats were created for informational purposes only. Material contained on Speak Loud Podcast website, podcast, and social media postings are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard or delay seeking professional medical advice. Information on this podcast, and guest comments, opinions and content are solely for educational and entertainment purposes. Use of this information is at your own risk.***


12 Mar 2021

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S. 2 Ep. 4 No Longer Living as a Sexual Abuse Victim with Dr. Rosenna Bakari

A Blissfully Balanced Life

I am so honored to introduce you to Dr. Rosenna Bakari. She is doing such incredible work in this world and has really learned how to live a balanced life. What an inspiration!! Connect with Dr. Rosenna Bakari further: Website: rosennabakari.com Her Writings: medium.com - search Rosenna B. Her Book: Too Much Love is Not Enough - https://www.amazon.com/Too-Much-Love-Not-Enough/dp/0997169923 YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3VK5QbAMBOxwDKconWfoGg?view_as=subscriber Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rosennabakari Twitter: https://twitter.com/RosennaBakari Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1roguescholar/ --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/blissfully-balanced-life/support


1 Jun 2020

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Commitment to Consistency with Rosenna Bakari

Crazy Busy

Rosenna Bakari, Ph.D., an overachieving, highly-educated author, psychologist and scholar had her normal fast-paced word turned upside down when, as an adult, she realized she needed to heal from childhood sexual abuse. She turned her pain into passion as she committed to consistently showing up for herself and other adult survivors through her empowerment organization Talking Trees. Listen in to hear her inspiring story and how commitment and consistency creates the space for true change. Connect with Rosenna, The Crazy Busy Psychologist: RosennaBakari.com Talking Trees Medium Article: How to Respond When A Survivor Discloses Instagram Connect with Karin on social media: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Subscribe to Crazy Busy: Spotify | ITunes | Anchor Also in this episode: adult survivor, sexual abuse, phD, love story, education, black America, The 60s, integration, psychology, counseling


25 May 2020

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Episode 87 - Healing, by writing your own story, with Dr. Rosenna Bakari #glowpodcastnetwork

The Reset Podcast

This episode is part of my series with the #Glowpodcastnetwork, where I'm interviewing 7 fantastic women. First up, is Dr. Rosenna Bakari who is an amazing Author, Poet & Scholar. We talk about her incredible story, how she was one of the first people to help articulate language for sexual assault survivors and how she's written every single day for over 10 year to be a guiding light for survivors. She's also got a ton of self-care tips and how to write with purpose. Find her here: https://talkingtreessurvivors.com/--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-reset-podcast/support


20 Mar 2020

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ML173: Dr. Rosenna Bakari (Founder of Talking Trees)

Master Leadership

Dr. Rosenna Bakari is a psychologist whose experience, skills, and assets make her a premier empowerment speaker. Her ivy league education, Ph.D. in psychology, 5X author, 4th-degree black belt, marathoner, open mic poet, world travel, and 28-year marriage give her plenty of experience and knowledge to draw from to mesmerize her audience. Her credentials are unmatched, and so is her passion.Website: www.talkingtreessurvivors.comLinkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-rosenna-bakari-b3120194/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rosennabakari/Twitter: @RosennaBakariSupport this show http://supporter.acast.com/masterleadership. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


5 Mar 2020