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Ep 135: Expedition Length Adventure Racing & COVID in Elite Athletes with WTM Champion Stefanie Bishop

Strength & Speed OCR: Obstacle Course Racing Lessons From Other Sports

2016 World's Toughest Mudder Champion and 4x Death Race finisher Stefanie Bishop is a pro/elite level adventure racer who specializes in expedition length racing (that's like 3-7 days in length).  Long Island natives, Evan and Stef talk training for multi-day events, mental aspects of racing that long, using the "bathroom" while racing, her future plans in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) and her recent battle with COVID-19 (including if she is experience long term effects).  Plus, plans for the future OCR-windwood band start to take shape. Episode brought to you by Compex, makers of Electrical Muscle Stimulators (EMS) and the Fixx massage gun. Music provided by Dino Sino (check out his YouTube page here)

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8 Aug 2020

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The World’s Toughest Mudder, Peak Death Racer, Iron woman, Stefanie Bishop is a guest of OG CHAT

OG Talk

Stefanie Bishop, OG CHAT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS EPISODE 4.  A native New Yorker and the embodiment of adventure seeker, Stefanie competes, explores, and trains all over the globe. She embraces her passions for adventure, ultra-endurance racing and training with a massive smile and all of her heart. Stefanie has a diverse athletic background, competing and excelling in various athletics from a very young age, ranging from soccer to fencing and lacrosse. She thrives on being challenged, which led her triathlon in 2005. Stefanie spent many years competing in triathlons, ranging from sprint to Ironman distances, and even competed at the Long Course Age Group World Championship. Stefanie began to flourish as an athlete upon discovering ultra-endurance sports. In 2010, she jumped at the opportunity to compete at a Peak Death Race - a race of unknown length and unknown tasks, lasting from approximately one to three days, testing athletes both physically and mentally. After becoming the overall champion 18 hours after her first Death Race, she realized that is what fueled her passion. Her love of these types of adventure competitions was apparent; she was the only athlete seen smiling constantly throughout the race. Stefanie went on to complete three more Death Races, lasting up to 65 hours in length, becoming the female champion twice and finishing in the top 10.


27 May 2020

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Multi-Sport Ultra Endurance Pro Stefanie Bishop | LotDR Episode 025

The Legend of the Death Race Podcast

Welcome to the Legend of the Death Race Podcast, where you’ll hear the legends of past Death Racers, new and old. In the twenty-fifth episode of the podcast, we have multi-sport, ultra-endurance athlete, Stefanie Bishop, who competed in four Death Races and has some very unique stories from the early days. Stefanie competed in the beta version of the Winter Death Race and also the Mexico Death Race. With her unique experiences, you'll want to tune in to this episode. You'll hear how she went from working on Wall Street to easting a mostly plant-based diet during the race, and how she even wrestled an olympian to earn her first "skull." Enjoy the show, and thank you for listening! If you're enjoying the show and you haven't already, make sure you subscribe, please leave a review, and if you really love it, consider becoming a sustaining member today! 📹Video Mentions: 2010 Death Race Video (13-min runtime) ⤵️Follow the Guest: Stefanie Bishop's Website Instagram @Stefadventures Stefanie Bishop's YouTube Channel  💀What's Up in My World: My legend is available now in my book The Legend of the Death Race: Conquering Life with Courage, Power, & Wisdom. The Audiobook is in the next round of editing and is coming very soon. To stay informed on the announcement, please visit www.legendofthedeathrace.com and sign up for email updates. Stay up to date on my latest adventures, follow me on Instagram @thatenduranceguy or visit www.thatenduranceguy.com This episode of the Legend of the Death Race Podcast is brought to you by: Trail Toes, A Phenomenal, Ultra-Extreme Anti-Friction Foot Cream. Photo Credit: Peak Races--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/legend-of-the-death-race/support


30 Apr 2020

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126: 2016 Champ Stefanie Bishop: Champions Week Day 3

World’s Toughest Podcast

Stefanie Bishop is the 2016 Women’s World’s Toughest Mudder Champion. Her 85 miles in 2016 is the second-highest milage ever run by a woman at World’s Toughest Mudder. She is also active in the multi-day Adventure Running community with a resume of crazy races to show for it. --- Free Sticker Update: We have reached our goal of 150 reviews in the U.S. Apple Podcast store! Because of that, we are giving away 10 two-packs of World's Toughest Podcast stickers to 10 listeners who have left a review in the past. Do you want to win a sticker? Here's how: From now until the end of the day on Friday, EVERY new review on Apple Podcasts, Amazon, and Stitcher will add two more stickers to the giveaway. You can enter up to three times (once on Apple Podcasts, once on Amazon, once on Stitcher). We will tally the results at the end of the day on Friday and announce the winners on next week's episode. Good luck! --- Welcome to Champion's Week on World's Toughest Podcast. Every day this week we are talking with a past champion of World's Toughest Mudder Monday: 6x Champ Ryan Atkins and 2x Champ Rea Kolbl Tuesday: 2018 Champ Kris Mendoza Wednesday: 2016 Champ Stefanie Bishop Thursday: 2016 Champ Trevor Cichosz Friday: 3x Champ Amelia Boone --- You can now text or call the show at (619) 378-4369. Leave us a voicemail! If your voicemail is good, it may be part of a future episode. If your voicemail is terrible it will probably be a part of a future episode. --- Like Tough Mudder this year, we are "getting back to our roots". Who from the WTM community would you like to hear from? Let us know in a review on Apple Podcasts. --- Follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  Would you like to be a part of the show? Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or Amazon.com and we'll read it on a future episode. Don't forget to subscribe and listen for new episodes every week.


26 Sep 2019

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84: Stefanie Bishop - Ultra-Endurance OCR Athlete

endurance Junkie Podcast

Stefanie Bishop is a US athlete who competes in ultra-endurance adventure and obstacle course races like the infamous Death Race (which she won twice) and World’s Thoughest Mudder (which she won in 2016). Stefanie was very active as a child and competed in a number of different sports growing up. She picked up triathlon in 2005 but got bored quickly and started looking at other endurance events and in 2009 came across the Death Race, which has now developed into the Spartan series of races. You can follow Stefanie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In this interview we talk about: – The injury that preventedher from defending her World's Thoughest Mudder title – Stefanie's sporting background growing up – The Death Race and the evolution of OCR – Training and nutrition – Goals, achievements and disappointments


4 Dec 2017

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Stefanie Bishop - One Tough Mudder, actually, the Toughest!

The Natural Running Network Live

Stefanie Bishop literally came out of nowhere to clinch the win at The World’s Toughest Mudder in 2016. Few people knew who she was but in quick time, all learned she was a force to reckon with. Putting in 85 miles with time to walk a lap which could easily have resulted in 90 miles, she handily disassembled the field of competitors. An adventure racer at heart, Steff is one tough mudder when it comes to any event that takes you up to and beyond 24 hours. Richard Diaz caught up with her at the Toughest Mudder season opener in LA and in this interview Steff shares her story.


5 Apr 2017

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Stefanie Bishop – One Tough Mudder, actually, the Toughest!

The Natural Running Network

Stefanie Bishop literally came out of nowhere to clinch the win at The World’s Toughest Mudder in 2016. Few people knew who she was but in quick time, all learned she was a force to reckon with. Putting in 85 miles with time to walk a lap which could easily have resulted in 90 miles,… Read more → The post Stefanie Bishop – One Tough Mudder, actually, the Toughest! appeared first on The Natural Running Network.


29 Mar 2017

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#020 - Stefanie Bishop - World's Toughest Mudder Winner, Death Racer, and Adventure Racer

Dirt in Your Skirt - The Podcast

Stefanie Bishop always grew up active from the time she could crawl. She competed in a number of different sports growing up, but it wasn't until 2009 when she read a New York Times article that would really spark something new in her life.  That New York Times article was about the Death Race. In this week's episode of the podcast, Bishop talks about growing up, being recruited to gymnastics from a birthday party, how winning the Death Race turned into a job in finance, and more. She talks about why she prefers adventure racing and other extreme endurance events to short distance courses. Finally, talks about the importance of community in long events.  Bishop recently won the 2016 World's Toughest Mudder and to many this was their first introduction to the endurance athlete. In our podcast, she talks about how she got into the obstacle racing world in 2010 then took a break for a few years but always had WTM on her radar.  Check out this week's episode, coming out on Bishop's 34th birthday!  FOLLOW STEF:  Website – www.stefaniebishop.com Instagram – www.instagram.com/stefadventures/ YouTube - Stef Adventures Show Sponsored by:  Four Sigmatic - http://www.foursigmatic.com Use code DIYS to save 10% on your order Full Shownotes:  http://www.dirtinyourskirt.com Join the Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/dirtinyourskirt/ Support the Show: www.patreon.com/dirtinyourskirt


22 Nov 2016

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Ep 12 - Stefanie Bishop on DNFing and Death Race

Bad Boy Running

It's a tough subject, but someone's gotta talk about it... yes, those dreaded three letters. D. N. F. Did Not Finish. In this episode, Jody and David talk all things DNF as they introduce the first (and possibly last) ever Bad Boy Running guest, ultra-athlete Stefanie Bishop. Here's what we got up to:  Jody confesses to doing something he’s never done before… and David shows absolutely no sympathy towards him (honestly, not a word of support) The chaps drop the bombshell that the actually have a guest… introducing the incredible extreme racing champion and Death Race veteran Stefanie Bishop Stefanie explains her experience of running the first winter Death Race, shooting 9mms and tackling Olympic wrestlers… as well as the slightly lacking ‘motivational’ speeches by the organiser to help you through it Stefanie ponders which is more difficult: sat in a cold pond for hours with hypothermia or drinking 4 litres of milk? Stefanie reveals the quality of the reward for completing Death Races (honestly, it’s worth spending hours in a pond with hypothermia for…) David recalls the first time he met Stef at a race… and it wasn’t pretty (for a very good reason) Why Stef had to be forced to DNF and why less clothes is often better (or not, as we discover) Stef reveals the frankly RIDICULOUS amount of time she spent trying to overcome one obstacle during a race (no, really you won’t believe this) David accidentally reveals the names of two people in a relationship no-one is supposed to know about ALERT, ALERT… a genuinely good idea actually features on the show! David decides to end the podcast episode on a particularly awkward question for Stef Enjoy! If you enjoyed this episode please SUBSCRIBE to get every episode delivered to you before everyone else. Join the conversation! If you want to request a guest or chat about this episode with like-minded drunk runners then head over to the Bad Boy Running Podcast Facebook group, here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1609232602668375/ To join, just answer three questions either correctly or hilariously and we'll realise you're not a spam robot and add you! Here's how to get involved: Follow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/badboyrunningpodcast Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/badboyrunning You can also follow Jody at @Ultrarunnerjody and David at @DavidHellard Email us at letters@badboyrunning.com Buy merch at the Merch Store at store.badboyrunning.com Lastly, don't forget to subscribe! FYB!


13 Nov 2015

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Stefanie Bishop

Obstacle Racing Media Podcast

Episode 120 - Before Amelia. Before Pak. Before Olof Dallner, Shelly Koenig, or Mark Webb. There was Stefanie Bishop. Stefanie was the overall winner of the Peak Races Winter Snowshoe "Death Division" in March of 2010. A few months later it was renamed the Death Race, and she was the first female finisher for the Summer version. (Joe Decker was the first male and overall winner). Much like another endurance champ, Mark Jones, Stefanie would also go on to complete the 2nd ever Spartan Race in Brooklyn, NY and the first ever Tough Mudder in Pennsylvania, all in 2010. In this interview Matt talks to Stefanie about those early adventurous beginnings, why she disappeared for a couple of years, and why she’s back. She just received another skull at the Mexico Death Race and then won the brand new Gauntlet in Macon, Georgia, the very next weekend. We also get her first hand account of this year’s Winter Tough Guy and why it was her first DNF. Oh, and they talk about ice cream. You also may hear Matt’s children in the background as this interview was recorded in his home office. Today’s episode is sponsored by: Down and Dirty Obstacle Race and Rugged Maniac. Show Notes: Report from the 2010 Summer Death Race Sufferfest clip-What near death looks like from this past Winter Tough Guy. Gauntlet Recap by Devin Cas


5 Mar 2015