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Tame Your Stress, Say 'YES' to Life, & Learn to be Truly Present with Stephen Christopher

Front Row Dads | Family Men with Businesses

Stress and frustration… These are emotions that every parent is very familiar with. But where exactly does stress come from and why are some parents better or worse when it comes to dealing with it? If you’ve been listening to the pod for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk about moments where I’ve unintentionally lost my shit at my wife or kids. I get that nobody’s perfect, and we’re all susceptible to losing control, but still, these aren’t proud moments for me. Typically, the more stress I feel, the more challenging it is to keep my emotions in check. That’s what I’m excited for today’s conversation. I’m talking to Stephen Christopher. In addition to being the Founder of a multi-million dollar marketing agency, Wit Digital, Stephen is a long-time friend, epic human being, and an Intuitive Life Coach who inspires people to become more than they ever thought possible. This conversation was another opportunity to better understand what causes anger, stress, a lack of acceptance, an unhealthy ego, emotional triggers, blindspots and more. We’re unpacking all of it during today’s discussion.  We also dive into this idea that life is way easier than we sometimes make it. You’ll learn why fulfillment is a choice and why saying “YES” to life, instead of restricting the flow of it, is where you can find real happiness.    If you are truly committed to growing as a husband/father, and want to feel more fulfilled and less stressed in your life, this episode is one you won’t want to miss! Stephen Christopher Podcast Highlights How dismissing your blindspots affects the way you treat your family. What would the camera catch? 🫣 The cause behind stress and frustration—and how to move through these feelings differently. The power of listening to your body and tips for staying in tune with it. Why everything is easier when you say YES to life, instead of constantly trying to control every outcome. Feeling unconscious, distracted, and disconnected? Learn how to be truly present so you can show up fully for yourself and your family. Get the Full Show Notes Want access to the full show notes, including links to all resources mentioned during today's conversation? Visit FrontRowDads.com/350 Want to learn more about Front Row Dads? We are in the business of building better families. While most dads would say that family matters most, the challenge is they feel guilty knowing their careers get the best of them, and their family seems to get the rest of them. We help Dads become family men with businesses, not businessmen who have families, so they can thrive personally AND professionally. Subscribe to the Front Row Dad podcast to learn about fatherhood, marriage and how to level up your game at home, or if you’re ready for the best coaching and true brothers to grow with, Join The Brotherhood! Are you getting all the shows? Subscribe today! Want to leave a review? THANK YOU! http://FrontRowDads.com/review

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24 Aug 2022

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786: Grow your Team, Foster Culture, and Stop Work Burnout with Stephen Christopher

Marketer of the Day with Robert Plank: Get Daily Insights from the Top Internet Marketers & Entrepreneurs Around the World

Are you self-aware of your position in your team? Have you been working like crazy, forgot to rest, and now seriously burnt-out? Different challenges surface when you least expect, and pivoting on these situations sets the best from the rest. Take a look at how Stephen Christopher helps you “re-imagine” and “re-envision” your team, company, and most importantly, yourself to the next level. Look at the bigger picture, set your expectations, and have a clear mindset to break past your challenges and barriers!ResourcesWit Digital (Official Website) Wit Digital (Facebook) Stephen Christopher (LinkedIn)


26 May 2021

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Crafting The Best Digital Marketing Strategy w/ Stephen Christopher

Strive 4 More: Lifestyle Podcast

Entrepreneur and Founder of Wit Digital, Stephen Christopher not only believes in female leadership, he provides opportunities to make it happen. Listen as he shares how to truly support female leaders, why it is important to check your website on mobile platforms and not just desktops, and how to create SEO and SEM strategies. Interested in sponsoring an episode? Check out www.strive4morepodcast.com/sponsoranepisode


23 Nov 2020

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516: How to Remove Yourself From Your Business | Stephen Christopher

Jon Nastor's Hack the Entrepreneur

Get 3 months of payroll, benefits admin, and more totally free at gusto.com/hack Start building your better portfolio today!  Get started at Fundrise.com/hack to have your first 90 days of advisory fees waived. One of the most popular pathways to entrepreneurship is taking a skill you possess and selling your services as a freelancer. Then if you do it right, you can sell enough work to hire other people to help you now you've got an agency! My guest today has successfully started, scaled, and sold several businesses. But for the past five years, he's been working on WIT Digital, a digital marketing agency that works exclusively with home services companies plumbers, electricians, and HVAC. The really interesting thing about Stephen's journey is that he has completely removed himself from the day-to-day operations of the agency. In fact, as you will hear, he only has one meeting per week with his management team. Now, let's hack... Stephen Christopher.


13 Nov 2020

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E161: Niching, resilience, and a positive mindset with Stephen Christopher

The Digital Agency Show | Helping Agency Owners Transform Their Business Mindset to Increase Prices, Work Less, and Grow Profits

Stephen Christopher is the CEO and founder of Wit Digital, which was named a fastest-growing company several times in Colorado, as well as a best place to work. Wit Digital is a 20-person agency in the home-services space. The agency has worked with over 500 clients.


28 Jul 2020

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Blue is the New White #49 - Stephen Christopher, Wit Digital

Blue is the New White Podcast

Today, we sit down with a truly inspiring human being. Those who don’t know Stephen Christopher should start following him immediately. He is constantly providing motivational and positive content, which the world needs more of. Stephan started his first business when he was 14 years old doing mobile car detailing, and has had several businesses between then and now. Eventually he got into digital marketing and re-branded to Wit Digital to start focusing on home service companies. It’s evident in this conversation that he has a profound respect for the skilled trades and the people in them. Don’t miss this episode with a brilliant entrepreneur and advocate of succeeding by your own definition, Stephen Christopher! Check it out on Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts!


12 Jun 2020

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206: How to advertise free on 4 digital platforms w Stephen Christopher

Service Business Mastery - Home Service Business Tips and Strategies for the Skilled Trades Service Industry

Stephen and I talk briefly about rebranding your business since this is something Stephen’s company just experienced. We then talk about how to advertise and show up on the platforms listed below for free. Bing (Yes, this is still a search engine!) Facebook Google Yelp Reach out to Stephen via email at Stephen@witdelivers.com, Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/HomeServiceMarketing and www.witdelivers.com Reach out to Tersh via email at Tersh@bluecollarroots.com, Facebook group “ Service Business Mastery Podcast” and www.bluecollarroots.com


30 Aug 2018

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EP 366: Denver Ballers #1 - Create Raving Fans in Business with Stephen Christopher

Live to Grind

When you add value and give your clients quality work, they build trust in you and become your biggest fan! This is the first episode of the Denver Ballers series and Brandon is chatting with Stephen about the power of social media and building a powerful team that is going to want to grow with you! A few highlights from this interview include: - Stephen talks about the power of customer referrals. He shares that most of his customers are through referrals because he and his team are passionate about delivering them quality work. Thus, your clients become your raving fan and would want to recommend you to their network. - We discuss what is the number one marketing strategy that leads to sales. Stephen shares that he noticed how being present on social media has been a great lead source. Your potential clients get to see who you are as a person! - Stephan shares his thoughts on where he sees social media going in the future. - How do you build a team in your business? Seequs has grown into a team of 15 employees and Stephan shares his strategy on leadership and team building. - Stephen gives his best tip on how to become a successful business.


3 Jul 2018

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Stephen Christopher Helps Entrepreneurs Break Through The Digital Noise – Episode 202

Accelerating Entrepreneurial Success (Video) with John Bowen

Stephen Christopher is an entrepreneur whose remarkable insights into what makes for highly successful business come about surprisingly from what happens to him when his businesses fail.Founder of Seequs Digital Marketing, Stephen has a remarkable ability to combine information with experience to help businesses grow and thrive.

6 Mar 2018

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Acting Faster Than Your Inner Critic With Stephen Christopher

The Fail On Podcast with Rob Nunnery - Fail Your Way To An Inspired Life

Stephen Christopher is the founder of Seequs Digital Marketing. Seequs is a web marketing agency based in Denver that helps companies grow through online marketing. Before Seequs, Stephen also started several financial businesses and today, uses his personal business experience to help other companies and business owners develop through online marketing. Today we’ll be hearing…

1hr 11mins

16 Oct 2017