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Alternative Investing in DC Plans with DCALTA’s Jonathan Epstein

The Hire thru Retire Podcast

Heather and Bill were recently joined by Rick Unser who spoke about trends in investment plan lineups where they dove into a topic that has been making recent headlines and that is: alternative investing in D.C. plans. In this episode, they are expanding on that topic and bringing in a resource that is no stranger to the concept of alternatives, Jonathan Epstein, president, Defined Contributions Alternatives Association (DCALTA). With a mission of enhancing retirement outcomes, through focused research, education and advocacy, DCALTA seeks to better secure and enhance participant outcomes through the inclusion of Hedge Funds, Private Equity, and other alternative investments in the defined contribution model. Tune in to hear more from Jonathon about why alternative investing could be an important consideration for plan sponsors and advisors supporting their plan sponsor clients. Bill Harmon is a registered representative of Voya Financial Partners, LLC (member SIPC).Jonathan Epstein and DCALTA are not affiliated with the Voya® family of companies.CN2111997_0424


19 Apr 2022

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Ft. Jonathan Epstein from JTJ Technologies

Fire Sprinkler Podcast

Jonathan Epstein is a property owner who created the Salamander as an early alert system to notify him of potential issues with his property sprinkler systems. Set up to automatically notify you if the water in your sprinkler piping drops to a pre set level, as opposed to temperature of the air in the room. visit https://salamanderreservoir.com/ for more information


8 Jan 2022

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NYP-15: Let’s F*cking Go Challenge - Focus, consistency, commitment and discipline with Jonathan Epstein.

Ngo Your Potential 💡

Our hosts David and Phil Ngo take Episode 15 to interview Jonathan Epstein, founder of the Let's Fucking Go mentality.  Jonny explains why destructive habits like creating excuses for yourself or taking shortcuts in life create a life of unhappiness (2:15).  Happiness really begins with taking care of yourself (4:13).  Jonny explains how he realized from a business conference that he was poisoning his body with alcohol and bad food. He required a detox and a change in his lifestyle habits to start caring for himself and his health. “I’m doing this for myself, I need to fix myself.” (5:00).  He started to realize the positive change his habits had on his health before it became a larger issue. Jonny explains how setting timelines and goals for yourself is how you achieve it (9:40).  "You have to be your own cheerleader." If you don’t appreciate yourself, you’re depending on other people giving you attention for what you’re doing and that will eventually fade (13:00). Jonny then explains how the pandemic had originally concerned him and his ability to stay focused while maintain his achievements (13:42). Despite the pandemic, he focused on how to keep this routine going (15:55). Jonny explains what is missing as part of the process was consistently having goals. It is just as important to level up your life, not just staying complacent once you achieve previous milestones (17:55). Jonny explains how to compete against yourself. His running journey began and helped develop this LFG Mentality we know today (19:20). Jonny realizes evolution in how he views and deals with problems. He learned to incorporate tools to deal with emotions and pressures of his personal life (21:03). Jonny learned what it’s like to learn how to be upset without having it affect other parts of his life. Keep moving forward. Progress over perfection (24:00). Jonny shares the story of how David got involved with running and achieving the LFG mentality by understanding that glass ceilings he set for himself was the problem. Your mind is what’s stopping you (27:05). Eventually, it got to a point where Jonny was excited to see other people achieving their goals (32:50). Jonny explains how the extended lockdowns created an opportunity to help others get through their own pandemic ruts (33:21). How did the running group got start? It lead to a group of people becoming inspired to achieve goals and competing against yourself (36:25). The LFG mentality and how it came to be today (40:06). David was originally hesitant about joining the group. All it took was understanding (40:46).  How the structure of LFG got to what it is today. Now we’re on to Challenge 5 which brings the community to the next level (42:22). Jonny explains the community guidelines. Why it’s important to define your own goals and put yourself out of your comfort zone (43:02). "It’s better to try and fail than to never try at all." The lack of accomplishment is what puts people in the rut. You need to get yourself out of it. It’s up to you to figure out how to get back up (44:42). We are creating a community of like-minded people (47:09). Jonny shares some success stories of the LFG challenge (49:59). Inspire and motivate others. Ignore the haters (54:58). What is the new Goalify app used for this challenge going forward (56:17)? How do we get involved (1:04:15)? Shownotes: Let's F*cking Go Mentality: https://www.instagram.com/thelfgmentality/  Jonathan Epstein: https://www.instagram.com/jonnyeps/ Follow Us and Subscribe: www.ngoyourpotential.com

1hr 10mins

12 May 2021

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Story 45: Jonathan Epstein on Hustle, Service, and Building a Business That Lasts 🎙📺

Guild Stories

Hear from Jonathan Epstein, Principal and Co-Founder of Running Pony Productions, on how his side hustle turned into one of the nation's premier video production companies, and how his focus now is on building a business that will outlast him.  Check out their award-winning work here. And give Jonathan a follow on LinkedIn here. 


28 Oct 2020

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S3 E21 Dr. Jonathan Epstein on How We'll Know the Pandemic is Over, the Greatest Mystery of COVID-19 and His Great Disappointment in Our Response

The True Philadelphia Podcast with Matt O'Donnell

Dr. Jonathan Epstein leads an institution that is researching just about every angle you can think of when it comes to COVID-19: vaccines, treatments, contact tracing, the long-term effects of an infection, the mystery of being asymptomatic and who should be vaccinated first.Dr. Epstein is the Chief Scientific Officer at Penn's Perelman School of Medicine. He has been leading this pivotal institution from his home in Wayne, PA since COVID-19 restrictions began back in the spring.Dr. Epstein shared with us why he is so hopeful and encouraged by the tireless work being done in the medical community, but also why he is disappointed with how our country has handled our worst pandemic in 100 years.Dr. Epstein also offers his prediction on when the pandemic will end and how we will even know it.Recorded via Zoom, October 26, 2020In this podcast:Dr. Epstein provides an overview on what his scientists at the Perelman School of Medicine are working on, coronavirus-related (1:50), what he believes is the biggest mystery of COVID-19 (3:40), what has been most surprising (and frustrating) about the pandemic (4:15), what it means to have pandemic fatigue not only in the general public but also for health care workers (4:50), what past pandemics tell us about what we should expect over the winter and next year (6:35), shutdowns, vaccines, herd immunity and our "toolbox" in reaching an end to the pandemic (8:30), Dr. Epstein's hopes on a vaccine(s) and treatments (11:30), what we know about the rarity of getting reinfected by COVID-19 and how treatments could play a role (13:15), if this coronavirus is mutating (14:40), the "long-termers" of COVID-19 and how worrying it is that even asymptomatic people have shown organ damage (16:20), how the medical community pivoted so quickly to fill the void of getting a handle on the pandemic early on (18:55), where the virus came from (20:10), how he personally gets through the darkest moments of this year (21:50), how we need to address potential competition between nations when it comes to vaccine development and distribution (23:20), how we will know we have reached the finish line of the pandemic and when that might be (25:30), an assessment of how this country handled the pandemic and how we might handle the next one (26:40), some of the silver linings of the pandemic, including increased connectivity in business and relationships and the better collaboration in medicine (28:25), how historians might look back at the year of 2020 and what the chapter would be called.


28 Oct 2020

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Scouting Out Scotland with Jonathan Epstein of Celebrated Experiences

Come Fly With Me

Tune in to hear insight from one of the most resourceful and credible travel professionals that I know. Jonathan Epstein is the owner and CEO of Celebrated Experiences, which is a company specializing in bespoke travel throughout the UK, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and Italy. He is an absolute guru when it comes to logistics, culture, and beautiful accommodations in each location.Jonathan and I chat about assumptions about travel through Scotland and what makes the country so unique. He shares memories, anecdotes, and drops names of fabulous hotels that he closely partners with to help client dreams come true. If you are thinking about venturing through this culture-rich country, this is the episode that you have been waiting for!


16 Sep 2020

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It! with Jonathan Epstein '93

Careers Unfiltered

Now more than ever, journalism is crucial to a well-balanced society. In a time of great upheaval, the field of journalism is undergoing some changes itself. Join Bryce and Danae as they discuss this and more with Jonathan Epstein '93, a seasoned reporter at the Buffalo News.


6 Nov 2019

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NextM: Jonathan Epstein

The sound of inspiration

Jonathan Epstein, Senior Vice-president på Sentient Technologies, berättar om sitt arbete med evolutionsstyrd AI och systemutveckling.


15 Apr 2018

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How to Win Over Japanese Regulators – Jonathan Epstein – PayPal

Disrupting Japan: Startups and Innovation in Japan

FinTech is one of the hottest startup sectors right now, but if you've been in the industry for a while, you know that FinTech is always one of the hottest startup sectors. And yet FinTech companies seem strangely local. Very few succeed outside their home markets. A complex web of regulations and local sensibilities almost always results in these firms struggling in overseas markets.PayPal wanted to make sure that did not happen to them in Japan.In this podcast, Jonathan Epstein explains how he brought PayPal into Japan. He talks in detail about how he got the Japanese regulators to sign-off on PayPal's innovative products, and also how he and his team had to throw out the US playbook and cooperate with other overseas divisions to build new retail and online markets from scratch here in Japan.Jonathan and I also talk about the exacting demands of Japanese consumers, and how those sensibilities convinced him to decide to start a project that drastically increased short-term costs, but might have saved the business in the long run.It's a fascinating discussion, and I think you'll enjoy it.[shareaholic app="share_buttons" id="7994466"] Leave a commentPartial TranscriptIf you read the news, you know that Fintech is one of the hottest start-up sectors right now and if you’ve got a long memory, you’ll also know that Fintech is always one of the hottest start-up sectors. Yet, Fintech companies seem to be strangely local. Very few succeed outside of their home markets. A complex web of regulations and local market sensibilities almost always ensures their failure.PayPal wanted to make sure that did not happen to them in Japan and today, Jonathan Epstein explains how he brought PayPal into Japan. He explains not only how he got the Japanese regulators to sign off on PayPal, but how he and his team had to throw out the U.S. playbook and build a new retail and online market from scratch in Japan. Jonathan also explains how the exacting demands of Japanese consumers forced him and PayPal to make a decision that dramatically increased costs in the short run, but saved the business in the long run. But Jonathan tells that story much better than I can, so let’s get right to the interview.If you’re a start-up thinking about Japan, you’ll never really understand the opportunities here until you start to take a serious look at what’s happening outside of Tokyo. Osaka in particular deserves your attention and this is especially true if you and your team are involved in smart cities’ technologies. Now Hankyu’s GVH#5 project is Osaka’s start-up central and it’s a great place for you to get started. They offer co-working space, bilingual business support, venture investment, and they’re at the center of a great international start-up and community. Now Hankyu’s GHV#5 in Osaka really deserves your attention, so pay them a visit at www.GVH-5.com/EN. You’ll be glad you did.[pro_ad_display_adzone id="1411" info_text="Sponsored by" font_color="grey" ][Interview]Tim: So I’m sitting here with Jonathan Epstein, who led PayPal’s market entry into Japan. And you’ve done a lot since then but today we’re going to talk about PayPal and how all that came together. So thanks for sitting down with us.Jonathan: Thanks for having me.Tim: Delighted. Well, let’s get right into it. When PayPal was looking at the Japanese market, what was headquarters’ main motivation for coming into Japan? What did they see here?Jonathan: PayPal has actually been in Japan for several years and what they wanted to do was to expand their presence dramatically. Basically, the entire focus of their mission in Japan has just been on their existing internet based business. And that’s been driven by a lot of natural—people signing up for PayPal because they want to buy something at a shop that offers PayPal, they learn about it. Originally it’s been driven a lot by foreigners who came to Japan,


14 Nov 2016

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Artificial Intelligence in Commerce (w/ Jonathan Epstein of Sentient Technologies)

Future Commerce Podcast: eCommerce, DTC and Retail Strategy

Jonathan Epstein, CMO of Sentient Technologies, joins us to talk about the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and how assistive marketing and merchandising is just the very beginning of AI for Commerce.


24 Oct 2016