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Mike Roddy with Linda Carroll, Head of People & Culture - Affinity Education Group

Career Journeys and Aspirations

My Guest today is Linda Caroll.Linda is the Head of People & Culture at Affinity Education Group.By way of background, Linda has a diverse career to date working across a variety of Industries including Education, Consulting, Property, Telecommunications and Recruitment. Highly proficient in HR Consulting, Coaching, Workplace Safety, and Learning Outcomes. Acknowledged as one of the leading HR Professionals in Australia today with one of the most recent accolades being awarded the 'HR Director of the Year' by the Australian Human Resources Institute.I was delighted that Linda accepted my invitation to be a guest on Career Journeys and Aspirations. It has been a fascinating career to watch with many achievements professionally and personally along the way.Thank you to our sponsor, Technology People for your ongoing support. The best IT & Digital Recruitment team in Australia!Please enjoy my interview with Linda Carroll


19 Jul 2021

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462: Linda Carroll | Unlocking Lasting Love Skills

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Linda Carroll (@Lovecycleslinda) is a licensed marriage and family therapist, relationship sage, and author of Love Skills: The Keys to Unlocking Lasting, Wholehearted Love and Love Cycles: The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love. What We Discuss with Linda Carroll: Love is a feeling that comes and goes, but loving is a skill set you can improve with practice. Why most arguments are not really about what you think you're fighting about. Is communication in relationships overrated? What the Woodpecker Syndrome is and how to avoid it. "You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else" and other cultural stereotypes and clichés about relationships that are worth less than the Hallmark cards they were printed on.  Why so many of us get locked into repeating relationship patterns that ultimately end messily. And much more... Full show notes and resources can be found here: jordanharbinger.com/462 Sign up for Six-Minute Networking -- our free networking and relationship development mini course -- at jordanharbinger.com/course! Like this show? Please leave us a review here -- even one sentence helps! Consider including your Twitter handle so we can thank you personally!


28 Jan 2021

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#75: Linda Carroll on Building Love Skills

Max Out

Today I`m joined by Linda Carroll, a therapist and couple`s coach with over 3 decades of experience. Linda is the author of Love Skills, and that`s exactly what we`ll talk about today: How to develop your love skills, whether you`re in a relationship, looking for one, or simply want to improve your friendships.Max Out Insights:We fall in love with the qualities that are different from ours. Ironically, those are also the things that might end up driving us nuts the mostThe only person that can make you feel whole is youPeople do better with a scheduleLearning to truly listen without an agenda other than wanting to understand is one of the most important skills you can ever developAccept each other`s feelings, even if they may seem irrationalMax Out Quotes:“When we get stressed, things tend to be exaggerated.”“What couples lack is not love. What they lack is skills to manage life under stress.”“The one you`re looking for is you.”“Real listening is when I put aside my story and my internal dialogue and really listen to who you are.”


1 Sep 2020

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Learning To Love Well - Thoughts On A Long-Lasting Relationship - Linda Carroll - ND3526

New Dimensions

Linda Carroll shares her insights into the reality of maintaining a lasting, loving relationship. She describes the stages of relationships, each with distinct characteristics and accompanying lessons. There’s an evolution happening within each relationship that forces us to make important decisions about ourselves and the trajectory of our personal growth.  Linda Carroll, M.S. is a licensed therapist and has worked as a couples therapist for more than 30 years. Her work is deep and varied, based on Voice Dialogue, Holotropic Breath Work, and Angeles Arrien’s The Fourfold Way as well as The Diamond Heart Work of A. H. Almaas. She is a certified IMAGO therapist, private coach to couples and families, and leader of workshops and retreats. She works with a limited number of couples in a new style of “concierge therapy” for which she travels to their home or office for 2 to 6 days a year for private, all-day sessions. Linda lives in Corvallis Oregon. She is the author of Remember Who You Are: Seven Stages in a Woman's Spiritual Path (Conari Press 2008), Her Mother's Daughter (Doubleday 2006)  and Love Cycles: The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love (New World Library 2014)Interview Date: 12/1/2014       Tags: Linda Carroll, long term love, couples therapy, marriage, aging, generosity, love stages, relationship stages, love cycles, betrayal, longevity, communication skills, relationship roadmap,  soulmate, commitment, my everything, rituals of good will, differentiation, wholehearted love, voice dialogue, holotropic breath work, Angeles Arrien, Fourfold Way, A. H. Almaas, Diamond Heart, Imago therapy, concierge therapy, Relationship/Partnership/Sexuality,Psychology, Personal Transformation, Self Help

29 Jul 2020

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Conversation #10: Linda Carroll, CPME, Don't Get Stuck In The Break Room Of Life

Right Brain Rounds

Taking a “pause” to inspire action with Linda Carroll, CMPE. Discussion about how taking a break and planning action in life can help those who are waiting to achieve their goals. Don’t get stuck in the break room of life!


3 Jun 2020

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Linda Carroll: Mastering the Relationship with Self

The Truth Prescription

Good People, Today I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Linda Carroll. She’s a therapist, couple’s coach, and author of the book Love Skills. Linda dives deep into her personal truth: that “love” is just a chemical reaction, and healthy relationships truly take a lot of work. We also dove into conversations around the COVID-19 pandemic and how it’s affecting our personal relationships and exaggerating certain aspects of our lives. Going deeper, Linda shares about how being in a relationship isn’t the most important thing; it’s about being in a relationship with yourself. As always, thank you for tuning in. I’ll see you in the next one. Some Questions I Ask: Does the cycle ever start over? (18:06)What do you want folks to learn from Love Skills? (20:01)What do you say to those that say they’re not in love with their spouses anymore? (22:02)What are the most common relationship issues? (26:34)How can people reach out to you? (38:42)In This Episode, You Will Learn: What falling deeply in love for the first time taught Linda. (4:37)The 5 stages to wholeheartedly loving your partner. (11:35)How Linda’s book took shape over time. (20:53)Why improving relationships cannot be done on a pre-determined schedule. (23:12)Why nurturing the relationship between the client and therapist is essential for growth. (25:28)How anger can lead to self-exploration. (29:37)Connect with Linda Carroll: WebsiteEmailInstagramLinkedInResources: Love Skills by Linda Carroll Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


11 May 2020

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Do You Have These Love Skills? They are The Key To Wholehearted Love with Linda Carroll

My Seven Chakras With AJ

Did you know that Action Tribe Energy Circle currently has a 15 day free trial? Visit mysevenchakras.com/try to learn more Guest bio: Linda Carroll is the author of Love Skills and Love Cycles. While she has worked as a therapist and couple’s coach for over three decades and has acquired numerous certificates and degrees along the way, she says that her own thirty-five-year marriage is the primary source of her knowledge when it comes to the cycles of love!  To learn more about Linda Caroll, visit https://lindaacarroll.com/ To learn more about AJ, visit www.mysevenchakras.com/learnmore Want to raise your vibes and feel better? Download your 21 page PDF at mysevenchakras.com/feelbetternow My Seven Chakras listeners are eligible for a FREE audible audio book along with a free 30 day trial. Click here to claim your free credit! Like this episode? Please leave an honest rating on iTunes. Ratings and reviews are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated! They do matter in the rankings of the show, and I read each and every one of them. P.S: Just takes a minute! :-) SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES  Click here to leave us a rating & review on iTunes Follow us on social media:  | Facebook | Instagram| Join our Facebook TribeSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/my-seven-chakras-with-aj/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


4 May 2020

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Chain of Positivity: Linda Carroll, CPME

Right Brain Rounds

Linda Carroll is the office manager of Dr. Muller’s private practice. She and Dr. Muller are business partners and started Aurora Maternal-Fetal Medicine together in 2018. Listen as they discuss ways to find positivity during times of adversity. Linda and Dr. Muller discuss helping physicians find personal and professional autonomy as private practice business owners. Dr. Muller discusses her personal journey in conquering fear of the unknown and taking the steps to become a private practice owner.


21 Apr 2020

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Love is an Inside Job with Linda Carroll

Lighthouse Conversations with Chelley Canales

Love is an Inside Job with Linda Carroll Have you ever noticed that the act of doing the dishes can trigger an argument with your partner that is most definitely not about the dishes? That it can be a metaphor for all of the unaddressed and underlying issues? I have! This episode dives into Love Skills, a guide that can shed light on why this happens and gives practical tools and exercises to work through conflict without losing connection.      Linda Carroll is a space holder and activator for people to have the best relationships of their lives. She's been through the ringer, sharing that there was a time in her life that she could have been standing in Yankee Stadium and without fail found the most dysfunctional person to be in a relationship with. Through her own learnings, and through working with others on their relationships for the past thirty-plus years, she has created a work that will give you the skills to navigate the cycles of love (The Merge, Doubt and Denial, Disillusionment, The Decision and Wholehearted Love)  and thrive. Learn what she means by "love is an inside job" in today's interview.   Linda Carroll is the author of Love Skills and Love Cycles. While she has worked as a therapist and couple’s coach for over three decades and has acquired numerous certificates and degrees along the way, she says that her own thirty-five-year marriage is the primary source of her knowledge when it comes to the cycles of love. She lives in Corvallis, Oregon. Visit her online at https://lindaacarroll.com/.   You’ll find her on social media here:   Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LindaCarrollBCC/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/Lovecycleslinda Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/lindacarrollofficial/ Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/LindaCarrollBCC/


9 Apr 2020

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#406 Couples Coach Linda Carroll and Author HeatherAsh Amara

Guy's Guy Radio with Robert Manni

HeatherAsh Amara is an Author and Spiritual Teacher whose new book, THE WARRIOR HEART PRACTICE walks readers through each of the four chambers—Feeling, Story, Truth, and Intent— where they will learn to take stock of their current emotional and mental state and reframe their situation in a new healing light. Linda Carroll is a couple's coach, therapist and the author of "Love Skills" which offers a do-it-yourself version of a highly effective workshop program, that Carroll has been coteaching with her husband for over 25 years, that readers can complete individually or as a couple. The book addresses both small troubles and the more serious dilemmas of communication gridlock, betrayal, and seemingly intractable differences, while providing a clear map for moving forward with these issues in the most productive way possible. Join Robert Manni, author of The Guys' Guy's Guide To Love as we discuss life, love and the pursuit of happiness.


2 Apr 2020