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Liz Germain | How To Scale Your Business With Youtube By Making Valuable Content To Your Target Audience

Get The Bag Life

Youtube is a powerful way to grow your business. By creating content specifically for your target audience, Youtube can act as a middle and top-of-the-funnel play for your courses and products.We are here with Liz Germain, an entrepreneur and Youtube marketer, who helps brands and coaches grow their businesses with Youtube. Liz is going to break down how to grow an audience on Youtube and how to plant a call to action to drive the traffic to your offer.Join the Value Tips Tuesday newsletter!


30 Apr 2021

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10X Your Impact using YouTube with Liz Germain

The HeFluence Podcast

50 Million views ( and counting) later, Liz Germain has a heart of servanthood, a strong sense of how video influence REALLY works, and how YouTube is THE BEST place to get your message heard. In our conversation she unpacked the power of getting more views and subscribers, building your brand, and generating more leads and sales from YouTube. I was blown away! This episode is a must-listen! Enjoy the show and take lots of notes!  Connect with Liz: https://lizgermain.com/ Follow Liz on IG : https://www.instagram.com/lizdoesvideo Follow Mike HUEY on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michaeldavidhuey Connect with Mike: https://https://www.michaeldavidhuey.com/--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/michael-huey/message


3 Mar 2021

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(S3. E5.) From Bullied & Depression To YouTube Sensation & Entrepreneur - With Liz Germain

The Think Different Theory With Josh Forti

Liz Germain is a successful American YouTube influencer & entrepreneur.As a women, and someone who had a difficult childhood, she has a unique perspective on life.You won't want to miss this episode! -------------------------------------------------------------------Want to learn how to think?Get a FREE copy of my Mindshift Playbook:  www.thinkdifferenttheory.com/playbookIf you haven't joined the Facebook Group yet, make sure you do that! www.facebook.com/groups/thinkdifferenttheory/FREE RESOURCESFREE MINDSET GUIDE: www.thinkdifferenttheory.com/playbookFREE SALES GUIDE: www.salesandmindset.com/freesalesguideFOLLOW JOSH:Facebook: www.facebook.com/thinkdifferenttheoryInstagram: www.instagram.com/joshforti

1hr 11mins

5 Nov 2020

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Liz Germain – How To Leverage YouTube More Qualified Leads - Agency Success GPS Podcast - Lee Goff - Episode 11

Agency Success GPS Podcast - Featuring Lee Goff - Your Marketing Agency Coach

Learn How To Turn YouTube Into A Lead Generating Machine For Your Agency. YouTube Directly Affects All Of Your Social Media - See How To Master It!Liz Germain is a rock star when it comes to YouTube! In this episode, Liz and I talk about how to turn YouTube into a lead generating machine for your agency. Using YouTube directly affects all of your social media! Liz Germain helps grow and monetize YouTube specifically for online businesses, coaches, entrepreneurs and agencies.The Three Core Elements Of Her YouTube Mastery ProgramYouTube is A Search Engine - Owned By GoogleVideo Marketing Strategy Converts On Average 49% MoreTwo Case Studies Create A Habit To Turn Viewers Or Subscribers Into BuyersCreating The Three Channel PillarsTop Three Techniques To Get Subscribed QualifiedYouTube Growth CourseLiz Germain, founder of Vidfluence LLC, helps online businesses grow and monetize YouTube using video marketing automation and YouTube SEO. She is a leading expert in YouTube organic strategy. Liz has generated over 100 million organic YouTube views and tens of thousands of leads for Vidfluence clients across industries. Realizing you can do the work once and just have it live there and have it generate leads forever!  It is all about working smarter, not necessarily harder.YouTube is A Search Engine - Owned By GoogleLiz teaches people how to really master YouTube SEO, and the keyword strategy to pull in targeted organic leads to your business and into your sales funnel. If you do a Google search now you will find like three to four different videos right there at the top. Right. Yeah, it's very challenging to actually rank on the first page on Google, especially for agency-related search terms. But the thing is, YouTube gives you a competitive edge.Video Marketing Strategy Converts On Average 49% MorePeople who use video in their marketing strategy convert on average 49% more than people who do not and 80% of online consumer traffic is Video Traffic.YouTube is your video platform of choice, video in general is one of the best ways to market and promote your business. Turn Viewers Or Subscribers Into Buyers!Liz breaks down the top four things she would recommend to everyone on how to monetize your YouTube videos.Number One - Selling your own programs, services, products, etc.Number Two  -  Affiliate marketing.Number Three  - Brand deals and sponsorship. Number Four - Adsense revenueCreating The Three Channel PillarsPillar One - It's really, really critical in the first two seconds of someone landing on your channel that they understand this channel is going to be covering around three different topics.Pillar Two - One of the biggest mistakes is using YouTube for marketing purposes, by putting every single social platformPillar Three - Always giving a verbal call to action at the end of the video, because if somebody watched the entire video, they are clearly interested!YouTube Growth Course Start with “help” content first, and then do the keyword research process in their  YouTube Growth Course. It will literally take you step by step through the process and show you how to use the different YouTube plugins like VidIQ. It walks you through the process so even if you have no idea what you're doing, You got this! It gives you the templates and spreadsheets that make it easy.Liz gives a few wisdom nuggets and a shameless plug on how she can help you.Click Here for full transcripthttps://www.marketingagencycoach.com 


17 Aug 2020

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21. How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Business with Liz Germain

Into The Wild

Hey you wild women! My guest today is Liz Germain, a top expert in video and YouTube marketing. She has generated over a hundred million organic views and tens of thousands of leads for online businesses using YouTube, and has excellent taste in taco’s and fashion. After creating the YouTube channel Super Sister Fitness, Liz started the Video Growth Course & Vidfluence Academy. She helps people set up video automation systems that use YouTube to increase their passive income and 10x their impact online via YouTube SEO, brand omnipresence, and YouTube paid advertising. In This Episode, You Will Learn About: The cost of inaction and why it outweighs the return on investment How her sister leaving Super Sister Fitness led to her current career The way lack of tech skills hinders starting a business The important way tech advancements aid business start-ups Why you should always have a plan B and C working in the background The necessity of diversifying revenue streams Knowing your value: Why you need to re-examine your pricing The importance of the end-user experience From Instagram to YouTube: How Liz analyzed data to focus on engagement and conversion Success stories from Liz’ clients YouTube is a search engine: The necessity of keyword optimization and how to do it Vanity metrics vs. leads: Which is most important and why How brick and mortar stores can leverage YouTube for marketing Creating a digital help library of edutainment content to get found on Google Conquering tech fears Phone filming tips The importance of investing in audio equipment before anything else Overcoming camera shyness Outsourcing to maintain work/life balance The importance of documenting systems and processes Resources: Website: Vidfluence Pros  About Liz: Liz Germain  Book a call with Liz: Liz Can Help  Instagram: Liz Germain Facebook: YouTube VIPs Public Shout outs: Kartra CRM Diva Ring Light What it means to be a WILD woman: “Anytime I can reconnect and get away from the internet world. Re-wilding myself in that way is essential to my mental health.” ~ Liz Germain


8 Jun 2020

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PKX 087 - Monetize Your Youtube Channel With Liz Germain

PK Experience (PKX)

Liz Germain helps people build and grow profitable YouTube channels. She has generated over 50+ million organic views and tens of thousands of leads for online businesses using YouTube. Creator of the Video Growth Course & Vidfluence Academy, she helps people set up video automation systems that use YouTube to increase their passive income and 10x their impact online via YouTube SEO, brand omnipresence and YouTube paid advertising.

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15 Apr 2020

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Episode 112 - Lessons from 100 Million Organic YouTube Views with Liz Germain of VidFluence

eCommerce Evolution

Liz Germain is a YouTube Marketing legend.  We met when I was speaking at an event for eCommerce brands at the YouTube LA Offices.  Between her own fitness channel and her client’s channels, she’s helped rack up over 100 million organic video views on YouTube.  Wow. In this interview, we deep dive into how she does it. From the content, she creates to the research that inspires it. We also discuss where you should start and how to take your YouTube channel to the next level.  Here’s what we cover Liz’s killer YouTube Influencer structure that leverages evergreen content for years of leads  How Liz created a video and blog post for a natural birth control method that is still generating leads and sales 4 years after it was created.  Compare that to an Instagram story that has a shelf life of just 24 hours.   The 3 types of YouTube content and where you should start The fundamentals of building a great YouTube Channel Plus more!


31 Mar 2020

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017: Liz Germain - What I Wish I Had Know Before Starting My Youtube Channel

Women Of YouTube

In this episode of Women of Youtube, I talk with Liz German about what she wishes she knew BEFORE starting her Youtube channel, our love of the Youtube community, and how to deal with a troll that takes things too far. Get Tubebuddy to blow up your channel at www.tubebuddy.com/women Get Liz’sGet the YouTube Growth Hacks Guide here - https://YouTubeGrowthHacks.com Follow Desiree at www.youtube.com.com/mrsdesireerose Follow Liz at https://www.youtube.com/user/gosupersisters


28 Jan 2020

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YouTube Marketing Mastery with Liz Germain

Everyday Business Leader

Liz Germain is the go to expert on YouTube. I follow her closely and consider her my YouTube coach. You should listen to her advice in this episode as it is an extraordinary conversation. If you are not using YouTube for your business, you are missing out. At the very least you need to consider it. Listen, take notes and implement! You can reach Liz for more information at LizDoesVideo.com This is an affiliate link to the Business Owner Freedom book: Business Owner Freedom book For additional insights and links about the episode go to www.BusinessOwnerFreedom.com. While you are there be sure to join our community. We look forward to getting to know you.  Join the Business Owner Freedom Mastermind. Connect with Business Owner Freedom and Gregory: Website LinkedIn Facebook If you have questions or show subject suggestions, you can submit those via email to info@gregorygray.com. If you truly enjoyed the show, don't forget to leave a positive rating and review on iTunes. We are preparing more episodes, so join us again next week! Thank you for tuning in to the Business Owner Freedom Podcast! * As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Copyright © 2020 BOFP


7 Jan 2020

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Creative Thinking with Liz Germain founder of Vidfluence Academy

Green Planet Blue Planet Podcast

Liz Germain, founder of Vidfluence Academy, is one of the most sought-after video marketing experts in the industry. 

As a YouTube Partner and NextUp Contest winner, Liz specializes in YouTube marketing, YouTube SEO, YouTube advertising and video marketing automation for growing online businesses.

  We talk about: Her story towards success, starting a business with her sister and growing it to virality The education system, trust and how to choose optimism in life Quality over quantity > it WINS every time The importance of values, and family at the core of her motivation Liz has helped generate over 50+ Million organic views on YouTube, built multiple YouTube channels to over 100k subscribers, attracted tens of thousands of organic leads from those channels and helped produce millions in sales in extremely competitive industries--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/julian-guderley/support


7 Nov 2019