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29 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jordan Brown. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jordan Brown, often where they are interviewed.

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29 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jordan Brown. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jordan Brown, often where they are interviewed.

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Al Interviews Jordan Brown | Mental Health Advocate, Trained Social Worker & Author

The Depression Files
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In this episode, Al interviews Jordan Brown, mental health advocate, trained social worker, and author (recorded 4-6-20). Although Jordan has experienced anxiety since childhood, it wasn't until 2012, after open heart surgery, that he experienced depression. Jordan describes his path to recovery, including a six-day inpatient hospitalization.

As a trained social worker with experience in the mental health field, Jordan shares some incredible insights. Combining his love of writing and his passion around advocating in support of others, Jordan began a blog. The blog eventually led to a daily newsletter titled, The Mental Health Update. Jordan will now be releasing his first book, titled, In Search of Happiness, Thursday, June 4, 2020! This mental health poetry book, that also includes three short essays, takes the reader along a journey through anxiety, societal pressure, and stigma to a place of finding healing and, eventually, a frontier of new meaning. The book will be available for purchase on Amazon in both e-book and paperback formats. Contact Jordan directly at for more information.

You can find out more about Jordan, and other details on the release of his book, on his website, also titled, The Mental Health Update.

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In addition to The Depression Files podcast, you can find Al's blog at There, you can also find out how to work with Al as a coach or schedule him for a public speaking event. You will also find Al on Twitter @allevin18.

May 31 2020

1hr 16mins


Episode 48: The Cavalry has arrived with Jordan Brown and Joel Waterman

Down the Pub Podcast
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On this Cavalry FC special we are joined by Jordan Brown and Joel Waterman. Jordan tells us about his season in Calgary and why it's a bad idea to meg Andy Carroll. Joel chats about his momentus move to Montreal.

May 22 2020

1hr 51mins


Jordan Brown - 368

The Generation Why Podcast
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February 20, 2009. Wampum, Pennsylvania. Kenzie Houk, a pregnant mother of two, was asleep in her bed when someone shot her in the back of the head. Both Kenzie and her unborn son died. At the time, she was engaged to Chris Brown, who had a son named Jordan. When detectives investigated the home they could only come to one conclusion. That Jordan Brown was responsible for the crime. Their theory was that Jordan did not like how his life was disrupted by having a woman and her two daughters join his family with a little brother on the way. But was Jordan truly a murderer? Or could someone else have had a motive to kill Kenzie Houk?

Mar 30 2020

1hr 2mins


Ep.015 - Jordan Brown - Post Surgery Depression & Creating Mental Health Awareness Content

Pushin’ Through Blu
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On Episode 15, I spoke with Jordan Brown, creator of and mental health advocate about:
- Jordan’s own experiences and learnings about caring for a love one with a mental illness
- on his own struggles with anxiety and depression, including his post surgery depression, which is more common than many people realize
- Jordan also talks about how he feels he was failed by the mental health system, when doctors fail to warn patients about the risks associated with post surgery depression or the mental health challengers so many are affected by when healing from a physical injury
- how it took Jordan driving himself to the medical ER to receive a proper assessment, diagnosis and the right treatment for him
- how important (and hard) it is to keep going when you are suffering, to keep pushing forward to seek the right diagnosis and treatment
- how important having a well balanced life when looking after your own mental health and implementing self care
- Jordan’s journey is sharing mental health awareness through authentic written articles, poetry and being active on Twitter with messages of support and insight
- how he has been building a positive mental health community online
- how he continues to manage his own mental health
and so much more.
Jordan is sharing his story and experiences, in an effort to help others that may share a similar story, as well as to help better educate non-suffers, to help remove the stigma and common misconceptions surrounding mental illness and promote the importance of looking after your mental health.
Australian Support Contacts & Articles on Post Surgery Depression
Lifeline:13 11 14
Lifeline Texting Service:0477 131 114
Beyondblue:1300 224 636
Information on the 'Mental Health Care Plan':
National Helplines for Anxiety & Depression:
Understanding Postsurgery Depression:
Signs and Symptoms of Depression after Surgery or Illness:
If you would like to follow Jordan:
Daily Newsletter: newsletter.
Twitter: @JPBrown5
You can also follow the Pushin' Through Blu on:
Twitter: @pushnthroughblu
Instagram: @pushintroughblu
Facebook: @pushinthroughblu

Jan 19 2020

1hr 11mins


SCBWI Conversations - Jordan Brown

SCBWI Conversations
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Jordan Brown is Executive Editor, Walden Pond Press & Balzer + Bray, at HarperCollins Children’s Books. He has worked with such esteemed authors and illustrators as Jon Scieszka, Anne Ursu, Gris Grimly, Steve Brezenoff, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Chris Rylander, Erin McGuire, and Laura Ruby. In this podcast Jordan discusses diversity, the state of publishing, and his road to publishing.

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Jan 01 2020



025: How to Get Paid to Attend Dental School w/ Student Doctor Jordan Brown

Dental Student Vibes
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Jordan is a 4th year dental student at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and he is best known for his Instagram following @dr.skylark. He recently authored a book titled Plaque Masters Academy, where he described how he earned a full scholarship to dental school without the military. Besides being active on social media, Jordan was a graduate student resident advisor during his 3rd year of dental school so he not only had tuition covered AND a monthly stipend, but then he also had free housing. Basically he was getting paid to go to school!

During the episode we also discuss:

  • Best advice for 1st year dental students
  • Best advice for pre-dental students
  • DAT study materials
  • Study strategies
  • Staying healthy while in dental school
  • Residencies, associateships & more!

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Sep 23 2019



#6 - Mental Health, Stigma and Vulnerability - Jordan Brown

Stigma Podcast - Mental Health
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In this episode of the Stigma Podcast, I spoke with Jordan Brown, an advocate for mental health, a social worker in the mental health field, writer, poet and key member of a mental health-related startup. He has also spent time volunteering with the National Alliance on Mental Illness as well.

He’s a part of a team helping to build “AnswersNow” which is a solution that helps parents raising children with autism by providing access to board-certified clinicians via desktop and mobile devices for guidance to help the parents through day to day concerns they face.

Jordan has written several articles on many topics surrounding mental health.  His writing can be found on his website,  He also has a newsletter where he distributes some very meaningful and authentic mental health information. 

Jordan’s Website:

Jordan’s Twitter: @JPBrown5

Jordan’s Newsletter:

  1. We talk about Jordan’s background and how he found his way into the mental health space.  Jordan did not begin in mental health.  He got involved because of a personal connection to a family member who had a mental health issue.  Many of us can relate to that.
  2. Jordan shares about how he underwent open heart surgery in 2012.  He has written about, and shared on our podcast, about how much harder the mental and emotional recovery was than the physical recovery from that surgery.  Jordan talks about that and how he dealt with the mental health component of that recovery. He shares about how after surgery he struggled to sleep, which led to mental health issues.
  3. We talk about OCD, anxiety and compulsive struggles including skin picking.  Jordan shares how he overcame his own struggles with each. 
  4. Jordan talks about after getting some less than desirable help from mental health providers, he was admitted to a mental health facility in Montana after having concerns about harming himself.  He discusses how treatment providers he worked with before being admitted were not helpful, and then when he was admitted, he was helped by a psychiatrist who really understood him and his needs which made all the difference in the world.  It took quite a bit of courage to stand up and say he wasn’t getting any of the help he really needed and checked himself in to a mental health facility.
    1. Getting enough quality sleep
    2. Good sleep hygiene – consistent sleep and wake times, etc.
    3. Turning off tech an hour before sleeping
    4. Meditation – he calls the mindfulness he gets from meditation, a superpower he has
    5. Getting enough exercise – such as walking and hiking
    6. Avid reader (50-80 books a year)
  5. We talked about how to proactively manage mental health.  Jordan gave a list of things he does to proactively manage his mental health.  That list includes:
  6. Jordan has mentioned publicly that we have an ethical responsibility to talk about mental health. I had a chance to get more of his thoughts on what that ethical responsibility means.  He makes the point that mental health issues can’t be allowed to “slide” – for instance, if someone has cancer, we rush to their side.  So, when someone has a mental illness, we need to support them the same way.
  7. We talked about ways to defeat or reduce stigma.  We have to talk about it.  We have to tell uncomfortable stories.  We don’t really give people a voice who are dealing with serious mental illness.  We go into the co-occurrence of mental health and addiction as well as the presence of trauma when addiction is also present in people.
  8. We need to drastically reform the mental healthcare system.  What we are doing right now is not working.  Different parts of the health care system don’t talk to each other and the care isn’t what it should be.  HIPAA, even though it has good intentions, makes it very hard to communicate about mental health issues.
  9. We talk about the culture of “toughness” and specifically how it pertains to men in society today. We talked about how men are not encouraged to be vulnerable, share their emotions, and open up and how that impacts boys later in life.  This culture is prevalent not only in “sports” for young kids, but it’s prevalent in many industries, like startups where the culture of working harder, longer, and sleeping less is seen as a badge of honor.  The mentality of “suck it up” has destroyed the fabric of humanity.
  10. Finally, Jordan shares more about what he is working on at AnswersNow and how his business is helping parents of children with autism.

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Aug 27 2019



Guest Co-Host Fr. Jordan Brown

Orthodoxy Live
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Fr. Jordan Brown joins Fr. Evan Armatas as guest co-host tonight and their very first call is from Australia!

Aug 05 2019

1hr 4mins


What Makes DIII Recruiting Different with Jordan Brown

ParentingAces - The Junior Tennis and College Tennis Podcast
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Welcome to Season 8 Episode 31 of the ParentingAces Podcast! This week we are discussing Division III recruiting with Jordan Brown.

Jordan Brown is Assistant Dean of Admission & Coordinator of Student-Athlete Recruitment at Occidental College. In his role he works with both coaches and prospective student-athletes as they navigate the college admission and recruitment process. Jordan is also a tennis enthusiast, who played for both Fordham University and Occidental College. He holds a bachelor's degree from Occidental College and a master's degree in education policy from Columbia.

Jordan shares his experience and insights about what sets Division III apart and why recruiting at this level may be different from Division I. He talks about the academic and athletic requirements to gain admission to a DIII university as well as funding options available. 

If you have further questions for Jordan about Occidental or about DIII recruiting in general, you can reach him via email at

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Jul 23 2019



How I Lead as the Bishop’s Wife | Interviews with Jordan Brown and Amanda Fristrom

Leading Saints Podcast
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In this podcast, Kurt interviews two women with the unofficial leadership calling of Bishop’s Wife.

Sister Jordan Brown

First he speaks with Jordan Brown, who lives in Spanish Fork, Utah, where her husband has been the bishop of their ward for two years.


4:25 The circumstances surrounding her husband Brian’s calling as Bishop
9:45 The makeup of their ward
11:35 Leadership Principles: Communication as a couple: it first stopped being as intimate until they decided to focus on talking about his feelings so that he could process them better and she could support him without knowing the causes of those feelings
20:20 Look for the kind eyes: so many people are watching and it’s easy to personalize comments because you are now the bishop’s family, and this can become very negative inside your head. But when you look for the kind, positive eyes instead of the critical, judgemental eyes, you will find them.
25:35 Let yourself serve as the Bishop’s Wife: ask in your prayers to find the opportunities to serve others
27:55 Being the bishop’s wife has given her many opportunities to be intentional about keeping her covenants
31:45 Kid hack: “Sunday Centers” set up four rotationg, 15- to 30-minute stations for quiet activities such as reading, talk with Mom, work on Faith in God, making something with legos, and making a treat
34:55 Living her covenants has become more intentional and less like going through the motions, bringing her closer to Christ

Sister Amanda Fristrom

Amanda Fristrom and her family live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where her husband has been bishop for one year.


37:00 Her background and how her family ended up in Dubai, UAE
39:00 Life in Dubai
39:55 Being a member of the Church in Dubai: every ward is diverse, dynamic, and inclusive
41:55 The circumstances surrounding her husband’s calling as bishop
43:00 Give yourself time to transition into the position of bishop’s wife: identifying as “the wife of”
44:40 UVU professor Susan Madsen’s article about how women need to be kind to themselves and do what they want to do where they are
47:50 The Sabbath is the day she most has to deal with the position of “the wife of”, and looking to feel love for others gets her out of a negative mindset and into a service mindset
49:25 If the bishop is the shepherd, the bishop’s wife is the first follower
51:00 Bring the Spirit back into a conversation by bearing testimony of the Savior
53:20 Debriefing the former bishop’s wife (and others): listen to their advice
54:15 You can help develop a vision with your husband and others, and help support him and the ward
56:05 Singling out the one: pray about individuals and get creative at finding opportunities to serve them, even when you don’t know why
58:00 Setting an example for the ward
59:35 Working through depression and anxiety and the accompanying loss of the Spirit: stay the course
1:01:50 Use everyone in the ward: Asking others to serve you is a powerful way for them to be able to serve you, as well as for you to be served, and the blessings are reciprocal
1:05:30 The Lord has entrusted you with a lot, but He never intended for you to do it yourself
1:07:00 Getting to know the Savior has led to a greater understanding that all pain and difficulties are encompassed in the Atonement, and this has been a growth opportunity for their entire family


How I Lead as the Bishop’s Wife | An Interview with Alanna Francom
How I Lead as the Bishop’s Wife | Interviews with Jill Walker and Kasandra Merrill

Jul 21 2019

1hr 12mins