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Patti Stiles & Joe Bill (Episode 12)

Making Up With Improv

A podcast with Lena Försch and guests from around the worldLena is super excited that in this FINAL EPISODE of the podcast she gets to speak with two of her all time favorite improvisers: Patti Stiles from Melbourne and Joe Bill from Chicago. They discuss questions like "What's even funny nowadays", "Can you build trust via Zoom" and "How to best connect before a show". Also, they touch on the ever pressing question of: He's worked with Del, she's worked with Keith - can they work together? (Spoiler alert: They can!) More on Patti:https://www.pattistiles.com/ More on Joe: https://www.facebook.com/groups/182602909978 https://www.integratedimprovisation.com/ If you'd like to participate in a workshop at the 20th(!) Würzburger Improtheaterfestival make sure to visit www.improtheaterfestival.de, sign up for the newsletter and don't miss any deadlines. Also, do you wanna know what Lena is up to now?https://schwesterninderueberzahl.de/ If you'd like to donate to our association or would like to get some more information, you can visit https://improtheaterfestival.de/en/donation.html

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6 Apr 2022

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Joe Bill Sherrod

Hey Amarillo

A conversation with Joe Bill Sherrod, the Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Amarillo College and Executive Director of the AC Foundation. What those two lengthy titles mean is that, among other duties, Sherrod serves as an institutional fundraising professional. He spent several years in a similar role for WTAMU, preceded by careers in personal insurance and youth ministry. In this conversation with host Jason Boyett, Sherrod details his unique resume, his decision to live in Amarillo, and why Panhandle people are so generous. This episode is sponsored by Union Hall and La-Z-Boy.


21 Mar 2022

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The Ministering Power of God by Joe Bill Richardson

Kingdom Ministry Center



3 Jun 2021

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“I make it funny for the audience because I made it funny for myself.” - Joe Bill

Improv Discussion and Resources

In this very first episode, I had a great conversation with Joe Bill. Joe is perhaps best known as half of the duo BASSPROV, but he’s also a founding member of The Annoyance Theater in Chicago, where he performed and directed more than 60 shows. He served as the Director of Corporate Training at iO as well as a teacher & guest artist in residence at The Second City Conservatory & Training Center, both for well over a decade. Joe tours the world, teaching and performing. During the Pandemic, his Story Chain sessions are a chance for participants to be vulnerable and share their stories in a safe environment.We discussed audacity, improv tactics and just being human. It’s always fun to talk to Joe, and I think you will really get into the conversation, which veers between improv and therapy.As Joe and I discuss in this episode, there’s no replacement for experience in learning improv; however, with this series, I want to bring together performers, teachers, writers, actors, directors, and producers to discuss our craft and share our experiences with you.Links:Improv Discussion & Resources Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/improvtalk/Improv Discussion & Resources Discord:  https://discord.gg/GRvtacUh7ZVirtual Harry Potter Improv Class with Kaivalya Plays: bit.ly/wizardimprovPineappl, the video app for virtual improv: https://get.pineappl.studioThunderbolt Comedy: thunderboltcomedy.comJoe Bill:Joe Bill Teaches! on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/182602909978 Joe Bill's Integrated Improvisation: https://www.integratedimprovisation.com/Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/chrisgriswold)


31 May 2021

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Ep 13 Joe Bill


- "What is your favorite lockdown activity?" - "Crying?" Joe Anki talked about his Story Chain and the Joe's mission of making the world smaller. Instead of making a scene, we did a quizz with improv and some personal questions.  Meet Joe and his excellent work: https://www.facebook.com/groups/182602909978 https://www.facebook.com/integratedimprovisation/ https://www.integratedimprovisation.com If you enjoy this podcast and you want to support it, share and subscribe! If you want to know what else Improvshine offers, click here: http://improvshine.com/Collaboration


15 May 2021

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Improv Nerdology with Joe Bill

Dare to Be Human

Self-described improv nerd (and renowned improv performer and teacher) Joe Bill talks shop with Kat and Livia. Be forewarned, there's a fair amount of inside baseball in this one--if you aren't an improviser you may scratch your head at some of the references to names or exercises, but these few improv-specific moments  keep company with an abundance of stories, revelations, laughter, and a celebration of tears. An hour solidly packed with insight about our favorite topic: daring to be human. You can learn more about Joe on facebook at his page Joe Bill teaches

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12 Apr 2021

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Meet Joe Bill

Critical Successors

Sit down and meet our 2nd and final player Kinnick and his character Joe Bill, the human Cleric. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/criticalsuccessors/support


7 Mar 2021

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Joe Bill

Improv Comedy Connection

Listen in to a fire side chat with Joe Bill -- widely regarded as one of the best teachers of Scenic and Comedic Improvisation in the world today. He is one of the founding members of Annoyance Theater Chicago where, for 12 years, he performed in and/or directed more than 60 different shows. He was the Director of Corporate Training at iO Chicago for 15 years and a Teacher & Guest Artist in Residence at The Second City Conservatory & Training Center for another 15 years. Joe first learned Improvisation and in 1977 studied and worked with Del Close from 1985 through the mid 90’s. Joe is ½ of the original improvised Monoscene, BASSPROV with Mark Sutton, . They have been heralded by the NY TIMES: "BASSPROV refreshingly has the feel of a quiet character study...jokes emerge organically, using wordplay, character quirks and quicksilver wit." Joe tours all over the world, teaching and headlining with extremely talented Duo partners like Mark Sutton (Annoyance Theater Co-Founding Member and Artistic Director for Training and Development at The Second City) in the long-running BASSPROV,  Jill Bernard (Huge Improv Theater – Mpls.) in their hit show SCRAM!, with Lee White (CRUMBS – Winnipeg, Berlin) in their heroic Duo show PARADIGM, with International Improv Legend Patti Stiles (AD - Impro Melbourne) in their groundbreaking show Our Play, Stacey Hallal (Curious Comedy Theater – Portland, OR) in Stacey & Joe and We Slept Together, Heather Urquhart (Improviser/Director The Maydays & Showstopper The Improvised Musical – London/U.K.) in their magical improvised Musical Blues Hammer (with the stupendous Joe Samuel on Improvised Orchestra) and with David Razowsky (Host A.D.D. Comedy Podcast) in Razowsky & Bill. He’s played with many other Duo partners, in the U.S. and abroad, in many Festival Ensemble shows and in every improvised format and/or style imaginable. For the last 6 years he has also been teaching and performing in French, in many cities in France, Belgium & Luxembourg. He is living his dream! He has played as a guest in Play Unscripted with ImproTheatre L.A., Grand Theft Impro at Impro Melbourne (Australia), The Scene at The PIT in New York City and UCB in L.A., with Let’s Have A Ball and ASSSSCAT 3000 at UCB Theater in New York & L.A. and with Kornfeld & Andrews at Magnet Theater in New York City.  And, of course, he has performed, directed, taught and served as an Artistic Adviser for a number of Improvisation/Comedy Theaters & Festivals on every continent except Antarctica (but he’s working on that!) and at every major Improv Festival in The United States. You can find Joe on facebook at Joe Bill Teaches! | Facebook, which is also the best place to get connected with the Story Chain sessions that Joe hosts.

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24 Jan 2021

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Meet Joe Bill

What A Day

Biden unveiled his proposal for a $1.9 trillion COVID rescue package yesterday, which includes $1,400 stimulus checks, an increase in federal unemployment benefits, plus $160 billion for a national vaccine program.New York attorney general is suing Mayor Bill De Blasio and the NYPD for excessive force against protestors this summer. This marks the first time in history that the state AG has sued the NYPD.And in headlines: US Capitol Police are being investigated for failing to keep a pro-Trump mob from storming Congress, Jared and Ivanka can’t share their toilets, and Disneyland suspends its annual pass program.


15 Jan 2021

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Annoyance Co-founder and Improv Sage Joe Bill on Playfulness

Improv Touchstones

Annoyance Theater Co-Founder and Superstar Improv performer and teacher, Joe Bill, talks with Tone about his experiences working abroad, how his life has formed his career and shares valuable knowledge on consistently learning and pushing yourself as an improviser. IC community star, Joe DiSalvo, speaks with Brenden about cerebral improv and Joe's performance with Joe Bill. HOSTED BY: Brenden Davis, Tone Branson SPECIAL GUEST:Joe BillIMPROV CINCINNATI COMMUNITY GUEST: Joe DiSalvoEDITED BY: Tone Branson, Brenden DavisINTRO AND TONAL THEME: Daniel ZimmerPRODUCED BY: Improv CincinnatiSPONSORED BY: Oozebear.com


11 Jan 2021