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EP40 - Think Productively with Graham Allcott

The BRAVE Leader

My guest today is Graham Allcott. Graham is founder of Think Productive. He is a social entrepreneur and former charity chief exec. His books include "How to be a Productivity Ninja". See his full list of books here --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/david-mcqueen/message


4 Aug 2022

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The Way of the Intelligent Rebel – Interview by Graham Allcott of Beyond Busy

Olivier Roland Radio English

In this podcast Olivier Roland was interviewed by Graham Allcott about “The Way of the Intelligent Rebel”, and also about how to create your own path in life and be happy 🙂 Resources : Graham’s YouTube Channel Graham’s links


2 Jul 2022

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How to be a Productivity Ninja in your Speaking Business with Graham Allcott

Speaking Business podcast

How to be productive as a Speaker Graham Allcott is the founder of Think Productive, one of the world’s leading providers in personal productivity training and consultancy as well as the author of the global best-seller, "How to be a Productivity Ninja". His podcast "Beyond Busy" explores the issues of productivity, work/life balance and how people define happiness in their lives. Graham shares tips on how we can make 2022 our most productive year ever for our speaking businesses and how to get a better work/life balance as well as insights into his speaking business. More about Graham Allcott Connect with Graham on LinkedIn More about Maria Franzoni Connect with Maria on LinkedIn Listen here: Libsyn  Itunes Stitcher Spotify This podcast was created using Alitu.  Powerfully simple recording and editing tools for podcasters.  Record your show, edit it in minutes, and publish directly to your host. Find out more and join here.


19 Apr 2022

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#77: 7FM Time Machine #5: Get The Best Wisdom From 5+ Hours Of Interviews In 30 Minutes or Less... w/ Rob Kosberg, Raj Goodman Anand, Patty Lawrence, Mark McShurley, and Graham Allcott

7-Figure Millennials

Want the best wisdom from 5+ hours of interviews in 30 minutes?That’s exactly what we’re doing in today’s episode!We pulled 5 clips from past episodes that highlight incredible wisdom… and created an entire episode out of it!You’ll get wisdom from:- A 3x best selling author who shows entrepreneurs how to become the go-to authority in their market by writing, launching and profiting with a best selling book- A 3x startup founder and current CEO of Goodman Lantern, a team of native English content writing services that help businesses sell better and grow faster- A fractional CFO known for her ability to find money that may be hiding in plain sight in your business- One of the founders of Roofsimple, who grew it from $600K → $10M… in just 4½ years- The author of How To Be A Productivity Ninja, which has sold 100,000+ copies AND…All of this is done in 21 minutes & 53 seconds!Enjoy!-Guests highlighted in this episode include:#48: From $100M/yr In Real Estate Transactions… To Crashing… To Impacting Millions & Helping 1,000+ People Become Best Selling Authors w/ Rob Kosberghttps://7figuremillennials.com/podcast/rob-kosberg/ #13: Hen Parties, Building a World Class Remote Team, & Creating An Incredible Customer Experience w/ Raj Goodman Anandhttps://7figuremillennials.com/podcast/raj-goodman-anand/ #23: How To Increase Your Bottom Line By 15% By Finding Money Hiding In Your Business w/ Patty “The Money Finder” Lawrencehttps://7figuremillennials.com/podcast/patty-lawrence/ #24: How RoofSimple Grew From $600K → $10M in 4.5 yrs By “Playing With Friction”, Focusing on Simplicity, & Leveraging “Review Velocity” w/ Mark McShurleyhttps://7figuremillennials.com/podcast/mark-mcshurley/ #30: Escaping From An ANGRY Ugandan Silverback Gorilla, How To Boost YOUR Decision-Making Power By 26%, & Becoming A Productivity Ninja w/ Graham Allcotthttps://7figuremillennials.com/podcast/graham-allcott/


12 Apr 2022

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E3: Simple Tips for Increased Productivity | Graham Allcott (Founder of 'Think Productive')

Along The Road

Graham Allcott is the founder of Think Productive, one of the world’s leading providers of personal productivity training and consultancy. They have offices around the world, and have had clients like WWF, Boots, British Airways, BT, KFC, and Sainsbury’s. Graham’s fascinated about the world of productivity, and has written multiple books, including the global best-seller, “How to be a Productivity Ninja”. He also hosts a podcast (“Beyond Busy”) diving deep into the subjects of productivity, work/life balance, and how people define happiness in their lives. ⏳ Topics 1:51 How Time Management Has Changed Graham tells us about how he feels most of the well-known time management techniques come from the books that were written before 24/7 instant communication, and the type of society we live in now. He introduces his idea of 'attention management'. Graham also raises the point that there's no such thing as a 'clean slate' when it comes to to-do lists, and it's more about how we react to the tasks. We discuss the importance of breaks. 15:41 The Boss and Worker Modes Graham reveals how the 'Boss and Worker' mentality can be used to improve clarity around work that needs to get done. He also tells us about a couple easy techniques for when we feel behind. 21:33 How 'Think Productive' Came into Existence I ask Graham about whether he always had so many mentalities and knowledge around productivity throughout his life.Graham tells us about how the creation of his company stemmed from a period in his life where he noticed his lack of productivity knowledge, and was something he stumbled upon. We also discuss the things Graham is still learning day-to-day about productivity. 35:55 The 5 Ending Questions I ask Graham the famously difficult 5 ending questions! 📚 Resources Mentioned "How to be a Productivity Ninja" – Graham's best-selling productivity book, which we discussed. "How to be a Study Ninja" - Another of Graham's books that I read and mentioned in the episode. "Think Productive" - Graham's business 🔗 Graham’s Links Link Page Twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube Website 🔗 My Links Twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube Website This episode is available on YouTube & all podcast apps ⭐ If you’re reading this far, you’re probably thinking: “Wow, this is great! Where can I review this incredible podcast?” I would reply by saying thank you, and that I would totally appreciate a review on whatever podcast app you use :)


11 Apr 2022

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Graham Allcott: How to be a Productivity Ninja In Your Speaking Business – #135

SpeakersU Podcast with James Taylor

Graham Allcott: How to be a Productivity Ninja In Your Speaking Business – #135 How to be a Productivity Ninja Our guest is the author of the global best-seller, “How to be a Productivity Ninja“. He is the founder of Think Productive, one of the world’s leading providers of personal productivity training and consultancy. His podcast “Beyond Busy” explores the issues of productivity, work/life balance, and how people define happiness in their lives. Previous roles include Chief Executive of Student Volunteering England, Head of Volunteering at the University of Birmingham, and an advisor to the UK Government on youth volunteering policy. Welcome Graham Allcott Questions: •What stops people from being productive? •What are the ways to ensure a good work-life balance? •How do you switch off? •How do you ensure that a keynote delivery always feels tailored for the specific audience?


27 Jan 2022

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Best Of: The Productivity Ninja Speaks with Graham Allcott - 193

The Speaking Club: Mastering the Art of Public Speaking

One of the main things I teach people is how to get and keep peoples’  attention. That’s because in today’s world attention is more precious and valuable than gold.  Social media companies employ genius minds to work out better ways to keep us ‘in the matrix’, and all of us are bombarded with notifications, information, entertainment and choice. So... not only is it harder to get peoples’ attention, it’s harder for us all to pay attention.  Yet without time that’s free from distraction, we will never get our best work done. That’s why I’ve brought this show back into focus for you. It’s one of the first 50 shows I released and I believe it is one of my best.  Graham Allcott is a productivity expert, but it wasn’t always that way. In this show you’ll find out how he got productive and has helped thousands of people to get life and work back under control.  After founding his company Think Productive, Graham went on to write Productivity Ninja, which is a worldwide best seller. Today his team works with companies all over the world, he is a speaker, and is currently working on other productivity related projects that will broaden the Ninja brand and help us all work smarter. Enjoy! What you’ll learn Why it’s good to teach what you struggle to learn yourself Why you should detach your ego from delegation How clarity can overcome procrastination Why it’s more interesting to not be the Guru. How to develop positive productivity habits How starting a business in a time of adversity can bring more opportunity Why good design is important for all sorts of businesses Why taking risks and having strong opinions can pay dividends  The main struggles around productivity Why technological questions are always people problems  The silver bullet of productivity The four steps to improve your productivity How constraint can 10x your productivity What attention management is and why it’s crucial for productivity Why your will power won’t beat silicon-valley Why you should get your inbox to zero Why you should eat the rainbow How getting mistaken for an employee as a speaker is a good thing How comedy can help your speaking All things Graham: Graham’s Website – http://www.grahamallcott.com Think Productive - https://thinkproductive.co.uk Beyond Busy Podcast - http://getbeyondbusy.com Graham’s Books: How to be a Productivity Ninja by Graham Allcott How to be a Study Ninja by Graham Allcott Get your In-Box to Zero Books mentioned in the Show: Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela Anyone Can Do It – My Story by Duncan Bannatyne Resources: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thespeakingclub/ https://www.saraharcher.co.uk/challenge https://www.facebook.com/SarahArcherSpeak/ https://www.storyledmarketing.com https://www.saraharcher.co.uk https://www.standoutpitch.com Thanks for listening! To share your thoughts:                                                   leave a comment below. Share this show on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. To help the show out: Leave an honest review at https://www.ratethispodcast.com/TSC Subscribe on iTunes. *(please note if you use my link I get a small commission, but this does not affect your payment)

1hr 9mins

21 Oct 2021

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#28 How to Become a Productivity Ninja! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Podcast w/ Graham Allcott & Sue Styles


CEO of Think Productive / Author of Productivity Ninja! / Host of the Beyond Busy podcast. You will enjoy Graham Allcott’s extreme experiments rolling the dice to reveal where productivity lessons are proven. He has tried many schools of thought around how to get things done! You won’t be able to resist the motivation to expand your own masterful management of your work and time! There are more conscious and creative ways to get better habits and put new work-styles into place. Get off the ‘too busy’ treadmill and put some of the ideas we discuss into your days. [I know you are wondering if we planned to wear similar outfits if you are watching this on my Youtube channel,  lol, if only!] I hope you will enjoy this episode of 'Mind Your Own Business!' Connect with Graham: https://www.grahamallcott.com/ I love meeting my listeners and connecting with our community, join us here. https://suestyles.com/ I am here to help your business with practical knowledge and experience. Book a complimentary call here https://calendly.com/suestyles/30min and see how I can help you.


6 Oct 2021

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#31: Escaping From An ANGRY Ugandan Silverback Gorilla, How To Boost YOUR Decision-Making Power By 26%, & Becoming A Productivity Ninja w/ Graham Allcott

7-Figure Millennials

How To Be A Productivity Ninja is a global bestseller with 100,000+ copies sold.Today, I interview the author (Graham Allcott) + we dive into WAY more shenanigans... including:- The scariest story of Graham’s life (being chased by a Ugandan Silverback Gorilla)- How YOU can boost your decision-making power by 26%- Why Graham believes time is NOT the most precious resource (and what is instead)Enjoy this awesome episode with the one and only Graham Allcott!

1hr 22mins

25 May 2021

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#38 Graham Allcott – How to Improve Your Productivity

Kickoff Sessions

Graham Allcott is founder of Think Productive, host of the Beyond Busy Podcast and author of several books including How to be a Productivity Ninja and How to Fix Meetings.Think Productive offers practical support to organisations that aim to increase productivity. Graham helps employees to beat stress, increase engagement and develop actionable, productive momentum, through in-house workshops and at-desk coaching sessions.In the age of information overload, traditional time management techniques don’t cut it anymore. How to be a Productivity Ninja uses techniques including ruthlessness, mindfulness and practical advice to work smarter, getting more done and learning to enjoy what you do.Timestamps:(00:00) Introduction(03:03) Graham Allcott's background(08:00) Managing levels of attention (11:13) Optimizing your productivity  (13:31) Overcoming procrastination  (20:45) Deadlines & stress management  (26:52) Managing meetings, emails & workload  (34:03) Jeff Bezos & productivity (38:33) Management styles & communication (51:19) OutroFollow Kickoff Sessions on Spotify to keep updated with new sessions!If you enjoyed this episode, please consider sharing the session on Instagram or leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts. Tell everyone I'm a semi-decent guy and it really helps to grow the show!For show notes and more episodes, visit Kickoff Sessions website. Sign up to the Kickoff Sessions email list for regular updates and content.Follow me on LinkedInFollow Kickoff Sessions on LinkedInSupport the growth of Kickoff SessionsSupport the music artist FarsiThank you internet people!🎙️ Podcast University: https://bit.ly/3Dqip2S🎤  Podcast Accelerator: https://bit.ly/3f1ir81📞 Accelerate Your Podcast Today: https://bit.ly/3LtOhG9Support the show


18 May 2021