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How ITI Growth Fund's Mohit Gulati assesses TAM and the biggest lesson from investing into Ecom Express

Lifeselfmastery's podcast I Startups I Venture Capital

In this episode, Mohit talks about how is ITI Fund is different from every other micro-fund and his experience investing in ECOM Express as their first investor.


3 Apr 2020

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Mohit Gulati, Managing Partner, ITI Growth Opportunities Fund

100x Entrepreneur

“It’s fine to grow slower, but importantly to grow sustainably.” Mohit has been a successful Angel Investor since 2012 growing over 20x in his portfolio. He even considers his learnings from one of his early investments - Local Banya equivalent to an MBA degree.Since 2017 he has been a part of the Investment Trust of India Group and manages investments in early-stage innovative ideas.Some of his Portfolio Companies are - REVOS, Evolve Snacks, and ten3T Healthcare.In this podcast, Mohit shares his experiences & learnings of investing in Startups which have sustainable growth models. Notes - 00:42 - His learnings from being an Angel Investor05:40 - Investing his own money in early ideas in Ecommerce Startups09:32 - Co-investing in REVOS - Smart Mobility Platform11:15 - Investment & Growth Thesis in Evolve Snacks12:40 - Investing in Preventive Healthcare - ten3T Healthcare18:04 - Avoiding over-ownerships in Portfolio Companies to have a downside protection26:20 - Is securing a Hyper-investment a sure success parameter for a Startup?28:59 - Important to have Sustainability in Investing v/s Spray & PrayAlso, try out a 30-day free trial of Zoho Payroll, and simplify your Payroll journey as an entrepreneur! https://zoho.to/zoho-payroll


29 Mar 2020

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