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Episode 241: Christine McAlister | Finding Your Zone of Genius

The Business Sphere

‘Ask yourself, ‘Is this fear real?”’ Christine McAclister is a business coach for high achievers who want to make six figures running an online business. She helps clients overcome doubt and make progress towards their dream life.  ‘I believe that 90% of life is made up of how we react to the 10% that happens to us.’ Aside from business development goal setting and valuable business coach tips for entrepreneurs, Christine shares with us life lessons in this episode. Learn about - acknowledging your fear but not letting it overtake you, - working with people who understand your value, - choosing who to listen to for advice, and more. Learn more about Christine here: Personal website: https://www.lifewithpassion.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinemcalister/


2 Sep 2021

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Eps 129: How to Be A Powerhouse Podcast Guest, And Grow Your Business with Christine McAlister

UNTAPPED - Make more income and impact

How do you *actually grow your business?*The online space is noisier than ever and you have to get yourself, and that beautiful biz of yours visible.How do you do that?You get in front of a whole new audience by becoming a powerhouse podcast guest on incredible podcasts.Christine (@lifewpassion) is passionate about helping high-achieving coaches and marketers create more impact and income, and attract their next clients with the power of their stories, using leveraged organic strategies like podcast guesting. She's generated well over 6 figures as a podcast guest, and has been recognized as the best in the world at podcast guesting by 7-figure founders like John Lee Dumas, Dana Wilde, and Andrew Kroeze, and has ​been featured in Inc., Business Insider, Bustle, and The Huffington Post and on over 100 podcasts, including twice on Entrepreneurs on Fire. In this episode we uncover: ✅ How she helps her clients, and herself to earn six figures from guesting on podcast and how you can start too✅ The unique way of pitching to be on a podcast show that no-one else talks about - it’s her superpower and she teaches it to us in this episode✅ How to be a great podcast guest and turn an interview into a long term relationship, full of opportunities✅ Whether having your own podcast or guesting on other peoples' is the best strategy for you, and how to know when to start your own Resources:Take a listen to this episode to find out how to get media attention your business deserves.Listen to our chat on Christine’s podcast, No One’s Ever Asked Me That.Learn Christine’s step-by-step plan that has landed her over 100 interviews without spending a penny on a PR person or subscription with her podcast guest checklist. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


3 Aug 2021

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MCC S3E1: Christine McAlister - Live Life With Passion and Make a Fortune Doing It

move. crush. count.

This week we’re answering the question of how to live life with passion and make a fortune doing it! We interviewed the amazing Christine McAlister! She quit her nine to five to pursue her passion where she quickly found success and fortune. Christine will arm you with the information you need to get more for less, price your product with conviction, and let go of the fear that's holding you back from your next big thing... all while living with passion.

1hr 21mins

3 Aug 2021

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How To Be An Amazing Podcast Guest with Christine McAlister | PoP 585

The Practice of the Practice Podcast | Innovative Ideas to Start, Grow, and Scale a Private Practice

How can owning your worth as an expert help you to be a great podcast guest? Why should you pull back from relying on... The post How To Be An Amazing Podcast Guest with Christine McAlister | PoP 585 appeared first on How to Start, Grow, and Scale a Private Practice| Practice of the Practice.


22 Jul 2021

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Why You Should NOT Start Your Own Podcast with Christine McAlister


Have you ever thought about starting your own podcast? Having a successful podcast can be amazing for your business, but producing it means hundreds of hours of work, unyielding consistency, and having a loyal listenership. Trust me, I know.   Christine McAlister, my guest this week on The Sigrun Show, has a different approach. She helps high-achieving coaches create more impact and income and attract their next clients — not by starting their own podcast, but by being amazing podcast guests.  She generated over 6 figures as a podcast guest, and has been recognized as the best in the world at podcast guesting by 7-figure founders like John Lee Dumas and Dana Wilde. She has been featured on over 100 podcasts, including twice on Entrepreneurs on Fire.  In this episode of The Sigrun Show, we talk about why you should NOT start your own podcast, and Christine shares her best tips on how you can be an unforgettable podcast guest.  In this Episode of The Sigrun Show: The tragedy that turned Christine's life upside down and how it affected her (3:37) How it really feels to step into your zone of genius and niche down (10:10)  Why you should NOT start your own podcast (12:20)  How to be an amazing, unforgettable podcast guest (20:40) How Christine set up her business and teaches her clients (32:12) Christine’s free podcast guest check-list (34:27) How to Be an Amazing Podcast Guest Having your own podcast can be amazing for your business, but a lot of work and time goes into producing a successful show.  In my recent chat with Christine McAlister, she pointed out that when you focus on being a guest on someone else’s podcast, you have the privilege of speaking to an existing, warm audience instead of having to create that audience first yourself. Christine has been featured on over 100 podcasts, and has been recognized as the best in the world at podcast guesting by 7-figure founders like John Lee Dumas and Dana Wildeand. She regards a podcast interview as creating a relationship rather than a transaction, and I couldn’t agree more.  Christine ended up turning her passion for interviewing and being interviewed into a business, helping high-achieving coaches create more impact and income and attract their next clients by being amazing podcast guests. She shared her best tips with me, and here, I’m sharing them with you:  Don’t choose a podcast just because you want to get in front of the host’s audience. Choose it because you actually want to be friends with the host and get to know him or her. The host should ideally be someone you would want to spend time with, who talks to the kind of people you would like to hang out with, and who has a similar energy and approach. Make sure you like them as a person.  Check out the podcast and the host and do some research. Are they accepting guests? Are they still producing shows?  Listen to at least one episode and get a feel for the vibe of the podcast and the host. Find things that you have in common.  When you decide to pitch a show, don’t just copy and paste your pitch, but personalise it. Be human and authentic, and most of all, let the host know how you can serve their audience.  If you really put an effort into your pitch, the host will feel it and will be excited to talk to you. You get to have a real, engaging conversation, which will draw in the audience and make you more attractive to them. Keep in mind that the relationship you’re creating could also open doors in the future.  What is your experience as a podcast guest? I'd love to hear your thoughts! You can connect with me on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. Connect with Christine Christine’s free podcast guesting checklist Christine on Instagram Christine on Facebook www.lifewithpassion.com Speaking about podcasting… ...reviews are what keep The Sigrun Show going and growing. They allow us to keep creating free quality content on a regular basis and invite high-profile guests.  A minute’s work on your end is enough to show me and my team that you support the hard work that goes into producing each episode. So if you have a minute, go here to find out how you can leave a review for The Sigrun Show on Apple Podcasts and receive a thank you gift from us.


21 Jul 2021

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How To... Have a life with purpose! w/ Christine McAlister

Peak Performance Property Podcast

Connect with me on my socials:Facebook - Ryan Luke / 7 Figure Property Investor Group / The Airbnb FormulaInstagram - OfficialryanlukeYouTube - OfficialryanlukeWebsite - www.officialryanluke.com Linkedin - Ryan Luke


14 Apr 2021

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SDH 443: Book 100 Podcast Guest Interviews in 90 Days with Christine McAlister

She Did It Her Way

Hello everyone, welcome back to another episode of the She Did It Her Way podcast. This week I am joined once again by the lovely Christine McAllister. Christine joined us originally in 2020 for episode 372.I wanted to have Christine on the podcast again because I have spent a few episodes talking about how to start a podcast to leverage and grow your business, inviting guests on, solocasts, etc. Christine teaches people the strategies and tactics behind being an exceptional podcast guest and does podcast guesting so incredibly well. Christine is going to walk through some of the things that she teaches her students about how to get on podcast shows to grow your business and why it is important to create a game plan to get on other podcast episodes.Christine is a business coach and her company is called Life With Passion. She helps impact driven entrepreneurs to go from best kept secret to making six figures and beyond doing what they love. She leveraged doing all of this in just 10 hours a week. She works with  service providers like coaches, consultants, VA’s, and OBM’s. They know that they're good at what they do, but they don't have all the clients that they want. She comes alongside them and helps them have more impact and income and it is truly her life's work. Christine’s Podcasting JourneyChristine first considered going on podcasts back in 2015 as a way of growing her reach. After a friend sent her a pitch as an example she realized she was super intimidated and quickly put it on the back burner. It was new. It was scary. About a year later someone reached out to her again while she was guest posting on other blogs (Today Show, Huffington Post, etc.) inviting her to come onto their podcast. At the time she was eight months pregnant with her rainbow baby and she had been sent to labor and delivery triage for additional monitoring since everyone was a bit anxious. They sent her to the hospital and she realized that she was going to miss the podcast interview she was scheduled to be a guest on before she would be discharged. While laying in her hospital bed she realized that she was fine, and convinced the nurses to turn down the noise from the monitors so she could honor the commitment for her interview. And that’s exactly what she did. She had the conversation with the host from her hospital bed and loved it. She realized that if she could have a super fun conversation in that environment from her hospital bed, while dealing with anxiety, PTSD, and all these things, then after her baby was born this could be a whole lot more fun. She decided to start proactively pitching, because now she knew what was on the other side.She started to pitch the people who were in her world that she was connected to, maybe someone whose podcast she enjoyed or maybe one her friends loved. To her, it became a really fun game. Along the way she developed her own method of pitching, making the host her friend, and what she found was that this came naturally to her.What she learned was that she was not the norm. Podcast hosts loved how she approached them and handled herself and all she could think was “Really? It’s really easy to be a good human!” She first realized this could be something when podcaster Jeff Brown had her on his show when her book launched in 2018. While visiting her parents in Nashville, she asked if she could take him out to lunch. Reluctantly he agreed and while chatting over sushi he said: “I was just at one of the big podcast conferences and I was asked to give a presentation on what it is to be a great guest. I basically just took your process and I shared it from the stage.” He continued saying, “I have done hundreds of interviews and I can count on one hand, the number of times that people have done what you've done.” At this point Christine really began to lean in to this process. She knew it was something good. Christine has made over $100,000 directly from being on podcasts from clients coming to her. But moreover, she has made amazing friends and met people all over the world because of this incredible medium. How To Take Meaningful ActionIn her experience, podcast guesting is the fastest strategy to go from cold to sold faster than any other strategy. The reason is, think about what you're doing when you're listening to podcasts. She asked me what I do when I listen to podcasts, myself. I replied:Going for a walkCleaning up my spaceWorking outWhen you consider that you are listening while taking a 30-minute walk, you are using your brain to hear or learn something new. You are in it listening only to that one (maybe two) people. You aren’t consuming information from anywhere else. There are no competing ads like when you are scrolling through Facebook. There are no popup messages. No content to create. No money to spend. No new tech to learn. No DM’s. You just enjoy the conversation. Christine realized how this is actually such a strategic way to build her business, build her network, connect with influencers, etc. You'll never run out of places to pitch.  5 Best TipsDo your research; tap into who your audience is listening toCraft your pitch and make it genuine; tailor it to the hostPromote the hosts products/ services/ events and tie it into what you have to offerConnect with smaller and newer podcasts who don’t get as many pitchesShow up and be as you as you can be. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.A few things that make a great guest before the interview:Have a prep-chat with the host to find out what they are promoting right now. Do they have a launch coming up? Do they have a membership you can promote?Confirm who their exact audience is. Ask about the pain points, the problems, the objections that their audience has, so you can determine how you can best help solve their problem.Even if you don’t have an opt-in, website, etc., don’t let that stop you. Let the audience engage with you on Instagram or via email.How to be a great guest after the interview:Leave a review on iTunesSend the host/ hostess a gift (NOT swag from your own company!) Thank you again for your time and energy my friends. Until next time, keep doing it your way! Insights:“Christine teaches people the strategies and tactics behind being an exceptional podcast guest and does podcast guesting so incredibly well.““When you consider that you are listening while taking a 30-minute walk, you are using your brain to hear or learn something new.““You'll never run out of places to pitch.” Resources:90 Minutes to Book 100 Interviews in 90 Days MasterclassOrganic Online Growth + Sales Secrets For Entrepreneurs: Leverage Up! Private Facebook CommunityLife With Passion@lifewithpassionThe Body: A Guide For Occupants by Bill BrysonElevate UniversityGoogle Sheets


29 Mar 2021

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How to grow a 6-Figure Business in 6 months, working 10 hours a week With Christine McAlister

The Lucky Titan

Christine McAlister is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and author of the #1 bestseller The Income Replacement Formula. In 2015, Christine founded Life With Passion, a coaching and consulting business where she helps clients all over the world make 6 figures doing what they love in 10 hours a week, with only a laptop and an internet connection.She leads a community of over 2,000 entrepreneurs online, and over 75% of her clients are able to quit and stay out of their 9-5s. Christine has been featured in Inc., Business Insider, Bustle, and The Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur On Fire.Before founding Life With Passion, Christine ran an online marketing agency where she generated over a $1 million in international leads for her luxury brand clients. Christine, her husband, and their "rainbow babies" live with their 2 rescue dogs and Arabian horses in Louisville, Kentucky.My podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/no-ones-ever-asked-me-that/id1500344586http://lifewithpassion.com/https://www.facebook.com/lifewpassionhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/lifewithpassionsocietyhttps://medium.com/@christinemcalisterhttps://www.instagram.com/lifewpassionhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/christine-mcalister


10 Mar 2021

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How to Grow a 6-Figure Business in 6 Months, Working 10 Hours a Week with Christine McAlister

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Christine McAlister is passionate about helping high-achieving coaches + marketers who want to create impact + income go from wondering where to find their next client to empowered 6-figure online business owners. Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. Create your program’s powerful promise. You need a promise that by the end of the container, people have the potential of reaching that offer. 2. You need to practice magnetic marketing strategy, which is aligned to your 3Ps—Personality, Preference, and Passion—and become a powerhouse at that one method. 3. When you approach a host with respect and understanding of what they’re doing for you by allowing you into their world and endorse you to an audience that they care about, it changes the way you treat that interview because you’re there to make it the best episode. Access Christine's FREE video course that walks you through in creating your aligned high-ticket offer - Life with Passion Sponsors: Thinkific: Ready to start your online course journey? Sign up for Thinkific’s FREE 5-day Course Challenge today at Thinkific.com/fire! NetSuite: The World’s #1 Cloud Business System. Sign up for your FREE Product Tour at NetSuite.com/fire!


22 Feb 2021

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How to be a Podcast Guesting Powerhouse with Christine McAlister

Podcast Domination Show

PDS #143Today, I am interviewing Christine McAlister, a business coach and author of “The Income Replacement Formula: 7 Simple Steps to Doing What You Love & Making SIx Figures From Anywhere”. She is also podcast show host of “No One's Ever Asked Me That” and she has been featured on Entrepreneur on Fire and by Arianna Huffington, to name a few.  Our topic is very interesting. We are going to talk about how to use “podcast guesting” as a powerful tool to leverage your business. You will also discover key points to help you become a podcast guest powerhouse. *Get the free training on how to start, scale and monetize your podcast. Go to Facebook, search for my name Luis Ryan Diaz, and shoot me a message with the word “training”*In this episode:How to be a podcast guest and still able to make this about the host and the show (...and look really good in the process)What is the simple system that Christine follows when doing a podcast guestingDiscover Christine’s connection strategiesWhat are the key points to become a guest powerhouseHow to be a great guest before, during and after the interviewThe subject line that Christine uses for her podcast pitchHer program, How to be a Podcast Guest Powerhouse, with 8 really simple action pack modules to monetize those appearancesResources:Podcast Guest ChecklistThe Book: The Income Replacement Formula Connect with Christine McAlister:WebsiteFacebookFree Facebook Group: Income-Replacing EntrepreneursNo One's Ever Asked Me That Connect with Luis:WebsiteInstagramFacebook GroupFacebook


29 Sep 2020