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12. Chris Oliver & Alex Sarama - Using a Games Based and Constraints Led Approach

The Coaches Club Podcast

Get the FREE podcast notes: CoachesClubPod.com Learn more about The Coaches Club Community: CoachesClub.Community Schedule a FREE call to reserve your spot in the next Coaches Club cohort: club.transformsport.org/freecall Connect with Chris & Alex: basketballimmersion.com @BBallImmersion @Chris__Oliver @AlexJSarama Connect with us: @CoachesClub_ @LukeGromer luke@transformsport.org


20 Jun 2021

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Episode 26 - SPORT VITAMINS (ENG) / guest Alex Sarama, Player Development Coach - COLLEGE BASKETBALL

Sport Vitamins

SPORT VITAMINS IS BACK!Being a coach with creative ideas is key in modern basketball, especially when it comes to developing young players.We've Always Done It That Way is a very dangerous phrase and absolutely don’t apply well to being at the forefront of teaching basketball skills.Todays guest is Alex Samsara, player development coach at College Basketball, a talent factory in Borgomanero, Italy.Alex has an extremely interesting approach to teaching individual and team skills aimed at maximizing retention from practice to the game.Enjoy the show!SPORT VITAMINS IS BACK


22 May 2021

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Alex Sarama "A Constraints Led Approach to Teaching"

Basketball Performance Podcast

 Alex Sarama joins us on the basketball performance podcast. Alex is one of the brightest young coaches out there and is an out of the box thinker when it comes to challenging traditional ways of doing things to get better results. Today we go through: 1.) Alex's background and how he got into basketball 2.) How teaching through a games and constraints led approach has led to much better results. 3.) Conceptual offense and many many more interesting topics.


17 May 2021

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Tony Garbelotto on coaching with Alex Sarama

Timeout - British Basketball with Basketball England

Described by host coach Tony Garbelotto as 'one of the most innovative coaches working in our game today', current Pallencanestro College coach Alex Sarama talks about life in Italy and his career so far.

1hr 11mins

31 Mar 2021

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Episode 155: Alex Sarama and Chris Oliver, Geeking Out on Basketball Immersion Concepts

The Basketball Podcast

Guest: Chris Oliver, Founder of Basketball Immersion, and Alex Sarama, Player Development CoachIn this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Jen Oliver hosts a discussion between Chris Oliver and Alex Sarama who join the Basketball Podcast to geek out on Basketball Immersion concepts. Chris and Alex provide insights on keywords like games approach, constraints, BDT, random practice, zero seconds, and the Basketball Immersion membership community.Chris Oliver is the founder of Basketball Immersion, The Basketball Podcast, and Immersion Videos.As an expert in basketball decision training, he coaches, trains, and mentors coach to maximize their players’ potential and enjoyment of practices and games. What he is most passionate about in his work is sharing evidence-based coaching ideas that can stimulate your coaching to get better results. The goal is to improve your players’ retention and transfer of the things you teach to their performance. You can learn more about concepts like messy learning, constraints-based coaching, maximizing active learning time, adding decision-making to drills, and much more in the numerous blogs he shares at Basketball Immersion Blogs.After coaching for over 23 years, completing his Master’s degree, traveling the world to watch NCAA, NBA and Pro teams from around the world, Chris saw the need for more education on a games approach to coaching basketball and training methods to support this. He created Basketball Decision Training (BDT) to bridge the gap between skill development and game applications of those skills.Alex Sarama shares creative team and player development ideas for basketball coaches, federations, and organizations around the world. Alex helps coaches apply Basketball Immersion concepts such as coaching with a games-approach, Basketball Decision Training and much more.During the season, Alex is based at Pallacanestro College Basket in Italy, while also traveling to deliver Immersion coaching clinics, camps, and in-person consulting. During the off-season, Alex focuses solely on Immersion events as well as working with professional players.Alex’s coaching journey began as a 14-year-old in his hometown of Guildford, England. Alex started coaching the Under 12 team at his school, before then going on to start his own club aged 16. Over the next few years, the “Guildford Goldhawks” became one of the most established youth clubs in the South of England, producing over 10 National Team junior players, in addition to running major international events featuring coaches and players from all over Europe. Alex ran Goldhawks semi-remotely while also studying Modern History at the University of Nottingham, where he also played and later coached on the university team.Jen Oliver is the author of the international bestselling book, The Love FitMama Way: Transforming the Core of Motherhood, and is the creator and host of the FitMama Podcast (The Work into your Workout).Jen has a true passion for helping people make a greater impact through sharing their passion, intellectual property, and wisdom with the world. Coaches help others constantly and give freely. She can help you create a business using your education, experience, and energy that you can share. She can help you clarify your expertise, expand your reach globally and create a business and brand you love.As a Business Mindset Coach, Podcaster, and Speaker, Jen inspires, educates, and motivates entrepreneurs around the globe to begin all things with self-love. She has helped produce six and seven-figure launches, and campaigns, for entrepreneurs in a range of businessesBreakdown1:00 - How Basketball Immersion Started4:00 - Concepts Around Basketball Immersion7:30 - Basketball Decision Training9:00 - Practicing on Air vs 5-on-512:00 - Implementing Learning Concepts17:00 - Creating an Advantage19:00 - The Beginning Step24:00 - Absolutes are Important28:00 - Idea of Constraints35:00 - Time on Tasks39:00 - Burst Concept44:00 - Be Open-Minded48:00 - Meeting Alex51:00 - Course-Based Learning56:00 - Taling about Alex1:00:00 - Podcast1:03:00 - Creating a Prep Program1:06:00 - Running Basketball Camps1:12:00 - Support System1:17:00 - Mindset of Showing Up Consistently1:20:00 - Coach DevelopmentAlex Sarama’s Bio:Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlexJSaramaLinkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexsarama/Basketball ImmersionWebsite: http://basketballimmersion.com/Twitter: https://twitter.com/bballimmersion?lang=enYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/basketballimmersionFacebook: https://facebook.com/basketballimmersionBetOnline Website:Website: www.betonline.agBest in the West Video SeriesBest in the West Website: http://bestinthewestclinic.com/See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

1hr 23mins

17 Mar 2021

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Episode 2: Tightrope walking... Featuring Alex Sarama

The Anxious Baller Podcast

Alex Sarama is currently (2020-2021) the lead Player Development at Pallecanestro College Basket and a Creative Mind at Basketball Immersion. Alex has coached at various levels and shares his insight on finding balance in coaching, exploring new experiences and letting go of comparing himself with others. Alex is a great friend, and is more than just a basketball coach. You can find Alex on Instagram and Twitter as @alexsarama and @AlexJSarama.


9 Feb 2021

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Small-Sided Pod w/ Alex Sarama

Idaho Basketball Coaching Podcast

Alex Sarama joins the Small-Sided Pod Coaching Development Series to discuss how coaches can use small-sided games to enhance their practices. Sarama is from England and has been coaching basketball since he was 14. He now works for Basketball Immersion and as a consultant for clubs and federations across Europe. Sarama goes in-depth for coaches on how they can create small-sided games that emphasize their program's concepts and principles while giving players a game-like environment. He also gives tips for how coaches can incorporate decision-making elements that encourage development and creativity for their players. Sarama discusses how to structure practices when using small-sided games and how coaches can still emphasize 5v5 concepts while using 2v2, 3v3 teaching situations.


26 Nov 2020

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Episode 31: Transformational Coaching with Alex Sarama

Sports Business Secrets

Have you ever done dribbling drills with cones? What about the 3-man weave? Well you might rethink that after listening to this episode!Alex has coached some of the top young talent from all over the world and his transformational coaching strategy is next level!


14 Nov 2020

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Alex Sarama - International Basketball Coach - Episode 309

Hoop Heads

Alex Sarama most recently coached with Elite Academy in Belgium as the Technical Director in after three years working with the NBA. In his role as Associate Manager for Basketball Operations, Alex worked on NBA initiatives across Europe, Middle East & Africa to grow the game of basketball. This involved extensive travel to deliver clinics for both players and coaches all over the world, as well as coaching within programs such as the Jr. NBA, NBA Player Camps, Basketball without Borders, NBA Global Camp and NBA Global Games.Within Elite Academy, Alex acted as Technical Director overseeing the player and coach development for all age group teams and coaches in the program. Additionally, he was the Head Coach for the U16 and U18 Boy’s teams.Growing up in Guildford, England, Sarama was previously the founder and director of Goldhawks Basketball from 2011 – 2016. The club was based in Guildford, Surrey, where Alex worked with over 200+ youth players.We just launched our Hoop Heads Pod Webinar Series with some of the top minds in the game across all levels, from grassroots to the NBA. If you’re focused on improving your coaching and your team, we’ve got you covered! Visit hoopheadspod.com/webinars to get registered. After you’re finished listening to the show hop over to iTunes leave us a 5 star rating and review to help others in the basketball community find the Hoop Heads Podcast. If you haven’t told a friend or coaching colleague about the show, what are you waiting for? Tell them to subscribe now on their favorite podcast app so they never miss an episode. You can find all the show notes plus every episode we’ve ever recorded on our website hoopheadspod.comGet your notebook and grab a pen so you can take some notes as you listen to this episode with Alex Sarama, International Basketball Coach.Twitter - @AlexJSarama

1hr 22mins

22 May 2020

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Shake n' Bake: S04E36 - Coach Alex Sarama

Shake n' Bake

Πάνε δύο εβδομάδες από το season finale του Shake n' Bake και ξέρουμε ότι σας λείψαμε ήδη! Surprise podcast, λοιπόν, με δεύτερο καλεσμένο μας τον coach Alex Sarama!


25 Jul 2019